When people think of online shopping for goods from China, they think of AliExpress. It revolutionized how we think about global trade and online shopping.

The global reach of this Chinese platform is unprecedented. But just how does AliExpress function? It’s a natural line of inquiry for anyone using AliExpress.

This tutorial will provide you with in-depth knowledge of AliExpress, its operations, and all AliExpress has to offer.

All right, let’s get going.


What Is AliExpress?

To shop online, AliExpress is a great option because it is one of the largest marketplaces in the world. It is owned by the Alibaba group and operates out of China.

Due to Alibaba’s services, Chinese goods can now be shipped to any country in the world. Their B2C arm, AliExpress, is a subsidiary of the company.

Almost all of AliExpress’s sellers are based in China. They upload product images and descriptions to the online marketplace AliExpress.

AliExpress is now accepting orders from shoppers who may pay with credit cards. Suppliers are obligated to send ordered goods to the shipping addresses specified by customers after checkout.

What Does AliExpress Do?

As far as we know, AliExpress does not sell anything of its own. It serves as a hub for many vendors that offer their wares on the online marketplace AliExpress. Therefore, AliExpress is an online marketplace that links retailers and wholesalers.

Everything necessary for effective online transactions or AliExpress shopping is taken care of by this system.

When looking for a great selection of low-priced goods, many people turn to AliExpress as their go-to source. Physical goods are available in nearly every market segment.

AliExpress is like Amazon in China. This website attracts shoppers from all over the world, not only China.

In contrast to products offered by other online retailers, those on AliExpress are surprisingly affordable. It’s for this reason that AliExpress has become so popular.

Some new commercial possibilities arise as a result of the products’ reduced prices. These openings will be discussed in greater detail below.

Who Are the Suppliers on AliExpress?

Any of the following may serve as AliExpress vendors:

Product Manufacturer or a Factory

On AliExpress, you may locate a factory or direct product makers. Since the manufacturer is the source, their prices will be the lowest, making this the greatest alternative for consumers.

On the other hand, it’s unusual to discover a factory or direct manufacturer on AliExpress. This is due to the fact that AliExpress is not a manufacturer’s first choice when it comes to selling their wares.

A manufacturer or producer cares primarily about large-scale sales of its wares. Typically, production facilities avoid the B2C paradigm. The B2B (business-to-business) model is what they’re leaning toward.

Because of this, most manufacturers may be found on Alibaba rather than AliExpress.


Wholesalers are a type of supplier that may be found on AliExpress. But, once again, a wholesale seller would be less likely to sign up for a platform with no minimum order quantity requirements.

However, AliExpress is a good place to discover wholesalers. If you shop around on AliExpress, you’ll find vendors who give price breaks if you buy more of their wares. The following screenshot is an illustration of this.

You can tell a vendor is a wholesaler if you get price breaks if you buy in bulk.

Online Retailers

You can tell a vendor is a wholesaler if you get price breaks if you buy in bulk. Virtual merchants make up the bulk of AliExpress’s supplier base. If you’re a supplier on AliExpress, you’re just like any other store when it comes to the retail procedure. They buy in bulk at a lower unit price and then resell the items individually at a higher price.


Anyone who is an AliExpress provider can also act as a go-between. A provider like this can buy an item from another vendor and still make a profit by selling it on AliExpress.

However, there is no easy way to tell if a certain AliExpress vendor is a middleman. You have no idea.

The only thing you can do on AliExpress is look at what other sellers are charging for the same item. There is no harm in buying a product via a middleman if you can obtain what you want at the lowest feasible price.

Chinese Dropshippers

In a dropshipping arrangement, the supplier does not keep any inventory on hand. On his web store, he simply shows images of the items for sale.

When he receives orders for these items, he has the original manufacturers send them directly to the buyer.

Some Chinese wholesalers may sign up as AliExpress vendors. Once more, on AliExpress, it’s impossible to tell who the actual seller is and who is just acting as a middleman or dropshipper. All you have to do is look around until you find what you want at a price you can afford.

