Reports from the retail sector reveal that Americans spent more than $886.7 billion on Christmas presents in 2021. In 2022, as the world’s economies recover from the pandemic’s financial toll, this number is projected to rise even further.

In light of the facts shown here, it’s clear that dropshipping holiday goods is a major opportunity that you shouldn’t pass up. There is a catch, though. That means you’ll need to sell items that Christmas consumers can’t pass up.

You’re in luck if you’re looking for a starting point. We have compiled a selection of holiday best-sellers that are sure to fly off the shelves of your dropshipping store.

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Products to Dropship for the Holidays Top Picks in High Demand Groups

Christmas-Themed Clothing

Despite its overused nature, Christmas-themed clothing is a warm and welcome tradition for many. It’s a great way to celebrate the beginning of the new season, and it looks great in snapshots of friends and family. Possibilitatively, the best Christmas-themed gifts to give are:

Products to Dropship for the Holidays Top Picks in High Demand Groups 8

Woolen stockings with a fluffy top
Complete with Beanie and Pajama Set
Scarves \sMasks
Dressing up in a Christmas theme
Clothing dropshippers typically stock a wide choice of holiday patterns; the key is to choose items while keeping your target market in mind. The goal should be to satisfy as many people as possible, so sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large should be offered.

Don’t forget that winter is also when the holiday season falls. Therefore, it’s best to opt for warm textiles that are suitable for indoor lounging.

Offer family or ‘his and hers’ bundles for matching clothing items like pajamas to increase sales. Customers may be persuaded to spend more money if given the option to buy a set for themselves and their families to enjoy together.

Travel Essentials

The holiday season is a peak time for travel. Travelers on their way to ski trips, family reunions, or warmer climes pack buses, planes, and trains during the holiday season.

Here are some potential products to dropship to customers if your business is focused on the tourism industry.

Suitcases and Toiletry Bags

The most important piece of luggage for any trip is one that is both roomy and sturdy. Shoppers are eager to find brightly colored suitcases because they stand out more readily on luggage carousels, a problem that has become widespread due to frequent cases of lost luggage. A variety of kid-friendly luggage designs may also prove popular.

Products to Dropship for the Holidays Top Picks in High Demand Groups 9

You can supplement the suitcases with dividers and separate bags for toiletries. They simplify packing, and you may sell them alongside other travel necessities with ease.

Travel-Size Self-Care Products

Since these items are compact and in accordance with airline regulations, they are a hot commodity during the holiday season.

Products to Dropship for the Holidays Top Picks in High Demand Groups 7

It’s not uncommon for customers to bring along their go-to items just in case they can’t be found once they arrive at their destination. Therefore, it is recommended to spend money on product research to learn which brands your customers prefer.

Comfort Accessories

Long-distance flights can take a toll on your energy. Your clients could benefit from convenience add-ons like:

Cushions for the cervical spine
Braces Socks with compression material Blankets made of fleece

Pet Products

People who are passionate about their pets often go above and above for their wards over the holidays. The following are some of the things they typically purchase on shopping trips:

Products to Dropship for the Holidays Top Picks in High Demand Groups 6

Halloween costumes for pets
Beds and leashes for pets
Food for pets
Merchandise for Pets
It is the preference of some pet owners to bring their animals along on trips. And for that, they need pet carriers that are both secure and pleasant for the animals inside. Keep an eye out for ventilated fashionable styles favored by the trendsetting. Make an attempt to accommodate pets of varying shapes and sizes.


Popular among consumers, entrepreneurs, and households alike is “Tis the Season” stationery. Greeting cards, calendars, and organizers with seasonal patterns and decorations make excellent presents.

Products to Dropship for the Holidays Top Picks in High Demand Groups 5

Providing customers with personalized print-on-demand holiday stationery could give you an edge over the competition. Companies may advertise their products while while giving customers a chance to personalize their stationery.


Toys that children have been wishing for all year are often the subject of extravagance during Christmas, as parents, friends, and relatives are prepared to go out of their way to get them. Now is the moment to list and promote all the most popular and eye-catching toys your vendors have to offer.

Toys like:

building blocks
Toys centered on the world of animation
Stylish dollhouses and dolls
Mechanical playthings
Vehicles operated by remote control
Toys should only be purchased if they have been thoroughly inspected and given the all-clear by the appropriate agencies.

In addition, adults are just as entitled to play as kids. Popular forms of adult-oriented party and family gathering entertainment include board games, puzzles, and videogames.

Kitchen Supplies

It’s safe to say that sharing a meal with loved ones is one of the most memorable parts of the holiday season. However, there is a wide range of equipment needed to whip up everything from gingerbread to eggnog.

You can capitalize on this demand for kitchen goods by offering drop shipping services.

Baking Equipment

To make sweets like cake and cookies, you need to:

Products to Dropship for the Holidays Top Picks in High Demand Groups 3 1

Aluminum pans for baking
Cutters for cookies
Mugs for measuring
Appliances that blend or combine ingredients; whisks
a pair of oven mitts

Crockery and Cutlery

Serving Christmas meals with cutlery, plates, cups, and glasses that have been decorated is a nice touch. Find vendors who can provide you with products that both look well and perform well.

