AliExpress is one of the best places to buy things online. It has a huge selection of things, from smart devices to jewelry. AliExpress is a well-known name, whether you are a new business owner or an old one.

Even so, dropshipping from AliExpress is hard, takes a lot of time, and can be scary.

When you dropship on AliExpress, you have to worry about shipping and keeping track of orders. So, businesses that drop-ship are turning to AliExpress agents. Agents from AliExpress make dropshipping from AliExpress simple and easy.

We’re sure you’ll have a lot of questions about AliExpress agents, like who they are, how they work, where to find them, etc.

So, here it is: the most complete list of questions and answers about AliExpress agents.

Let’s dive into it!

What Is an AliExpress Agent?

An AliExpress agent facilitates the dropshipping process on that website.

The agent’s primary goal is to make life easy for the dropshipper.

The only thing required of the dropshipper is to send the agent the links to the products they wish to purchase. The agent coordinates the acquisition of goods from vendors and their subsequent delivery to customers.

What Services Can an AliExpress Agent Offer?

When it comes to running a successful dropshipping business, the AliExpress agents have you covered in every way. They take care of the entire process, from order gathering to dispatch.

Services that an average AliExpress agent can provide include

The Orders Have Been Bought
Auditing for Quality
Processing for rebranding in accordance with the dropshipper’s image
Combining several orders into one
This is the final shipping, etc.

How Does an AliExpress Agent Work?

The detailed procedure of an AliExpress representative:

Getting A Quote

When you’ve settled on an agent to work with, it’s time to get in touch with them. Just let the representative know what you need. The agent, for instance, could benefit from you forwarding links to the relevant product pages on AliExpress.

In this case, the agent will search AliExpress for the best vendors of the items you want to buy. The price quote will then be supplied by them.

Making Orders

You can either call or go on the web to place your order. You can automate order placement if your agent uses a system that is compatible with your online shop’s platform.

If this is not possible, you will need to provide your agent with an Excel file containing all of the order information as well as the addresses of your customers.

If you give the agent all the necessary information, they’ll get your orders processed quickly.

Order Confirmation

The agent will make the necessary purchases from the suppliers after they have received the order and verified payment.

Order Procurement

The agent makes the purchases, which can take anywhere from two to five business days depending on the suppliers’ stock levels and proximity to the agent.

Quality Inspection

The agent conducts a thorough inspection of the goods upon their arrival at the agent’s warehouse. The next step is to make sure they are suitable for the order. The representative checks that none of the goods are damaged in transit.

Consolidation and Repackaging

Some companies that engage in drop shipping value their independent reputations highly. A few examples of what you might need are specialized brand labels, no seller tags, and the like.

It’s the agent’s job to get rid of all the extra labels. They combine several packages into one convenient bundle. Products are repackaged in accordance with brand guidelines.

Product Shipping

The goods are shipped, and you are given a tracking number.

When Should You Get an AliExpress Agent?

If you are conducting a product test, you can get what you need by having AliExpress items shipped directly to you. However, without an agent, it becomes more challenging to keep profit margins high as the business expands.

In order to increase the amount of money you make from your online store, it is essential to hire an AliExpress agent.

If you anticipate a lot of business through AliExpress, you may want to think about hiring an agent.

You have reached a stable level of sales and can now expand.
You should prioritize products that are well made, have a wide range of options, and have been thoroughly inspected.
A storage facility is required.
You wish for quicker shipping times.
Consolidating your packages or making unique labels is a must.
You wish there were more convenient transport alternatives.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing an Agent for AliExpress Shipping over Direct Shipping?

Unfortunately, order processing times vary widely between AliExpress vendors. The typical order processing time is between three and seven days. It gets trickier if you need to place a large order.

It’s a lot of work to keep track of more than 30 orders a day on AliExpress.

As a rule, AliExpress will charge you shipping costs for your purchases. While AliExpress does offer a cheap but slow shipping option, it can take up to a month to receive your package.

It’s likely that some of the items you order will arrive damaged. The opportunity for quality control is simply not present. You can’t bundle multiple products together because there’s no room to do so.

Reviews from actual customers on the internet have shown that AliExpress’s customer service is less than stellar. Getting to the bottom of the problem also takes a long time. This makes dropshipping from AliExpress a highly perilous endeavor.

These problems can be easily avoided with the help of AliExpress agents. They will take care of everything from sourcing materials to performing quality assurance checks to storing and transporting your orders.

The benefits of working with an authorized AliExpress seller include:

Low Risk of Bad Quality Products

They have stringent rules for ensuring product quality. There will be no danger of receiving damaged or defective items.

Temporary Warehousing Facility

Warehouse space is available for the short- or long-term storage of products.

Better Shipping Options

More shipping options will be available to you. There is an option that will work for you regardless of whether you want the fastest shipping possible, the slowest shipping possible, or some combination of the two.

Efficient Process Control

Most of the process flow is managed by the agent. Consequently, the agent is solely accountable for ensuring that all orders are fulfilled. This is preferable to using a number of vendors for various purchases.

Better Customer Service

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for AliExpress Agent 3

It can be challenging to explain your requirements to a seller on AliExpress. That’s because of the language barrier and the poor quality of the customer service.