You should buy from the vendor who offers high-quality items at fair pricing and comes recommended by several customers.

How Do I Find the Best Suppliers on AliExpress?

Thankfully, AliExpress has established a few methods by which you can determine a seller’s reliability.

You should start at the top left of the page where the product is listed. There will be a short summary of that vendor displayed. Here, you can see a screenshot of what the store’s name and the percentage of favorable reviews might look like.

Along with such data, you would also be shown the total number of followers. On AliExpress, a supplier’s reliability increases as their number of followers grows.

If you then place your mouse pointer over the star rating, more information about the service provider will appear. The following details are planned for inclusion.

When the AliExpress storefront first opened for business by the vendor.
The specific 5 star ratings for each provider. Feedback on the item’s description, responsiveness, and shipping time are all included.
The following screenshot illustrates this.

Suppliers are ranked according to the aggregate opinions of their clients. It’s safe to assume that a higher supplier rating indicates greater quality.

Who Are AliExpress Customers?

Simply said, AliExpress accepts orders from anyone with a valid credit card. More than 190 nations have access to AliExpress. This means that residents of these nations have full access to the AliExpress shopping platform.

However, there are two distinct types of AliExpress buyers.


Someone is considered the product’s end user (or consumer) if he purchases it from AliExpress for his own use.

AliExpress customers who have purchased a particular item have provided ratings and comments on their experience with the product.

Product reviews might be written or illustrated. The people in this category are the products’ end users.


Small and large enterprises alike can find indirect clients through AliExpress. How? Well, let’s find out.

Dropshipping describes a popular business model that relies on AliExpress.

Dropshipping, an indirect sales method where AliExpress serves as the source website, will be covered in more depth in the following section of this article.

AliExpress is used by many different sorts of businesses, including brick-and-mortar stores that acquire their inventory from the platform. A retailer can place an order for an AliExpress sample to use as window dressing.

In the event that the store consistently receives orders for the item, it can fulfill those requests by placing an order with AliExpress.

How Does AliExpress Dropshipping Work?

To “dropship” from AliExpress is a typical practice in the online retail industry. As was also said before, the core concept of dropshipping is to advertise your online stores with product images in an effort to generate sales.

When orders come in, you enter them into the source website alongside the consumers’ shipping information. In this scenario, the goods are procured via the online marketplace AliExpress.

To better grasp drop shipping, an example will help.

The following is a snapshot from Sugarandcotton, a dropshipping retailer. It’s clear that with the price cut, these socks cost only $16.95.

However, if you look for it on AliExpress, you can get it for only $1.13.

So, the internet shop makes about $15 each item sold. But there is a catch.

This product’s packaging looks different from the competition. An appealing presentation of the goods can be found on the dropshipping website. The product images and written description are very well done.

If you look around the site, you’ll see that they’ve taken a lot of AliExpress’s practices and adapted them here. The products are delivered in 15–20 days, and expedited shipping options such as 1–2 day shipping are not provided.

So, it’s clear that they get their goods from AliExpress or a comparable marketplace.

This is the premise around which AliExpress dropshipping is based.

How Does AliExpress Search Work?

AliExpress’s website and mobile app both have a search function for locating the goods you need.

Whatever you type into AliExpress’s search field will yield results based on either exact or partial matches to your query.

Even though AliExpress prioritizes unpaid results (organic) wherever possible, it does occasionally prioritize paid results (sponsored) in the search results.

You may narrow down your search and get more relevant results by making use of the various choices and filters available to you.

The aforementioned screen grab demonstrates how a plethora of filters can be applied to a product search. The following are the available choices.

From lowest to highest, that’s the pricing range of the goods.
If you select a price range, a graph depicting the product’s popularity in that price range will appear.
An indicator of where the goods can be transported from is provided by the “ship from” option. U.S., Turkish, and Chinese sites are all possible additions.
Display choice for selling products.
Choose from available “spend & save” deals, which detail your potential cost savings after making a significant purchase.
Access to pick and select which items qualify for the free delivery promotion.
The option to only see products that have received 4 or more stars is available.
Refine your product search further by sorting the results in addition to the previously mentioned criteria. The following are the many choices for sorting.