Kitchen Accessories

In spite of their importance, many consumers forget to pick up kitchen accessories while they are stocking up for a party or event that would require catering. Examples of these are:

Products to Dropship for the Holidays Top Picks in High Demand Groups 4 1

Openers for bottles
Straws (single-use and reusable variations) (single-use and reusable options)
Cutting instruments for cigars

Fitness Gadgets

It’s not too late to make a killing on fitness gadgets this Christmas. Workouts may be necessary to burn off the holiday weight gained from indulging in too many casseroles and rich desserts.

One thing you may give your clients is

Yoga Mats

Because it can be done inside, yoga continues to be popular even when the weather outside is less than ideal. Get in touch with dropshippers that specialize in yoga products like:

Yoga mats with vibrant patterns
Sustainable yoga mats
Yoga mats that are both soft and grippy on the floor.

Rowing Machines and Exercise Bikes

Rowing machines are great for a total-body workout, and in only 30 minutes, you can burn over 200 calories. While riding an indoor bike may not be as helpful for weight loss, it is still a great way to get a good workout.

When you consider that both of them can be used indoors, you can see why they make ideal winter workout companions for anyone trying to lose weight or get in shape.

Machines for rowing
However, rowing machines and stationary bicycles can cost anywhere from $200 to $1,000 or more. Thus, they are more suited if you are seeking for high-priced dropshipping items.


The Fitbit can tell you if your fitness program is helping your health. Users are also kept motivated by their progress updates. Even better, they can be linked to mobile devices and set to issue medical alerts.

After all is said and done, they have achieved widespread popularity because to the additional benefits they provide beyond just telling time. Focus on them when you organize your Fitbit profile:

A variety of feature-rich models
Selection; not all smartwatches and activity trackers work with Windows or Mac computers.
Some consumers make purchases based on aesthetic considerations, such as the color, strap fabric, and general form of the item.
Authentic labels

Electronic Gadgets

If you’re dropshipping electrical goods, here’s a pro tip: focus on selling solutions that solve problems or improve the quality of your consumers’ lives. The holiday season, when people are in a more giving mood, is especially good for business.

For the tech-savvy consumer, nothing is more tempting than a brand new model with upgraded capabilities. Consider providing tools like:

Cell phones and tablets
Sound systems that may be taken anywhere
Chargers for Mobile Devices
Online Games
Technological equipment
Accessories including cases, tripod supports, and selfie sticks are needed for some of these devices. To increase the average order value, you may bundle them with the devices or give them away with certain transactions.

Insist on dealing only with legitimate dropship suppliers of gadgets to prevent frequent dropshipping returns and refunds.

Christmas Decorations 

Incredible decorations signaling the start of Christmas celebrations are essential. Everyone, in both public and private structures, on both the outside and inside of buildings, and in both lobbies and corridors, wants their space to stand out from the others.

Drop shipping is a great way to help people realize their home decorating dreams:

Christmas Lights

Products to Dropship for the Holidays Top Picks in High Demand Groups 2

Christmas lights are the main attraction if Christmas is a show. They bring out the beauty of nature and architecture in ways no other do.

However, they come in a wide variety of styles now, and offering those choices to your clientele is a terrific idea. Examples of these are:

Wi-Fi-enabled and hence controllable from a distance, smart lights can be utilized to display a wide variety of ambiances.
Light-emitting diode (LED) colored neon flex lights – for energy-efficient, continuously variable neon color lighting
Portable, battery-operated lighting for use in locations remote from conventional electrical wiring
Lights that are pre-woven in a net-like cloth and can be draped over fixtures are called “net lights.”
The icicle-shaped bulbs of these fairy lights are a perfect fit for winter-themed decor.

Christmas Tree Baubles and Trinkets

Ornaments for a Christmas tree can be anything from baubles to trinkets. Most shoppers look for bright colors and patterns when shopping for Christmas tree decorations.

Products to Dropship for the Holidays Top Picks in High Demand Groups 2 1

Fabrics and Accessories

Those who like to go all out with their holiday decorating often buy Christmas-themed fabrics for things like pillowcases, tablecloths, afghans, and stockings.

Wreaths and Door Decorations

Products to Dropship for the Holidays Top Picks in High Demand Groups 4

While Christmas wreaths and door decorations may go unnoticed by the average consumer, research from Google shows that they are actually quite popular in the markets of North America and Europe. Provided your dropshipping partners can ship to those areas, you might want to think about selling these items.

Christmas Candles

Advent candles are purchased for a variety of uses, including as gifts, decorations, and even for religious ceremonies. Whatever the case may be, if you stock your store with respectable labels, you can expect a healthy turnover. Since customers’ tastes vary, it’s important to offer both scented and unscented options.

Self-Care Products

Feelings of affection, sharing, and hospitality motivate holiday spending. As a result, there has been an uptick in interest in self-care items as people make an effort to take better care of themselves and their families.

