Gettin’ in shape is a must in today’s culture. We’re not just talking about the visual benefits of being physically fit; there are real health gains to be made as a result.

This is why the fitness industry is one of the most consistent markets worldwide.

Many people decide to purchase fitness goods because they believe they would be useful to them on their fitness quest. While fashions come and go, most buyers will continue to use the same tools until something better comes along.

This post will provide a list of the best dropshipping products for the fitness sector to consider selling in 2022.

We’ll also talk about the best suppliers in the fitness niche and the steps you need to take to start dropshipping fitness products.

Then let’s get right down to business.

Products to Market in the Fitness
Products to Market in the Fitness

What You Need to Know About Dropshipping Fitness Niche Products

It’s natural for individuals to associate fitness with slimming down when they hear the word. Fitness is so ubiquitous that many individuals fail to recognize its breadth.

This is more than just a passing fancy at the start of the calendar year. In most cases, a person’s exercise routine will last their entire life.

There are several sub-niches within the fitness industry, and hence many different items you may market to them.

So, to help you get a feel for this market, we’ll go over some of the advantages of dropshipping fitness products as well as some of the potential sub-niches you can enter.

Why Dropship Fitness Products

A number of things point in the direction of fitness goods dropshipping. We’ve included some explanations why below:

Preference Shift to Online Shopping

The global fitness market was worth over $32 billion in 2022.

As a result of the pandemic, many people bought fitness equipment and other things so that they could exercise without leaving the house.

Because of the emphasis placed on lounging at home, many customers choose to buy these items on the internet. And since shoppers are more open to trying new brands, dropshippers have benefited greatly from this shift.

Evergreen Niche

Fitness, which emphasizes one’s general well-being, is seen as a perennial market despite the rise of online retail. This is an integral part of everyone’s daily life and shows no signs of going away.

Consequently, this is a fantastic choice for you if you’re a dropshipper interested in targeting evergreen themes. Before the epidemic, the industry had a global growth rate of over 2.9%.


Despite suffering a setback during the epidemic (for understandable reasons), analysts predict that by 2022 the industry will have recovered to the tune of $190 billion in sales.

Wide Range of Products 

The fitness niche is unique in that it does not restrict you to a small selection of items by virtue of the abundance of sub-niches inside it (more on this in the following section).

Researching the market gives you a wider range of options for selling in your shop. Don’t settle with the mundane wares that fill shopping malls.

Although there are many fitness product retailers, you may set yourself apart by carefully selecting a compelling selection of products.

Different Subniches and Opportunities

We’ve already established that fitness encompasses more than just weight loss, despite the fact that this is one of its most common applications. Here, we’d like to stress the vast potential of the fitness industry.

Sub-niches present these kinds of openings.

Bodybuilding, adolescent nutrition, functional movement training, digestive health, and prenatal exercise are all thriving sub-niches in the fitness industry.

Each of these subsets of the fitness industry has its own workout goods and programs designed especially for its members.

If you’re a dropshipper and you go into the fitness industry, you’ll see how many doors this opens. It’s now an issue of deciding on a certain sub-niche.

Popular Goods in the Fitness Sub-Market for Dropshipping

You should now be well-equipped to begin dropshipping products in the fitness market. The moment has come to move on to the potential items to sell in 2022.

Products like these can range from clothing to hardware, and what you choose to sell in your online shop should be based on your knowledge of your consumer base and the nature of your business.

Nevertheless, we will provide you with a selection of products to help you brainstorm new offerings for your shop.

Resistance Bands 

Resistance bands are among the most used home exercise tools. You may use them for a wide range of workouts, and they take up little space in your bag.

Its wide availability in a range of intensities from very mild to extremely tough is another factor contributing to its widespread appeal.

This is a great product for dropshippers to offer customers because it weighs very little and can be shipped quickly. Don’t fret over their apparent fragility; they’re purpose-built to last.

The abundance of competing outlets selling similar resistance bands could be seen as a drawback. However, this obstacle can be overcome by shopping around for a reputable retailer that sells cheap resistance bands of adequate quality.

