When it comes to finding wholesale or bulk quantities of products for your dropshipping or online retail business, AliExpress is a top choice.

However, it takes a lot of time to add AliExpress products to your online shop or marketplace. In order to rapidly expand your business and list thousands of products without extensive manual entry, you will need to use an AliExpress product importer.

I have compiled a list of the 7 best AliExpress product importers for use with online marketplaces like Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, and Amazon.

DSers (Free Plan)

DSers is the best app for importing dropshipping products from AliExpress to WooCommerce or Shopify, with over 150,000 users and 8000 positive ratings on the Shopify app store.

As a matter of fact, dropshipping from AliExpress was the inspiration behind the creation of DSers. You can use the tool to quickly and easily add products from AliExpress to your online store. You can use the dropshipping Chrome extension or go straight to the DSers website.

DSers is not only an AliExpress product importer, but also a bulk order processor. Dropshipping orders on AliExpress can now be automated, saving you time and effort. DSers allow you to process hundreds of orders in a matter of minutes.

DSers will sync the tracking information and mark an order as shipped on your website once it has been sent out. It will help you save a lot of time and energy, especially as you expand your dropshipping company.

DSers will keep an eye on your listings and make necessary adjustments to stock and pricing without you having to lift a finger. You can stop worrying about AliExpress stock levels and price fluctuations.


You can import up to three thousand products into your online shop for free using DSers’s basic plan. Start at $19.90/month for the premium plan that gives you unlimited imports and access to advanced features like bulk order processing and automated inventory management.

The most widely used plan is the PRO plan, which costs $49.90 per month and allows for the import of up to 75,000 products. All premium plans come with a free 14-day trial, and there are annual payment discounts available.


The most widely used dropshipping import tool from AliExpress
fully integrated with Wix, Shopify, and WooCommerce
You can quickly and easily import thousands of items from AliExpress.
Supports both automated inventory updates and mass order processing.
Importing up to 3000 items from AliExpress is included in the free plan.

Importify (Free Trial)

Importify is another cutting-edge AliExpress product importer that has quickly grown to earn the trust of over 10,000 customers in over 180 countries.

You can easily import AliExpress products into your Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, or Jumpseller store with the help of this Chrome extension. Simply navigate to the product page you’re interested in on AliExpress and click the “Add” button.

Beyond the big four of Alibaba, DHgate, SaleYee, and CJ Dropshipping and Banggood, Importify is compatible with more than 30 other dropshipping suppliers. You won’t be restricted to dropshipping from just one source like AliExpress, but rather have access to millions of products.

Unfortunately, Importify does not have any sort of automated inventory management capabilities. It’s a program that only helps you import dropshipping products to your store and fulfill orders.


Importify is a premium service that allows you to import products from AliExpress for $14.95 per month. Features like semi-automated order fulfillment and video import for products are available in the more expensive plans.

All premium plans include a risk-free trial period of one day. So, you can give Importify a shot without risking anything by entering your credit card information. If you pay for your subscription annually, you’ll save a significant amount of money. When paid annually, the bare bones plan costs just $11.95 per month.


Import tool for AliExpress that is rapidly expanding
Used by over 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide Compatible with other leading brands from 30+ companies
Comprised of a partially automated order processing system
Try it risk-free for a whole day with no obligation.

AliDropship ($89)

AliDropship is the most dependable AliExpress product importer for WordPress and WooCommerce.

With AliDropship, you can set up an automated dropshipping business on AliExpress. A self-contained WordPress dropshipping store can be built with one version of the plugin, while a WordPress and WooCommerce store can be built with the other.

After installing the plugin and configuring the settings, you can begin importing products from AliExpress directly into your WordPress site, either one by one or in bulk, using the extension’s robust Chrome browser integration.

Images, descriptions, and product variants will all be synced and imported into your store mechanically. The titles and descriptions of your products are also easily modifiable before going live on your site.

Existing customer reviews can be imported from AliExpress as well as the product data. This is a great strategy for gaining your visitors’ trust and boosting your sales.

The entire stock process can be automated with AliDropship. In order to ensure that your listings on AliExpress reflect the most recent information from AliBaba, the plugin will keep an eye on your inventory and prices. In addition, orders placed by customers can be fulfilled with a single click, and tracking information can be uploaded automatically.

