Dropshippers should do their best work in the winter. It is the time of year when people have a lot of money and have to buy things because it is cold.

We’ll show you the top 9 best-selling items for winter, whether you have your own store or sell through Amazon.

But you should be aware that there will be a lot of competition. There’s a good chance that all dropshippers will sell these, but since you won’t be keeping any stock, you really have nothing to lose.

Our advice will be based on numbers and how much money you can make. First, we will look at Google trends to see if there is a need.

On every Google Trend graph, we’ve shown how much more people want these products in the winter. If you look at the last five years, you can see that demand goes up in the winter.

This Winter The Best Products That Won Awards To Dropship
This Winter The Best Products That Won Awards To Dropship

Skiing Gloves

Skiing gloves are great not only for people who like to snowboard but also for people who want to look sporty. During the winter, many families go on vacation, and ski resorts are their top choice.

Now, these families have kids, and those kids will want to ski for sure. They might own their own boards or rent. No matter what, these kids will always ask their parents to buy them new gloves for skiing.

Here are some things to consider when buying ski gloves:

  • Choose the ones that will make you the most money.
  • Make sure the supplier can get the goods to you quickly. Choose ones with a body made of a synthetic fabric, like nylon. They will last longer.
  • Choose ones made of leather because they can stand up to water.
  • Only sell gloves that are insulated and have a lining inside that lets the hands breathe but keeps the hands from getting wet.

You can also count on these guys coming back to you every year. They probably won’t want to use their old gloves after a year, so if they were happy with your product and service, they will buy from you again.

Snow Boarding

Snow boards are only popular and used in the winter. They will probably end up collecting dust after that. Take advantage of this chance to sell one of the most popular items in the winter.

Here are some tips on how to decide what to sell:

  • Sell for all kinds of snowboarders, from kids to adults and from beginners to pros.
  • Offer several choices based on style, such as freeride, power, or split.
  • Sell snowboards that are curved and ones that are flat; Camber is a curve in the body of the snowboard.

No, you don’t want snowboards that break easily because that will take away from the fun. You should only sell high-quality items that you know can handle the rough sport. The board will break, and it will definitely land on the ice.

If your snowboard breaks, people won’t want to buy from you again. Worse, some of your customers might even want their money back. Don’t be afraid to sell expensive snowboards as long as you know they came from a reliable company.

On these boards, people are willing to spend money. After all, they can only do this sport in the winter, so they might as well buy the best equipment.

Fleece Jacket

A fleece jacket is made of a material that keeps moisture away while still keeping the person wearing it dry. It is usually made of wool or cotton, but fleece is made of polyester fiber and is a synthetic product.

People buy this product every winter because even if snow gets on the outside of the jacket, the inside stays dry.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing items to sell:

  • Make sure it can let air in.
  • Give options to groups that don’t like animals. Use the word “vegan” for cotton fleece jackets.
  • Sell different weights of fleece. Most of them are between 100 and 300 grams.
  • Give choices like micro fleece, mid-weight, and heavy-weight.

This item comes in many different styles. Choose ones that are popular at the moment. Make sure to offer choices, such as jackets with hoods.

One way to boost sales is to sell jackets at different price points. Some of these can be bought for as little as $30, while others can cost hundreds of dollars. So, you can reach out to different kinds of customers.

Winter Hats

This product is fun because it comes in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. You can sell ones that are funny, formal, or in style.

Winter hats don’t cost much, but there are some designer styles that can make you a lot of money. Winter hats for kids won’t make you a lot of money, but if you sell a lot of them, you can make a lot of money.

Here are some tips for choosing winter hats:

  • Sell hats that are oval, heart, round, and rectangular, among other shapes.
  • Choose hats made of different materials, like cotton, knitted wool, leather, and synthetic materials.
  • Choose styles like beanie, aviator, deer stalker, bobble, fedora, and fur that will appeal to a wide range of people.

A plain knitted beanie is the simplest type of hat you can buy. This item can sell for up to $55 no matter how simple it is. It’s simple and can be used for any event. It also goes with a lot of different styles of clothes.