The resistance bands also need to be aesthetically pleasing to be effective. Although the band’s aesthetics are paramount, it must hold up for at least a few routines.

You should really consider carrying it because of its low cost and lightweight design.

Fitness Apparel

Wearing the right training clothes can boost your motivation and make your activities more fun. You’re not just dressed appropriately, but also in a way that makes you feel great.

Among other things, this means that selling fitness apparel in 2022 could be a lucrative venture for you.

An further factor is that individuals are resuming their normal activities, including going to the gym, as lockdowns around the world begin to be lifted. That just indicates they are making an effort to show themselves well.

Finding appropriate workout clothes, however, has its own set of difficulties. We certainly recommend researching your intended demographic to learn what styles of apparel they prefer. Once you have that information, you can utilize it to find the best workout gear to incorporate into your wardrobe.

When deciding what clothing to dropship, it’s important to think about both the pricing and the quality of the items. The higher the quality, the more likely it is that customers will become dedicated fans.

Weighing Scales

Scales are an essential part of any workout routine, despite not being strictly a fitness tool. This is not only important for people who want to acquire weight, but also for those who want to lose a little bit of baby fat.

Scales are an essential part of any workout routine, despite not being strictly a fitness tool. Those who want to gain weight need to know this as much as those who want to eliminate a few pounds of baby fat.

Weighing scales come in a variety of designs and features. You could investigate the digital versions, which are now trending. There is also the option of the more conventional ones, which use a real scale.

Finding the proper scales to sell on your website is easier if you have done your homework on the current market trends.

Make sure the vendor can properly ship your chosen weighing scale before purchasing. Customer reports of malfunctioning products are the worst.

The best strategy is to shop around until you discover a vendor who offers the product you need at the price you want to pay.

Exercise Mats

A mat to do exercises on is also essential equipment for any fitness program. Demand for exercise mats is consistent since they are included into workout programs of varying intensities.

Despite the name, these are not yoga mats. These mats are not yoga mats, but are instead fashioned from the same materials.

This product is commonly seen where weights are lifted, such as in a gym. They’re also common in Wushu and other martial arts. One of the key reasons to use these items is to ensure your safety in wet conditions.

However, the price tag on such items is typically quite high. Those on the cheap end of the market don’t necessarily have inferior quality, but shoppers are more interested in purchasing items with a proven track record of longevity.

They may be on the pricier side, but there is definitely an audience for them. It all comes down to whether or not that’s what your primary audience is looking for right now.

Yoga Blocks and Rollers

The yoga block and roller might not look like the conventional piece of exercise gear. These elements give the impression to those unfamiliar with yoga that the space is designed for children.

They don’t realize how useful these are for anyone’s regular exercise program.

To begin, yoga blocks are used to support the body in various positions and to increase the depth of a stretch. And it’s not just for use in yoga; it’s also essential for yogis to have when doing strength training activities.

Some people find that using it helps them get into more advanced positions or simply makes them more comfortable. It is typically utilized in seated positions that need the hips to be higher than the knees to alleviate strain on the knees, hips, and lower back.

Foam rollers, meantime, are utilized in order to advance yoga postures to new levels. A foam roller can help with stretches and relieve muscle tension after a workout.

These massage rollers are popular, and not just with you.

These two things can be obtained from trustworthy vendors at reasonable costs. Because of their little weight, dropping them won’t be that complicated either. It’s important to find things that your customers want at a fair price.

Push Up Rack Boards

It’s easy to see why push-up rack boards have become increasingly popular in recent days. Push-ups are a great way to get in some workout at home.

However, when there is no instructor available, mistakes are frequently made. People can now improve their push-up form and methods by using push-up rack boards.

Many sizes and forms are available for these rack boards. While there is some variation in design amongst rack boards, the majority of them provide more than 30 alternative setup options.

Non-slip, padded grips are standard on the rack boards. The grips can be taken off the board and put away safely after each usage.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, using a rack board can help you save your joints from unnecessary stress. It’s ideal as a dropship item because it can be sold to either sexes.

