Since 2009, China has exported items worth trillions of dollars, making it the world’s largest exporter. In terms of total merchandise traded, China surpassed the United States in 2013.

The data above clearly show why the majority of products come from this country. Worldwide retailers frequently team up with Chinese suppliers due to the volume they can give at low costs.

That being said, it’s likely you’re expecting deliveries from China. It’s only natural to want to know where your package is at all times after placing a purchase.

Read on to learn about the many courier services available in China, as well as the best practices for keeping track of your packages as they travel from warehouse to doorstep.

Continue reading if you want to know how to monitor your orders without any hassle.

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Tracking Chinese Shipments A Comprehensive Overview
Tracking Chinese Shipments A Comprehensive Overview

How to Track Packages From China?

Although more and more individuals are making purchases online, many still have reservations about doing so. Several variables might affect the delivery of a shipment, so customers need reassurance that their purchase will arrive safely.

When packages travel thousands of kilometers, it is very important to provide tracking information so that customers may rest easy. Here, we’re talking about goods imported from China.

Monitoring a cargo from China requires no more effort than tracking a package from any other country or courier.

Tracking information, such as tracking numbers, are typically made available by courier services so that customers may check on the whereabouts of their packages.

When you visit their official website and enter the tracking information, you will be given instantaneous updates on the whereabouts and progress of your delivery.

However, couriers may offer a variety of tracking options.

The many online tracking platforms and the methods by which various courier services allow you to track your orders will each be discussed in their own sections.

What Is a Tracking Number and Where Do I Find It on My Package?

A package’s unique identifier is its tracking number. Use this number to track packages as they are shipped from one point to another.

Some couriers only provide monitoring inside the country of origin, while others allow tracking worldwide.

Due to the fact that these are one-of-a-kind identifiers, package formats can vary. Due to the standardization of these codes, they can typically only be tracked through the courier’s own website.

The official sales receipt of your purchases is usually where you’ll locate the tracking number. A tracking number and instructions on how to utilize it are typically included in the email confirmations that customers receive after placing an order.

In the event that you don’t receive or view a tracking number, contact your courier’s customer care department for assistance.

Top Courier Services in China and How to Track Their Packages

Getting your packages from China can be done in a number of different methods. Considering they are the world’s leading exporter, this was probably expected anyhow.

Here we’ll go through the six best Chinese courier companies, how to track them, and how long it takes for them to deliver packages.

China Post

China Post, or China Post Group Corporation to give it its full name, is the country’s designated postal service. Since 1949, Chunghwa Post had served as China’s primary postal service.

As a government-owned company, it operates in accordance with national standards for both urban and rural e-commerce. As of right now, it is the world’s second-largest postal service.

China Post’s official website makes it simple to monitor the delivery status of packages. The tracking number can be looked up by simply typing it into the search bar.

Your order’s status, date of arrival, destination, tracking number, and more may all be viewed there. If you entered the right tracking number, you will receive this data without delay.

China Post mail comes in several varieties:

Sending a package via China Post’s Registered Air Mail
Without a Registration Number for Air Mail from China Post
Small Package Express Service of China Post
XL International Parcel Service, China
The delivery time for Registered Airmail from China Post is about two to four weeks, but the price is reasonable. Registered 13-digit Airmail tracking codes typically begin with “R” and terminate in “CN.”

If your package’s tracking number begins with a “U” and it leaves Chinese territory, you won’t be able to trace it.

Registered small and large international packages can be traced. Depending on the mode of transport, we can further classify these packages as:

The China Post Small Parcel service is used for packages weighing less than 2 kilograms and can be shipped via air, air lift, or surface delivery. The tracking numbers for these packages are 13 digits long, beginning with “R,” “P,” or “V,” and ending in “CN.”

Small Packages typically take 10 days to reach their destination in Asia, 15 days to reach their destination in the United States and Europe, and up to 30 days to reach their destination anywhere else.

When shipping things that weigh more than 2 kilograms but less than 40 kilograms, consider using China Post’s Large Package service. It all begins with a “CP” and ends with a “CN” in the 13-digit tracking number.

A package will take roughly 10 days to reach a neighboring country, 15 days to reach North America or Europe, 20 days to reach South America, and up to 30 days to reach Africa or another continent.