Every one of your needs will be met because the agents can read your mind. They then inform vendors of the necessary items. During the repackaging and shipping process, they will also account for any special instructions you provide.

How to Find an AliExpress Agent?

Finding the right AliExpress agent is crucial. For the simple reason that they are responsible for most of the company’s operations. Discover a reliable AliExpress representative.

Methods for Locating a Trustworthy AliExpress Representative

Freelancing Websites

Dropshipping agents can be found on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Get their history working as an AliExpress agent or dropshipping agent out of the way first. As a rule of thumb, you should hire them if they have at least one to two years of relevant experience.

Google and YouTube Search

Agents from AliExpress can be located through search engines and video hosting websites. Simply conduct a web or video search for “AliExpress agents.”

The first two pages of search results typically feature useful recommendations for AliExpress agents. Check out the agents’ reviews and customer feedback before choosing one.

Forums and Threads

Reddit and Quora are just two of many online communities where people can ask and answer questions. Actual users in the moment contribute useful feedback on the agents on these discussion boards. Also available are reviews and endorsements from satisfied customers.

Where Can I Find an AliExpress Agent Based in China to Help Me Buy from AliExpress?

How do I locate a Chinese-based AliExpress agent who can assist me in making purchases?
The vast majority of AliExpress’s sellers and manufacturers originate in China. Consequently, if you run a dropshipping company out of China, it is in your best interest to work with a Chinese AliExpress agent.

The agent can more easily contact sellers and acquire the goods. Therefore, the time it takes to place an order and receive the necessary materials is cut down.

There is no denying the language barrier that exists if you are trying to run a dropshipping company from outside of China. An AliExpress representative in China can help you convey your requirements to suppliers. Your requirements would be understood completely.

In the event of a dispute, the Chinese AliExpress agent will be in a stronger position than their Western counterparts.

There are a plethora of AliExpress agents based in China who are happy to assist you in your AliExpress purchases. To find an AliExpress agent in China, just type “AliExpress agent in China” into Google.

There are countless examples of them around. You can also find credible references by going online and doing a search for “AliExpress Agents in China” on YouTube. Before hiring the agent, it is important to read reviews and testimonials from previous customers.

AliExpress’s Chinese fulfillment partners include LovBuy, BestFulfill, etc.

What Are the Questions to Ask Your AliExpress Agent Before You Hire Them?

The agent’s professionalism and honesty will determine the success of your company in the future. You should exercise caution when choosing an AliExpress representative.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for AliExpress Agent

Nearly every part of a company’s workflow relies heavily on the agent. If you want to make sure everything is running smoothly, you need to ask the right questions.

Do your homework before hiring an AliExpress agent.

An inventory of issues to raise with the representative:

Where have they been operating for so long?
What kind of references can you provide from previous customers you’ve worked with?
Where is the warehouse, and what is its address?
How about a minimum order quantity?
Which method of payment is preferred, and why?
Which method of contact do you prefer using?
Where do all these orders come from?
What are the chances that you’ll inform AliExpress vendors of any upcoming changes to the site’s selling guidelines?
How do we know the product is high quality?
What sort of private/white/brand labels are available from your company?
To what extent do you have to pay for packaging, shipping, etc.?
Can you tell me what standard sizes the packaging cartons come in?
Find out how much each product typically costs per item.
When will I receive my order?
How can I find out about the available shipping options?
Tell me about your policy on refunds.
When a disagreement arises, what steps should be taken to resolve it, and how long should that take?

What Are the Best Alternatives to AliExpress Dropshipping?

A common place to find dropshipping products is on AliExpress. However, competing vendors offer superior dropshipping services at lower costs.

Due to drawbacks like these, dropshipping companies are on the lookout for viable alternatives.

High-priced goods
Almost no quality assurance at all
Providing a poor level of service to customers.
Lack of supplier communication
Extremely slow transport times
A decrease in happy customers
Both 1688 and Taobao are cheaper alternatives to AliExpress as supplier marketplaces.

Agents that specialize in drop shipping will find suppliers like these to fill their orders. From the initial sourcing of products to their final delivery to customers, they make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

They communicate with 1688, Taobao, and Chinese neighborhood markets to find reliable suppliers. They are able to source the highest-quality goods at substantial savings compared to AliExpress.

Provider of dropshipping services
Not all brokers are hostile to new enterprises.


The choice to work with an AliExpress agent may seem daunting at first. This choice will undoubtedly determine the future of your dropshipping company.

To succeed or fail, your company’s success or failure hinges on your ability to find and retain a competent AliExpress agent. We hope that by providing you with so much information about the AliExpress agents, you will find it much less difficult to make all the crucial choices that arise from that information.

Here are the best dropshipping sourcing agents in China to work with if you’re just starting out in the business and want to ship your products to customers around the world.

Is your company in need of more cost-effective and reliable sourcing options? Reach out to us if you need assistance locating reliable Chinese vendors who can supply you with premium goods.

I trust that your concerns about AliExpress agents have been addressed. If you have any additional thoughts or questions, feel free to leave a comment below.