You want to start a dropshipping business, but it seems like every niche product that could be profitable is already taken.

In other words, there is too much competition for all the popular things out there.

So, most people try to get a piece of the pie by copying the products that other successful online stores sell.

That is not right.

If you wait a few months, you’ll see that these wannabe entrepreneurs aren’t making any money.

People often think that the only niche products that make money are the ones that are popular at the moment, like water bottles, dog bowls, etc.

But the truth is that there are still a lot of untapped niche products that could bring in a lot of money.

In this post, I’ll tell you about 13 niche products that will make you money. Read on to find out what makes them unique and how to get them for the least amount of money.

Unused Shopify Dropshipping Products That Can Make You Money
Unused Shopify Dropshipping Products That Can Make You Money

Best products to sell for dropshipping that haven’t been sold much yet

Electric nail care set for babies

Parents are always looking for gentle ways to take care of their kids, and this baby electric nail care set is perfect for that.

The battery-powered unit of the product has a 360-degree-spinning cushioned head that can be used to trim and smooth small nails.

It lets moms clean up their babies’ hands and feet without worrying about cutting their skin or hurting their cuticles.

The electric nail care set also runs quietly, so kids won’t even know they’re being groomed or wake up from their sleep.

There are six different heads in the set, and three of them can also be used to care for an adult’s nails.

  • Price range: $6 and $8.

The electric nail care set for babies is easy to find on AliExpress. There are two colors to choose from: light blue and pink.

Moms and dads would be the best people to buy this product.

Portable multi-language translator

Another undervalued niche product that could help your store make more money is a portable multi-language translator.

You can sell them to tourists, travelers, and even students because they can help people practice a foreign language.

The newest versions of these pocket translators can translate up to 40 languages, so they can help you understand the native language of people in different countries.

It lets you translate your own language into another language. The device’s smart voice recognition makes it easy to talk to people who speak different languages.

  • Price range: $35 and $60

AliExpress has a lot of listings for this product from reputable sellers. Xiaomi, for example, sells a terrific portable language translator for $40.

You can buy the device from any reputable company and sell it to people who like to travel and learn new languages.

Ultrasonic toothbrush in a u-shape

The ultrasonic u-shaped toothbrush is a better choice than the regular toothbrush, which can’t reach all of your teeth.

It is a two-piece, rechargeable cleaner that is made to clean your mouth in all directions without much effort.

Customers just need to put their regular toothpaste on the bristles and press the one-button switch to turn it on.

Once the device is turned on, it will use ultrasonic vibrations to clean, whiten, massage, and remove plaque from their teeth.

It also has different modes that let you set the frequency you want, which saves people time and trouble.

The ultrasonic toothbrush is safe because it has a waterproof surface. This gives people peace of mind that they won’t get an electric shock.

  • Price range: $30 and $65

On AliExpress, you can find a number of places that sell this new toothbrush. It comes in different colors, so you can tell people that they can match the toothbrush to the theme of their vanity holder.

Think about selling it to people who know a lot about oral health and people who live in cities because they are more likely to buy something other than a standard toothbrush.

Mini air conditioner

Even the easiest things can become hard to do when the temperature goes up. That’s why so many people buy air conditioners.

But instead of selling a regular air conditioner, you might want to sell a mini one on your online store.

Mini air conditioners are great to sell to people who are always on the go because they are small and easy to carry.

Also, this product can be sold all year long because summer starts in different places at different times.

The mini air conditioner can be powered by both external batteries and USB. Customers can enjoy the cool wind at different speeds by adding water or ice.

  • Price range: $17 and $30

If you compare the price of this mini air conditioner to the price of a regular air conditioner, you’ll see that it’s a good deal.

It’s sold on websites like AliExpress and Chinabrands.

For marketing, you can make a Facebook ad that says something like, “Don’t let the summer get the best of you. Get cool with a small air conditioner.”

Adapter Dual headphones

You may have had to share your headphones with a friend at some point while listening to music or watching a movie. Didn’t the situation start to feel a little strange?

Well, if you had used a dual headphone adapter, things might have been different.

A dual headphone adapter, which has a jack for two headphones, is another niche product that doesn’t get enough attention.

Customers can connect two headsets to it so that they can both listen to the sound from a single device. That’s so cool!

The adapter comes with a soft 20–30 cm cable that lets users move it without unplugging it.

  • Price range: $0.8 to $2

The dual headphone adapter can be bought from a number of AliExpress sellers.

People who like to watch movies and listen to music with their friends and partners could buy it. It’s also a great thing to bring along on long flights.

Desk punching bag

The desktop punching bag is exactly what its name says it is: a way to release anger and a bouncy bag that doesn’t look too bad on a desk.

It has a strong spring and a strong base that can stick to any tabletop. This makes it a great stress reliever to use at work.

You can sell it to people who work in offices with a headline like,

“Don’t get mad in your head if your boss keeps bugging you. Use the punching bag at your desk.”

  • Price range: $12 and $22

On AliExpress and Chinabrands, you can find this item in different colors and styles.

It’s perfect for people who have problems with anger, stress at work, or stress in general.

