The $532 billion online beauty market is growing rapidly, and it’s not simply due to major corporations expanding their presence there. The beauty business is seeing an increase in the number of smaller firms that specialise on a single product, such as artisanal soaps and specialty cosmetics.

A Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Own Successful Online Beauty Supply Store

You’ll need a substantial plan to follow if you wish to offer beauty-related products like beauty supply online and be a beauty entrepreneur.

Why Online Retail of Cosmetics and Other Vanity Goods Is

Cosmetics and skincare goods are just two of the many categories covered by online beauty supply stores. Personal care items, especially those pertaining to the skin, the hair, and the nails, are the most commonly sold items in this sector.

It’s simple and doesn’t require a lot of money to start a modest online beauty supply store selling things like perfume, makeup, and skin care products. The key to successfully operating a beauty supply store is stocking it with brands that customers actually want to buy.

The United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, China, and Canada all have thriving beauty supply shop industries.

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After breaking down the money generated by each sector of the industry, we find that skincare, which includes products like lotions and creams, brings in an estimated 27% of total revenue. Most of these products are less luxurious than fragrances and cosmetics, thus their sales tend to hold up better during economic downturns.

The skincare market has benefited from the introduction of new, cutting-edge anti-aging products. The beauty supply sector has also benefited from an extensive product range, which has increased sales over the previous five years.

What You Need to Know to Start Selling Cosmetics Online

Ask for nothing else if you want to know how to start an online beauty supply store. This guide shows you how to do it in five easy steps. After you’ve done these things, you’ll be ready to open your beauty supply store.

Do the research on the market

Economists say that the beauty industry is more likely to make it through the rough times because the people who buy beauty products care about quality. Even though they may give up other luxuries, they still use beauty products to make them feel better when times are tough.

When doing market research on beauty supplies, you will need to look at both primary and secondary research for information and use both in your findings, since both types of research are needed for market research in general.

When you combine these two types of research, you can find out a lot about your product and brand, as well as which niche market you want to join.

First-hand research on a market

In the beauty industry, primary market research usually involves talking to customers or people who might become customers. Its main job is to gather information about the target market and can divide the market into different parts.

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The whole group of customers is then broken up into smaller, more specific, and unique market segments. Some entrepreneurs do their own primary market research, while others hire research experts to do it for them.

Research on the second market

Secondary market research is the process of getting information from sources that are already out there. This process can go faster if you buy high-quality market research reports that give you detailed information, statistics, and results. Your research project can be powered by secondary market research, and it can also help you figure out what areas you should look into more in your primary research.

Market Research 2 – Dropship Corporation
The primary market research also helps you learn more about the people you want to sell to. The secondary research, on the other hand, lets you gather key information and insights from other parts of the beauty industry, such as the status of the industry, its niche market, and its competitors.

You can ask online survey platforms to give you the software and tools you need to do professional market research so you can plan, create, customise, deploy, and reach your target markets.

A Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Own Successful Online Beauty Supply Store

So, it’s easy to make surveys that help you get very specific information about your target market’s needs, beauty inspirations, dislikes, shopping habits, and more.

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This will give your brand the edge it needs to be competitive and keep making money in the online beauty supply business. With this kind of research on the beauty supply market, you’ll be ready for anything.

Choose the method of distribution

Some stores that sell beauty supplies could do away with their physical stores and only sell online. Your beauty supply store can do business online in a number of ways:


In this kind of business model, companies sell products online without keeping any stock. Shoppers place orders at checkout, and sellers send those orders to third-party suppliers, who then send the products directly to the customer.

This model is great for small businesses because stores don’t need warehouses or complicated logistics. The difference between how much a product costs to buy from a supplier and how much it costs to sell to a customer determines how much money the business makes.

White Labelling

White labelling, also called “private labelling,” is a way of doing business in which one company makes products without labels and then sells them to many dealers. For instance, a white-label manufacturer will sell shampoo to seven different retailers.

White Label
Each store can put its own name on the shampoo, customise the package in its own branded container, and then sell the shampoo to customers. White-labeling is a great way to get from an idea to a finished product quickly.


Using this model, your product is made just for you, and you are legally allowed to sell it under your brand name.

But it can be hard, expensive, and take a lot of time to find reliable manufacturers to work with. So this is always the choice for big companies and never for small online businesses.

Warehouses for wholesale

With this model, you buy products, put them in a warehouse, and then sell them through your online store. This is the hardest model because you have to spend money on a warehouse and tools for keeping track of your stock. But you can keep an eye on shipping, quality, and compliance.

