A big chunk of the dropshipping business in the US comes from the fashion industry. Beauty products are a big part of the fashion business. So, if you want to start a dropshipping business in the US, here’s how to do it.

How To Dropship Beauty Products To The US
How To Dropship Beauty Products To The US

Why ship beauty products by dropship?

Dropshipping beauty products is not only the easiest way to start a business, but it’s also the most profitable. Depending on your team, there are few or no costs to run the business, but the profits are always high. No matter what season it is, beauty products are always in style.

Also, customers are less likely to find problems with products than in some other fields. Dropshipping beauty products can include many items that are in high demand, which makes it more likely that the business will do well.

How to dropship cosmetics?

To drop ship beauty products, you need to do research on specific product niches and figure out who you want to sell to based on your business model. Next, you need to find a supplier and set up your online store. It will be a good idea to divide your products into different groups. All you have to do is get orders from customers, and your supplier will take care of them.

Top dropshippers of beauty products

Find suppliers in the US market for a good beauty product dropshipping business. So, here are our top 6 choices for dropshipping suppliers of beauty products.

Beauty Joint

Beauty Joint sells a wide range of beauty products, such as skin care, nail care, hair care, and makeup. You can find all of the top brands on the market, and shipping insurance gives you and your customers the most peace of mind.


dropshipcorporation is the best place to find free dropshipping products. It gives you a long list of trusted and legal suppliers for beauty products and many other types of products. dropshipcorporation could be the right dropshipping company for you if you sell in the US market. They offer fast and cheap shipping.

Born Pretty

Born Pretty is mostly about nail care products, but there are some other types of beauty products here as well. Because it has so many items in stock, you never have to worry about not being able to find something. It also ships quickly because it has multiple warehouses in the US.

ISO Beauty

ISO Beauty is a dropshipper that sells products for hair care and professional tools. Even though it’s great for dropshipping, you shouldn’t use it if you already have a store on Amazon or eBay.


This dropshipping company sells products for hair care, skin care, makeup, fragrances, and essential oils. So, you can dropship a full line of beauty products on your store. The best part is that it only takes 48 hours to ship in the US market.


NicheDropshipping is based in China and can easily ship and fulfill orders for a wide range of beauty products anywhere in the world. It is easier to get started with and has services for white labeling and private labeling. Since there are two warehouses in the United States, shipping times are also less than 5 days.

In short

The beginning stages of beauty product dropshipping Dropshipping can take time and work on your part. It’s because you have to do research and design the store. But once you’ve set up your beauty product dropshipping business the first time, you’ll have to do very little to make the most money.

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In the end

The products and suppliers for a beauty product dropshipping business in the US are important to its success. So, choose products that are in high demand and be careful when choosing a dropshipping provider.