If you’re just starting out with your dropshipping store, you’ll need to choose a good platform to host it on. Shopify, Wix, and WordPress are some of the best choices out of all the ones that are available.

While Shopify is made for eCommerce, platforms like Wix and WordPress are hard for a lot of people to understand. So, in this Wix vs. WordPress guide, I’ll compare the two from different points of view to help you decide which one is best for you.

Find out which platform is best for your dropshipping business by comparing Wix and WordPress.
Find out which platform is best for your dropshipping business by comparing Wix and WordPress.

Features of Wix: What You Need to Know

Simply put, Wix is an online platform for creating and managing websites, with additional options for hosting and advertising. It uses a freemium business model to offer one of the most convenient ways to get started with website development, with a wide variety of premade layouts to choose from.

Wix is an HTML 5-based website builder with numerous in-house and third-party plugins. Wix also offers analytics and e-commerce features in addition to its dedicated hosting services.

Important WordPress Features to Know

  • For nearly 42 percent of all websites online today, WordPress serves as the primary content creation and management platform. WordPress.com is the commercial counterpart to WordPress.org, the open-source platform.
  • In addition to top-notch web hosting, WordPress also provides access to a library of more than 50,000 separate plugins. It comes with a free e-commerce plugin called WooCommerce and has built-in SEO tools.

The Differences Between Wix and WordPress

Now that we’re familiar with the fundamentals of both platforms, let’s compare Wix and WordPress using a variety of criteria, such as their relative ease of use, cost, adaptability, etc.

Simple to Use

For many, the overall ease of use of the tools would be the first and most important thing. Since Wix is made for beginners, it should have a friendlier interface overall.

You can choose from a large number of templates and change them to make your own website. Wix also has a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor that lets you make a website from scratch without having to write any code.

Even though WordPress is also easy to use as a whole, its interface can be a bit more complicated than Wix’s. But you can get access to some of WordPress’s most advanced themes that you can completely change from your dashboard.

Designing and Making Changes

Wix has more than 800 free and paid templates that you can look through and change. Wix is based on HTML 5, but you don’t have to write any back-end code to make a website with it. Though, if you want, you can use Wix ADI or other plugins to get results that are more to your liking.

Designing and Making Changes
Designing and Making Changes

On the other hand, WordPress has tens of thousands of free and paid themes that you can use right away. On WordPress, there are a lot of ways to change how the layout of a loaded theme looks. You can also change its back-end code on WordPress or use a number of plugins to customise it better.

Apps and plug-ins

When we look at the plugins for both Wix and WordPress, it’s clear that WordPress has more to offer.

Wix has its own web store where you can find more than 200 plugins for SEO, eCommerce, comments, data management, and other things. Please keep in mind that all of these plugins are only available inside Wix, and most of them cost money. You can look at and instal any plugin, but this limits how much we can change our websites.

WordPress is clearly the winner here, since it has an open web store with more than 55,000 plugins.

You can find a plugin for almost anything on WordPress, from Google Analytics to table generators and comment filtering to eCommerce store management. Some of these WordPress plugins cost money, but you can use the basic version of most of them for free.

eCommerce Features

As I said above, you can use both Wix and WordPress to set up and run your eCommerce store online. Though, WordPress is a better choice for running a dropshipping store because it has more features and can be used with WooCommerce.

Wix has paid plans that are designed specifically for running eCommerce stores. With these plans, you can manage multiple customer profiles and connect several payment gateways. You can host photos and videos for your product catalogues and get detailed information about your customers.

You can connect your Wix site to Modalyst if you want to get a wide range of dropshipping products. Wix also has options for recovering carts that have been left behind, using multiple currencies, creating loyalty programmes, and selling through social media.

If you use WordPress to run your eCommerce store online, you can find almost all of the features that Wix offers, plus a lot more. You will have the option to link different payment gateways, such as PayPal, which will work well together.

You can easily run a free eCommerce store on your WordPress site by installing WooCommerce, which is the native way to do it. It lets you connect your store to the best shipping services and list an unlimited number of products. WooCommerce lets you sell your products on multiple platforms and gives you extra features like inventory management, SEO, coupons, refunds with one click, and more.


As a final part of our comparison of Wix and WordPress, let’s take a look at the different pricing plans for each.

Wix has 8 plans for individuals and business owners as of right now. If all you want is a simple, static website with few pages, you can pay between $13 and $39 per month. But if you want to run an online eCommerce store, you can pay between $23 and $49 per month for one of its business plans.

wix plans for pricing
wix plans for pricing

WordPress would be the clear winner when it comes to price. WordPress’s basic plan costs only $4 per month (with limited features). But you can get a business plan for $25 and a plan that is just for eCommerce for $45 per month.

Aside from that, you can also instal WordPress and WooCommerce for free on any third-party hosting service, which can drastically lower its price.


From our comparison of Wix and WordPress, you can see that both tools have their pros and cons. If you’re new to building websites and want answers right away, you can just check out Wix.

Wix wouldn’t have as many plugins and customization options as WordPress, though. Also, in the long run, Wix would be a more expensive choice. So, if you want to grow and make an eCommerce business that can grow with you, WordPress might be a better choice.

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What’s else?

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After reading this comparison of Wix and WordPress, you should know more about both of them. Wix is mostly recommended for people who have never made a website before because it is easy to use and manage. Even though Wix is easier to use, it doesn’t have nearly as many features as WordPress.

So, if you want to make a website that can be changed and has more power, WordPress would be a good choice in the long run. Also, if you want to make sure your dropshipping store has the right products, you can easily use a tool like Dropship corporation.