Anti-break mechanical pencil

Everyone needs a cool-looking pencil, but it’s annoying to keep breaking the tip and having to sharpen it.

Mechanical pencils, on the other hand, can’t be broken and don’t need to be sharpened. They also look more professional.

When the lead runs out, you can just put a new one in and keep writing.

Not only does this help you avoid a lot of mess and trouble, but it also makes the lines on these pencils more even, so you can write neater.

  • Price: $2-$8

You can buy mechanical pencils from a number of sellers on AliExpress, either one at a time or in bulk. They come in many colors and styles, so you can find something for everyone.

You can sell this product to people who work in an office or have kids in school.

Silicone spatula set

Baking and cooking are fun hobbies, but cleaning spatulas after baking can be a pain.

Food-grade silicone spatulas are a good alternative to metal ones, and chefs like them for many reasons.

These silicone spatulas don’t stick, don’t react badly to oil, and make it easier to scrape the batter off.

One more thing that’s good about them is that they don’t transfer heat, so you can leave them next to the stove or oven without worrying about getting burned when you hold them.

So why choose a boring steel spatula when you can have a whole bunch of colorful ones? You can hang them on the wall in your kitchen to make it look more colorful than ever.

  • Price range:$5.9 to $10

Depending on what you need, you can order a set with 2–5 pieces from AliExpress.

A bright spatula would be a great gift for chefs and people who love to cook for fun.

Mosquito swatter

Mosquitoes are a threat to people’s safety and health because they spread diseases like malaria.

So why not give them a way to punish the little bloodsuckers for being a bother?

This mosquito swatter has a large electric surface that is great for zapping flying bugs.

You just have to move the swatter around while keeping the button pressed.

These swatters that you can charge are great for getting rid of swarms of bugs when you’re camping, near food, or even at night.

  • Price range: $3.9 to $22

There are a lot of sellers on AliExpress who sell different kinds of mosquito swatters. There are options for as little as $3.9.

You might want to put some on your store and market them to people who live in humid areas, where mosquitoes tend to thrive.

Grid mesh wall

Does your wall look a little bare? Did you buy a lot of decorations but have nowhere to put them?

If you said yes, you are like a lot of other people who don’t have enough room in their homes.

In this way, a mesh grid wall in your store would bring in a lot of customers.

The grid is made of good iron, so it won’t rust and will last a long time. It is easy to use and the right size to hang cute photos and origami art.

Customers can hang things like fairy lights, garlands, pictures, cutouts, and so on. It also doesn’t leave a mark on the wall.

You can also sell the product to people who like to make things on their own and post pictures of them on Instagram.

  • Price range: $4.6 to $19.

There are many different kinds of mesh grid walls in stock at and AliExpress. Black and white are the two main colors of this item.

You can promote this product by pointing out that it can be used in many different ways and is great for decorating living rooms, coffee shops, and other places.

Straws made of steel

With laws that limit the use of single-use plastics, many businesses are starting to sell drinks with stainless steel straws.

As a business owner in e-commerce, this means you have a chance.

Stainless steel straws can be used more than once and do not contain BPA. They don’t give off chemicals that are bad for you, and cleaning them is as simple as it gets.

Also, they have a shiny look and a strong metal body, which gives them a great look.

  • Price range: $0.6-$1 per piece

Since stainless steel straws are cheap, you can buy a lot of them at once and get a discount. If you buy a lot of a product, many sellers are willing to give you a good deal.

You can sell this product to both restaurant owners and people who want to lower their carbon footprint.

Exercise bands made of latex

People who want to build muscle outside of the gym will find resistance bands to be a godsend.

They can be used for many different muscle-building exercises, like shoulder presses, bicep curls, and more. They are also easy to use.

Some bands are thin and light, and others are thick and even. Sometimes the product will have a loop on one end or a padded handle.

These extra features are built in so that each band can do different things.

Overall, resistance bands are a better way to work out than dumbbells and barbells at the gym because they are easier on the joints.

  • Price range: $3.8-$7.7 a piece

You can find suppliers for resistance bands on Chinabrands or AliExpress. You can buy them by the piece or by the lot.

Resistance bands are a promising untapped niche product that can be sold to people who want to get in shape, get over an injury, or work out while on vacation.

Salad bowl and cutter

For people who cook for themselves every night, the most boring part is cutting up the food before making the meal.

Most of them can’t wait to get started, especially at the end of a long day at work when they are most hungry.

Why not make their lives easier by selling salad cutter bowls in your store? It’s just so convenient.

Customers can use this product as a bowl to wash any salad they have. Then they just have to close it and use the slots in the bowl to make a fresh salad.

  • Prices range: from $4 to $9.

This product is sold by several different sellers on AliExpress.

You can market it to people who are interested in healthy eating as well as single people, who are more likely to cook for themselves.



Okay, that’s the end of the list of 13 untapped niche products to sell for dropshipping.

Since many of these niches haven’t been filled yet, you should be able to make a profit by adding a healthy markup to the price.

Just make sure to work with reputable suppliers because they have professional shipping and quality control teams that make sure the customer gets only the best.

Watch my video on how to find free $100k dropshipping products if you want to go big.