The trendy ones will cost you more, but you’ll make more money from them. This kind of winter hat is for women because they want to look nice when they go out in the winter, especially if they work in an office in a city like New York.


It shouldn’t be hard to sell this. People will still need blankets, even if their homes have thermostats. Blankets can be made from many different things, and they also make great holiday gifts.

Here are some ideas on how to choose which blankets to sell:

  • Sell all sizes, including twin, single, queen, and king.
  • Give your customers a choice of materials like wool, cashmere, down, fleece, or cotton.
  • Choose patterns based on the weave, such as thermal, knit, quilted, and traditional.

Attempt to sell what people call “vellux” if you can. This is also known as a “hotel blanket.” It is a thick, foam-filled blanket. Satin or soft nylon is used to cover this foam. It feels great on the skin, doesn’t cause allergies, and will make the person who uses it feel very classy.

Now, you might want to sell electric blankets, but we won’t tell you to do that. Since you didn’t make that product, you can’t say for sure that it’s safe. You’ll be safer if you just use the blanket that doesn’t have wires.

Christmas Decoration

Even though Christmas decorations are too cheap, you have no idea how much money you can make from this. After all, the supplier won’t make it if nobody wants it and there’s no money to be made.

As Christmas gets closer, a lot of people rush to buy these things. And if you want to sell this, you need to do something right away before it’s too late. At least a week before Christmas, your products should be on display.

If you can, choose decorations that won’t offend too many people. Many people today are afraid to use nativity themes because they don’t want to be called out. So, you might not be able to sell these things.

Choose items for both people with tight budgets and people who have a lot of money. Some families will gladly spend $50 on Christmas balls, so sell them to make a lot of money this holiday season.

Plush toys

This is probably one of the best winter items to sell. Kids, teens, and even grown-up women like to have a soft toy to cuddle with at night.

Here are some suggestions to help you decide what to sell:

  • Only sell those with no small pieces, so kids won’t choke on them.
  • Don’t buy ones with shooting parts because they are dangerous.
  • Don’t sell toys that have dangerous materials.
  • If they are powered by electricity, they must have a government seal of approval.
  • Sell the ones that can be washed in a machine. This makes it easier for parents to clean plush toys.

There are a lot of soft toys for sale online. Choose the ones that are well-made and made of high-quality materials. Don’t sell stuffed toys with faces or limbs that look wrong. They will not sell.


During the winter, scarves are a great way to show off your style. This is important for both men and women to protect their necks. Like the winter hat, this is made of many different materials, so you have a lot of freedom to choose the products you want.

Here are some things you can do to help you sell this:

  • Sell designs that can go with any look. Offer different materials, like wool, cotton, fleece, or synthetic.
  • Sell neck scarves, head scarves, bandanas, hip scarves, and more.
  • Offer wool, angora, and cashmere ones that are more expensive.

If someone is interested in fashion, they probably won’t just buy one scarf. If someone buys three or more scarves, give them a discount. It’s a part of clothing that can be seen, and no one wants to be seen wearing the same one every day.


People want to take their hot drinks with them because it is cold. One of the best things to sell in the winter is a thermos, because people will want them.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing items to sell in this category:

  • Don’t sell the ones that are easy to break.
  • Choose a thermos made of metal with insulation between the inside and outside linings.
  • Parents and kids will have a lot of choices if you sell as many designs as you can.
  • Choose items that come in different sizes, because different people have different needs when it comes to drinking.

Parents will buy a thermos for their kids and one for themselves so they can bring a hot drink to work.



From the graphs, you can see that all nine of these products are in high demand during the winter. But some of these can be in demand all year long.

For example, there will always be people who want to buy plush toys and thermoses. This means you don’t have to take them off your list of products just because winter is over.

You can try Spocket or other sites besides Alibaba to find these items.

As a last piece of advice, get ready as early as you can for the winter sale. If you can, you should start putting your product categories together and marketing them in November. Customers who are interested in your products can add your page to their bookmarks or sign up for your email list.