People will gladly pay a higher price for something that will help them get a better workout, such as these push-up rack boards.


Although smartwatches aren’t directly relevant to our discussion, many people buy them to keep track of their workouts and other fitness-related data.

They are indispensable for the fitness-minded, with features like step counters and prompts to get up and move around.


Numerous retailers, not only the major corporations, provide smartwatches. Most modern smartwatches have health tracking capabilities including a heart rate monitor, pedometer, activity tracker, blood pressure monitor, and sleep monitor.

You can anticipate this from a good one, however specific models may differ.

Some watches are well-liked for their alarms, music control, and notifications since they can be synced with a smartphone through Bluetooth.

The watertightness of certain of them is guaranteed.

These things aren’t often cheap, which is the only real drawback to dropshipping them. Depending on the extras you want included, these wristwatches can cost anywhere from $100 to $500.

However, you need not fret; providing these goods is not a negative idea so long as the correct audience is targeted.

Pull-Up Bar

Home and commercial gyms alike frequently feature pull-up bars because of their widespread popularity. The upper body is targeted by this piece of exercise machinery designed for bodyweight training.

Different exercises are used to build strength in the abdominals, chest, arms, and back. Exercises such as pull-ups, press-ups, and dips can be performed with just this gear.

There are a variety of grip options available for purchase with these bars.

Since they can be set up and taken down quickly and easily, these products are frequently ordered through dropshipping services. As was previously noted, they work wonderfully as a home gym.

In addition, these are excellent for boosting total-body strength, a quality that is highly valued by modern athletes.

You would be wrong to assume that the number of workouts possible on this apparatus is low. There’s a huge range of possibilities, from simple to complex, for both novices and experts alike.

Choose carefully in light of your intended market, as this product’s pricing points span from inexpensive to extravagant. Customers demand long-lasting goods for their own protection.

Ab Wheels

One thing you can say about ab wheels is that they pack a serious punch.

Although it may not seem like it at first glance, ab wheels are one of the most efficient ways to strengthen your core. Workout variations that require the use of more than one muscle group also necessitate careful consideration of technique and control.

Ab wheels usually necessitate motion, so you’ll need to engage crucial muscles in concert to change positions.


Easy to transport and adaptable for usage in either the house or the gym, this product is quickly gaining in popularity.

As a result of its low shipping costs and ease of dropshipping, it is also quite popular with these businesses.

Even better, there is no shortage of dropshipping vendors who sell goods at competitive prices. You had better do some serious research to discover the greatest possible price for you and your clients if you’re thinking of stocking this item in your shop.

Calf Stretcher Rockers

The fitness market isn’t limited to things you use during and immediately after a workout, such as shoes and braces.

Calf stretchers are one example of this equipment. By relieving heel discomfort brought on by Achilles Tendonitis, Sever’s Disease, tight calves, and hamstrings, this medication serves as both a preventative measure and a treatment for plantar fasciitis.

People working in physical therapy can benefit from it as well. It has the potential to create deep stretches, which are useful for athletes.

The compact design and practicality of this item make it an excellent dropshipping candidate. Despite being smaller than other exercise equipment, it provides a number of advantages.

Calf stretchers can be found at a variety of price points, however numerous vendors still provide them at reasonable rates. Try to get ones that have an anti-slip coating, since this will make them much safer for your clients.

Make sure the calf stretchers your suppliers provide can accommodate a range of foot sizes.

Anti-Slip Yoga Balls

Although yoga balls have been around for some time, they continue to be popular among those who are serious about being fit. These yoga balls continue to be incredibly handy for a wide variety of poses.

Yoga balls, also known as stability balls, are great for improving flexibility and poise. In addition to its application in yoga, this belt is also beneficial for strengthening and toning the abdominal muscles during core workouts.

This item has also made it into the workplace. It’s been adopted as a chair replacement. Anti-slip yoga balls are now being used as desk chairs to encourage active sitting.

It’s believed that strengthening the abdominal muscles in this way might help with both poor posture and chronic back pain. As the abdominals are being worked out passively, you can get a six pack.

