In terms of online sales, Banggood and AliExpress are two of the most well-known platforms.

Both have their roots in China and have many parallels. It’s possible that, as a typical customer, you won’t even notice any changes at all.

They do, however, excel one another in a number of respects.

Therefore, if you want to use these sites for dropshipping or any other kind of business, you need to know what makes them unique.

This comparison of Banggood and AliExpress should answer all your questions, so you won’t have to keep searching.

For that reason, let’s not waste any time and get right down to business!

Overview of Banggood

Banggood, which was founded in China in 2006, is a major online retailer. Surprisingly, Banggood asserts that its shopping app is Europe’s most popular download.

In contrast to AliExpress, Banggood does not allow independent sellers to list their products on the site. Banggood is the sole retailer of all items featured on the website.

When you don’t want to waste time haggling with sketchy vendors, this can be a great option for you.

If you’re worried about whether or not Banggood is legitimate, you can rest assured that you can trust the company and buy a wide range of products from them.

The site’s high prices, however, are its biggest drawback. Since Banggood does not permit outside vendors, customers are limited to the prices set by the site’s administrators.

Due to a lack of competitors, the site’s prices are slightly higher than those found on marketplaces such as AliExpress. Products on Banggood aren’t exactly dirt cheap, but they aren’t outrageously priced, either.

What Is the Difference Between Banggood and AliExpress 4

Pros of Banggood

There are no questionable resellers involved.
Assistance from the service team is usually helpful.
Drop shipping specific discount and benefit program.
Within 30 days of purchase, you can return almost any unused product.

Cons of Banggood

The turnaround time for deliveries is unacceptable.
Comparatively less products available than on AliExpress.
The reliability of many products is doubtful at best.

Overview of AliExpress

Since its inception in 2009 in China, online marketplace AliExpress has grown to become one of the largest and most well-known in the world.

The Alibaba group, which also owns Taobao and 1688, is responsible for the operation of the site.

It’s fair to say that AliExpress has been one of the best online marketplaces (or “e-commerce sites”) in the world’s most populous countries for many years running.

That’s all thanks to the tens of thousands of merchants who use the site to sell their wares. Since there is so much competition on AliExpress, it should come as no surprise that prices can be adjusted fairly easily.

Further, there is no need to worry about meeting any sort of minimum order quantity (MOQ). Because of this, AliExpress has become a popular supplier for many dropshippers.

However, it’s important to remember that all AliExpress products are sold by third-party sellers, making it easy to fall victim to scams. For this reason, cautious site navigation is essential.

The good news is that AliExpress’s customer service will work to find a solution if a seller is unable to fulfill their obligations.

On the whole, though, you should stay away from questionable sellers and products that seem too good to be true.

Pros of AliExpress

There is a huge selection available.
As a result of intense competition, costs can be adjusted fairly easily.
Drop shipping is simple to initiate.
A review/rating system to verify the legitimacy of online vendors.
Good support for customers and safety for their financial transactions.

Cons of AliExpress

Avoid doing business with vendors who might try to rip you off.
Shipping takes longer than with Banggood.
Substandard and fake goods abound.

Banggood vs. AliExpress – The Key Differences & Similarities

A Dedicated Program for Dropshipping
Offers an Affiliate Program 
Allows Buying from Local Warehouses
You can Buy from Third-Party Sellers
You can Buy Directly from the Platform
Offers the Option for Express Shipping
Great Refund and Exchange Policies

Banggood vs. AliExpress – Comparison by Features

Now that you have a high-level understanding of both systems, we will compare and contrast their individual components.

Banggood vs. AliExpress: Product Variety 

When starting an online store, choosing the products to sell is the most crucial step. Now let’s compare the product selection on these two channels to see what you can expect to find.


Banggood boasts that they stock over 500 thousand unique products in a wide variety of categories.

The selection isn’t terrible, but it’s also nowhere near as extensive as AliExpress’. Of course, the main reason for this is that AliExpress works with vendors from all over the world.

Alternatively, if we break down Banggood’s selection into its component parts, we find that it offers far more products than anyone could ever need.

Not only that, but it’s important to note that most of the popular items sold on AliExpress can also be purchased on Banggood.


When compared to AliExpress, Banggood pales in comparison due to the latter’s inferior selection.

