There is no faster way to find low-competition, high-demand, high-profit-margin products that are selling like hotcakes than by using an AliExpress research tool.

The following AliExpress research tools will allow you to quickly and easily find best-selling items in minutes, whether you’re dropshipping on Shopify or sourcing items to sell through Amazon FBA.

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When it comes to finding successful AliExpress products for dropshipping via an online store or marketplace, FindNiche is one of the most powerful and advanced research tools available.

FindNiche provides a powerful suite of tools for discovering the most lucrative AliExpress products, including a curated database of over 20 million of the best AliExpress products, a daily list of 20 handpicked winners, an innovative Ad Spy Tool, and a list of top Shopify stores.

You can also use FindNiche to snoop on the competition by searching through a database of more than 80 million best-selling items from thriving Shopify stores.

Useful database of top-selling items on AliExpress and potent research tool
Best-selling AliExpress dropshipping products across all categories, easily searchable.
Analyze detailed sales and order information from AliExpress.
Examine the Shopify stores and Facebook advertising strategies of your competitors.
With a free, capped version and cheap paid plans starting at $9/month, you can’t go wrong.


If you want to save time and find the products and ideas that sell best on AliExpress, AliInsider is the perfect tool for you.

One of the most feature-rich AliExpress product research tools, AliInsider features a cutting-edge Chrome extension that provides instant access to comprehensive performance data on any AliExpress product, including total orders, growth rate, and shipping options.

More than 30,000 of AliExpress’ top-selling products and their suppliers are cataloged and linked to in AliInsider’s curated database.

Unique Chrome add-on that facilitates product research on AliExpress
Quickly expose market information like sales volume, order volume, and customer feedback
Over 20,000 users have already praised its dependability and ease of use.
More than 30,000 of AliExpress’s best-selling products are included in the database.
From $19.95 per month, you can access the fully functional free version.

Product Mafia

A leading product research platform, Product Mafia features a curated database of over a thousand of AliExpress’s best-selling items, as well as advanced performance data like total sales, social media engagements, and links to the best suppliers.

It’s easy to find the best products for your online store thanks to the extensive database and powerful search tools.

Product Mafia is one of the highest rated AliExpress research tools despite being a relative newcomer, boasting a 4.8 rating from more than 280 customers on TrustPilot.

A curated list of over a thousand of the best-selling items on
Extensive metrics, including the number of times your content was shared on social media,
Provides access to AliExpress’s best vendors in addition to those of rival e-commerce platform Shopify
Transfer goods to your online storefronts like WooCommerce and Shopify in a flash.
Most products and sales analytics are available in a free, basic version.


Ecomhunt is another well-liked AliExpress product research tool, with a curated database of over a thousand best-selling dropshipping products and access to in-depth sales data and analytics like order volume, margin, and customer feedback.

Ecomhunt also features information on the top AliExpress vendors, in addition to links to current social media campaigns and suggestions for ad targeting.

Ecomhunt is one of the cheapest options for researching products on AliExpress, with a free version and premium plans for unlimited access beginning at just $20 per month.

Comprehensive sales analytics, performance data, and forecasted profits for over 2000 top-selling AliExpress products that have been hand-picked by industry experts
Provides access to the best AliExpress vendors and current Facebook advertising campaigns
Easily identify eBay’s best-selling items for drop shipping or resale.
Access sales data and product information for a select number of products for free with the basic plan

Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper’s cutting-edge features include a database of over a thousand best-selling AliExpress products, a potent Shopify spy tool, and a video ad generator.

Additionally, operating Niche Scraper is a breeze. Easy importation of best-selling products into your Shopify store is as simple as browsing the network.

Free users are restricted to scraping a daily quota of products, while paid users have access to all features, catalogs, and sales information.

Modernized product data mining techniques and a carefully curated AliExpress product database
Get instant access to the best-selling products on AliExpress across all categories.
With a few clicks, you can add any of these items to your Shopify store.
Featuring market share, rivalry, and supplier links.
Use this video ad maker to make a polished commercial for any item on AliExpress.