The name says it all: anti-slip balls aren’t built from flimsy stuff because they’re meant to keep you from sliding about. That’s why it’s a good tool for yoga and other core exercises.

Anti Slip Yoga Balls
Anti Slip Yoga Balls

Some dropshippers may be relieved to learn that these are simple to ship. It makes sense to sell inflators to help clients get their yoga balls up and running.

Nonetheless, they are cheap and top choices for stocking your fitness-oriented online shop.

Adjustable Dumbbells

The convenience of adjustable dumbbells has led to a rise in their popularity. As more and more individuals invest in home gyms, this is an essential component.

Because you can change the weight of these dumbbells rather than buying new ones, they take up far less room than traditional sets.

Although it may take some time to find your ideal weight, this is a fantastic option for those who value efficiency.

This item can be a little more costly than others, which is a drawback. The cost takes into account the advantages of adjustable dumbbells over standard ones, making them a sensible investment.

Dropshipping requires merely securing a customer base. Make sure you have a stable stream of buyers ready to go for this product the moment you decide to provide it.

Try to find suppliers in advantageous locations to save transport costs. This has the potential to be a best-seller once you secure trustworthy vendors.

Vitamins and Supplements

Essential commodities in the fitness market include vitamins and supplements. Those who regularly exercise should understand the value of maintaining both physical and mental well-being.

If you want your workout efforts to count for something, whether organic or not, you need to take the right vitamins and supplements.

From protein smoothies to antioxidant supplements, there is a wide variety of goods available for dropshipping. Dropshipping vitamins is another popular choice, albeit you should research the laws in both your nation of origin and your market.

Vitamins and Supplements
Vitamins and Supplements

As a dropshipper, it is important to remember the profound effect these items have on the human body. If you want to drop ship things, you should find a dependable vendor and make sure those products have been given the OK by many regulatory agencies.

Invest in the time and effort necessary to ensure the security of your customers.

FAQs on Dropshipping Fitness Niche Products

Where to Find Fitness Dropshipping Suppliers?

It’s just as crucial to dropship the proper products as it is to have reliable fitness dropshipping providers. It is crucial to your company’s success to provide customers with timely delivery of excellent products.

Finding reliable suppliers is, then, an essential part of running a successful dropshipping company. It’s another thing to actually know where to look for them.

Although searching on Google is one option, it’s not always the most efficient. So that you may get off to a solid start, we’ve compiled a list of credible providers for you to peruse.

It’s preferable to have a large number of vendors from which to choose. In case anything doesn’t go as planned, you can always fall back on the other options in your repertoire.

Suppliers are as follows:


Most dropshippers use AliExpress as a source. There are already over 100 million products available for purchase on this online marketplace, and more are being added every day.

AliExpress, a global B2C e-commerce platform, was established by Alibaba Group more than ten years ago. Alibaba, in case you haven’t heard of it, is the largest online marketplace in China.

When you consider all of these factors, it’s clear that AliExpress is among the most trustworthy online vendors.

As with any other category, finding fitness products is a breeze thanks to the site’s search bar and filtering options for everything from price to number of orders to how recently an item was added to the store’s inventory to its color and user rating.

AliExpress is a great place to find things at low prices with a high margin of profit. Products are reasonably priced since they are sourced primarily from producers in other countries.

In addition, there is no cost associated with joining. If you’re looking for dropshipping products but don’t want to pay a monthly charge, you can still do so. It’s easy to get started — all you need to do is sign up for an account.

Consequently, you should look into them whether they are the type of vendor you need.


Net2Fitness is a known dropship wholesaler company for fitness equipment. It’s a family-owned equipment store that sells products at a discount. 

Most of their popular products are home gyms, inversion tables, weights, weightlifting accessories, and abdominal exercise machines. 

But they also sell men’s and women’s clothing. Indoor fitness and yoga items are also some of the items you can browse in their store. 

The company promotes the notion that customers can save up to 45 percent off retail price by purchasing directly from the factory. Their things are top-notch even after the discounts.

Join forces with them to participate in their dropship wholesale program. You can also take advantage of their pre-loaded website, which is stocked with useful resources for quick and easy setup.

