Alibaba started AliExpress in 2010 as a global marketplace where people from all over the world can buy directly from manufacturers and distributors, not just in China.

As the e-commerce website grew in popularity, the company made and released the AliExpress Dropshipping Center, a tool that many of their users, especially dropshippers, would find useful.

Dashboard for AliExpress Dropshipping Center
This tell-all guide will tell you everything you need to know about the AliExpress Dropshipping Center, from what it is to how you can use it for your business.

You’ll learn how to use all the features of such a great platform to your advantage.

Let’s get into it.

What Is the AliExpress Dropshipping Center?

The AliExpress Dropshipping Center is a useful e-commerce tool that helps dropshippers find and study products that are selling well and find suppliers on the platform.

AliExpress is always making changes to the tool, which is also known as the AliExpress Booster Program, so that it meets the needs of its users and stays up-to-date.

As a dropshipper, your first task is to figure out how to run your business more efficiently. Keeping this in mind, AliExpress built this platform with two key features to help you deal with this problem easily.

The platform has tens of thousands of products, which can be hard for your business to sort through. One of the best parts is that you can easily find products that are selling well.

Once you find products you want to sell, you can do product analyses that will give you useful information, such as sales volume, that you can use to your advantage.

You can find an in-depth look at each of the main features further down.

Is the AliExpress Dropshipping Center Free?

With all the features this tool has, it’s not surprising that many people think it costs a lot. In the end, analyzing data is a hard job.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to the AliExpress Dropshipping Center

Data Analysis
But we’re here to tell you that it’s completely free, which is good news for dropshippers everywhere.

Now, all you need is access to this platform, and you’ll be able to find and evaluate products quickly.

Is the AliExpress Dropshipping Center Reliable?


Since it opened in 2010, AliExpress has been a trusted market. This top B2C company has built up a good reputation over the years, which makes it a good platform for dropshippers.

On top of that, the number of people who visit the site each month has never been less than 390 million, which says a lot about how much people like it and use it. For their booster program, this number of users should be a reliable source of information.

Who Can Use the AliExpress Dropshipping Center?

The Dropshipping Center can be used by anyone with an AliExpress account. So, don’t worry if you don’t use AliExpress to dropship.

Even though it’s more useful for people who have a dropshipping business, anyone can use the Dropshipping Center for whatever reason.

The more important question is how you can get to it. The answer is on the next page.

How Do You Activate the AliExpress Dropshipping Center?

The Dropship Center can be reached in three main ways. If one doesn’t work, look into the other choices.

Sign Up Manually

The easiest way is to use your AliExpress account to sign up manually.
Here’s how it works, step by step:

Make an account on AliExpress or Sign in to your account on AliExpress first.
Use this link to sign up for the Dropshipping Center. You will go to the picture below.
Sign up for the AliExpress Dropshipping Center.
Read the AliExpress Dropshipping Project’s General Agreement and Data Service Authorization and agree to its terms and conditions.
Give your first name and last name.
Follow the link on the confirmation page to get to the Dropshipper Center. Look at the image below.

Receive an Invitation

We did say that anyone with an account can use the Dropshipping Center, but users who place a lot of orders are told about the platform.

This message will be an invitation to use the different tools in the center. Just click on the alert to find out about this booster program, and then use the same steps as above to get to it.

Use a Supported Application

At the moment, Topdser, Antdiy, and DSers are the only three apps that work with AliExpress and can be linked to it.

How Do You Find the AliExpress Dropshipping Center in Your Account?

After you’ve activated your account, it’s easy to get to the Dropshipping Center whenever you want.

Just click on the Account tab when you’re in your account. The Dropshipping Center tab will pop out on its own.

What you should see is this:

What Features Does the AliExpress Dropshipping Center Have?

As was already said, the Dropshipping Center has two main features that are helpful to its users: product search and product analysis.

Product Search Feature

The product search tool has three tabs that all users can use to their full potential. Let’s talk about each one below.

Hot Selling Products

This tab was made to help AliExpress users find popular items in all kinds of niches. This tool makes it easy to find what you want, whether it’s clothes or furniture.

But it will be easier if you know what you want to get out of it. That is, focusing your search on the niche you’re already in and using that as your starting point.

Product Search Feature That Sells Well
This tab has a search bar where you can type the name of a product. There are more subcategories in each of the more than 25 categories you can choose from in the dropdown bar.

You can also narrow down the countries from which you ship and the countries you want to ship to.

Right now, the Ship From option lets you choose from China, Russia, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and France. You can ship from these countries to 18 countries, including Korea, Germany, and Australia.

You can also narrow down your search by Delivery Time, which is also an important factor for many customers. You can choose = 10 days, = 20 days, = 30 days, or = 40 days from the dropdown menu.

Lastly, you can manually type in your lowest and highest prices to find products that fit within your budget.

Even if you can’t fill in all the bars, don’t worry about it. Each of these works well on its own, so you can use the search bar, the product category, or the delivery time on their own or in different ways.