Your search results will be sorted by best match, displaying the items that are the closest match to your input.
The maximum quantity of orders for a product can be used to sort search results.
A product’s upload status can be used to sort search results. Newest product options will return the most up-to-date results.
To round out your search, you can select to view results based on the product’s price. By selecting this menu item, you can arrange the product prices to appear either descendingly or ascendingly.

What Products Can You Get on AliExpress?

When it comes to the selection of goods available, AliExpress is unparalleled. The left hand side of AliExpress is dedicated to the various product categories available. The following are examples of such groups:

Fashion for Women
Cell Phones and Communication Accessories for Men
Technology, Workplace, and Safety
General Purpose Electronics for the General Public
Gems and Timepieces
Property, Animals, and Gadgets
Shoes and Bags
Youngsters, Infants, and Playthings
Recreation and Sports Outside
Wellness, Hair, and Health
Vehicles (Automobiles and Motorcycles)
DIY Materials & Hardware
A new window containing further subcategories will appear if you move the pointer over any of these headings. Because AliExpress’s product catalog is so large, it has been organized into categories and subcategories.

Plus, you may further narrow your results by using the subcategories.

Therefore, AliExpress sells everything imaginable, beginning with clothing and ending with electronics, home renovation, outdoor, and automobile items.

How Does AliExpress Give Discounts?

There are multiple methods in which AliExpress might provide discounts to its clients. It’s up to the store how they handle the discount. When shopping on AliExpress, you may take advantage of seller discounts as well as AliExpress’s own sales and promotions.

Here are some of the many ways to save money while shopping on AliExpress:

AliExpress Give Discounts
AliExpress Give Discounts

AliExpress Coupons

A coupon is a promotional document that may be redeemed for a price reduction. AliExpress, like many other online retailers, offers discounts to new customers.

AliExpress employs this coupon system to encourage shoppers who have been window shopping on the site to make a purchase. You can get a voucher for anywhere from $1 to $150 out of the blue.

If the store you’re shopping at accepts coupons, then you can use that code to save money on the things you wish to buy.

New User Discount

AliExpress features a feature designed to entice first-time buyers by providing them with exclusive savings on their initial purchase.

New users of AliExpress can save $3 immediately, as displayed in the screenshot below. That implies a first-time buyer of any anything on AliExpress can save $3 off his purchase.

The discount amount and minimum purchase threshold are both subject to change at the discretion of AliExpress.

AliExpress Freebies

Some items on AliExpress can be obtained at no cost to you. The product costs only a single cent. Mobile app users are the only ones eligible for this discount. This discount only applies to a limited selection of products.

If you meet the requirements, you will be eligible to get a free product in exchange for writing an in-depth review of that product.

In this approach, both you and the vendor benefit from an honest assessment of the product.

AliExpress Coins

The coins system is a unique element of the AliExpress mobile app. Play fun and easy games on the AliExpress app to earn coins to spend.

Depending on the coin, you can get discounts and deals if you save up enough of them.

AliExpress Bonus Buddies

The AliExpress app has some unique features, one of which is called Bonus Buddies. Turn the wheel of fortune and you might win $200. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of money right now because you can still use your personal link to invite your friends.

If they join AliExpress through your referral link, you’ll both increase your chances of winning. To sum it all up, you make $200 and AliExpress makes a new contact or possible buyer.

A free affiliate marketing tool from AliExpress.

AliExpress Coupon Pals

Like everything else, this is exclusive to the AliExpress mobile app. As a bonus, it’s also a fun way to rack up coupon savings. By inviting your friends to download the AliExpress app, you can win coupons and advance in the game.

Is Your Data Safe on AliExpress?

Yes. On AliExpress, your information is secure. Since AliExpress is one of the most popular global e-commerce platforms, the company takes the privacy of its customers extremely seriously.

