If you’ve been thinking about opening an online store to sell cosmetics and other beauty products, now is the best time. With the growth of ecommerce, small businesses now have more chances than ever to show customers how they are different.

One of the best ways to take advantage of this trend is to dropship beauty products. This means that you won’t have to buy any inventory up front and can offer a wide range of items without going bankrupt.

In this article, we’ll tell you about some of our favorite dropship suppliers for hair and beauty products. These suppliers are great for dropshippers who want to sell reliable products at low prices. Read on to learn about the twelve best beauty suppliers for dropshipping that you should have on hand when you set up your dropshipping store.

The Best Beauty Dropshippers For Your Store
The Best Beauty Dropshippers For Your Store

How to Dropship Cosmetics?

Dropshipping is the best way to start for most people who want to sell things online. It’s a low-risk way to sell products from more than one source without having to buy any inventory up front. All you have to do is set up your store with an integrated shopping cart system and find suppliers who are willing to drop ship products. Here is a step-by-step guide to the process:

Find out what hair and beauty products to sell.

The beauty market is big and full of different products, so it’s best to focus on a few and become an expert in them. In the health and beauty industry, you can find skin care products, makeup, hair care products, and other beauty tools. Find out what products are in demand and what niche you want to focus on. For instance, if you want to sell skin care products, look for suppliers who have a variety of creams, serums, toners, and moisturizers for the face.

What beauty products to dropship will also depend on who you want to sell your products to. Knowing who your customer is will help you figure out which products will best meet their needs. If you want to sell to older people, you might want to focus on anti-aging products or things that make the skin healthier.

You can also look for products on online stores like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Look at what other stores in your area sell and use that as a model for your own. You can use tools like Jungle Scout and Helium 10 to find popular items to sell in your store.

Set up your store online.

Once you have a better idea of what to sell, you should set up an online store. You can use Shopify or WooCommerce as your platform and change the look and feel to fit your brand. Make sure to include clear pictures of the products from different angles and detailed descriptions that are true to the items.

Each platform has its own features, so do your research and find the one that works best for your dropshipping business.

Find Dropshippers for Hair and Beauty

Once you’ve set up your store, it’s time to find drop-shipping suppliers. You can find beauty dropshippers in a number of dropshipping marketplaces. With these marketplaces, you can compare prices from different sellers to find the best deal.

Find trends in the hair and beauty industry

To stay ahead in the beauty business, you need to know what’s popular. You can find popular products and market trends with help from tools like Google Trends and Ahrefs. This will help you stock up on popular items and sell to more people.

Sell your beauty products by getting the word out.

Once your store is set up and you have products to sell, you can start telling people about them. You can use SEO, email marketing, social media campaigns, collaborations with influencers, and a lot more to market your business online. A good way to increase conversions is also to use sales funnels. These automated systems for marketing will help to nurture leads and guide them through the sales process.

Best Dropshippers for Hair and Beauty

At first, dropshipping beauty products might seem hard, but the benefits can be big. Now that you know how to start, it’s time to find a supplier and build your store! We’ve made a list of the 12 best dropshipping beauty suppliers for your business to help you out.

ISO Lovely

When it comes to styling and caring for hair, only a few suppliers can match ISO Beauty. This dropshipper is based in Los Angeles and sells a wide range of hair care products, from shampoos to tools for styling. All of their products ship directly from their warehouse, so you don’t have to worry about storage or fulfillment.

The main goal of ISO Beauty is to sell good products that won’t break the bank. They also have customer service and technical support to make sure you have a great time as a customer. The ISO Beauty method is thorough and doesn’t leave much to chance. If you want to become a dropshipper, fill out the application that ISO Beauty gives you and wait a week for approval. After approval, there will be an initial fee of $200, and if you ask for them, you can get four free samples of the product. As soon as orders start coming in, shop on your online store and use your customer’s address as the shipping location. It couldn’t be easier!

Some of the things ISO Beauty sells are:

  • Hair sprays
  • Flat irons and curling irons
  • Hair oils
  • Cleansers and conditioners
  • Gels and creams for styling
  • Skincare products

ISO Beauty has something for everyone, no matter what kind of beauty product they’re looking for.


NicheDropshipping is a dropshipping company that works with sourcing agents. This means they are based in China and specialize in finding products for dropshippers in the US, Canada, the UK, and other countries. They offer a wide range of products, from beauty products to electronics, as well as custom printing services for branded packaging and labels.

NicheDropshipping also has an automated inventory system that keeps track of product prices and availability. This means that you can always be sure that your products are in stock and at the best prices.

In their list of beauty products, you can find:

  • Makeup brushes
  • Eyeliner & mascara
  • Lipsticks & lip gloss
  • Tools for styling hair
  • Skin care products

NicheDropshipping also offers services like taking pictures of products, custom packaging, and order fulfillment. You only need to tell them what you want, and they’ll take care of the rest. They also offer technical support and one-on-one customer service.

Their services include integration with Shopify, which makes it easy to sync your store with its inventory. This means that when someone buys something from your store, NicheDropshipping will automatically send the order to be filled. You can get your beauty store up and running quickly with NicheDropshipping.


