It’s no secret that the kitchen supplies market is one of the most active in the dropshipping industry. Cooking and related activities are becoming increasingly popular among the general public.

Because of this, the demand for kitchen appliances, gadgets, and tools has been rising steadily. The global market for small home appliances is predicted to reach $113 billion by 2022.

In light of this, we decided to compile a list of the top 2022 kitchen dropshipping items.

In this article, you will find a list of the most popular kitchen dropshipping products, as well as all the resources you could possibly need to start a business selling these items.

Come on, then; let’s get started.

Top Kitchen Products for Dropshipping

Best Dropship Products for the Kitchen

Folding Trash Bin

This item not only has cutting-edge design, but also serves multiple purposes. A collapsible trash can that can be fixed to the walls of the sleeping quarters. Users can just touch the bin’s button once to open the door and again to close it.

As an added bonus, it has many practical applications outside of the kitchen that may be highlighted in your marketing efforts to entice home cooks.

With over a thousand orders received, this is one of the trendiest goods that you can begin selling immediately before the competition heats up. If you sell it for $24.99, you’ll make a large profit from the low starting price of under $10. Because of this, it’s a fantastic item to offer to people who are shopping for kitchen goods.

Portable Garbage Rack

Every home has a mess in the kitchen. Since the trash can was already mentioned in the prior item, this one was obligatory. You can use this to hold trash while you’re on the go. It’s a straightforward product, but it does a lot of good.

While it’s true that most homes have a trash can, this unique trash bag is sure to pique the interest of home cooks.

A simple shopping bag or garbage bag is all that’s needed to secure this rack to any cabinet. The ideal waste bin is almost ready for deployment.

The fact that the plastic bags can be detached is a major selling factor, as it means that homeowners won’t have to store smelly trash can liners.

You may make a healthy profit off of this item’s sale price of $14.99 by marking it up from its cost of less than $5.

Anti Drain Clogging

It’s quite annoying when the sinks in the kitchen get clogged up. This is inevitable considering the quantity of slicing and dicing that takes place in the kitchen. The particles they leave behind can get stuck in the garbage disposal.

Using this easy-to-obtain solution, you may avoid clogged sink drains. An anti-clog drain clog is placed over the drain of a sink to prevent debris and other liquids from entering the drain.

Standard kitchen drains are designed to accept larger particles, such as food scraps, and can become clogged with smaller ones, such as hair, over time.

This product prevents that from happening and can be used again. Users may also consider purchasing this item for use in their restrooms, in addition to the kitchen.

Despite its low price tag (less than $3), you may expect a healthy profit margin of up to $7 per transaction when selling this incredible product.

Egg Shaper

We can all agree that eggs are delicious and beneficial to our health. A fried egg in the shape we want is double the pleasure. This is especially effective when dealing with young audiences.

That’s exactly what this fantastic product accomplishes, too. Here we have the egg molder. You can use it to fry an egg in one of five distinct shapes, such as a star, heart, or flower.

Mothers whose children refuse to eat eggs could be a large market for this product. Mothers can entice their children by cooking an egg in any shape they like. Include this catch in your marketing materials.

The fact that it can be obtained for less than one dollar is the product’s greatest selling point. If you run a dropshipping business, you can sell this item as part of the “under $10” category.

As an added bonus, this product’s ridiculously low price makes it ideal for bundling with your more expensive kitchenware in order to boost sales.

Spiral Vegetable Cutter

Having a nice meal is something that most of us enjoy. Unfortunately, that is a downside of this item. It can make spiral shapes out of vegetables. Different spiral shapes can be carved out using it.

Those who want their salads sliced into unique shapes may appreciate this. It will greatly facilitate their work and hold great allure for them.

Considering the low production cost of this item (less than $5), a $10 to $12 markup is very doable.

Sticky Kitchen Hanger Hooks

To keep your culinary gear from dangling, use these portable hooks secured with a powerful glue. Users can use the hooks to store utensils, ladles, and other items in the kitchen. This is a chic and practical way to leave the kitchen.