AliExpress is a trustworthy platform for researching products because it does not share user information with third parties.

It appears, however, that AliExpress stores this information internally so that it may tailor your searches and deliver more relevant results.

It does this to improve the intelligence of its operations and provide more personalized service to its end users. If you have shown a particular interest in electronics, for instance, AliExpress will continue to display similar items upon your next visit.

It utilizes ‘cookies,’ or little text files saved on your computer by websites you visit. By using a cookie, a website can remember who you are and what you like, allowing you to be steered through the site in the way that best suits you.

You may also notice an increase in AliExpress product adverts if you visit a social networking site like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Ads from Google, Facebook, and AliExpress working together are to thank for it. If you’ve ever typed “Aliexpress” into the Google search bar or used the Chrome web browser to access AliExpress, Google knows you were looking for the site.

So that AliExpress’s marketing campaign can be capitalized more effectively as a whole, Google will indicate your IP address to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, prompting those sites to provide you AliExpress’s tailored adverts.

How Does AliExpress Make Money?

AliExpress generates revenue by charging vendors a fixed fee per transaction.

AliExpress’s business model is identical to that of Amazon and its competitors. However, AliExpress does not impose a flat rate for vendors to list their wares for sale.

According to the AliExpress seller information page, the company takes a flat commission rate of between 5% and 8% of each sale.

Because of this fee, AliExpress vendors must include it in their product prices if they want to make a profit.

Each product category has a different commission rate between 5% and 8%. AliExpress’s 8% commission is applicable to the following product categories.

Items of clothing and carry-ons.
Timers and wristwatches.
Accessories and materials for making jewelry.
Cosmetics, skin care, and other forms of pampering.
Conception aids for the sex life.
Mom, the kids, playthings, pastimes, and the backyard garden.
Improvements to your home’s illuminating systems and decor.
Equipment for sports and vehicles.
Telecomponents for mobile devices.
Instruments used to make music.
A few select pieces of laptop and tablet accoutrement.
Retail outlet selling items used in the workplace or classroom.
Supplies and equipment for use with electricity.
Cigarettes in electronic form.
Vehicles, both cars and motorcycles.
There is specific product information provided for each of the aforementioned categories. Visit their site to get an idea of the commission rates for various product categories.

When you sign up to be a supplier on AliExpress, you’ll have access to information on the specific products for which AliExpress charges a fee of either 5 or 8 percent.

How Does AliExpress Work with Shopify?

To open an online store, you can utilize Shopify. What does AliExpress have to do with this scenario? AliExpress integrates with Shopify, so you may utilize the two together to run a successful online shop.

If you plan on using AliExpress as a product sourcing website for your future store, then you will find AliExpress to be of particular interest.

The practice of “drop shipping” is a good example of this. It is easier to import products from AliExpress into a Shopify-built online store.

You can automate the process of adding images, prices, and descriptions to your products’ listings.

You can import products and their details to your Shopify store with only a few clicks thanks to Shopify’s specialized tools. Essentially, this is the idea behind fully automated dropshipping.

For instance, Shopify offers a specialized solution known as Oberlo. With Oberlo, you can quickly and easily import product information from AliExpress to your Shopify store.

You can use it to manage the pricing, variations, and product images of your AliExpress imports.

In addition to hosting AliExpress vendors, it also has a specialized service for importing goods from its own marketplace.

You may also take advantage of the many other dropshipping-specific capabilities that Shopify provides. Quite a few of them have something to do with AliExpress.

What Are the Payment Options on AliExpress?

Credit cards and Mastercards have quickly become the preferred means of payment among customers from other countries. Credit cards are the most popular means of payment on AliExpress, however other options such as bank transfers are also accepted.

Currently, AliExpress does not work with widespread worldwide payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, etc.

Making a spreadsheet of your products and making daily payments to your AliExpress suppliers is the most typical technique of making bulk payments if you have regular daily orders.