TIP: If you want to open an online beauty store, dropshipping may be better than having your own online store.
Don’t Need to Keep Stock

The fact that there are no direct inventory costs is the main reason why many online sellers choose dropshipping. When a seller doesn’t keep an inventory, he or she doesn’t have to pay for things like a storage facility, labour, investment risk, pre-capital investment, etc.

Useful Tools for Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a well-known way to sell products, so there are many dropshipping tools like Dropship Corporation that can help you increase your profit margins and make it easier to fill orders for your online beauty business.

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▪ Get Paid Before Delivery

With dropshipping, you don’t have to pay for inventory up front, which is great for businesses that are short on cash. Merchants can offer a wider range of beauty supply products without having to worry about the cost of pre-investing in stock.

Make sure your store has a licence.

Depending on where you live and what you do, you may need licences and permits from the federal, state, county, and city governments to start and run an online business. There are also taxes for small businesses that are registered.

Seller’s Permits

Most of the time, you can sign up for e-commerce sales tax online or by mail for little or no cost. To get registered, you have to fill out an application with the state tax department and give them basic information about your business, such as your federal tax number, business address, state where you live, and income.

The state will give you a state sales tax identification number once your application has been approved. Many states have rules for “marketplace facilitators,” which are third-party sellers like Etsy and Amazon.
Usually, the person who runs the marketplace is in charge of collecting sales tax on behalf of the seller. Check each state’s rules for market promoters if you are selling through a third party.

Reseller’s Permits

If you buy things to sell to your customers but don’t want to pay sales tax on them, you will also need to get a reseller’s licence, also called a resale certificate.

When you buy things to sell, you show the supplier your reseller’s licence to get tax-free sales. The supplier then reports the sale to the tax office.

States give out resale certificates so that the same item doesn’t get taxed twice. However, you can only use them for things you plan to sell and charge sales tax on.

You can apply for a resale licence through your state’s Revenue Department if your state gives them out. Some states don’t give dealers separate licences. Instead, they use your sales tax identification number. Check the website of your Revenue Department for instructions on how to apply.

Set up a store on the web

It’s not as hard to sell beauty products online as it used to be. There are many platforms and tools for e-commerce that make it easy and cheap to set up an online store.

When making an e-commerce site, you need to think about many things, such as site functionality, performance, scalability, security, ease of use, SEO (search engine optimization), payment solutions, etc.

  • It’s a good idea to use Shopify to set up an online beauty supply store. Shopify is the best e-commerce platform for handling a lot of web traffic.
    This is your best bet if you want a solution that is easy to scale up and down and has a lot of built-in features.
  • Multiple sales platforms: It sells on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and eBay, among other places.
  • ▪ Great design: You can choose from free and paid templates, or you can start from scratch if you can’t find the right one.
  • 3,000+ Apps: Shopify has a huge library of apps like Dropship Corporation and third-party extensions that can help you take your store to the next level.
  • Shopify supports more than 100 different ways to pay, and it has its own payment gateway called Shopify Payments.
  • It gives you everything you need to run the store and build your brand. It also works with analytical reporting tools to help you keep track of how well your business is doing and with direct sales applications to help you fill orders. You run your site, but to get people to visit, you need a good marketing plan.

Market your shop

Visual advertising is a big part of how beauty supplies are sold. The product is used to make people look better. It goes without saying that their effects need to be shown visually. This photogenic part is more of a focus for advertising than in many other industries, and it may use up more resources.

There may be a need for professional models and photographers, and social media is an important part of all marketing.
How most marketing campaigns for beauty products are set up will depend on how important “influencer advertising” is to reaching your target audience.

Your plan for marketing should use the social media sites that promote photography and other related topics the best. Apps like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok are among these.

Also, as your business grows and makes more money, you can be ready to hire professional photographers and videographers to show your subject in the best light, both literally and figuratively.

Dropship Corporation: Take Your Business Selling Beauty Products to the Next Level

Doing some research is all you need to do to dropship beauty supplies. From what has been said so far, you have probably figured out what your store is all about. So, you already know what products need to be sold.

Dropshipping tools make it easy to find the best dropshipping beauty supply suppliers. As was already said, Dropship Corporation is the best tool to use when setting up your online beauty supply store with Shopify.

Dropship Corporation makes it easy to find suppliers with its Supplier finder feature, place large orders with its Bulk Order feature, and keep track of order details with its Auto-update Order Status feature.

Last Word

Most online beauty supply stores can barely make it on $5,000 to $10,000, but if you take your business seriously and market it well, you can make money.

It’s easy to see why the industry is so big and why, with the right drive and effort, owning your own beauty supply store is a good idea. Are you ready to start your own brand of beauty supplies? If you do it right, selling these things online can now be a good way to make money.