As a result, what else is there to ask for?

Registering with their site allows you access to all of the features and resources they provide.


You can’t do better than GreenDropship if you want to offer organic products. This manufacturer was established in 2012 when its founders recognized a need for reliable product flows.

More than twenty thousand gourmet, organic, natural, and speciality items can be found in their extensive product catalog. Food, vitamins, and personal care items are just some of the things they sell.

They team up with dropshippers who use Shopify and WooCommerce as their platforms of choice. Furthermore, they have warehouses in Los Angeles, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, making them an attractive choice for dropshippers serving customers in the United States.

Customers looking for natural vitamins and supplements to complement their workout products can rest assured that this company carries them.

Dropshippers should look into their order processing and stock management options. Because of their established method, you can rest assured that your customers will be satisfied.

If you are considering dropshipping organic vitamins and supplements, you should definitely check out their website.


Dropshippers should strongly consider Chinabrands, widely regarded as one of the best online wholesalers. They have a sophisticated platform with built-in dropshipping capabilities.

Globalegrow, an organization specializing in international trade, operates the online marketplace. It’s related to Zaful; in fact, it’s run by the same people.

More than 500,000 products may be found on Chinabrands right now. There were three levels of quality control to ensure that each product was up to standard and worth the price.

This website features more than 50,000 shops and vendors. In addition, daily orders are over 10,000. They have over 40 distribution centers around the world, making them a great choice for international dropshippers.

As soon as you sign up with Chinabrands, you’ll have everything you need to begin dropshipping immediately. As a member, you can gain access to every resource you may ever need at no cost.


Doba is also a top dropshipping platform. It is user-friendly and straightforward, making it perfect for inexperienced drop shippers.

They are always on the lookout for additional distributors to help them expand their product line. In addition, they develop materials and tools for customers to use in their own dropshipping operations.

The site already features over a million items, and more are being uploaded every day.

If you sign up for Doba, you’ll have instantaneous access to their inventory of millions of low-priced items. The e-commerce platform also provides a straightforward user interface to facilitate effective communication with vendors.

You will also have the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge offerings in the fitness niche, allowing you to jump on popular new lines.

If you want to dive deep into the market and make educated selections at every turn, you can access reports and refined search options.

There is, however, a price to pay for all of these. Their most popular package, Business, automates online stores and costs only $29.99 each month.

With this strategy, you may expect to have 2,000 product listings on your shop, 2,000 product export counts every month, and 100,000 inventory lists.

However, after signing up, you may immediately begin your 30-day free trial. Trial users have the same features and functionality as those with the Business plan.

How to Start Dropshipping Fitness Products?

If you’re new to dropshipping and want to sell fitness equipment, you may be wondering where to begin. There’s no doubting the fact that dropshippers and shoppers alike find this market to be quite competitive at times.

But nothing is unachievable if you dedicate yourself to learning everything you can about this field and its most effective practices.

Here are some suggestions for getting into the dropshipping business with products in the fitness area. These are flexible, so feel free to add on to them or even omit some of the phases altogether. It is more vital that you have a plan and can make changes as necessary than it is to follow any certain plan exactly.

Find a Good Market to Target

Find a Good Market to Target
Find a Good Market to Target

Whether or whether you run an online store, it is essential that you choose a profitable niche to serve. Not only must you have a product to sell, but you must also know your target market.

However, this doesn’t mean you ignore those who don’t meet your standards. It simply implies allocating resources toward customers most likely to make a purchase.

Conducting market research is the most effective method for identifying a suitable target audience. It’s an important but difficult assignment to complete as soon as possible. Google Trends and Quantcast are just two examples of the many resources available to help you make sense of the information you already have.

You can find new customers and evaluate the competition with the help of these tools.

When you have collected enough information, you can use it to divide the market into distinct divisions and develop detailed profiles of your existing clientele.

Keep in mind that studies of the market are ongoing processes. If you wish to keep up with the times, you must maintain this practice.

Decide What Products to Sell

Once you know who you’re selling to and what they want, you can better decide what to stock your online shop with.