Dropship Center

AliExpress’ Dropship Center is a no-cost resource that helps sellers find popular items with high ratings and rising sales.

The Dropship Center not only provides a list of over 2000 of AliExpress’ most popular products, but it also allows you to quickly scan any AliExpress product via its URL to review sales data, growth rate, and logistics reliability.

An AliExpress account is not required to use the Dropship Center. When you sign up for a free account, you’ll have immediate access to analyze any product on AliExpress.

AliExpress offers a trustworthy and cost-free research tool.
Find the best-selling products on AliExpress in a flash.
You can see data like sales and orders in progress right now.
Analyze sales information for any product on AliExpress by entering its URL.
Deal with orders and get special discounts on dropshipping purchases.

ZIK Analytics

ZIK Analytics was established in 2016, and it is an all-inclusive research tool for eBay and AliExpress that includes a market research lab, an eBay title builder, and a database of top wholesale suppliers.

When compared to other research tools, ZIK Analytics is tailored toward discovering best-selling AliExpress products and researching the most sought-after eBay items. You can quickly and easily analyze sales data for any item on eBay using the market research lab.

ZIK Analytics is a comprehensive tool for navigating AliExpress and locating the best products and suppliers.

Research tool that covers both eBay and AliExpress
Discover top-selling products on AliExpress and eBay in a flash.
Analyze sales figures, including sell-through rates, in a flash
Find out which products are selling well by snooping on competing vendors.
Credible resource featured on ABC, CBS, and Forbes


AliExtractor is a specialist Chrome browser extension which allows you to seamlessly research and instantly analyse thousands of AliExpress products in just one-click. 

From cost price and retail price to total monthly sales, revenue and ratings, AliExtractor provides you with instant product analytics and quick filters so you can easily find winning products and niche opportunities, without having to jump from website to website.

AliExtractor also has a number of unique features and benefits including exclusive cash-back rates on AliExpress orders, an innovative profit calculator and product data exporting.

The ultimate Chrome add-on and AliExpress research instrument
One-click access to detailed analyses of tens of thousands of items on AliExpress.
Explore projected figures, such as monthly revenue and sales totals
Whenever you make a purchase on AliExpress, you’ll be eligible for a special cash rebate.
With the help of the built-in revenue estimator and exporter of sales data

Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy is widely regarded as the most sophisticated AliExpress research tool available, with access to more than 5,000 best-selling products across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok and thousands of winning items across ecommerce marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

Products in Dropship Spy’s database have been handpicked by market researchers and dropshipping experts for their high levels of social engagement and overall sales.

Review sales charts, social media engagements, and customer ratings, as well as links to top AliExpress suppliers and live Facebook or Instagram ads from other successful sellers, to quickly find and analyze products with just a few clicks.

Information on over 5,000 top-selling products and markets
Look into the numbers for sales and the number of likes and shares your posts have received on social media.
Use AliExpress and other leading online marketplaces to locate reliable vendors.
Seek out video ads, copy recommendations, and demographic options
Quickly import products and existing reviews from AliExpress.


AliShark is the most comprehensive collection of winning products from AliExpress for dropshipping or reselling online, with over 1.5 million products and thousands of niche ideas.

AliShark provides almost real-time product analytics, such as recent sales, total sales, and wishlist counts, top countries, competitor data, and dropshipping statistics, so you can find the best-selling AliExpress items among millions with ease.

You can find exactly what you’re looking for in a matter of minutes by browsing the vast product database and filtering the results by price, shipping location, category, sales, and votes. In addition, you can import products straight into Shopify and save them for later perusal.

Database of more than 1.5 million best-selling AliExpress products

Filter results by price, shipping location, sales, votes and wishlist adds

View real-time product data including recent sales and total sales

Spy on other successful Shopify sellers and dropshipping stores

Updated daily with fresh statistics and new best-selling items


With over 7,000 active installs, DropshipMe has proven itself as the go-to WordPress plugin for locating and importing successful AliExpress products into a WooCommerce-driven store.

