If you run a dropshipping business, you probably already know that the speed with which a customer receives their order is a major factor in their final decision.

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However, one of the biggest challenges that many dropshipping store owners face is speeding up product delivery.

Find local dropshipping suppliers in the US who can assist you in doing the same. Read this post to learn where to look for American dropshipping partners who can help you get orders to customers faster.

Considerations for Dropshipping on Locating

AliExpress is the best dropshipping platform, and it’s the first choice of both newcomers and seasoned veterans. AliExpress, which is owned by the Alibaba group and features a selection of over 100 million items, is a major online marketplace.

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AliExpress is a marketplace where you can buy and sell almost anything, including electronics, clothing, accessories, and even safety and security equipment. In addition, AliExpress offers a dropshipping tool (Dropship corporaion) that consolidates the processes of finding products, tracking orders, and managing a store.

Choosing a US-based dropshipper: the benefits

As you browse AliExpress, you’ll notice that the vast majority of its sellers are located in Asia. The customer has placed an order with one of these vendors, shall we say.

Besides taking a long time to arrive, the product may be held up in Customs. Therefore, for the sake of your local clientele, it is recommended that you seek out American dropshipping suppliers.

Minimized Waiting Period

In the eyes of approximately 87% of shoppers, the time it takes for a product to be delivered is a major decision maker. Naturally, if your supplier is located in a different country, the delivery time of the product will increase, which may be unappealing to your customers.


Some shipments from overseas may be delayed in Customs clearance. Your customer’s shopping experience will likely suffer if they are required to pay a service charge.

Various Other Considerations

Customers are increasingly inquisitive about the origins of the goods they purchase. Many buyers want to know where their products came from and have a strong preference for those that were produced in the United States.

Where to Look for U.S. Dropshippers

In case you didn’t know, AliExpress is home to thousands upon thousands of vendors. Although many are located in China, you can also find vendors in the United States, Turkey, Australia, and other countries.

Use AliExpress’s built-in “Ship to” and “Ship from” filters to locate American dropshippers. See this page for details on how to use AliExpress’s search filters to locate vendors in any industry.

Step 1: Purchasing Desired Item from AliExpress

To get started with your dropshipping business, simply visit the AliExpress website. You can use AliExpress’s search bar or click on any of the site’s preexisting categories to locate what you’re looking for. Here I looked for laptop bags specifically, but you could use any term you like.

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Step 2: we must select only those products that are suitable for sale in the United States.

AliExpress has a massive database of products that are relevant to your search terms. Now, the United States of America is listed as a country option in the top right corner, making it easier than ever to locate dropshipping suppliers located in the United States. The United States can be chosen as the shipping destination in the “Ship to” field.

Upon making this selection, AliExpress will present you with a catalogue of items that can be shipped to the United States. In addition, AliExpress has a “Ship from” option on the toolbar (right next to the price filter). Select “United States” from the drop-down menu to see dropshipping companies based in the USA.

Step 3:Snvestigate potential vendors.

I think that covers everything. Once you make this choice, AliExpress will reload the results page with the refined selection of products that meet your criteria. You can now use your dropshipping tool to locate suppliers for any product page.

Additional Criteria to Consider When Choosing a US-Based Dropshipper

Using AliExpress’s pre-built filters, it’s a breeze to locate American vendors who specialise in drop shipping. In addition, you can take this advice from industry experts to heart as you search for the best wholesaler for your business.

Verify the Delivery Information

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Any dropshipping tool, such as Dropship corporation, will show order tracking options after you’ve chosen a supplier. A tracking number for an already-existing product can be requested in advance by contacting the supplier. You can check if the vendor is based in the US using the tracking number later on.

Verify Your Address For Shipping

This is yet another astute method for locating US-based dropshipping suppliers. Pick an item you’re interested in buying on AliExpress and look up the expected delivery date. The delivery time is less than 2 weeks if the supplier is based in the United States, but it can be more than 2 weeks for suppliers based in other countries (like 20-30 days).

Some Further Considerations

  1. Furthermore, there are a few other things you can investigate about the prospective vendor. Most American vendors use DHL, UPS, or the United States Postal Service (USPS) as their preferred shipping carriers.
  2. Product reviews are available for your perusal. The majority of the information you need to know about the product’s delivery time can be found in the comments left by previous customers and in the product’s shipping details.
  3. Dropship corporation are the best option for anyone opening or managing a dropshipping business. The official AliExpress dropshipping tool, it’s free and packed with cutting-edge options.

Here on Dropship corporation, you can browse through a huge selection of dropshipping companies.

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Dropship corporation is a one-stop-shop where you can do everything from researching potential suppliers to processing and fulfilling orders. The platform’s Supplier finder tool allows you to locate the most suitable vendor for any given product (to generate maximum profit). To make the most of your dropshipping store, you can quickly and easily come up with product bundles, order products in bulk, map out variants, and much more.

Yes, that’s it! With this manual as a reference, I have no doubt that you will have no trouble locating US-based dropshipping suppliers. In addition to a detailed plan for locating a reliable dropshipping partner, this article also provides helpful hints and advice.

To avoid the headaches associated with running a dropshipping business, however, you can use a programme like dropship corporation. It is the official AliExpress dropshipping tool, and it has some of the best tools for handling suppliers, orders, and products.