Don’t pick things at random because you think they’re cool and you want to start a trend in the fitness industry. As an additional consideration, you may want to evaluate how well it might sell in your shop.

Some new dropshippers don’t recognize that they need a plan for how to distribute their products throughout their online store. One reason this is so important is that it helps the proper people locate your products.

It’s important to consider whether or not your ideal buyers would be interested in a new offering before moving forward with production. Don’t leave out supplementary items, which are often overlooked.

Your chances of making a profit from selling an item increase in proportion to how carefully you considered it.

Team Up with Reliable Suppliers

Now that you know what you want to sell, you need to locate trustworthy vendors to supply you with those goods.

It’s not enough to find a supplier who has a lot of the goods you plan to sell; the same goes for services. It is also important to research the company’s reputation to determine if they are the right kind of provider to work with.

Essential qualities of a fitness supply company are robust manufacturing capacities, open lines of communication, clear lines of responsibility, and knowledge of both the fitness niche product and market.

Because of this, you won’t have to worry about any potential problems or complaints from customers in the future.

You’re not even stocking the shelves; you’re just dropshipping. Even though you haven’t actually handled the goods, you will likely be the one to get responses to questions or concerns about their delivery.

We’ve listed the best options for you above, but don’t feel confined by that. Google and other online resources make it easy to discover additional vendors who cater to your particular market.

Explore Different Marketing Strategies

Dropshippers often err by following the crowd and implementing the latest and greatest marketing fads. While this may prove fruitful in some cases, it’s not usually the recommended strategy.

If you want to attract as many clients as possible without breaking the bank, you need to test out several advertising approaches until you find the one that works best.

You shouldn’t invest heavily in advertising without first developing a solid plan.

Explore Different Marketing Strategies
Explore Different Marketing Strategies

If you have a website in the fitness topic, you might want to consider the following promotion techniques:

The fitness market is ripe for influencer marketing, as many consumers listen to the opinions of well-known fitness professionals. Those in this group want to find ways to make their time spent working out more pleasant and convenient. Thus, if you want to persuade them to shop at your establishment, a smart move would be to team up with well-known figures in their respective fields to promote the business.
Promotion on TikTok – TikTok is a fast-growing video-sharing app that has become a major player in the social media landscape. Most people’s first exposure to a brand-new service or company now comes online. But if you want to reach a large audience without spending a lot of money, going viral is your best bet. However, it serves as an excellent medium for promoting goods and services.
Despite their high cost, Facebook Ads are undeniably effective. The software will provide updated metrics on the amount of people reached at every stage of the process. Research the best ways to spend money on Facebook if you have the means to do so.
You’re not limited to the aforementioned methods of advertising your store, though those are very effective. What works for one dropshipping store may not for another, and vice versa when it comes to advertising.

But don’t panic; the fruits of your labor will soon be in sight if you put in the time and effort into study and a solid plan.

Keep Up with the Trends

Last but not least, it’s important to monitor the market for fitness trends when dropshipping.

While it may seem like a good idea at the moment, adding new items to your catalog every time a new fad appears is not always the wisest course of action. We do, however, advise that you keep abreast of these developments.

Keep an eye on the trends your clientele is interested in and reevaluate your products. No business can afford to lose money by peddling items that consumers have lost interest in buying.

One aspect of being relevant is making sure your brand identity still resonates with your demographic. Staying on top of the fitness industry’s ever-changing trends is essential if you want to keep attracting new customers and holding on to the ones you’ve had.

Occasionally updating and upgrading can pay dividends for your company, so don’t be scared to do so. However, if you’re not sure how long a trend will last, it’s best to wait before committing to it.

This being the case, be sure to give each choice careful consideration. Never be afraid to take calculated risks, but always make judgments based on solid information.


Assuming the dropshipper has done their homework and has a solid marketing and sales plan in place, dropshipping fitness niche products is a fantastic option.

Some of the best things to sell in your dropshipping fitness store are included in the list above. If, on the other hand, you have a specific market in mind for the things you intend to offer, by all means go ahead and expand your search.