DSM Tool is an all-inclusive dropshipping automation solution that includes a comprehensive product search tool, rapid lister, 60-minute repricer, bulk lister, and auto-ordering service, among other features.

DSM Tool is a true all-in-one solution for setting up a fully automated dropship business, as it is compatible with over 50 leading dropshipping suppliers and features millions of trending products in every major category.

In addition, there is a state-of-the-art dropshipping education hub, automated customer communication tools, and sophisticated repricing methods.

Shopify and eBay (US, UK, FR, DE, IT, AU) are both supported.
41 American companies, 22 British companies, 14 Canadian companies, 9 Chinese companies, and 4 more
Pricing starts at $24.97/month (25 Free Listings)
There are more than 50 major dropshipping vendors and millions of in-demand items.
Listings on eBay and Shopify can be created in bulk or individually, and both will look professional.
Inventory levels are tracked and updated every 60 minutes.
Orders are processed and tracking data is uploaded in a completely hands-off, automated fashion.
Control sales, product listings, and stock with one convenient interface.
In-depth metrics for success, such as revenue and profit margins
Plan includes 25 listings on AliExpress and unlimited orders at no cost to you

What is DSM Tool?

DSM Tool was founded in 2016 by a group of dropshipping experts, and it is a powerful all-in-one dropshipping management solution and automation software for finding dropshipping products, creating new listings, and managing inventory across various online selling channels such as eBay and Shopify.

In fact, DSM Tool lets you completely automate the most time-consuming aspects of running a dropshipping business, such as tracking inventory and processing orders and writing compelling product descriptions for sale on marketplaces like eBay and Shopify.

DSM Tool is an innovative online learning platform with a growing collection of free guides and resources, such as a free and comprehensive A to Z training program for beginners.

DSM Tool equips its users with automation tools, management tools, and professional video training tutorials to help them create a fully scalable and successful dropshipping business.

Features & Benefits

Innovative features and benefits abound in DSM Tool. Easy-to-use Chrome add-on and sales portal for keeping tabs on orders and profits, in addition to a lightning-fast product lister, 60-minute price monitoring, and automated order fulfilment.

The intuitive DSM Tool dashboard houses all the tools you’ll need to expand and control your dropshipping enterprise.

DSM Tool also has an extensive online knowledge base and YouTube channel that are both loaded with detailed tutorials and guides on how to use the program.

The United States, Europe, and China are just some of the many places you can find dropshipping suppliers.
Create high-quality listings for your products in a matter of minutes with this potent rapid listing tool.
User-friendly dashboard with straightforward administrative settings and repricing rules Fully automated inventory management, including price and stock monitoring
Orders from customers can be managed in one place, as can sales and profits.
Using this clever Chrome add-on, you can quickly and easily create multiple listings.
Listing templates that have been professionally designed and have a high rate of conversion are plentiful.
Premium plans start at just $24.97 per month and include unlimited listings.

Pros & Cons

The United States, Europe, and China are just some of the many places you can find dropshipping suppliers.
Create high-quality listings for your products in a matter of minutes with this potent rapid listing tool.
User-friendly dashboard with straightforward administrative settings and repricing rules Fully automated inventory management, including price and stock monitoring
Orders from customers can be managed in one place, as can sales and profits.
Using this clever Chrome add-on, you can quickly and easily create multiple listings.
Listing templates that have been professionally designed and have a high rate of conversion are plentiful.
Premium plans start at just $24.97 per month and include unlimited listings.


Compatible with over 50 (US/UK/China) suppliers

All-in-one solution for creating listing and repricing

25 free AliExpress listings with low-cost paid plans

State-of-the-art Google Chrome browser extension 

Reliable software created by dropshipping experts

Regularly updated with new features and suppliers

Fully automated and semi-auto ordering available

Integrates directly with your eBay or Shopify store


There are only two viable options for distributing your products online.
An abundance of wholesale-priced retail suppliers
eBay’s inability to facilitate drop shipping without the use of an API.
Fewer EU-based suppliers than US and UK-based ones

Compatible Suppliers

More than 50 of the most popular dropshipping suppliers and retailers (mostly in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada) are compatible with DSM Tool.

