Running a dropshipping store can be a very hard and time-consuming job, and people who do it often feel stressed out and overwhelmed. Working with suppliers and processing orders while also managing payments and inventory turnover, figuring out the difference between upc and sku codes and making them, and dealing with customers on top of everything else can be a lot, especially if you’re working alone. Luckily, the dropshipping business model has changed a lot over the past few years, giving entrepreneurs the much-needed help and making it easy to do any job.

Why You Need Real Time Inventory Updates for Your Dropshipping Business.
Why You Need Real Time Inventory Updates for Your Dropshipping Business.

Store owners no longer have to run a million errands because dropshipping can be done automatically. Instead, they have software that helps them all the time and does some of the work for them. So, dropshippers can focus more on other parts of their business and make sure their customers are happy, instead of spending too much time on tasks that can be done quickly and easily by computer programmes. This technology has made the old manual dropshipping system easier to use by programming most tasks that used to be done by hand and letting dropshipping store owners do them by clicking a button.

What can you get out of automated drop shipping?

Here are some of the benefits you can get if you decide to turn your dropshipping business into a software-managed system that saves you time:

You can skip doing boring tasks and spend your time on more important things, like promoting your dropshipping store on social apps like Instagram.
You won’t have to worry about currency conversions because prices will automatically be changed in different currencies based on where your customers are when they visit your store; You won’t have to worry about finding new products because your store will always be stocked with the newest items in your supplier’s warehouse; You won’t have to check for product changes all the time; You won’t have to spend a lot of money;

Automatic inventory updates are one of the best things about automated dropshipping that will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. With the automatic inventory function, dropshippers can sync their eCommerce store with the inventory of their suppliers. In this way, store owners are kept up to date on any changes that have happened to the products they sell. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of using a dropshipping automation plugin that has this feature. We’ll also talk about why it’s important to work with a supplier who gives you this very useful option.

What are the pros of having your inventory automatically updated?

Having automatic updates to your store’s inventory can be a big help for your dropshipping business. It will make your business run more smoothly and improve your management skills in a big way by giving you useful shortcuts and keeping you from wasting time on tasks that can be done with little human input. So, the automatic inventory system can give you a huge advantage in the dropshipping market, which is very competitive right now. It will easily handle most of the inventory-related tasks in your store, giving you the following benefits:

  • You’d get real-time updates on the stock situation of your inventory. You’d never have to worry about getting accurate reports about product quantities.
  • Chances of selling too many products will go down a lot;
  • You would have more free time;
  • Your productivity will go up, and as a result, your store will quickly start to move up the success ladder. Customers will start to be much happier.
  • Real-time visibility of stock

As with any other type of eCommerce or retail business, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your inventory and make sure you’re aware of any big changes when you’re dropshipping. Before automatic dropshipping management was made, inventory reports were done by hand, without any API integrations. So, suppliers would do physical counts on a regular basis to let dropshippers know how many items they have available. This, however, would only give dropshipping owners a rough idea of how many items their suppliers have in stock, since counting the inventory every day takes a lot of time and work.

Nowadays, the automatic inventory updates feature will easily take care of all inventory records and will guarantee you an in real-time product count. In other words, you’ll know right away about any changes made to your supplier’s warehouse, such as what items are still for sale, what items are no longer available, and many other changes that are important to you. So, you’ll always have full access to your supplier’s stock, which will help you organise your listings and always be two steps ahead of everything.

Accurate counts of stock

When it comes to new customers, having a bad shopping experience is often the main reason they don’t buy anything. Most of the time, this gives them a bad first impression of the dropshipper and makes them doubt his or her services. Zendesk says that up to 50% of customers will go to a competitor after a single bad experience, and that number goes up to 80% if the same thing happens more than once. There are many things that cause these annoying things to happen, such as high shipping costs, annoying payment methods, long delivery times, hard-to-understand return policies, etc. But one of the most annoying reasons is that the number of items in stock isn’t counted correctly, which means that the information about those items is wrong.