All of your search results will show the price, the price for dropshipping with the standard discount, the number of consumer orders, the number of dropshipping orders, the rating, and how well the product sold. The last column is for analysis, which will be talked about in more detail later on.

Image Search

The Image Search tab was made for people who want to use images to find specific dropshipping products or ones that are similar. This tab is very helpful for people who only have a picture of the product and don’t know what it’s called.

If you upload a picture, you’ll get results that show the same product or ones that are similar.

A picture search is shown in the picture below.

Image Search: Feature for Product Search
You’ll see suggested product categories and similar products based on the picture you uploaded. In the search results, you can see the price, the number of orders, and the rating.

All of these things can also be looked at more closely.

In addition to popular products and a reverse image search, you can also find sponsored products easily. These items come from AliExpress sellers who paid to get their products advertised.

Feature for Sponsored Product Search
This tab could be helpful for people who want to find suppliers who are willing to spend money on advertising, which can show how eager they are to sell products.

You can make your search more specific by using the Category dropdown bar, which gives you a choice of 25 different categories (not counting each category’s subcategories).

Product Analysis Feature

The Dropshipping Center was made by AliExpress so that users could learn more about the products they were interested in.

This feature can already be previewed by using the “Analyze” button and the different tabs in the product search feature. You are taken to the page about how that product works.

Also, it’s important to know that you’re not just stuck with the search results. This feature has a box where you can paste the URL of any AliExpress product to get an analysis of that product.

Features of the product
You don’t just get the order numbers or the ratings of the products; you also get more information about the product, such as its supplier, how reliable logistics are, and an overview of sales volume in the form of a line graph.

This information is very important for any dropshipper who wants to know where the product comes from and what dates are important for sales.

Here’s how the feature works for the best-selling product right now:

What Are the Benefits of AliExpress Dropshipping Center for Your Business?

We’ve now told you what the features are. But if you’re still not sure why you should sign up and get access to the platform, here are a few good reasons to think about.


The tool is free to use in every way. This should be enough to persuade you to use it to its fullest, since it costs you almost nothing but time and effort to make your business better.

Time Efficient

This platform is a one-stop shop where you can quickly find products and do research. It’s also made with search bars and other features that make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Free Analysis

You don’t have to pay for a product analysis when you can get one here for free. Not only that, but you can quickly look at ALiExpress products by copying and pasting their URLs.


Depending on your level, you may also be able to get discounts. Your level is based on how much you’ve spent on the site, which is called your “Gross Merchandise Value.” The bigger the discounts you can get, the more you have to spend.

You can get a discount of up to 6% on what you buy.

In the picture below, you can see how to upgrade.

How to Use the AliExpress Dropshipping Center for Your Business?

As a dropshipper, you know that all of the above features are helpful, whether you’re new to the business or have been doing it for a long time.

But the real question is how to use these tools to make your dropshipping business as successful as possible. Here are a few options:

Find Hot Products

Start with the “Hot Selling” tab if you are new to business or just want to find products to sell or niches to look into. This can also help people figure out whether they want a general or a specific niche store.

Look through the top search results to get an idea of what products are in demand right now.

See What’s Trending and What’s Not

The AliExpress Dropshipping Center can also tell you what products you should sell and which ones you should stay away from. This can be seen from the number of sales.

If you want to follow the crowd, it’s easiest to buy products that are popular and selling well. You’ll see a list of the products that sell the most in every niche. If you want to be unique, choose ones that don’t sell very well.

Find Unique Products

Some dropshippers like to sell products that aren’t very popular on the market because there’s less or no competition. After all, if you sell something that’s unique, you’re likely to make more sales.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, find a specific niche and focus on products that haven’t caught on in the market yet.

Find Specific Products

If you got into dropshipping because you were interested in a certain product or niche, you can use the reverse image search to find exact or similar products. So, you get the product you want and don’t have to look through a long list of results.

This is also helpful for dropshippers who have found a niche in their area that hasn’t been filled yet.

Find Reliable Suppliers

It is a fact that the reliability of your supplier can easily make or break your dropshipping store. Basically, you won’t have much say over the quality of the products or how they are shipped. That will be up to the supplier you choose.

This means that if you want to be successful, you need a good one. The product analysis tool lets you see how reliable a supplier is, which gives you enough information to decide if this supplier will be a good business partner for you.

Combine with Product Analysis

All of these tips can be used together with product analysis, especially when it comes to the reliability of the supply chain and an overview of the number of sales.

With logistics reliability, you can see what your customers will go through when they buy a product from your dropshipping store. The overview of sales volume tells you when the product really started to sell well on the market.

Both of these things will help you decide if the product is worth selling or if you should look for a different one.

Final Thoughts

The AliExpress Dropshipping Center is helpful whether you’re new to dropshipping or have been doing it for years.

It’s a free tool you can use to find new products to sell and get reliable data from on-site analysis. It serves many different niches and places all over the world.