DSM Tool can help you find a supplier for any product you want to sell, whether it’s clothes, pets, or electronics.

Most of the suppliers are retail stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Target; however, DSM Tool also features a growing selection of legitimate wholesalers or trade-only dropshipping suppliers like CJ Dropshipping, TVC Mall, Chinavasion, and Banggood.

USA (41)
United Kingdom (22)
Canada (14)
China (9) European Union (5)

Compatible Selling Channels

DSM Tool connects seamlessly with Shopify and eBay in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe to streamline the processes of listing, repricing, and managing sales.

For dropshipping businesses, eBay is by far the most popular marketplace, while Shopify is the most popular store-building platform.

DSM Tool is the ideal dropshipping platform, whether you plan on using Shopify to create your own ecommerce website or you want to tap into the huge existing network of eBay buyers.

Shopping on eBay (in the US, UK, Canada, and European Union)
Shopify (Global) (Global)

Usage & Settings

The DSM Tool’s features and settings are organized in a way that makes them simple to use. After signing up, you’ll be taken to DSM Tool’s main dashboard, where you can oversee all aspects of your dropshipping operation, from product listings and sales to inventory management and customer orders.

Following the on-screen prompts, connect your preferred selling channel (eBay or Shopify).

After you have established a connection to your sales channel, you can begin exploring the DSM Tool dashboard and customizing your repricing and listing settings.

You can manage your repricing options, as well as enable features and capabilities like automated item specifics and email alerts for underperforming listings, in the account settings area.

Aside from managing and editing listing templates, you can also configure advanced pricing strategies, grant access to virtual assistants, and set out-of-stock options for individual suppliers, such as Amazon.

The DSM Tool’s Rapid Lister is where you should go to create ads. Here, you can quickly and easily locate any product from any of our compatible suppliers by copying and pasting its website URL.

When you add a new product to DSM Tool’s database, a new listing will be created on your preferred sales platform, complete with images and text.

Another option is to use the Rapid Lister Chrome extension, which allows you to quickly add products to the tool without leaving the browser.

DSM Tool streamlines the order processing process. In the Sales & Orders tab, you have the option of either fully automating order fulfilment with various suppliers like Amazon, AliExpress, and Walmart by purchasing credits, or partially automating order fulfilment.

You can also manually process orders by buying the items straight from the vendor.

DSM Tool has an extensive library of free guides and tutorials, as well as an exclusive A to Z training program for dropshipping newcomers, in addition to a suite of powerful automation and management features.

To access the comprehensive training course that includes more than 30 individual video guides, users need only select the Learn Dropshipping option from the DSM Tool dashboard.

DSM Tool Review A Reliable Dropshipping Management Software
DSM Tool Review A Reliable Dropshipping Management Software

Demo & Screenshots

In this brief demonstration, I will explain how to use DSM Tool to post an item for sale on eBay. Essential settings must be set up before an item can be listed.

Follow the on-screen prompts and instructions after logging into DSM Tool to link your eBay or Shopify store.

When connecting your store, if you aren’t prompted to do so, you can do so manually by going to Settings > General on the dashboard.

Complete the steps shown on the screen to link your eBay or Shopify account with DSM Tool.

Configure your repricing settings, out-of-stock options, and company policies in the DSM Tool’s Settings tab after you’ve linked your eBay or Shopify store.

If you need detailed instructions on how to use the DSM Tool, please check the accompanying documentation or the helpful tips provided by the program itself. Assume the repricing and listing settings have been set up for the demo.

You can use the DSM Tool Chrome extension to quickly add products to your listings, or you can simply copy and paste the product’s URL into the Rapid Lister.

In this instance, I plan to list an item I found on AliExpress on eBay by simply pasting its URL into the eBay listing. As soon as you click the import button, DSM Tool will immediately begin importing your product data, including images, descriptions, and specifications.

