If you have a WooCommerce-powered store, dropshipping AliExpress products is a fantastic way to build a sustainable and lucrative online business.

As a matter of fact, dropshipping from AliExpress to WooCommerce is a great way for ecommerce newbies to get their feet wet without having to put up a lot of money right away.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 8 AliExpress dropshipping plugins for WooCommerce and will explain how they work. The following add-ons will speed up the process of importing products, processing orders, and uploading tracking information.


Dropified is an integrated dropshipping platform that works with more than 50 top suppliers and a wide variety of e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and AliExpress.

Dropified allows you to quickly add AliExpress products to your WooCommerce store, while also automating stock and order management. AliExpress product reviews can be imported for quick and easy access to best-seller lists.

In addition to the US, EU, and China suppliers already supported by Dropified, you can also import products from places like Alibaba, DHgate, and Wish.


Dropified is suitable for use with WooCommerce and AliExpress, as well as more than 50 other dropshipping suppliers, such as DHgate and Alibaba. Besides being compatible with Shopify and BigCommerce, Dropified can also be used with a wide variety of e-commerce solutions.


The free version of Dropified lets you look into as many dropshipping products as you like on AliExpress. One-click product import, stock tracking, and order fulfillment automation are all included in the premium plans, which start at just $26 per month.

Dropified offers a free 14-day trial, and annual plans come with substantial savings. This means you can try out the service prior to committing to a paid membership.


Cutting-Edge Automated Method for Drop Shipping
WooCommerce and AliExpress-compatible
Just a few clicks are all it takes to import products into your shop.
Supervised stock and inventory management by fully automated means
Complete AliExpress orders in an automated fashion.


AliDropship, featured in Forbes, is the most popular plugin for dropshipping AliExpress products through a WordPress or WooCommerce-based store.

Importing products to your WooCommerce store is as simple as installing a powerful Chrome browser extension. It’s easy to import products from AliExpress; just look for the “import” button on the product page.

Alternately, you can import products from a database of more than 50,000 top-selling AliExpress products directly through the WordPress dashboard. Additionally, AliDropship has automated stock management, repricing, and price updates.

AliDropship also offers a cheap custom store building service, which is a great way to get your WooCommerce dropshipping business up and running quickly.


Dropshipping AliExpress products is now easier than ever with the AliDropship plugin for WooCommerce and WordPress. Sellvia, a premier dropshipping platform based in the United States, supports the AliDropship plugin as well, allowing for lightning-fast deliveries.


The AliDropship plugin has a one-time price of $89. All features and benefits, such as unlimited imports, monthly orders, and inventory updates, are included in the price. It’s the cheapest and most practical AliExpress dropshipping plugin available.


The most widely used add-on for AliExpress stores to conduct drop shipments
Simple product import for your online shop.
Over 50,000 award-winning products carefully curated in one place
Fully computerized stock and pricing updates
Pay once and make as many purchases or imports as you like


Ali2Woo is another well-liked AliExpress dropshipping plugin made especially for WordPress and WooCommerce, and it has been used by over 200k people so far.

When it comes to importing an unlimited number of products from AliExpress to WooCommerce, Ali2Woo is one of the most cutting-edge (and user-friendly) dropshipping plugins available. With the free version, you can easily process customer orders in bulk and import existing customer reviews.

The premium version comes with added benefits like daily stock updates, automated tracking info uploads, and stock/price change alerts for a one-time fee. AliExpress’s shipping options and prices can be imported as well.


Ali2Woo is a dropshipping tool made specifically for selling goods from AliExpress on a WordPress or WooCommerce-based store. Dropshipping from Banggood and eBay to WooCommerce are also supported by Ali2Woo.


The Ali2Woo dropshipping plugin is available for free download and installation on WordPress-based websites. Adding an unlimited number of products from AliExpress, importing existing reviews from customers, processing orders in bulk, and using the Chrome extension are all available at no cost.

Automatic inventory syncing, tracking information uploads, and price/stock change alerts are just a few of the premium features available for just $21 one-time payment.


Dropshipping from AliExpress to WooCommerce has never been easier with this free plugin.
Includes an unrestricted supply of imports and an unbounded supply of monthly orders
Chrome add-on for mass-ordering
Simple point-and-click product customization, including name changes
Affordable premium edition that streamlines inventory management

Top WooCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping Plugins
Top WooCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping Plugins


Using the cutting-edge DropshipMe AliExpress plugin, you can quickly and easily import products from a hand-picked selection of over 50,000 best-sellers.

Within minutes of installing the free plugin, you can have up to 50 popular items from AliExpress imported into your WooCommerce-based store. Titles and descriptions have been edited by professionals, and each product has been photographed meticulously and has a track record of success.

Whether you’re looking to sell electronics, clothing, or jewelry, AliExpress’s massive database of best-selling items can be easily filtered by category, allowing you to view sales data, ratings, and estimated profit margins in a matter of clicks.


DropshipMe works with popular e-commerce platforms like WordPress and WooCommerce, as well as wholesale marketplaces like AliExpress. As a matter of fact, DropshipMe is a WordPress plugin made specifically for dropshipping with WooCommerce.