These hooks are not only multipurpose, but also constructed of stainless steel, so you can use them to hold your drink.

If you consider that one order of 20 units may bring in $10 to $12 in profit, you can see why this item is so attractive.

Mini Bag Sealer

It’s human nature to occasionally abandon a half-eaten snack. If we don’t eat all the snacks in a packet, we usually have to throw them away. This portable bag sealer is the perfect solution.

This compact bag sealer may be used to seal any plastic bag, ensuring that any snacks or meals inside remain fresh for as long as possible. If you’re looking for a more secure alternative than rubber bands, look no further.

With over 31,000 orders and a price of less than $3, it is one of the best kitchen products to dropship.

Stretchable Eco Lids

Add this to your dropshipped kitchen goods and you’ll have a winning combination. Eco-friendly smart lids, right here. You can use them to cover already eaten food and ensure its safety.

These caps can be stretched to accommodate a wide variety of bottle caps. Its versatility would make it a hit in the kitchen.

You may easily make $10 each transaction by charging $14.99 for an item that costs less than $4 for six units. It has received over 12,000 orders, making it a popular item on the online marketplace AliExpress.

Oil Sprayer 

This adorable oil sprayer may be a must in every kitchen, as it eliminates the nuisance of wasting oil when it isn’t needed. This not only helps save waste, but it also evenly distributes the oil throughout the food for better cooking.

Stainless steel was used in its construction. Use this to your advantage to make a profit.

With a cost of less than $5, you may make a tidy $10 profit on each sale by marking it up to over $14.99.

Punch Free Towel Holder 

A lot of people seem to be interested in this tiny but fundamental kitchen tool all of a sudden. Any kitchen would benefit from this towel holder.

But the most remarkable thing about this item is that it can be used in place of a hook to store a dish towel or another kitchen cloth.

To use, users just only stick the holder to a wall in the kitchen and push the towel onto it. Towel stays put and can be retracted as needed.

The per-unit cost of this product is less than $1, which is incredibly low. This can be used as a freebie to bring in new customers, or it can be sold individually for $9.

Kitchen Utensils Organizer

Utensils come in all shapes and sizes in every kitchen. Dropshipping success in the kitchen can be achieved with products that solve a widespread problem for a large demographic.

All of that and more is possible with this handy tool. Its ingenious layout makes it ideal for keeping track of cookware. Users won’t have to find a designated spot for each each cooking tool.

With a product cost of less than $2, you can expect a profit margin of $8 to $12.

Leaf-Shaped Soap Holder

There is no kitchen without soap. Despite the widespread adoption of liquid soaps, bars of soap continue to serve a useful purpose.

However, the soap is likely to be harmed if the soapbox does not drain water properly.

Unlike conventional soap dishes, this leaf-shaped soap holder prevents water from pooling behind the bar of soap. Because of its ingenious design, water drains away easily while soap keeps its original dimensions.

Each of these products costs less than $5. A profit of $10 per sale is well within reach.

Smart Sponge Holder 

An important rule for any serious cook is to never let the kitchen get messy. The sink area is where most of the clutter is visible. This product is useful for keeping the kitchen sink clean.

Users can put things like sponges in the sink so that the drains stay put.

It can be attached to the sink’s faucet so that the user can store items there without having to worry about any spillage.

Take a look at that screenshot and marvel at the incredible amount of orders for less than two dollars. Discover the potential profit of this revolutionary kitchen tool.

Stove Protection Mats

Every dedicated cook concentrates their attention and energy on the stove, which can lead to some untidiness. As a result, spills around the range are possible. Magically, these mats designed to go under your stove won’t let any spills happen.

You can use these mats to protect your stove top from spills and other messes while cooking. This mat can withstand flames without being damaged. Therefore, there is no danger of consumers getting burned.

These mats are washable and can be reused multiple times.