Spocket is changing the way dropshippers find products with the help of Machine Learning. The app searches multiple marketplaces, like AliExpress and Etsy, to find the best items for you to dropship. Spocket is changing the way businesses start up and grow all over the world. Spocket has made it easy for more than 30,000 entrepreneurs on five continents to open online stores by focusing on US and EU products. Merchants can count on fast international shipping times from suppliers who have been carefully screened for quality products, branded invoicing, and a world-class customer support team. Join them in their innovative plan to get rid of inventory from stores and the Internet by using dropshipping strategies to fix $1.1 trillion worth of problems with inventory distortion.

Spocket sells a wide range of beauty products, such as:

  • Bath and beauty items
  • Goods for the hair
  • Skincare products
  • Items for makeup

The app also offers great customer service and real-time order tracking to make sure that orders are filled quickly and correctly. Also, you can save up to 25% off the retail price of some products.

Beautiful Place

Beauty Joint is a US-based dropshipping company that sells a wide variety of beauty products, tools, and accessories. You can get top brands like Ardell, Elf, Wet & Wild, LA Girl, Rude, and The Balm through DropShipping at Beauty Joint.

To join the DROP SHIPPING program, you have to pay a one-time set-up fee of USD 25 and a monthly subscription fee of USD 15.

Beauty joint also has a wide range of bath and body, skin care, nail care, hair styling, and other products. Some of the most popular beauty items are:

  • Hair dryers
  • Hair curlers
  • Makeup brushes
  • Fragrances
  • Lipsticks and lip glosses
  • Nail varnish

Their products come with a money-back guarantee, so you can be sure you’re selling high-quality items. Plus, Beauty Joint gives discounts of up to 50% for bigger orders.


SheaByNature is an exclusive line of beauty products that includes things like face oils and masks for the body as well as shampoos, creams, and makeup for the hair and face. Also, their collection has a lot of natural ingredients like essential oils, emulsifiers, and herbs that are used to make high-quality cosmetics that are truly unique!

Their dropshipping program is very easy to use and works well. All you have to do is sign up for their dropshipping program, get approved within 48 hours, and start selling their products online. They also offer discounts of up to 40% on large orders, which is great for small businesses that want to buy a lot.

Why should I pick SheaByNature?

  • $495 one-time set-up fee
  • There are no monthly fees
  • Price breaks for bigger orders
  • All orders in the US are shipped for free.

Among their products are:

  • Cleansers and soaps
  • Face masks & serums
  • Treatments for your hair and scalp. Makeup items like foundations, eyeshadows, blush, and lipsticks.

SheaByNature can be a great dropshipping supplier for your beauty store because their prices are low and their ingredients are good.

Dermacol Cosmetics

Dermacol has been a leader in recognizing the beauty of women for more than fifty years. This groundbreaking high-coverage foundation was first made in the brand’s Czech lab. By the 1960s, Hollywood was already using it. Since then, it’s come to mean perfect makeup in the Czech Republic and all over the world.

Retailers can use a program from Dermacol Cosmetics called “drop shipping.” They offer discounts of up to 20% off retail prices and free shipping in the US for orders over $100. Plus, you can return any product within 30 days if you aren’t happy with it.

Among their products are:

  • Foundations
  • Concealers
  • Blush & bronzers
  • Eye shadows
  • Sticks and glosses for lips

Dermacol Cosmetics can be a great supplier for stores that want to sell beauty products to people all over the world. All of your customers will be happy with their high-quality line of cosmetics.

Email them to get in touch with them about their dropshipping program.

Born Beautiful

Since 2009, Born Pretty has been changing the beauty industry by selling over 10,000 high-quality nail products like polish, acrylics, stamps, and tools. With facilities in China and additional warehouses in both the UK and the US to cut down on delivery times, they are committed to redefining beauty with their large catalog of wholesale items.

Born Pretty also has a wide range of nail products available for dropshipping. They offer discounts of up to 10% off retail prices and free shipping within the US on orders over $50. Also, they give out free samples so that people can try out the products before they sell them.

Among their products are:

  • Gel nail polish
  • Tools for nail art
  • Push down on nails
  • Stamping plates and their parts

Born Pretty is the place to go if you want to buy nail products from a reliable company. They try to offer the best quality and customer service in the business.


BeautéTrade stands out from its competitors because it is the best B2B trading platform for cosmetics, beauty, and personal care products. They make it easy for wholesale cosmetic producers and suppliers from all over the world to talk to each other. They go above and beyond the average online seller to give you an easy experience you won’t find anywhere else. As a well-known global online trading platform, their web store is where millions of active wholesalers, distributors, and suppliers from all over the world do business. Their directory has a wide range of high-quality makeup products in all shapes and sizes. This is because well-known names in the industry contributed to it.

BeautéTrade sells a lot of beauty products, including:

  • Makeup
  • Nail care products
  • Items for hair care
  • Skincare products
  • Fragrances

Their dropshipping program is simple and easy to figure out. You will find the right product for your beauty store among their many options and low prices.