MarketScale says that Adrian Thomas, CEO of Datascan, said in an episode of the podcast Keeping Count that retailers’ average inventory accuracy is between 60 and 65%. These are numbers that store owners shouldn’t take lightly, since accurate stock counts can boost online sales. To avoid becoming one of these numbers, dropshippers are strongly encouraged to use automatic inventory updates, which can make it much less likely that they will list wrong information about items that are for sale.

Oversell prevention

There’s nothing worse than selling products you don’t have in stock and not knowing it because of the wrong inventory calculations we talked about before. When you finally figure out what’s going on, it may be too late because customers may have already bought something. Letting them know that their order will have to be cancelled as a result of the purchased item not being available for sale can lead to undesirable confrontations. This will not only make you and your supplier confused, but it will also make your customers mad. Your store’s reliability and reputation, which you’ve worked hard to build, could be hurt, and customers might think twice before coming back to buy something else.

With automatic inventory updates, software is used to keep track of the stock. This reduces the number of mistakes made by people, leaving little room for critical mistakes. For example, automatic systems can help make sure that sold-out items don’t keep showing up on the store’s website as if they are still in stock. So, this feature will definitely cut down on the number of times cards are left behind. Also, it will keep your store in sync with your supplier’s warehouse, so you can check the status of your inventory at any time, so you don’t lose sales or customers.

Effective use of time

No business owner has time to do simple tasks that can be done quickly and easily by using smart technology. With automatic inventory updates, dropshippers can now focus on getting their online businesses up and running, promoting them, and growing them while spending less time on boring tasks like inventory updates.

For example, syncing your dropshipping store’s eCommerce platform with your supplier’s warehouse can be a pain in the neck if you don’t use the automatic update feature. This is because it takes up valuable time that you could spend on tasks that really need your full attention and energy. One way to do this task is to update new inventory levels by hand every day to make sure you’re up to date on all changes to product data. As you can probably tell, the manual stock upload can be very hard and takes way too long to do. Dropshippers would have to keep an eye out for changes in item quantities and update themselves every time there was a change.

Automatic inventory updates can make the job much easier and faster. By using automatic updates, your supplier’s stock can be quickly synchronised with your sales channel without you having to do anything. Most of the time, these updates happen more than once a day, which can be very helpful, especially during sales and busy shopping times. They can also be very helpful for managing your store as a whole.

Growth in productivity

Your productivity will go through the roof when your inventory is updated automatically. This is because you won’t have to do as much work. You’ll have more than enough time to take care of any other store-related tasks. Tasks will be done faster and more smoothly. Also, your dropshipping store will do much better because you’ll be able to pay enough attention to all parts of your business and avoid getting in the way of its growth.

Overall, when inventory updates are automatic and easy to do, your workflow will become more efficient because it will be much easier to keep track of time and keep things organised. But what’s most important is that these automatic updates of products will keep you from getting too much work, which will keep you from getting burned out. This will give you time to recover from all the hard work and come back even more productive.

Customers who are happy

At the end of the day, all of the benefits we’ve talked about will lead to great customer feedback and happy buyers. Customer loyalty isn’t just built on great products and great customer service, even though those things are very important to a business’s success. It also depends a lot on how the store works, like giving customers the newest products and always keeping them up to date about what’s available.

By getting automatic stock updates a few times a day, there isn’t much chance of getting wrong inventory counts or inaccurate product information, which can often make customers unhappy. If that’s the case, your customers won’t have to worry about buying items that aren’t in stock, and they’ll be able to trust the product descriptions on your store’s website. So, their shopping experience will only get better, which will make them more likely to go shopping again.

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As technology keeps getting better, it keeps making things easier, especially when it comes to running a business, especially when it comes to running an online store like a dropshipping store. With the dropshipping model’s automated management system, store owners can now take advantage of automatic updates to their inventory, which makes their job twice as easy as it was before. No more overselling products because the stock count is wrong or wasting time every day by updating the stock count. Taking into account all the benefits you can see, not using automatic inventory would not be the best choice. With the right supplier by your side, who gives you full access to this feature, you’ll save time and money, keep your customers happy, and reduce the number of unexpected problems.