After the vendor has been paid, they will ship the goods to your clients.

How Does AliExpress Shipping Work?

There are two main types of delivery options available on AliExpress. Some of them are listed down below.

Standard Shipping from AliExpress
Free Express Shipping on All Orders from AliExpress
Products ordered through AliExpress and shipped via their standard shipping method often arrive at their destination within 15 – 45 business days. The time frame for AliExpress’s premium shipping is 7–15 business days.

AliExpress Shipping Work
AliExpress Shipping Work

The AliExpress regular shipping option is obviously more affordable than the AliExpress premium shipping option. Shipping costs can be different from one vendor to the next and from one item to the next.

AliExpress offers several delivery choices, and many of them include tracking services. Customers are given tracking numbers by IT so that they can monitor the progress of their packages.

AliExpress vendors furthermore provide many delivery options. World-famous couriers like DHL, FedEx, the United States Postal Service, etc., are among these choices.

However, their prices can occasionally be higher than the things themselves. Not worth it unless you absolutely have to have the goods immediately.

ePacket is another popular option that AliExpress sellers provide for shipment. This is a premium shipping service that expedites deliveries without increasing costs.

Why Is AliExpress Shipping So Cheap?

AliExpress’s global shipping network is extensive and works together with other networks.

AliExpress uses a network of reliable courier services that work together to get packages to their destinations quickly and without incident.

Yanwen, a major player in the Chinese shipping and logistics industry, also contributes.

Let’s have a look at the steps normally taken by AliExpress to fulfill a purchase. Within a certain time frame once the order is verified, the supplier is obligated to begin shipping.

The supplier’s warehouse sends the packages out, and the Chinese collecting center gets them.

The packages will then be shipped out of China via the most expedient means, be it by sea, land, or air.

When packages are shipped internationally, they are transferred to the local courier agencies in the receiving countries. The parcels will be delivered to the specified addresses by the respective courier companies.

So, the low shipping costs on AliExpress are the result of this kind of astute cooperation between businesses.

How Long Do AliExpress Orders Take?

How long it takes for your AliExpress order to arrive is based on the delivery option you choose. Any time you make a purchase on AliExpress, you’ll be prompted to select a delivery option.

Right next to the available shipping methods is an expected delivery date. Look at the captured image below.

How Does AliExpress Manage Returns and Refunds?

The method AliExpress uses to process client payments is both innovative and secure. AliExpress delays transferring client payments to vendors. Instead, it suspends the payment until the buyer actually receives the goods.

AliExpress accomplishes this so that, if the consumer does not receive the product, he can get a refund for some or all of the purchase price.

All customers can take advantage of AliExpress’s unique buyer protection program. As stated in the policy, AliExpress offers a money-back guarantee and a 30-day return policy to all customers.

If there is an issue with an item you bought on AliExpress, the seller will do everything he can to prevent you from filing a dispute. That’s because it’s bad for his AliExpress business.

Attempting to talk you out of processing the return or refund, he will try to haggle with you. If this is the case, you and your supplier can come to an amicable resolution of the problem.

Can you Get Scammed on AliExpress?

No. You cannot be cheated on AliExpress. Because AliExpress cares deeply about its customers’ satisfaction, it takes extra precautions to safeguard their financial interests.

On AliExpress, though, you might run into a few hiccups from time to time.

Transport delays.
The shipped goods might not match the description on the website.
It is possible that items will be broken in transit.
Some retailers may sell you a counterfeit item.
Fortunately, AliExpress provides safeguards for buyers that can help in all the aforementioned situations.

As a Closing Remarks

AliExpress is a highly successful division of the Alibaba Group. Therefore, it always seeks to incorporate the most efficient practices into its operations.

We’ve made an effort to break down the strategies AliExpress uses to rule the e-commerce space. We’re thrilled if you found this article helpful.

Please share your thoughts on this piece in the section below. Please let us know if there is a specific topic related to AliExpress that you would want us to investigate. As soon as humanly possible, we will respond to your feedback and questions.