Yanwen Express

A major player among China’s third-party logistics providers, Yanwen Express is a reliable choice. They facilitate international shipping for online retailers, making them a valuable resource for dropshippers.

China’s largest e-commerce platform AliExpress and online auction house eBay both count on this Beijing-based startup as a trusted business partner. More than 2 million shipments were being handed over to couriers every day.

Deliveries are guaranteed on time to more than 50 destinations thanks to the company’s expanded reach.

Yanwen Express uses 13-digit tracking numbers that all finish with YP. The final digits will become “CN” once the goods have left China for export.

You may easily monitor the status of your packages with the provided tracking number by visiting their website.

This courier service’s international deliveries often take between six and fourteen days, give or take due to factors like holidays and bad weather.

For some international locations, the wait time can be as long as 35-60 days.

However, once Yanwen Parcels reaches other countries, they routinely hand off packages to other courier firms.

Yanwen transfers the package to USPS or FedEx once it reaches the United States. As a matter of course, in Canada, they normally pass them over to Canada Post. They then forward it to the Royal Mail in the UK.


YunExpress is another major Chinese 3PL provider. Plus, they provide international trade connections for online stores. Those in the dropshipping business with clients all over the world should strongly consider this organization.

They boast over 20 independently run branch offices, 15 transportation hubs, and tens of thousands of business customers. More than 700,000 things are processed each day thanks to all of these factors.

YunExpress offers a wide variety of products and services, such as:

An Official Priority Registration with YunExpress
The YunExpress Standard Registration
The German Branch of YunExpress Registered \sJapan Assigned Middle Eastern Region Direct Registration Filed as DDP with the Registry
Priority Direct YunExpress
You may follow the status of each of these on their main webpage. You can monitor up to 500 shipments at once. YunExpress uses a tracking number format consisting of the letters “YT” followed by 16 digits.

The length of time it takes to get an item depends heavily on how quickly its manufacturer ships it. It usually takes 5–15 days for packages to be delivered internationally.

Packages can take as long as 75 days to arrive in the most extreme instances, such as during a major natural disaster or a period of heightened global instability.

Once in the United States, YunExpress works with FedEx and USPS much like Yanwen Express does. For international shipping, they team up with reputable companies like Royal Mail in the United Kingdom, Collisimo in France, and DHL in Germany.


DHL is one of the most well-known logistics firms in the world, having started operations in 1969. It operates in more than 220 countries and delivers billions of shipments annually.

Its international headquarters are in Bonn, Germany, and it has a regional headquarters in Beijing, China.

They have international shipping and delivery options for everywhere in the world. DHL eCommerce is also convenient for domestic and international parcel collection, delivery, and return.

As a result, it’s easy to see why this firm is regarded as one of China’s best logistics providers.

DHL’s tracking numbers are service-specific. DHL eCommerce tracking numbers often begin with GM, LX, or RX, and can be up to five letters in length.

The numbers themselves can have any value from 10 to 39.

A DHL Parcel service tracking number, on the other hand, consists of 10 digits and may or may not begin with “3S.” “JJD” or “JVGL” A 10-digit tracking number for DHL Express service will begin with “000,” “JJD01,” “JJD00,” or “JVGL.”

You may follow the progress of any of these on DHL’s website. If you know the tracking number, you can check on the location and status of your package with just a few keystrokes.

From China to the United States, DHL packages typically take between three and five days.


FedEx, an American company, is another industry leader in the realm of express delivery. It opened its first office in 1971, and now it has branches all over the world.

With its headquarters in Shanghai, FedEx now operates more than 82 locations throughout China. China is the origin of more than 220 cargo flights every year, transporting millions of packages around the world.

It’s also worth noting that FedEx is domestically licensed, showing that they provide a dependable service both within and outside the country.

Two options exist for following the progress of your FedEx shipment. A tracking number or specific reference can be used instead. Having a tracking number makes tracking much simpler.

There may be 12 or 15 digits in the FedEx tracking number. The number can reach as high as 22 digits in length.

FedEx allows you real-time tracking without requiring a login. The maximum number of objects that can be followed simultaneously is three.

If your FedEx tracking number is not in the system, your package probably hasn’t been picked up yet. It won’t show up online until it’s been collected.

Here, it’s best to follow up with the retailer of your choice.

FedEx’s standard shipping time from China to the rest of the world is between 1 and 5 business days.