AliDropship is unique among AliExpress product importers in that it does not place restrictions on the quantity of items that can be added to a shop. This makes it a viable and affordable option for dropshipping from AliExpress.


The AliDropship add-on has a one-time price of $89. The plugin comes in two flavors: one that works with WordPress on its own, and another that was built to work with WooCommerce. You will never have to pay AliDropship any sort of subscription or monthly fee.


The top WordPress and WooCommerce AliExpress importer
More than 100,000 online stores worldwide rely on us.
Ability to import products from AliExpress in bulk or individually with lightning speed; fully automated inventory management and repricing
All features and updates are included in the one-time price.

Best AliExpress Product Importers for Dropshipping
Best AliExpress Product Importers for Dropshipping

Hustle Got Real (Free Plan)

Dropshipping has never been easier than with Hustle Got Real, a comprehensive platform that connects you with dozens of top suppliers like AliExpress for easy import into popular marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Shopify.

The Chrome add-on makes it possible to quickly import items purchased on AliExpress. You can also import products in bulk by manually entering their URLs. The Hustle Got Real website also allows for direct product imports.

Hustle Got Real is a full-featured automation solution, not just an importer. This includes automatic inventory updates. Your AliExpress listing will be automatically updated by Hustle Got Real if and when the item goes out of stock or the price changes, preventing you from overselling.

The automated stock-control features can be quickly adjusted, and you can personalize the pricing guidelines for each vendor. This enables you to negotiate with more leeway with low-priced suppliers like AliExpress, increasing the likelihood of achieving higher profit margins.

Keep in mind that Hustle Got Real gives you access to over 80 dropshipping vendors. The majority of suppliers are based in the United Kingdom, though more and more are popping up across the rest of Europe and the United States. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of potentially lucrative products.


You can import up to 10 products at no cost with Hustle Got Real’s free plan from any of the integrated suppliers (including AliExpress). All features and repricing configurations are available, and automated inventory management is part of the free plan as well.

Importing additional products to marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Shopify is possible with the monthly premium plans starting at $27. By making payments every 6 or 12 months, you can lock in savings of 20% or more.


Superior drop shipping automation system
Buy from over a hundred retailers, including AliExpress.
Completely computerized stock control and price adjustments
We tested our plugin and it works with eBay, Amazon, and Shopify.
Auto-repricing is included for free for the first 30 products you import.

Ali2Woo (Free Version)

Another dropshipping plugin designed specifically for importing products from AliExpress into a WordPress and WooCommerce-based store is called Ali2Woo.

In a matter of minutes after installing the plugin in your Chrome browser, you will be able to begin importing products from AliExpress into your WooCommerce store. Using the WordPress administration panel, you can also look for and import AliExpress products.

Ali2Woo, like the other programs discussed in this manual, provides automatic stock updates. In this way, you’ll never offer an item for sale in your shop that is no longer in stock or at the correct price on AliExpress.

Existing AliExpress customer reviews are another data source that can be imported using Ali2Woo. It’s a great addition, as studies have shown that positive customer feedback increases sales.

Notifications of stock levels and product prices, as well as automated order processing, bulk order processing, and tracking information uploads, are additional features.


The free version of Ali2Woo allows you to import 100 products per day from AliExpress into your WooCommerce store. The premium version, which comes with more daily imports and automatic inventory updates, is available for just $35 one-time.


Affordable AliExpress WooCommerce Product Importer
This Chrome add-on makes importing from AliExpress into WordPress a breeze.
Overselling can be avoided with daily stock and price updates.
Available at no cost with a one-time premium upgrade fee of $35

AutoDS ($1 Trial)

More than 65,000 global ecommerce sellers, including some of the most successful dropshippers in the industry, trust AutoDS, a cutting-edge dropshipping automation solution that is compatible with multiple selling platforms and suppliers, including AliExpress.

Whether you’re selling on eBay, Shopify, Wix, or Facebook, AutoDS can help you automate the process of importing products from AliExpress and keeping track of your inventory and fulfilling orders. It’s a solution that can grow with your business and is highly adaptable.

AutoDS allows you to import products one by one or in bulk through a number of different channels, the Chrome extension being just one of them. Importing products can be scheduled for a later time, and your listings can be automatically optimized for search engines.