DSM Tool will also apply the selected template’s formatting to the listing and calculate a selling price based on your specified profit margin and other preferences.

The following step is to review the product data and supplement it with any necessary information. As soon as you’re satisfied with the listing, click the Publish Now button, and DSM Tool will submit it to eBay or Shopify immediately.

You also have the option of delaying the listing’s release until a later date and time. DSM Tool makes it painless to post items for sale on online marketplaces like eBay and Shopify.

With the paid plans’ Bulk Lister, you can quickly add more listings for your products simply by copying and pasting their URLs.

On the other hand, you can import multiple products at once into the Rapid Lister by installing the DSM Tool Chrome extension.

You can save time processing customer orders and managing your dropshipping business by installing the Chrome browser extension, which enables semi-automated order processing and automated tracking information uploads.

As soon as orders begin coming in via your sales channel, they will be imported into your DSM Tool account instantly.

The DSM Tool’s Sales & Orders section is where you can track down orders, manage them, and view detailed information like selling fees and profit margins.

Here you can also view monthly top sellers, upload tracking information, and confirm that orders have been sent.

Additional Features

DSM Tool’s supplementary features and configurations are ground-breaking innovations for the system. When compared to other dropshipping tools, DSM Tool actually has quite a few more features.

DSM Tool is one of the few dropshipping tools that can automatically add meta tags, item details, and variations when posting products on eBay.

Professional eBay listing templates are also available to DSM Tool users for free and at a nominal cost. Here is a rundown of some of DSM Tool’s most useful extras.

Exponentially expanding group of wholesale-only dropship suppliers
Raise your prices or profit margins instantly after each sale is made.
Before posting images of your products on eBay, brand them with your company’s logo or watermark.
Find trending terms in a flash and improve your listing titles to attract more visitors.
Transform Amazon’s logistics tracking into Blue Cross’s express tracking system automatically.
Product descriptions can be rewritten to make them more engaging and to boost SEO (credits)
Descriptions of goods are enhanced with meta tags and product data at no extra cost to sellers.
Create drafts of listings automatically and publish them at predetermined intervals.
Allows for a wide range of color, size, fabric, and other product customization options

Pricing & Billing

With a free plan that allows you to list 25 products on AliExpress and a basic plan that allows you to list 600 products for as little as $24.97 per month, DSM Tool is a low-cost and effective dropshipping solution.

All subscription tiers feature access to over 50 dropshipping vendors, real-time stock monitoring every 60 minutes, and an uncapped customer order cap, as well as the rapid lister app and Chrome extension. When paying for a year’s worth of service at once, you can save up to 20%.

One credit, which can be used to automate DSM Tool’s order processing and tracking info uploads, costs between $0.20 and $0.40, depending on the credit bundle.

Monthly Pricing

For Free Listings of 25 Items (AliExpress) (Starter Plan)
Pricing for 600 Ads is $24.97 per month (Basic Plan)
5000 Ads for $99.97 a Month (Business Plan)
Price per month for 25,000 Ads is $499.97 (Enterprise)

Yearly Pricing

For Free Listings of 25 Items (AliExpress) (Starter Plan)
Pricing for 600 Listings is $19.97 a month, a discount of 20%.
$79,97 per month for 5,000 Listings (a 20% savings)
The price for 25,000 listings is $399.97 per month, a discount of 20%.

DSM Tool is one of the most cost-effective dropshipping solutions available, with a free plan and multiple low-cost monthly plans starting at less than $25 per month.

If you’re just getting started with dropshipping or have a modest eBay business, DSM Tool is your best bet.

However, DSM Tool is also suitable for more established sellers with existing sales and customers, as it has plans for managing and repricing up to 25,000 listings.

Final Conclusion

Over 200,000 online retailers all over the world have put their faith in DSM Tool, making it one of the most popular dropshipping platforms available.