As the world’s preeminent courier service, United Parcel Service (UPS) goes under several other names. It operates in over 220 countries and territories and daily processes over 24 million package shipments.

UPS and China Express merged in 2001, and UPS established its China Express headquarters in Shanghai.

It has the same domestic shipping authority as FedEx and can coordinate delivery between vendors.

It’s highly recommended for online store owners who source goods from multiple vendors, as is typical in the textile business.

Various formats exist for UPS tracking numbers. Packages sent within the United States begin with “1Z” and then 16 numbers. There are some with 12 digits and others with a “T” followed by 11 digits.

UPS’s standard shipping time for international destinations is 3–5 business days.

Top Online Tracking Platforms to Track Packages From China  

To follow the progress of your packages, you don’t have to rely just on the official websites. When using any courier or logistics service, there are a number of online tracking options available to customers.

The shipment can be tracked with a valid tracking number. Some of the best options available are listed here.


Since its inception in July of 2010, 17Track has followed the movements of over 600 million packages all around the world. It presently works with over 160 different businesses as a partner and supports over 220 different countries.

Its software has been downloaded on Android and iOS devices somewhere around 7 million times.

In part, 17Track’s widespread adoption might be attributed to the simplicity of its interface. A maximum of 40 tracking numbers can be entered at once.

The numbers you enter into the text box can be sorted and filtered as well.

In addition, you can choose your shipping company and track packages through them.

When the tracking information is created, a link will appear for you to click on to be taken to the official website of the relevant carrier, where you may double-check the accuracy of the information.

China Post, YunExpress, and FlytExpress are just a few of the carriers whose packages are frequently followed on this site.

In addition, they offer an API service that works with over 700 different carriers to make data tracking easier and support faster.

In addition to English and Chinese, the website itself is translated into seven other languages.

Parcels App

Since AliExpress didn’t offer comprehensive shipment tracking data at the time, the need for Parcels App arose in 2017.

The tracking technology now works with international shipping companies and logistics providers. China Post, UPS, AliExpress, Shein, and eBay are just a few of its business associates.

It is also a mobile app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

The website is written mostly in Russian, however there are translation options available for 8 additional languages.

For instantaneous updates on the whereabouts of your package, be sure to have your tracking number handy.

Parcel Monitor

Parcel Monitor, which launched in 2016, is a top online tool for tracking packages in real time. More than 755 partners, including China Post, TNT, UPS, and DHL, are already integrated with the platform.

Packages from any country can be followed on the website. Tracking packages is so easy that you may even do it on a regional or global scale.

Multiple phone numbers may be followed. Make sure you have the correct format and allot online for each tracking number.

Parcel Perform allows you to keep tabs on several tracking numbers from various logistics providers, which is useful if you want to keep tabs on multiple platforms with supplementary information.

In addition, this system allows you to quickly survey the present standing of your shipments.

You can rely on Parcel Monitor to assist you with tracking, as it supports more than 30 different languages.


Ship24 is yet another web-based tool developed to offer superior tracking options to customers. It provides e-commerce companies with a wide variety of comprehensive software as a service (SaaS) options.

Over 10,000 carriers and marketplaces are now partners with the platform, which tracks around 50 million packages each month.

AliExpress, China Post, and the Royal Mail are just a few of its many popular affiliates.

The monitoring system is very simple to operate. Multiple tracking numbers can be entered, and then sorted according to the criteria of your choice.

There was a successful data retrieval
in route
Awaiting your pickup.
Delivered \sException
Invalid or past its expiration date.
More than 20 different languages can be used on the platform, making it accessible to clients all around the world. is an all-inclusive global tracking service. In one convenient location, you can monitor the delivery status of each shipment you’ve ordered.

Be sure your tracking numbers are correct before you start the tracking process. The website helpfully provides a list of common service forms.

Despite the fact that only one box can be tracked at a time, users are encouraged to sign up for an account in order to receive updates on their shipments automatically through email.’s partners include well-known sites like USPS, FedEx, SkyNet, and UPS.

For a more hands-free experience, you can also download their mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.

As a result

Many different companies use Chinese courier services to export their goods. Each of these retailers has its own system for letting customers know where their products are in the shipping process.

Your package from any logistics or courier service can be tracked at any time using a popular online tracking program.

Find the package’s tracking number and enter it on the relevant courier’s official website.