After activating the plugin, you can import any of the more than 50,000 hand-picked AliExpress products into WooCommerce with a single click.

It’s no surprise that DropshipMe has become the go-to plugin for AliExpress to WooCommerce dropshipping thanks to its professionally edited product titles, quick filters for finding products in any niche, and ability to import existing customer reviews.

Inexpensive add-on that facilitates the transfer of products from AliExpress to WooCommerce
Includes over 50,000 handpicked items in its database.
One-click product and data import to your WooCommerce store.
High-resolution images paired with titles that were edited by pros
It’s free to import up to 50 high-quality products from AliExpress.


More than 350,000 people all over the world use Thieve, making it one of the most popular and widely used free AliExpress product research tools. Among its users are thousands of professional ecommerce sellers. With a 4.2 star rating on Product Hunt, Thieve is another highly regarded platform.

Thieve is a simple and modern website that helps you find popular AliExpress products across multiple categories, such as furnishings, electronics, apparel, and toys.

Access to all products is included in the free version, while a premium plan is available for those who want access to sales data and recommendations for the best AliExpress suppliers.

AliExpress’s original, free product-searching platform
Get instant access to thousands of best-selling products hand-picked by specialists.
Sort items by most recently added, most popular, or cheapest
With over 350,000 users and a 4.2 star rating on Product Hunt, this site offers premium membership tiers with direct access to vetted vendors.

More AliExpress Research Tools

More than 10,000 users around the world trust Sell The Trend, an A.I-powered dropshipping solution and premium product research tool that launched in 2017.
Another widely used free Chrome extension for analyzing Shopify stores and discovering best-sellers is Commerce Inspector, which has been downloaded by over 100,000 users.
SaleSource – SaleSource has been a popular three-in-one ecommerce automation platform for finding profitable AliExpress products and top suppliers for more than three years.
Asify is a cutting-edge Chrome extension that facilitates research on products sold on AliExpress, and it attracts more than 25,000 weekly users thanks to its suite of cutting-edge features.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions about AliExpress’s product research tools will be answered in the following FAQs. Visit the provider’s website for specialized assistance with any of the specific research tools mentioned in this manual.

Why use an AliExpress research tool?

For online retailers and dropshippers, AliExpress is a vital resource for finding products at low prices. There are millions of products available in countless categories, making it challenging to identify the most lucrative products.

Finding the best products to sell on your e-commerce site or marketplace will be a breeze with the help of an AliExpress research tool. As a result, you won’t have to devote a ton of time to conducting individual product research and launching test ad campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

How do AliExpress research tools work?

AliExpress research tools typically include a database of top-selling items that have been selected by market researchers. These items have been chosen based on a number of criteria, including sales history, sales velocity, order growth rate, customer ratings, and the strength of the competition.

Product scrapers, which can be found in a variety of AliExpress research tools, let you quickly examine any AliExpress product via the URL or a Chrome browser extension.

If you’re running an online shop or marketplace, the AliExpress research tool can also facilitate the rapid import of products from AliExpress.

What data do AliExpress research tools provide?

Most AliExpress research tools offer in-depth performance data on any AliExpress product or on selected products within the database of handpicked items, including monthly, daily, and overall sales, total revenue, wishlist adds, ratings, and votes.

For more in-depth analysis, the AliExpress research tool can recommend ad copy and targeting mechanisms, highlight leading suppliers and competitors, and even link to related Shopify stores. Additional functionality, however, is often only available to those who pay for a “premium” membership.

What is the best free AliExpress research tool?

In this guide, we’ve included links to a variety of AliExpress research tools, the majority of which have free versions that let you discover some winning AliExpress products. As a result, you can find hot commodities without spending a dime.

Dropship Center is a free service offered by AliExpress that helps you quickly and easily analyze sales data and performance analytics for any product listed on the AliExpress website.

