What kind of customer is someone who uses Dropship Corporation? Here’s why it’s a good one… Customers of Dropship Corporation know that their customers always come first, and that one of the best ways to keep their customers happy is to always know where their packages are in the delivery process.

Automatic Updates to Tracking Number
Automatic Updates to Tracking Number

This is why Dropship Corporation automatically keeps track for you. Just put your customer’s order in once, and Dropship Corporation will check to see if anything has changed.

Dropship Corporation works in the background while you shop on AliExpress to scan your orders and check for tracking and status updates. When Dropship Corporation finds an update for an order, it will post it to the web app so that you can let your customer know that the order has shipped. Smart Dropship Corporation customers know how long it can take to manually look up each tracking number and send it to the customer…

And since it takes about two to three minutes to find and email tracking alerts by hand, our automatic tracking order updates can save you a lot of time each month. So, you can focus on growing your sales and building your empire instead of getting bogged down in manual, boring work. Check out how this powerful feature works here:

Even better? You can MAKE YOUR TRACKING URL UNIQUE and BRAND IT. Yes, we can set up tracking links with YOUR URL so that the whole process looks like your business. You can also use other tracking URLs, depending on what you need. What other software lets you put your brand on every step of the process, from taking an order to sending it out? Nothing else.

Follow these steps to see the options for tracking URLs that you can brand:

  • Open the Dropship Corporation app and sign in.
  • Click on the tab called “Stores.”
  • Choose “Custom Tracking URL” from the drop-down menu next to “Settings” on the right side of the Store name.
  • Enter your own tracking URL, or choose one of the options shown.

Setting up and using your own custom URL tracking links is really that easy…
so if you haven’t already, make sure to log in today and set up your if you haven’t already. Happy Selling, Dropship Corporation Team!