When you shop at FragranceNet.com, which has been the top online beauty store since 1997, you can be sure to find a huge selection of real, affordable brand-name fragrances, skin care products, makeup, beauty supplies, aromatherapy items, and scented candles. Their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau shows that they have shipped over 30 million packages and sold billions of dollars worth of beauty products all over the world.

FragranceNet.com offers a number of dropshipping services, such as:

  • Colognes & perfumes
  • Lotions and body creams
  • Hair care products
  • Skin care products
  • Tools and accessories for makeup

They offer discounts of up to 30% off retail prices and free shipping within the US on orders over $70. Their customer service is excellent, and they are committed to selling high-quality items at prices that are reasonable. So, FragranceNet.com is a great choice if you want to buy beauty products from a reliable source.

Beauty Big Bang

BeautyBigBang.com is a website that sells high-quality beauty products all over the world. From false eyelashes to nail accessories, makeup, wigs, and cosmetics, they have great prices on everything. Plus, you can be sure that their products are real and safe for your skin. Beauty Big Bang is a great dropshipping partner for beauty stores that want to sell a wider range of high-quality products.

Their dropshipping program gives discounts of up to 30% off retail prices and free shipping on orders over $50 within the US. Plus, if you become a regular customer, you can get even more perks!

These are some of their most popular items:

  • Eyelash extensions
  • Accessories for nails and rhinestones
  • Brushes for makeup and beauty tools
  • Add-on hair pieces and wigs
  • Cosmetics

Beauty Big Bang is dedicated to providing great customer service and high-quality products at prices that are easy on the wallet. With their easy dropshipping program, you can easily add more variety to your store without sacrificing quality or going over your budget. Don’t be afraid to try them out!


With Blanka’s easy-to-use app, you can find high-quality products made in North America that you like and add your logo with just a few clicks. Blanka is the best risk-free way to build your brand because there is no minimum order size for dropshipping and there are hundreds of items to choose from. You can start a private-label makeup business with just a few products or add hundreds of items to your line.

Their dropshipping program lets you buy a lot of different beauty products, like:

  • Tools and brushes for makeup
  • Lipsticks & glosses
  • Nail polish and tools for nail art
  • Skincare products
  • Fragrances

Blanka is a great choice for any dropshipper who wants to start a beauty store because of its unique products and low prices. They also offer discounts on the prices they sell for. Never before has it been so easy to start a private-label makeup business.

Nova Engel sl

Nova Engel is a well-known perfumery in Europe that offers a Dropshipping service for perfumes, cosmetics, and sunglasses. This method has worked very well for their clients. They’ve grown a lot over the years to keep up with the fast-changing world around them, while staying true to their promise to keep growing and adding new products that meet ethical standards in all business areas.

Catalog of fragrances, cosmetics, and sunglasses with more than 800 brands and 30,000 references.

Their dropshipping services include:

  • Up to 15% off retail prices
  • Orders over $100 in the US ship for free.
  • Order tracking and order updates in real time

Nova Engel’s catalog is always getting bigger, and it now has well-known brands like Chanel, Dior, Gucci, and more. You can be sure that your customers will be happy with their prices and the quality of their products. So, Nova Engel is a great choice if you want to buy beauty products in Europe from a company you can trust.

Questions People Usually Ask

What beauty industry trends should I watch out for?

The beauty business is always growing and changing. At the moment, natural and organic products that are free of harmful chemicals and focus on sustainability are the most popular. This shows how important it is for the industry to act in an honest way. Also, beauty stores should be aware of how to market to both men and women, as this is becoming more and more popular with customers.

How can I get people to notice my dropshipping beauty store?

Focus on building the identity of your brand and getting to know your customers on an emotional level. To get them to come back, you can offer discounts, loyalty rewards, free shipping, and other perks. Use social media to connect with your ideal customers and keep them coming back. Lastly, make sure you have great customer service. Make sure you answer questions quickly, give order tracking information, and always deliver products when you say you will.

Why Dropship Items for Beauty?

Because the beauty business is doing so well! The global beauty market is expected to grow and reach $615.92 billion in 2023. As more people learn how important it is to take care of their skin and hair, they use beauty products more and more as part of their daily routine. With drop shipping services, you can take advantage of this trend by stocking your store with good items without having to worry about having too many.
Also, dropshipping gets rid of the need for storage and shipping costs. This lets you offer competitive prices and guarantee fast delivery times, which improves the customer experience overall. Dropshipping is a great way to get into the beauty business because it lets you sell more products without having to buy more stock.

How Do I Choose the Best Dropshipping Beauty Suppliers for My Beauty Store?

When choosing dropshipping suppliers, it’s important to think about things like pricing, product selection, quality, customer service, and shipping times. Before making a choice, it is also helpful to read reviews from other customers to find out what they thought of the company. Also, try to use suppliers that offer discounts on retail prices and free shipping on orders over a certain amount. Lastly, make sure the supplier has a good name and sells real products.


One Last Thing

Dropshipping beauty products can be a great way to get in on the beauty market, which is growing quickly. With the right supplier, you can offer low prices and fast delivery times, which makes the customer experience better. Many reliable suppliers offer dropshipping services, so it’s easy to find the right products for your store. This is true for everything from cosmetics and fragrances to hair care products and nail accessories.