More than 20 additional suppliers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and China are compatible with AutoDS, making it a viable alternative to AliExpress for dropshipping. In fact, you’ll be able to offer direct shipping on more than 500 million products to your customers.


AutoDS offers a selection of plans for various online marketplaces like eBay, Shopify, Wix, and Facebook. You can get started importing from AliExpress right away with a plan that costs less than $10 per month. You can save up to 20% if you pay yearly, and there’s a $1 trial for 14 days.


Leading drop shipping automation service in 2018.
You can use it with more than a dozen vendors, including AliExpress.
Connects effortlessly to online marketplaces like eBay and e-commerce platforms like Wix and Facebook
Quickly and easily import products from AliExpress with a single click.
Sign up now and use the program risk-free for 14 days—just $1.

KalDrop ($1 Trial)

One of the most effective tools for importing items from AliExpress to eBay is KalDrop. KalDrop was developed specifically for the purpose of dropshipping on eBay from more than five of the most popular suppliers, including AliExpress.

Also, if you’re looking for a dropshipping solution that doesn’t require an API, you can try out KalDrop on eBay. Given that KalDrop does not make use of the eBay API to generate listings on your seller account, you need not worry about having your account flagged or restricted.

Over $25 million in sales have been made on eBay thanks to the use of KalDrop by more than 2,000 dropshippers. This program was developed by experts in the field, so you know it’s safe and effective.

Importing products from AliExpress to eBay is made simple by the one-click product importer. The tool also supports 5 other suppliers, such as DHgate, Banggood, and CJ Dropshipping.


Our pricing at KalDrop is straightforward and easy to understand. Unlimited product imports and access to all features are included in both the $19.99 monthly plan and the $155.99 yearly plan. Start your $1 7-day trial today.


Effective dropshipping instrument for eBay vendors that does not rely on an API
One-click AliExpress-to-eBay product import
DHgate is one of five compatible retailers.
Unlimited low-cost imports that are easy on the wallet
Spend just one dollar to test out the whole app

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why use an AliExpress product importer?

Using an AliExpress product importer is the quickest way to list AliExpress products for sale on your ecommerce channel, saving you a ton of time. Actually, most AliExpress product importers let you list hundreds, if not thousands, of items at once on your website or in your chosen marketplaces.

As an added bonus, many AliExpress product importers use software to handle inventory and orders automatically. You can maximize your dropshipping profits without worrying about inventory or price fluctuations.

In addition, it will spare you the trouble of manually uploading tracking information and placing orders on AliExpress. When your dropshipping business starts to grow, it can take a lot of time to place orders on AliExpress by hand.

How do AliExpress product importers work?

Using a Chrome extension, AliExpress product importers make it possible to list items from the AliExpress website on your e-commerce platform. However, the importer’s functionality will be specific to the service provider and e-commerce platform you use.

Importing products from AliExpress is just one example of how DSers can be used to streamline your business processes. Using the Hustle Got Real Chrome extension or by manually entering AliExpress product URLs, users can quickly and easily import products into their Hustle Got Real dashboards.

Knowing the specifics of the tool you intend to use is essential. Most AliExpress product importers have a YouTube channel where you can see them in action.

With DSers, you can import up to three thousand products from AliExpress into your Shopify or WooCommerce store at no cost. As the only free AliExpress importer that supports listing 10 items on eBay and Amazon, Hustle Got Real is a clear winner.

The Ali2Woo free plan allows you to import 100 products per day from AliExpress into your WooCommerce store, so it’s a solid choice if you need a dependable AliExpress product importer. AutoDS and many of the other tools discussed here have free or cheap trial periods.

Final Word

Especially if you’re just starting out in e-commerce, adding products from AliExpress to your online selling platform by hand can be a laborious and time-consuming process.

This guide will show you how to easily import hundreds or thousands of products from AliExpress to any ecommerce platform using one of the many AliExpress product importers listed. Saving you a ton of time and effort is that you won’t have to manually enter product information or upload images.

In addition, most of the applications discussed here have built-in mechanisms for handling things like stock levels and orders mechanically. They are top choices for getting an almost fully automated AliExpress dropshipping business off the ground.