Can I import products using an AliExpress research tool?

Tools like Product Mafia, Niche Scraper, and Dropship Spy make it easy to import products from AliExpress to an e-commerce platform like Shopify or WooCommerce. Not all research tools have this capability, though, because they are typically built for finding products.

In the event that the research tool doesn’t have an import feature, you can use dropshipping software to do so, and this software will also automate inventory management across multiple ecommerce channels like WooCommerce, Shopify, eBay, and Amazon.

What is the best AliExpress research tool for selling on eBay?

The best tools for finding products to sell on eBay from AliExpress are FindNiche, AliInsider, Product Mafia, and Ecomhunt. However, many of the resources presented here are also applicable to the task of discovering profitable items to sell on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

So, ZIK Analytics, for instance, is a potent research tool and competition analysis software developed for eBay sellers. In fact, ZIK Analytics makes it simple to discover the hottest selling items on eBay and to snoop on the activities of competing vendors.

Do I need to use an AliExpress research tool?

Using an AliExpress research tool is highly recommended for anyone who sells online, whether they are seasoned pros or newcomers to the ecommerce world.

You can save yourself hours of time by using an AliExpress research tool to find the best-selling items on the marketplace. On AliExpress, you can quickly locate products with high potential for sales, little to no competition, and high margins of profit.

It’s worth noting that many of the AliExpress research tools discussed in this guide have a free version that can be used to find and analyze a small number of products. The Dropship Center is an additional free resource offered by AliExpress for product investigation.

Do AliExpress research tools monitor stock and prices?

Finding successful products to sell online is the sole purpose of the majority of AliExpress’ research tools. Therefore, they typically lack a function for keeping track of inventory.

Refer to our best dropshipping software solutions guide if you want to start dropshipping products and need a way to automatically manage inventory.

What is the AliExpress Dropship Center?

If you’re looking for a specific product on the AliExpress marketplace but can’t seem to track it down, use the AliExpress Dropship Center, a free tool offered by AliExpress.

Since AliExpress developed the tool, it is one of the most trustworthy options for analyzing real-time data for any product, such as sales volume, customer ratings, and the effectiveness of individual sellers.

To top it all off, the AliExpress Dropship Center provides a searchable database of over 2500 of AliExpress’ best-selling products. Delivery estimates, shipping costs, ePacket accessibility, product videos, and dropship prices can all be quickly sorted through.

In addition, the AliExpress Dropship Center makes it easy to categorize its product catalog based on various criteria, including number of orders, price, number of ratings, date added, and rate of order growth. It is one of the best (and free!) ways to do research on AliExpress.

What type of AliExpress research tool should I use?

Different kinds of research tools exist for AliExpress. Most offer a curated database of carefully selected AliExpress products, while others supply a Chrome extension that can be used to quickly and easily analyze any AliExpress product.

It’s up to you to decide what kind of AliExpress research tool best suits your needs. The vast majority of online merchants favor having ready access to a catalog of best-selling products. If you prefer a more hands-on strategy, Chrome extensions for researching specific AliExpress products are a better option.

Remember that many of the AliExpress research tools shared in this guide offer a curated database of winning products as well as the option to analyze any AliExpress product. For instance, the Dropship Center and AliInsider each have a curated database and product analyzer.

How do I find more AliExpress research tools?

The solutions highlighted here are the best available, and have been chosen for this guide based on their affordability, dependability, and general positive reviews. If you’re interested in learning more about AliExpress research tools, check out our detailed guide to the top dropshipping product research tools.

Final Word

Using a research tool is crucial if you want to find the best-selling items on AliExpress with minimal time spent. All of the tools and resources recommended here are tried and true, and represent the state of the art in their respective fields, from product scrapers to curated data sets and Shopify spy apps.

In fact, many of the resources on this page offer a no-cost version that can be used to discover popular AliExpress items.

As a result, you can start dropshipping on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon right away by stocking up on popular products that are currently in demand.