DropshipMe allows you to import up to 50 high-quality products from their curated database, and the plugin is available for free. In addition to having complete access to all products and sales data, the free version also allows you to import customer reviews. The low, one-time fee for importing additional products begins at just $29.


The most cutting-edge dropshipping import instrument for WordPress Hand-picked catalog of over 50,000 best-sellers
Titles are edited by professionals and given unique descriptions.
Add products from AliExpress to your shop in a snap.
Import up to 50 award-winning products for free with this version.


Ezusy is a low-cost automation solution for dropshipping AliExpress products through WooCommerce and WordPress, and it is used by over 12,000 online shops.

After integrating your store with the Ezusy platform, you can use the Chrome add-on to import products directly into your store. Instead, you can search for and import products directly from the Ezusy dashboard by limiting the results by various criteria such as price, rating, and category.

With Ezusy, you can quickly and easily place orders on AliExpress with the help of automated order fulfillment. Ezusy is also free to use for the first 150 AliExpress items you import.


WordPress and WooCommerce users can use Ezusy to automatically order and import products from AliExpress. On the other hand, Ezusy’s functionality is not dependent on any external components. To link your WooCommerce store with Ezusy, just follow the on-screen prompts.


Ezusy’s free plan allows you to import up to 150 items from AliExpress into your WooCommerce store. In addition to access to sales reports and the Chrome extension, the free plan also includes 50 automated orders per month and pricing automation.

Pricing for the premium plans begins at just $9.90/month for unlimited product imports and automated monthly orders. Additional premium features, such as stock and pricing sync automation, are also included.


Automated drop shipping for WooCommerce.
An AliExpress product importer extension for Google Chrome
Automated price marking up for maximum profit.
Import up to 150 award-winning items completely free of charge with the free version
Comprehensive inventory management and premium pricing plans


A leading dropshipping automation tool, Importify lets you import products from over a hundred different dropshipping suppliers, including AliExpress, Alibaba, Banggood, DHgate, and more, directly into your WooCommerce store.

An easy-to-use Chrome extension, Importify makes it possible to quickly and easily add products from AliExpress to your store. Also, the Importify dashboard features a hand-picked selection of top-selling products that can be imported with a single mouse click.

Semi-automated order processing, mass product editing, smart pricing rules to maximize profits, and round-the-clock technical support are a few of the additional features.


WooCommerce is just one of many e-commerce platforms that are compatible with Importify. In addition to AliExpress, Importify works flawlessly with over 50 other retailers, including Banggood, Alibaba, DHgate, and CJ Dropshipping.


Importify is a low-cost dropshipping solution, with monthly plans beginning at $14.95 for unlimited imports and unlimited monthly orders. Importing from AliExpress, however, requires a premium or gold plan, which start at $27.95 per month.


The Dropshipping Tool: Discovering and Importing Products
Integrated perfectly with WooCommerce and WordPress
Hundreds of reputable vendors, including AliExpress
Cost-effectiveness, unrestricted supply, and a high number of orders
Free platform and feature testing for a whole day.


Wooshark is a free plugin that connects your store with AliExpress and has a number of cutting-edge features, such as a Chrome extension and a bulk product importer.

Wooshark makes it simple to import products from AliExpress into your WooCommerce store via SKU code, URL, or the store’s search list. Using the Chrome add-on, it takes no more than a few mouse clicks.

A one-time payment grants access to premium features like daily price and stock updates and the ability to import user reviews.


Using the free plugin Wooshark, you can import products from AliExpress directly into WordPress and WooCommerce. Wooshark, on the other hand, has a plethora of additional plugins for importing products from other platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy.


If you run a WooCommerce store, you can add the Wooshark AliExpress dropshipping plugin from the WordPress plugin repository at no cost. The full inventory management automation and unlimited imports are included in the premium version, which can be purchased for only $39.99 once.


Dropshipping from AliExpress to WooCommerce, for free
Upload items via SKU/URL/search list.
Look here for the top-rated items sold by reliable vendors.
Rules and formulas for automatic price increases
Upgraded version with stock updates every day


VillaTheme’s ALD dropshipping and fulfillment plugin is highly regarded by the WordPress community.

Using the free plugin, you can start a dropshipping business immediately and import an unlimited number of products from AliExpress. The free version also allows for mass editing of products, automatic pricing markup, and straightforward management of orders and shipment tracking.

In addition to the standard features, the PRO edition adds in automatic stock updates, mass order processing, and tracking data uploads.


You can only use the ALD dropshipping and fulfillment plugin with WordPress and WooCommerce. In addition, it is tailored for the unique requirements of importing and tracking dropshipped goods from the AliExpress marketplace.


This unlimited product import from AliExpress to WooCommerce is provided by ALD at no cost to you. The free version includes some fundamental tools for setting up a dropshipping shop, such as an automated markup system for product prices. Full automation is included in the $16 one-time price PRO version.


The most well-known and widely used dropshipping tool is the free AliExpress plugin.
Fill your shop right away with proven sellers.
Automatically updates stock and works with WordPress in this low-cost pro version of AliExpress.
Consistently high marks from WordPress users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this article, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions (and concerns) about AliExpress dropshipping plugins. If you have any problems or questions with any of the recommended plugins in this guide, please get in touch with the plugin’s creator.