DSM Tool is incredibly cheap and affordable, with a free plan that allows you to list 25 products and receive unlimited orders.

However, the software’s features and benefits pale in comparison to its lack of a non-API version and additional compatible sales channels.

In reality, DSM Tool is a one-stop-shop for setting up and running a dropshipping enterprise, and it does so for a fixed monthly fee.

Getting Started

Visit the DSM Tool website and sign up for an account with your email address, Facebook, or Google.

You can link your preferred sales channel to the DSM Tool dashboard once you’ve signed up.

The DSM Tool’s main features are available, and you can create up to 25 listings on eBay or Shopify with the free plan.

You can list up to 25 products for free, but in order to use more advanced tools like the Chrome extension, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read on for answers to all your questions about dropshipping with DSM Tool. Visit the DSM Tool website for live chat and email support if you have any further questions or require assistance.

Additional resources, including a help desk and a YouTube channel, can be found at the DSM Tool website. Always keep in mind that signing up for DS Tool and trying out all of its features is totally risk-free and doesn’t require any sort of financial commitment.

What suppliers is DSM Tool compatible with?

DSM Tool works with more than 50 different suppliers, including major retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart as well as top wholesale and dropshipping suppliers like CJ Dropshipping, Chinavasion, TVC Mall, and VidaXL.

About twenty suppliers are based in the United Kingdom, and the remainder are dispersed across the European Union and China. Visit the DSM Tool website for a complete list of supported vendors.

What selling platforms is DSM Tool compatible with?

DSM Tool works with Shopify in addition to eBay in the US, UK, and EU. So, if you want to set up an online shop or sell goods on eBay, DSM Tool is the way to go.

The future of DSM Tool is uncertain, but the company is likely to grow and introduce new sales channels like Amazon, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Facebook Marketplace at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Is DSM Tool easy to use?

The user-dashboard of DSM Tool is well-organized and straightforward, making it a breeze to use. The DSM Tool dashboard is where you’ll handle all of your ecommerce operations, from adding new listings to adjusting your repricing settings, fulfilling orders, and monitoring revenue.

DSM Tool is one of the tidiest and easiest-to-use dropshipping platforms available because it was developed specifically with the needs of dropshippers in mind.

How do I create new listings with DSM Tool?

DSM Tool’s dashboard includes the robust Rapid Lister tool, which can be used to create new listings.

Select and import products to the Rapid Lister with the help of a Chrome extension, or enter the URLs of the products manually. In order to create a new listing on your selling channel, DSM Tool will immediately import all product data, including images and descriptions.

Based on your repricing preferences and stock levels, the software will suggest a selling price.

Does DSM Tool monitor stock and prices?

The DSM Tool does check stock and prices every 60 minutes, and it will refresh your listings if any changes are found.

If your supplier unexpectedly runs out of stock, DSM Tool can put your eBay or Shopify listing “out of stock” within 60 minutes, preventing overselling.

DSM Tool will adjust the item’s selling price up or down depending on whether or not the cost of production has gone up or down.

You can increase your selling price after generating a sale with DSM Tool’s price repricing feature or set a default minimum available quantity with the tool’s stock management features.

How much does DSM Tool cost?

The basic DSM Tool plan is free forever and includes 25 listings. For more listings and additional features, you can upgrade to a premium plan for as little as $24.97 per month. The ability to track stock every 60 minutes and unlimited sales are standard features across all plans.

With an annual membership fee, you can gain access to special savings of 20% or more.

When paid annually, the price of the most basic plan drops to $19.97 from the regular $24.97.

Does DSM Tool have a free plan?

The free version of DSM Tool allows for 25 product listings, unlimited orders, 60-minute stock management, semi-automated order processing, and robotic stock replenishment.

There is no cost to try out DSM Tool, and if you’re just starting out in the world of e-commerce with a handful of listings, you can get up and running with the tool immediately without even entering your credit card information.

Is DSM Tool safe to use for eBay dropshipping?