Every day, more and more items are added to the site’s inventory of over 100 million.

You can find just about any product imaginable on AliExpress.

The site’s insane selection is largely due to the abundance of Chinese manufacturers it features.

Many of them, on a daily basis, simply produce something new that you have no idea exists.

For this and other reasons, many dropshippers also utilize the site to find products to sell.

Banggood vs. AliExpress: Shipping Options

If you want to start a dropshipping business, you should compare and contrast the shipping options provided by both of these sites.


Banggood’s shipping choices are heavily dependent on your location.

Deliveries to the United States and Europe via express shipping typically arrive within 6-10 business days.

After an order is placed, you won’t have to do a thing because Banggood will handle everything from there.

Additionally, you can find expedited shipping options for specific products in a particular section. Since these items are coming from regional warehouses, Banggood guarantees delivery within 7 business days. This isn’t always the case, though.

In addition, Priority Direct Mail shipping is available for orders within the United States that total more than $50. Overall, Banggood has a faster shipping time than AliExpress.


Anyone who has shopped on AliExpress before knows that many items are offered with free shipping.

The biggest drawback is that free shipping can be extremely slow, sometimes taking over two months!

It’s more like placing an order and then forgetting about it until one day it mysteriously appears at your door.

That rules out using a free shipping method when drop shipping. However, depending on your location, faster shipping options may be available.

If you select Standard shipping at checkout on AliExpress, your package should arrive within 15 days and no more than 45 days after that.

It’s a good idea to shop around because some vendors offer expedited shipping options that can get your order to you in as little as 7 days.

Finally, the use of ePacket as a shipping option on AliExpress has also increased in recent years.

Many retailers now provide ePacket fulfillment, which cuts shipping times dramatically for little to no cost.

The ePacket Guide explains in depth what ePacket delivery is and how it works.

Banggood vs. AliExpress: Pricing and Discounts

Pricing can be the deciding factor when choosing a platform. Let’s see which one gives you the most for your money.


Banggood has slightly more expensive products than AlIExpress. That’s because there aren’t enough independent vendors on the site to meet demand. That doesn’t seem related.

Since the platform itself handles all sales, it can charge whatever it pleases for its wares. The product is offered at a set price, and your only option is to buy it or pass.

The exception to this is when purchasing in large quantities, at which point there is always room for negotiation.

You can save $2 on your first purchase if you’re buying the product for your own use.

In addition, if you sign up for their newsletter, you may occasionally be notified of sales and other discounts.


Products on AliExpress are among the most reasonably priced in the online retail industry.

This is why a great many Amazon sellers also use AliExpress as a source for their goods.

As a result of the intense competition on the site, you can buy the same thing from several different stores at a wide range of prices. However, this also means that people are more susceptible to being scammed.

There are times when you might come across a product being sold at an incredibly low price; however, this is most likely a scam. Be wary of product prices that seem too good to be true when shopping on AliExpress.

In addition, before buying from a seller, you should always read up on their feedback to lessen the likelihood of getting scammed.

As a final point, AlIExpress, like Banggood, provides a $2 off coupon for first-time customers.

Banggood vs. AliExpress: Refunds and Returns

Everyone prefers to buy online from a store that makes returns and refunds easy. What results do you get using either of these platforms? What is it?

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While Banggood’s return policies are generally satisfactory, they may appear restrictive at first. To begin, you only have 7 days from the date of delivery to request a return if the product is defective or otherwise not as described.

A product can be returned within 30 days if it is unopened and in pristine condition. There is, of course, an exemption for items used for personal hygiene.

In addition, you can return defective items within 180 days of purchase thanks to the warranty. To reiterate, the 180-day warranty does not apply to items like clothing, phone accessories, and other consumables.

We don’t think Banggoods’ refund policies are terrible, but we think they’d be even better if they honored our request to return a defective item within 7 days of receiving it.


AliExpress’ return policies are less accommodating than Banggood’s, but the company still takes customer satisfaction seriously.

Before anything else, if the product isn’t delivered within 60 days, or by the date specified by the seller, you get a full refund. If the product you received was counterfeit or damaged in transit, you can file a dispute and request a refund.

The seller has 15 days to issue a refund after you open a dispute; if they don’t, AliExpress will step in to mediate.