The unbelievable low price per unit of less than $2 and the crazy volume of orders on AliExpress speak for itself. For some people, it’s an absolute must-have appliance for their kitchen.

Vintage Spoons

One more item for the kitchen that will make your meals appear fit for a king or queen. Anyone who typically uses a fork, spoon, or knife to dine will be drawn to these antique pieces.

Already an essential item in any kitchen, the spoon set is becoming increasingly rare to find. These antique spoons will be a lovely addition to their cookware.

This fantastic six-piece spoon set is priced just right at under $4, guaranteeing you a healthy profit margin. You can easily make over $19.99 on the back end by selling these spoons.

FAQs about Best Kitchen Products to Dropship

Now that you’ve gone over our recommended dropshipping products for the kitchen, we’ll address some of the most often asked questions.

Are Kitchen Products Good for Dropshipping?

Yes. Dropshipping is a wonderful option for kitchen supplies. That’s because many people around the globe devote a great deal of their time to the kitchen out of a genuine passion for cooking.

You can rule the market for dropshipped kitchenware if you provide your customers with a small selection of high-quality, fashionable items that solve common problems.

Everyone needs to eat several times a day, so turning this necessity into a moneymaking venture is a smart move.

Is Dropshipping Kitchen Products Saturated?

Kitchen appliance dropshipping is not a novel concept. When it comes to dropshipping, the kitchen sector is undeniably one of the most competitive. But there is always room for one more innovation in any market.

You’ve probably come across items like a salad cutter bowl or a cutting board that combines form and function. This category of goods has become so popular that it has expanded into traditional retail outlets.

Therefore, you should experiment with brand-new, high-impact goods available exclusively online. An excellent product would be one that helps with a significant issue that comes up frequently in the kitchen.

How to Decide if a Kitchen Product Is a Winner?

Whether or not a product is successful in the kitchen can be judged in a variety of ways. Your best-selling product can be compared to the market’s other top offerings. One can use a Shopify app like Commerce Inspector to track the volume of orders made on a rival store’s website.

If your rival is seeing consistent demand for a similar product, you might consider expanding your own offerings in this area.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center isn’t just a place to order products; it’s also where you can see where they are in the shipping process. It does an in-depth analysis of the product and provides useful information like the average daily order volume. It helps you understand a product more clearly.

Whether or not a product is sold on major retail websites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. is another good indicator of whether or not it will be successful in the kitchen. If the item is in stock, you should also verify the order and review statuses.

How to Get Suppliers to Dropship Kitchen Products?

When dropshipping, it’s best to cooperate with multiple providers. Reason being, you can still meet customer demands even if some of your suppliers aren’t responding.

This requires making contact with several vendors on the dropshipping website. You must contact each of them and prove that you are serious about selling their goods.

You should exercise extreme caution while choosing your vendors. To do so, just select the provider and review some basic information about them.

You can immediately determine a supplier’s reliability on AliExpress by viewing their positive feedback % and the length of time their store has been open. The highlighted region is displayed in the following screenshot.

How Can I Source Kitchen Products Effectively?

Direct sourcing of kitchen products is possible through online marketplaces like AliExpress. But you’ll need to put in a lot of work to accomplish it. Using the services of a reliable dropshipping agency in China is the best plan of action.

Dropshipping is a convenient and cost-effective method of selling goods, and a good sourcing agency can assist you in locating products at competitive prices and handling additional dropshipping tasks, such as warehousing and international delivery, on your behalf.

In Closing

Kitchen gadgets have a timeless appeal, as their popularity never wanes. Products come and go, but the fervor behind them appears to endure.

We understand that it can be extremely time-consuming to search for things from scratch each time. That is why I have brought together this article in order to get your dropshipping business off the ground.

Please share your thoughts on the dropship kitchen goods below. We are always just a click away if you need further support in this area.

Putting together a dropshipping business of kitchen goods is as simple as selecting a handful of the products recommended.