Dropshipping automation tools like DSM Tool are generally risk-free to use when conducting business on eBay. However, it’s important to note that retail arbitrage, in which a seller purchases an item from one retailer to resell on eBay, is prohibited.

Thus, it is crucial to source from legitimate wholesalers or trade-only dropship suppliers to avoid any future issues with your eBay seller account.

More than 50 vendors, including many major wholesalers like TVC Mall, Chinavasion, and VidaXL, are compatible with DSM Tool.

Is DSM Tool compatible with Amazon?

DSM Tool is currently incompatible with the Amazon marketplace. Only eBay and Shopify can be used with DSM Tool.

In the future, DSM Tool will likely add compatibility with other platforms like Amazon and WooCommerce, as is the case with most dropshipping software solutions.

DSM Tool actually only worked with eBay at first, but added Shopify support in 2019.

Is DSM Tool good for UK sellers?

Because it is compatible with the UK version of eBay and more than 20 leading UK-based dropshipping suppliers like Banggood UK, DSM Tool is an excellent dropshipping solution for UK-based sellers.

So, the most crucial functions of the DSM Tool, such as the speedy lister and the automated stock management system, work flawlessly with eBay UK.

Using DSM Tool, you can quickly and easily find reliable dropshipping suppliers and merchants in the United Kingdom to stock your eBay UK or Shopify store.

How does the DSM Tool Chrome extension work?

With the DSM Tool Chrome extension, you can easily publish listings to eBay or your online store from a wide variety of suppliers with a single click.

As an added bonus, the Chrome add-on facilitates automated shipping by automatically pasting the customer’s shipping information at checkout.

Simply put, the Chrome extension improves upon DSM Tool’s already robust functionality and makes listing and order fulfillment significantly easier.

How do I connect DSM Tool to my online store?

You can connect your eBay or Shopify store after signing up for a free DSM Tool account and logging in. In any other case, head to Settings > General and scroll down to the eBay and Shopify section.

Just connect your store by clicking the logo of your preferred sales channel and following the on-screen instructions. In addition to entering your PayPal email address, you’ll need to fill in your name, address, and default currency.

Can I import existing listings?

A wide variety of repricing and automation tools, such as SkuGrid, PriceYak, and Easync, are compatible with DSM Tool, allowing for speedy importation of existing listings.

In addition, your current listings on eBay or Amazon can be imported for re-pricing and stock management.

For more information on importing existing listings or making the switch from another repricing software, please visit the DSM Tool website or contact the support team via live chat or email.

Does DSM Tool have auto ordering?

DSM Tool does support automatic ordering from a small number of vendors, among them Amazon, AliExpress, and Walmart.

For each item purchased, auto ordering will cost between 0.20 and 0.40 credits.

As an alternative, you can install a Chrome extension that provides a degree of automated ordering. Once DSM Tool is installed, processing customer orders is as easy as a few clicks and some auto-pasting.

Does DSM Tool provide listing templates for eBay?

Yes, DSM Tool offers a library of expertly crafted templates for making eye-catching eBay listings, with some free for casual users and others costing as little as $14.97 per template for professionals.

Developed specifically for the DSM Tool, these templates are streamlined, lightweight, and optimized for conversions and mobile use.

How do I maximise my sales with DSM Tool?

The suite of powerful features in DSM Tool can help you increase sales and revenue. You can set up dashboard notifications in DSM Tool to be notified when an item has been out of stock for too long or hasn’t generated any sales.

It is possible to set up sophisticated pricing strategies, such as adjusting the price of an item automatically after it sells or removing it from sale listings entirely.

Simply put, DSM Tool’s numerous customizable settings and options let you optimize your product selection, listing performance, and sales strategy to increase revenue.

What are some DSM Tool alternatives?

The best alternatives to DSM Tool are Hustle Got Real and SkuGrid, both of which offer similar functionality at much lower price points.

The dropshipping marketplaces Spocket and Syncee are two of many alternatives to DSM Tool.

For more details, see our compilation of top dropshipping apps.