More and more companies are setting up shop online, and more and more consumers are making purchases from businesses located in other countries.

ePacket what is it Shipping Status Updates and Dropshipping Advice

If you own an online store, you know how important it is to stay abreast of the competition. The shipping industry is one that is always evolving.

In recent years, ePacket shipping has made it much simpler to import goods from China. If you want to stay ahead of the competition in China, you need to familiarise yourself with ePacket shipping.

Definition of ePacket

In China, ePacket is a shipping option provided by many online stores. Products manufactured in China can be shipped to many different countries via air.

ePacket shipping was first created for basic mail distribution. The United States Postal Service and China Post both approved, and its use has since exploded in popularity. More than 40 countries now accept ePacket shipments.

Exactly What Is an ePacket and How Does It Work?

With a “e” in its name, you can probably guess that ePacket was developed with online shopping in mind. This makes it possible for customers to receive their orders from Chinese e-commerce sites and marketplaces more quickly and at a lower cost.

ePacket is a shipping option provided to sellers on numerous online marketplaces including eBay and AliExpress. Any retailer can offer ePacket delivery so long as the package satisfies ePacket’s specifications.

In order for a package or parcel to be sent via ePacket, it must meet certain criteria established by the United States Postal Service. A package cannot be longer than 90 centimetres, taller than 36 centimetres, or wider than 36 centimetres.

To What Extent Does ePacket Delivery Replace Traditional Mail?

In China, ePacket delivery is one of the most widely used shipping options. One of the quickest ways to ship internationally is with China Post’s ePacket service; ePacket tracking numbers can be checked on their website.

Traditional methods of transport for Chinese exports involved shipping via sea. Delivery time may be longer than eight weeks. According to ePacket tracking, most packages arrive in under 30 days. ePacket tracking suggests that many packages will arrive earlier than expected.

ePacket delivery can be useful, but only if you follow the rules, consider where your customers are located, and figure out how to track their packages.

Efficient Packet Exchange (ePacket) Features and Their Benefits

The “e” in “e” Packet indicates that this is a service for electronic commerce, facilitating the quick and cheap delivery of goods purchased from Chinese online merchants to their customers.

More than 35 countries now have access to ePacket thanks to price reductions and international expansion. Even better is that ePacket is constantly adding new countries to its list of supported locations.

Let’s take a look at why ePacket Delivery is advantageous:

Payment of Customs Duties by Mail

Any applicable customs, duties, and taxes will be the responsibility of the shipment’s final destination. After an ePacket goes through routine customs clearance, the recipient may be required to pay any applicable taxes and duties.

More rapid shipping times

The typical shipping method from China to other countries takes several months. ePacket delivery ensures that your package gets to you quickly. Even though you can’t hope to catch up to Amazon’s shipping times, you can expect your shipment to reach the customer in about three weeks.

China ePacket door-to-door tracking

This ePacket delivery option provides end-to-end tracking at no additional cost to the customer. One of the most significant advantages is ePacket delivery. You can easily follow the progress of your ePacket through the respective websites of EMS and USPS.

Any item that was not delivered to you can be returned at no cost to you.

If an item is returned to the sender as undelivered after being shipped via ePacket, the sender will not charge you for the return. This way, if an item is ordered but never received, the customer can get their money back.

Affordable prices

With ePacket’s reduced shipping costs, you’ll have more room to set more reasonable prices for your products.

We see a rise in conversion rates.

Customers will appreciate the convenience and low shipping costs of ePacket dropshipping. The conversion rates of online shops skyrocket when shipping times are reduced to a fraction of their original length.

The one caveat is that you can’t give away shipping for everything. The maximum allowed weight for an ePacket shipment is 2 kilogrammes. Most ePackets sent from China use this method.

e-Packet and Direct-to-Consumer Sales

Most of the goods sold via dropshipping originate in China. Because of ePacket, products made in China can be dropped shipped at a lower cost.

You’re less likely to buy a low-priced item if the shipping cost is too high. While online shoppers frequently make purchases based on low prices, many ultimately abandon their carts because of high shipping costs and lengthy delivery times.

As a result of ePacket shipping, drop shipping has become more mainstream and accessible to a wider audience. The ePacket shipping method drastically reduces the duration of the dropshipping process. Therefore, the customer reaps the benefits of a quicker delivery option, and your company maintains a positive relationship with the customer as a whole.

Suppliers in China now have an advantage over their competitors thanks to ePacket shipping.

Faster product delivery is just one of many benefits to using ePacket shipping for your dropshipping business. You can reduce expenses while still providing fast shipping options to your customers.

ePacket provides free and cheap shipping options for dropshippers. Free shipping is an option for online retailers to provide for their customers.

As an alternative shipping option, ePacket can be advantageous for both retailers and customers due to its low costs and high reliability.

When customers place an order with a Chinese seller on websites like eBay and AliExpress, they are given the option of using ePacket delivery. However, your package must meet the requirements for ePacket delivery. Keeping this in mind, the dropshipping tool Dropship Corporation can be used in conjunction with AliExpress to have it intelligently choose the best shipping option.

Key Benefits for Dropshippers There will be fewer returns and more satisfied customers thanks to ePacket’s use by drop shippers.

Dropshippers are free to list the estimated delivery date of each product on their sites.

To help their customers and cut down on emails asking about shipping times, dropshippers can add a “order tracking” page to their online shops.

Using ePacket and Shopify for Drop Shipping

A Shopify store selling low- to medium-priced items that ships internationally and uses ePacket can save money on shipping. Typically, a package sent via Shopify’s ePacket will arrive in 15-30 days. Make sure ePacket shipping is an option with your supplier so you can implement it with your online shop.

Normal ePacket Delivery Times
The destination, customs, holidays, and other unavoidable delays can all affect how long it takes for an ePacket to arrive.

However, packages shipped to the United States usually arrive within 10–20 days.

Packages destined for locations outside of the United States may take a little longer to reach their destination due to the need to clear customs and be processed.

Eligible Packages Weight: The total mass of the product and its packaging, including any filler material, must not exceed 2 kilogrammes (4.4 pounds).

All products must have a total value of less than $400 and be sent to countries that support ePacket delivery.

The maximum length for a package is 24 inches (60 cm). The total of its length, height, and width should not go beyond 90 centimetres (36 inches).

When Sending an ePacket from China to the United States

The typical time for an ePacket to arrive in the United States is between 10 and 20 days after it has been sent. Delivery times in other countries may vary. Half of that time is spent in transit, getting to the appropriate facilities, and then finally getting to the customer in the destination country.

Destination, customs, and holidays can all affect how long it takes for a package to arrive. Compared to other cheap shipping options from China, the average shipping time for ePacket appears to be significantly faster.

In light of the staggering volume of packages that must be processed every day and the multiple hands that each one must pass through before reaching its final destination, this is truly remarkable.

Customers can rest easy knowing the whereabouts of their packages thanks to the ePacket tracking service that comes standard with these deliveries.

Finally, the Bottom Line

With ePackets, the consumer has greater say over their purchases. It is possible to trace their orders and find out when they will arrive. The winners here aren’t limited to the paying customers.

It’s also incredibly helpful for dropshippers looking to grow their business and please their clientele.

It’s time to switch to ePacket from your current shipping methods so you can satisfy your customers.