Why use an AliExpress dropshipping plugin?

You can jumpstart your dropshipping business with WordPress and WooCommerce by using an AliExpress dropshipping plugin. You’ll have an easy time bringing best-sellers into your shop, and it won’t take long.

In addition, the majority of the AliExpress dropshipping plugins presented here boast fully automated stock levels. The problem of overselling will therefore be solved by the fact that the plugin will continually check stock and adjust prices as necessary.

You can further automate or streamline order fulfillment by using an AliExpress dropshipping plugin. No longer will you have to manually enter WooCommerce order information into AliExpress or upload tracking information to AliExpress orders in WordPress.

What is the best free AliExpress dropshipping plugin?

For all your dropshipping needs, including product discovery, listing import, and order fulfillment automation, look no further than Dropified, the best automated AliExpress dropshipping plugin.

Many of the other resources here, however, offer methods of automating AliExpress dropshipping. For instance, Wooshark and ALD both have automated stock/price management, and the premium version of Ali2Woo updates inventory every day.

Can I dropship from AliExpress without a plugin?

In fact, you can dropship from AliExpress even without a plugin. If you want to sell products on your website for a higher price, all you have to do is visit the AliExpress marketplace and manually list products. Use AliExpress’s free dropshipping hub to research hot products and start selling them.

However, if you only have a handful of listings that you can easily manage and monitor by hand, you can dropship from AliExpress without a plugin. Using a plugin is the most efficient method if you want to list a large number of products while also automating your inventory completely to avoid overselling.

Is AliExpress good for dropshipping?

AliExpress is among the best dropshipping platforms because of its vast selection of products, large number of sellers, and genuine customer reviews. Specifically, dropshipping from China-based suppliers has made AliExpress the go-to marketplace.

For this reason, AliExpress has developed a special dropshipping program for B2B buyers. As part of the dropshipping program, you’ll have entry to the Dropship Center, where you’ll find sales data and a hand-picked selection of AliExpress’s most popular products.

In addition, AliExpress has an increasing number of sellers who have warehouses in the United Kingdom, the European Union, or both. As a result, you can find dropshipping products from reliable vendors at the same low prices as those from Chinese vendors, minus the hassle of long shipping times and import taxes.

Is dropshipping from AliExpress legal?

AliExpress dropshipping is perfectly legitimate because it is nothing more than a fulfillment method for brick-and-mortar stores and online merchants. It’s legal and sanctioned by marketplaces like AliExpress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and eBay.

When dropshipping from AliExpress, it’s important to select the right products because some manufacturers and vendors don’t support the practice. Thus, it could be illegal to use their likenesses or descriptions without their consent.

When looking for products to sell that are suitable for dropshipping and have previous sales, as well as dropshipping orders and potential, it is highly recommended to use the free dropshipping center from AliExpress or a third party AliExpress dropshipping research tool.

Is dropshipping from AliExpress profitable?

Despite increasing levels of competition and demand, dropshipping from AliExpress is still a highly lucrative business. In fact, thousands of retailers, including some of the biggest names in e-commerce, are still making a killing off AliExpress dropshipping.

If you’re interested in dropshipping from China, you should know that AliExpress isn’t your only option. There are a growing number of trustworthy alternatives to AliExpress that provide local warehouses in the US, UK, and EU and offer lightning-fast shipping.

With millions of products and numerous global distribution centers, competitors like Banggood and Sunsky Online are quickly gaining ground on AliExpress. Dropshipping programs offering special discounts can also be found on Banggood and Sunsky.

How do I choose the best AliExpress products to sell?

Using the AliExpress Dropshipping Center as a jumping off point for selecting products to dropship is a great way to get started with dropshipping. Sign in to your new free AliExpress account and head straight to the Dropshipping Center.

Find basic performance analytics like total orders, dropshipping orders, and ratings, as well as a curated database of the best-selling AliExpress dropshipping products. Any AliExpress product URL can be used to view detailed information about that item’s sales and other metrics in an instant.

However, a third-party dropshipping research tool or platform is recommended if you want access to more advanced data like average daily orders, growth rate, sales history, links to competitors, and successful social media ad campaigns.

How do I find more AliExpress dropshipping plugins?

Please refer to our guide on the best dropshipping software solutions if you find that the plugins we’ve detailed here don’t meet your requirements or price range. View our other tutorials and guides for dropshipping software and tools for more information.

Also, you can find a long list of AliExpress dropshipping plugins that are ready to install and use right now by searching the WordPress plugins repository. Please refer back to this article as we continue to expand upon the available customizations.

Final Word

The use of WordPress and WooCommerce for product dropshipping is rapidly replacing the use of Shopify and eBay.

AliExpress is unparalleled when it comes to product selection and variety when looking for items to sell. Many AliExpress vendors now also have local stockrooms in the United Kingdom and the European Union.

With any luck, you’ve found some useful inspiration in this roundup of the top AliExpress dropshipping plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce.