AliExpress is one of the most popular and trusted online markets in the world. There must be a conversation between the buyer and the seller before any product is bought. This is what leads to the process of buying the product and, finally, its delivery.

But sometimes we hear that AliExpress is a place where people try to steal money. If not, some buyers say they were taken in by a certain scam.

This article tells you more about how reliable AliExpress is. It will give you a few important tips that will help you watch out for scammers. So, don’t be afraid to buy products from the site and have them shipped to you.

Let’s check it out!

Is AliExpress a Scam Website?

No. is not a fake site. It has been doing well since it was set up in 2010 under the Alibaba Group. The site is very real, and many people have proof that they bought things from it.

aliexpress scam
The platform is well-known for selling things at low prices. Different brands will have different levels of quality. But not everything that shines is gold.

Like any other online market, most sellers are real, but there are a few fake ones. Some people are dishonest and use the space to steal money from people who are not careful.

It’s a common thing to do. But if you know what to look out for, shopping can be safe. Make sure you take the right precautions before you buy something.

Here, “scamming” doesn’t just mean paying for something before it is sent and then not getting it.

It’s possible that the seller goes silent or blocks you after giving you a fake package. Once you figure out a scam, you can move on. You might be able to get help.

Can You Get Scammed on AliExpress?

There are both real and fake sellers on eBay because it is such a big online market. So, any of these three things could happen to you, depending on how careful you are.

You can lose some or all of your money, or you can get out of the trap.

So, we can’t say that nothing is possible. On the platform, the buyer will base their decision on the few pictures and descriptions of the products. So, it will be hard to tell how good the thing you are buying is.

Some shady sellers take advantage of this and go around the system. They can advertise with high-quality photos from other sites. In short, the quality of what they sell doesn’t match what you see in the photos.

How Can You Tell a Scam on AliExpress?

To get the most out of dropshipping on AliExpress, you need to be able to spot scams. As a beginner, this can be hard because scammers think you don’t know how to shop on the platform, so you’re the first person they go after.

AliExpress works hard to stop these kinds of juggling acts by banning sellers who are not responsible. The scammers can still get back to the site, though. This point tells you how to watch out for these thieves.

Extremely Low and Doubtful Prices

The quality of products for sale on AliExpress varies from seller to seller and brand to brand. Prices that seem low or questionable are red flags. None of them mean you’re getting a good deal. It could be junk, or the seller could be lying.

Cheap Brand Products

Here, we talk about business leaders like LG, Samsung, Nike, Puma, Apple, and others like them. When name-brand products are cheap, you should be careful. For example, selling an iPhone 7 for $20 is a clear lie.

Check Reviews and Ratings

Reviews are a good way to find out if a seller is real or not. If there are more than 70 reviews, read them. Try to figure out which ones sound like they might be scams. If the number scares you, you should listen to your gut.

Check the Store’s History

Make sure you know how long the store has been on the platform. More time is better. But keep in mind that con artists could have been there longer as well. Check how often they sell things. It tells how busy the seller is.

Find out when they sold last. With an older last sale date, the seller could have been there for a long time.

Engage the Seller

Talk to the person selling the item and see how they react. You can write down what they say when you ask them a question. Ask if there are any guarantees, and decide if the conversation makes sense.

What Are the Scams I Need to Avoid on AliExpress?

You can avoid scammers on the platform now that you know they are there. Before you start, you need to know what kinds of scams to look out for.

How to Stay Safe on AliExpress The Ultimate FAQ Guide 4

Payment Scam

Most of the time, some con artists use PayPal. After you start a fight, they might be able to get you to end it. They say they will pay through PayPal.

The seller pays your PayPal account, but only after the buyer’s protection period is over. The trick begins here.

The seller could ask PayPal to reverse the charge. Often, they do this under the “non-delivery of goods or services” clause.

Hoax Tracking Number Scam

You buy something from AliExpress when you find a good deal. You’ll get a tracking number that will tell you when your package was delivered.

But you don’t have what you need yet. This scam is not the same as the one where the package is sent to a different address.

Extra Money Scam

These people will cry in your inbox and give you vague reasons why. Usually, they tell you that they can’t send the package to you for such a low price. They’ll send you a link to pay more money.

Fake Certifications

As we all know, the bureau of standards is in charge of making sure that manufacturers and sellers follow rules about quality. It helps make sure that products on the market are of good quality.

Also, there is a lot of competition between sellers on a marketplace like AliExpress. Because of this, some sellers prefer to get around rules about quality by showing fake certifications of the product.

In this scam, fake pictures, descriptions, and certifications of the product draw people in. But they end up with something that isn’t very good.

This kind of scam happens a lot on most online shopping sites. So, before you place an order, you should always make sure the seller is real.

 Closing a Dispute and Resending Scam

When you file the dispute, the seller will not agree to a refund. It could be because you didn’t get your package or because something went wrong with it.

But the seller could tell you to end the dispute and resend the item. You can’t do anything once you agree and the buyer protection period is over.

Incorrect Shipping Method

You will buy the item and pay more for a good shipping method. But the seller will use a different way to send the package. It will be cheap or take a long time.

Still, you can argue about the extra shipping cost here.

Re-sending Package With a New Order

How to Stay Safe on AliExpress The Ultimate FAQ Guide 3

Most of the time, the seller is willing to send the item again. He might ask you to put in another order. Here, the price of a new order will be changed to $0.01.

You will get a new code to track the package. The package will be sent to the new address, and the dispute will be over.

After the buyer protection period is over, you get nothing. The second package might or might not show up.

How to Avoid Scams on AliExpress?

It’s not hard to stay away from scammers on AliExpress. But you have to be very careful and know how to spot them. Here’s how to stay away from sellers who aren’t honest on the platform.

Check the Store’s Duration

If the store has been open for more than two or three years, it might be possible to believe. If it’s less than a year old, it’s often too soon to tell how good it is. So, it’s better to switch to another seller or wait a while.

Confirm the Buyer’s Protection Policy

Check out how the store protects customers. If you don’t get the package, the seller should agree to give you your money back in full.

If the item isn’t what it says it is, they should give you a full or partial refund.

Check the Buyers’ Feedback

It’s on the rating and review page. Look through the reviews to see what other buyers have to say about the product. Some have pictures of the products as they look in real life.

See if they have anything to say about it. It helps you decide if you can trust the seller or not.

Check the Last Sale Day

If the last time the seller sold something was not too long ago, they may have a lot of customers. It shows that people are buying the item. Also important is how often they buy the product.

Inbox the Seller Before Making an Order

Please talk to the seller through the inbox and get them involved. Ask about the product’s quality, how it will be shipped, and anything else that worries you. Try to find out how they respond to your questions.

In the end, it will help you figure out whether or not they are real.

Don’t Fall for Very Low Prices

There are times when the platform has so many sales. But don’t give in to low prices that don’t make sense. Even if the package is on sale, if it is much cheaper than usual, be careful because it could be a fake.

Avoid Free Shipping on Expensive Products

Most scammers try to get you to buy expensive items with free shipping. It might be tempting, but don’t take the chance. Most of the time, they use the post office or another inexpensive shipping service.

In this case, you can’t be sure that your product will be handled correctly.

Pay Safe – Pay through AliExpress!

When you buy something on AliExpress, don’t be tempted by good deals that require you to pay outside of AliExpress.

Even if the seller tells you to give big discounts, don’t send money directly to his bank account. You can pay through the AliExpress platform instead.

AliExpress’s protection policies won’t cover these kinds of direct payments. Because of this, buyers are more likely to fall for the AliExpress scam.

Test the Product before Confirming Its Delivery!

On AliExpress, there is a way for buyers to confirm that they have received the item. Many customers make the mistake of confirming delivery as soon as they get the package. Don’t be in a hurry to sign off on the product receipt.

You can instead take your time to look over the product and try it out. Go ahead and confirm the receipt only if you’re happy with it.

Is It Safe to Use Credit or Debit Cards to Avoid AliExpress Scam?

Yes. Paying with a debit or credit card is safe. Most people, though, are scared of their data. You get points when you pay with a credit card. If the buyer protection is taking a long time, you can also dispute payment.

How to Stay Safe on AliExpress The Ultimate FAQ Guide 2

What Should I Do if I Have Been Scammed on AliExpress?

You should file a dispute with the seller if you can. You will have to say why you want to start a dispute. But the buyer protection only works for a certain amount of time.

After seeing that the site approves the shipment, a buyer must wait at least ten business days. AliExpress gives you five business days to pay the seller. If there is still no deal or settlement at this point, AliExpress steps in.

The company will make a decision in about three business days. Even if the seller sends you a message to tell you to end the dispute, don’t. Wait until you feel confident. There will be a place to put up proof.

Make sure you include as much proof as you can. Make sure your explanation is easy to follow. That’s because it keeps customer service from being hard because of a language barrier.

How Does a Dropshipping Agent Help You Avoid AliExpress Scams?

Scams on AliExpress can be avoided by using a Dropshipping agent. The agent will buy things for the person who gave the money. You have to choose what you want and then send it. So that you get the right goods, they check the quality.

How to Stay Safe on AliExpress The Ultimate FAQ Guide

aliexpress scam
They also have reliable shipping suppliers around the world. It could take anywhere from three to twenty-one days. But it will also depend on where you are.

The agent will get rid of any packaging that is not needed. They also put all of your orders into one package by combining them. On top of that, shipping will be more efficient. In short, you get help with things like packaging and shipping that take a lot of time.

Do you want to use a dropshipping agent to make sure that your product is safe? Don’t worry! You can avoid possible AliExpress scams by using custom services like finding products and shipping them all over the world. Pick them up now!

Final Thoughts!

AliExpress is a safe place to do business. We think this is because of all the safety rules the company has in place. One example is the guarantee between the buyer and the seller, which protects both sides.

But there are steps that every shopper needs to take to protect themselves.

Use the information in this article to stay away from con artists. Learn how to spot them. Also, it is very important to do your homework.

Use a reputable drop shipping agent. This is the best advice. If you don’t feel comfortable buying things on AliExpress by yourself, they can be a very important part of making sure your goods are safe.

There is a way out if you buy something from a scammer and then find out. If you are still in the buyer protection period when you file a dispute, it can help.

Lastly, if you have to file a dispute, make sure you include as much proof as you can. There’s a good chance you’ll get your money back.