AliExpress also offers a threefold refund guarantee for fake goods.

Domestic returns are accepted at local warehouses without further inspection if the item is in its original packaging and unused.

However, since you’ll be dealing with unknown third-party sellers, be aware that there is a greater chance of being scammed on AliExpress. Because of this, you should exercise extreme caution before making any purchases.

Certainly, both Banggood and AliExpress go to great lengths to provide a positive shopping experience for their customers. Whichever platform you prefer, the choice is yours.

Banggood vs. AliExpress: Dropshipping

Here we come to the crux of the matter: which platform is preferable for dropshippers? Let’s take a look at their services, shall we?


Signing up for Banggood’s dropshipping program will allow you to save money on a wide variety of items. It all depends on the product category, but typically the discount ranges from 5% to 25%.

Surprisingly, Banggood also provides an API that facilitates store administration and enables the import of unwatermarked product images.

In addition, your Shopify or WooCommerce store can take advantage of a wide variety of available plugins.

Additionally, Banggood offers white label services to help you grow your business into a recognizable brand. Without a doubt, there are many advantages to participating in the Banggood dropshipping program. On the other hand, if we’re only talking about add-ons, AliExpress is clearly in the lead.


You can find the most popular items on the market with the help of AliExpress’s Dropshipping Center. Search terms, product images, shipping options, and expected delivery dates can all be used to eliminate unwanted items from your shopping cart.

In addition, there is a separate filter that displays only products with dropshipping price reductions. Some vendors may even be willing to negotiate a price reduction with you if they see promise in your company.

All in all, there are far too many aspects of AliExpress Dropshipping Center to list here. Because of this, we have written a comprehensive guide for those interested in learning more about this topic.

Moving on, there are a plethora of plugins available for both Shopify and WooCommerce that make AliExpress dropshipping a breeze.

These plugins can save you a ton of time by automating mundane tasks like stock checking, order processing, and inventory management.

It’s no secret why AliExpress’s dropshipping program is so much more successful than Banggood’s.

Banggood vs. AliExpress: Customer Service

Finally, both sites have laid out refund policies in a way that is clear and easy to understand for customers. Let’s see if their customer service departments are proactive enough to actually implement these changes.

What Is the Difference Between Banggood and AliExpress 2


The reviews of Banggood’s customer service are mixed. While some customers have had pleasant experiences, others have complained that they were never refunded after they were sent the incorrect items.

You can get in touch with two different departments for help. The first is to call Banggood using the number listed on their website.

In contrast, you could send them an email. For any issues that arise after a sale, the platform suggests sending an email, to which you will receive a response within 24 hours.


Reviews of AliExpress’s customer service are also mixed.

Even though refunds are issued, the most common complaint is that the process takes too long.

This, however, is the norm if the seller does not issue a refund within 15 days.

However, AliExpress has a slight edge over Banggood in customer support thanks to the addition of a live chat feature to their already robust phone support.

FAQs about Banggood vs. AliExpress

Is Banggood Better than AliExpress? 

Banggood and AliExpress each have their advantages and disadvantages. However, Banggood does have a marginal advantage over AliExpress when it comes to shipping times.

Is Banggood Older than AliExpress? 

Given that AliExpress didn’t launch until 2009 and Banggood did in 2006, the former is clearly the elder of the two.

As of the year 2022, however, AliExpress has overtaken Banggood in terms of user traffic.

Is Banggood a Reliable Marketplace?

You can trust Banggood completely as a marketplace. Actually, it’s safer than AliExpress, especially for first-time online shoppers, because you’re purchasing items straight from the platform.

However, there are some sketchy third-party sellers on AliExpress, so you should exercise caution.

What Is the Difference Between Banggood and AliExpress

Banggood vs. AliExpress – The Final Verdict 

In exchange for its lower prices and wider selection of goods, AliExpress’s main drawback is its reliance on third-party sellers.

Although Banggood’s products are more expensive, they are more trustworthy because you are dealing with the Banggood platform directly.

So, if we’re being specific and talking about dropshipping, it all comes down to whether or not you value certainty or higher profits.

Since your profit margin will be higher on AliExpress, we think it is the best platform for dropshipping if you can find a dependable supplier.

However, the dropshipping program on Banggood isn’t terrible, and it could be a good idea to try it out since few people are aware of it.