You, too, can make a killing if you stock your dropshipping beauty shop with products like:

Tools for massaging one’s face
Skin-cleansing agents and hydrating lotions
Skin care masks for at-home use
Various options for cosmetics
Personal care items
If merchandise was sold individually, as is customary in retail establishments, then sales might be around par. However, offering beauty and self-care bundles can increase your dropshipping sales.

The contents of the baskets might cater to a wide range of customers, including those with diverse skin tones, sexes, and financial capabilities. Both single-brand and multi-brand gift baskets are open to your curation.

Exactly like any other type of bundle, gift baskets would encourage consumers to spend more. In addition, anyone in the market for a present could buy a basket for a loved one, expanding your consumer base.

Gift Items

Finding the perfect present for loved ones is at the heart of a large portion of Christmas shopping. You can get a significant advantage over other dropshippers if you can streamline this process for your customers.

There is nothing on this list that wouldn’t make a good present for someone. But there are other popular presents you could consider as well.

Products to Dropship for the Holidays Top Picks in High Demand Groups 1

When it comes to jewelry, you have the option of catering to a wide range of customer budgets or sticking with high-end pieces only. In any case, offering personalization choices makes these already-spectacular presents that much more special.
Print-on-demand tote bags, tees, and caps let friends and family members give one another unique, personal keepsakes. But be sure your dropshipper can handle the holiday order influx.
Gift certificates are the easiest present for most individuals to choose. They advertise your shop to those who would not have heard of it otherwise.

Wrapping Accessories

Wrapping presents at Christmas gives a special touch. The need for gift-wrapping supplies is, consequently, extremely great. Because of the importance of reducing waste and conserving natural resources, gift wrap made from recycled materials is strongly suggested.

Products to Dropship for the Holidays Top Picks in High Demand Groups 3

FAQs about Dropshipping Christmas Products

Do I Have to Change Dropshipping Niches to Sell Christmas Products?

To the contrary. This list shows that there is a wide variety of items that could be sold throughout the holiday season. All you have to do is look for holiday-themed items that fit neatly into your market.

However, with the correct advertising strategies, you can still gain from the Christmas season even if your niche has nothing to do with the holiday.

If, for instance, you dropship auto components, you might use the holiday season and the start of the new year to persuade your clients to upgrade to more recent models.

Does Marketing Impact Sales When Dropshipping Christmas Products?

The answer is yes, it does. Advertising your dropshipping business in advance of the holiday season raises brand awareness for both your store and the products you plan to sell. Your customers need this info in order to learn about, much less be interested in, your store.

How well customers connect with your dropshipping ads is another important factor in determining how much money you make from them. Customers are more likely to spend money if they feel like they are getting a good deal and can relate to the content you’re putting out.

How Do I Choose the Right Dropshipping Suppliers When Dropshipping Christmas Products?

The most important thing to look for in a dropshipping partner is whether or not they carry the products you want to sell. Their goods should likewise be of the highest quality.

The other option is to find a dropshipping partner to help you find and ship the products to your clients.

If you plan on dropshipping a wide variety of products, such as electronics, the latter strategy may be preferable.

The following are some additional important characteristics of potential suppliers:

Capacity to ship to a large number of states or countries; this increases your potential clientele. Therefore, having the ability to fulfill orders from all over the world would be beneficial.
At Christmastime, it’s very important to have attractive packaging, so be sure to use only the best materials. It’s preferable if your product’s supplier provides secure, high-quality packaging.
Capacity for Operation – Because of the holiday shopping season’s large volume, order fulfillment might get hectic. Does the dropshipper you’re considering employ enough people to fulfill orders? How much space do they have for stockpiling goods?
Plans for Delivery – Christmas puts a pressure on courier services due to an increase in the number of deliveries expected. If you want to make sure your customers get their orders on time, you need to select a vendor that can do so reliably.

How Do I Handle Dropshipping Mishaps During the Christmas Season?

There may be many dropshipping mistakes if you’re doing a lot of business. It’s possible that you’ll have to deal with:

Exhaustion of Supply
Your dropshipping website is experiencing technical difficulties as a result of a large number of customers.
Mistaken orders placed by customers
Because of mistakes in order processing by either you or your dropship providers
It’s not the mistakes themselves that cause problems so much as the fact that customers might not get their orders in time. Gifts, in particular, have the potential to be a major letdown for purchasers.

Think about potential answers like these:

Instantaneous reimbursements in the event of an oversight on your part
We will mail your order faster than usual to make up for the delay.
Error-free dropshipping orders through streamlined automation.
Customers whose orders you may have messed up should receive discount coupons.

Final Thoughts

Depending on your dropshipping model, the holiday shopping season can be a game changer. Sales like these have the potential to bring in unbelievable amounts of money, and the deals you provide could bring in customers in droves. It’s as simple as:

Pick the appropriate stuff
Use a lot of money on advertising, but spend it carefully.
Provide friendly and useful service to patrons to boost long-term sales and client loyalty.