The official AliExpress team gives all of the information, including information about the order system as a whole.

We really hope that this analysis of the data will help you decide which shipping method is best for you.

The Best Way to Ship Things Now Get AliExpress Official Report
The Best Way to Ship Things Now Get AliExpress Official Report

General Analysis

Since COVID-19, the shipping service has been getting better as a whole. It’s still not as good as it was before the crisis, though.

For fast delivery, cross-border shipping services depend a lot on international flights. Because of COVID-19, most flights had to be canceled. Even though some flights stayed the same, the price went up a lot.

Because of this, the target market sorting center isn’t as reliable as it used to be, and local deliveries take longer than they should.

Each country is facing different situation

Some areas are now doing well, but other areas are still having trouble with slow deliveries.

More fights are happening between European countries, which speeds up delivery. This means that deliveries will be easier, faster, and cheaper in the near future.

On the other hand, North America and Latin America still have fewer flights than they did before COVID. This means that shipping costs are higher and that packages take longer to arrive. These spots need more time to get better.

Shipping Service Provider

All of the shipping services you see on an AliExpress product page, like China Post Ordinary Small Packet, ePacket, AliExpress Standard shipping, Cainiao Super Economy Global, Yanwen Economic Air Mail, EMS, DHL, FedEX, and Seller’s methods, are provided by different vendors. In the United States, FedEx delivers more than 2.8 million packages every day, which is a lot more than other logistics companies do.

AliExpress Standard Shipping is part of the Cainiao Network. Cainiao Super Economy Global is another service that is used a lot.

With their own delivery networks and the help of many logistics companies, they are still able to ship to many different countries quickly and reliably.

The well-known ePacket and the China Post Small Package are both supported by China Post. The last couple of months have been the worst for them, which is sad.

At first, most flights were kept up, but now they have a lot of problems and are often late.

The way a seller ships depends on the AliExpress supplier. Their performance is very different because it depends on how well the shipping service seller can book flights.

We saw a big range of shipping times from the same supplier, and the service was sometimes great and sometimes not up to par.

Data Analysis

AliExpress Standard shipping is the most popular shipping method in France. Even though there were some delays in May, it now takes between 25 and 40 days to ship.

While this was going on, Cainiao Super Economy Global was getting better, while the other shipping services stayed the same.

The shipping service ePacket was not included in the analysis because it is not used very often because it is expensive and takes a long time to arrive. You can also download the full version of the report from us. Read on to find out how to get it.

You care most about controlling the quality of the product, making it as cheaply as possible, and getting the best shipping service. The AliExpress Policy and Regulations are, of course, used to protect your business and make sure the products are good.