Is your Wix store in need of dropshipping suppliers? Here I’ll share with you the 13+ best dropshipping suppliers for Wix based in the United Kingdom, the United States, and China.

In addition to offering a dropshipping service or program, the following wholesalers are genuine trade-only businesses with genuine wholesale prices and no membership fees.

As soon as you add them to your Wix e-commerce store, you can begin drop-shipping professional-grade goods to your customers.

Go Dropship (UK)

Due to its extensive catalog of best-selling items across many different categories, Go Dropship is a top pick among Wix dropshipping suppliers for UK-based merchants.

Creating a Wix e-commerce store is easy; all you have to do is sign up for free. Your customer will receive the product without any of your branding or additional paperwork if you generate a sale and then place an order through the Go Dropship website.

Premier drop shipping company in the UK
Multiple hundreds of top-selling dropship products
Quick delivery from UK stockroom
With just a few clicks, you can download all of the information you need about a

Banggood (China/US/UK)

Banggood, which began operations in 2006, has rapidly become one of China’s most well-known dropshipping suppliers.

More than a hundred thousand top-tier categories can be found at Banggood. Furthermore, Banggood has multiple distribution centers spread across the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States. As a result, you can begin offering worldwide, lightning-fast shipping from your Wix store by engaging in dropshipping.

The largest and most well-liked dropshipping company in China
There are over a hundred thousand items in every category alone.
Access to unique dropshipping-only resources and savings
No sign-up or recurring costs required

CWI Gifts (US)

If you want to sell gifts or home goods online, you should work with CWI Gifts, the best Wix dropshipping supplier based in the United States.

CWI Gifts is home to over a thousand one-of-a-kind, best-selling products, including rustic home decor, animal figurines, and country wall clocks. CWI Gifts has been around for over 40 years, has a 200,000 square foot warehouse, and employs well over 100 people.

United States-based wholesaler and dropshipper with a solid reputation
Exceptionally large selection of handcrafted goods
Free to join drop shipping program
Get your Wix e-commerce store up and running and start selling

Puckator (UK)

When it comes to giftware, homeware, textiles, kitchenware, toys, and stationery, Puckator is one of the biggest dropshipping suppliers in the UK.

Simply put, Puckator is the best option for those looking for a reliable and well-established Wix dropshipping supplier. It’s risk-free to sign up, and once you do, you’ll have immediate access to wholesale prices and a plethora of suppliers from which to choose for stocking your online shop.

Largest gift dropshipper in the UK
Full selection of top-selling items
Only sells to businesses at wholesale prices.
Favored provider of dropshipped presents

CJ Dropshipping (China/US/UK)

CJ Dropshipping is the best platform for dropshipping cheap goods on Wix, with over 200,000 products and multiple warehouses in the US, UK, EU, and China.

You can quickly build your inventory by browsing the vast selection of goods available and adding them to your online shop. CJ Dropshipping offers the quickest shipping times and the lowest wholesale prices in the industry. CJ Dropshipping supports direct integration with your Wix store.

The Best Dropship Sourcing Platform
Over two hundred thousand best-sellers
superior photos and writing
Has seamless compatibility with your Wix shop.

Geko Products (UK)

Geko Products began as a wholesaler and dropshipper of home and kitchen goods as well as gifts in the United Kingdom in 2014.

From decorations to mirrors and clocks to fabrics and candles and fake plants, Geko Products has it all, and at the lowest wholesale prices. Geko Products is also a highly regarded business, as evidenced by its 100+ five-star reviews on TrustPilot.

UK-based wholesaler and dropshipper offering next-day and same-day deliveries to the trade only.
Extensive selection of furnishings, decor, and presents
Superior product photography and writing

AE Wholesale (US)

If you’re looking for a reliable wholesaler and dropshipper of gift items, housewares, kitchenware, furniture, and garden accessories, look no further than AE Wholesale, a top-tier company based in the United States.

AE Wholesale is a great dropshipping partner for Wix because there is no minimum order value and shipping is inexpensive. Our family-run business has been in operation for over 15 years, so you know you’re working with an established and dependable entity.

Family-run US-based wholesaler and dropshipper offering competitive shipping rates
Wholesale drop shipping with no minimums
Experience in the field for over 15 years

Sunsky Online (China/US/UK)

With over a hundred thousand products and distribution centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and China, Sunsky Online is a wholesale powerhouse and dropshipping supplier.

Sunsky Online offers a massive selection in every imaginable category, including clothing, electronics, and children’s toys. Sunsky Online is the best Wix dropshipping supplier because there is no minimum order value and all orders are shipped out immediately, no matter where in the world they are located.

Massive dropshipping and wholesale website with over a hundred thousand products across all major categories.
Trade-only, global warehouses in the US, UK, EU, and China

Something Different (UK)

Swansea-based giftware, homegoods, and fragrance dropshipper Something Different has been supplying retailers across the UK for over a decade.

Something Different has been around for over 22 years, and they offer over 3000 unique items. Using the program’s high-quality images and descriptions, you can start selling the products on your Wix store at no cost.

We are a reputable wholesaler and dropshipper of over 3000 items, including novelty items, home furnishings, and more.
More than 25,000 UK retailers use it regularly.
There are zero initiation costs and no minimum purchases.

Best Wix Dropshipping Suppliers Companies
Best Wix Dropshipping Suppliers Companies

Megagoods (US)

Megagoods, based in the United States, is a distributor and dropshipper of consumer electronics and accessories from top manufacturers like Lasonic, Swann, Jensen, and Axess.

You can dropship thousands of products from Magagoods to your Wix store, including Bluetooth speakers, kitchen appliances, alarm clocks, and media players. There is no minimum purchase required, and all shipments will feature your business’s logo and not ours.

Located in the United States, we are a dropshipper and wholesaler of electronic goods who prides ourselves on our quick shipping and discreet packaging.
Offerings in the tens of thousands from hundreds of well-known manufacturers
Shipments will carry your company’s label.

SaleYee (China/US/UK)

SaleYee is one of the best online marketplaces to use if you need to find a trustworthy Wix dropshipping supplier in China.

SaleYee is a platform that links wholesalers, distributors, and other business-to-business clients with reliable Chinese dropshipping vendors. On top of that, many of the sellers you’ll find on SaleYee have warehouses in the United States, the United Kingdom, or even Europe, so you can provide your customers with speedy shipping.

Online drop shipping marketplace with rapid expansion
Warehouses in the US, UK, EU, and China from thousands of reliable dropshipping suppliers
You can quickly acquire information and pictures of products.

AW Dropship (UK)

Ancient Wisdom is one of the largest and most reliable wholesalers of gifts and home decor in the UK, and their dropshipping website is known as AW Dropship.

For the past seven years, AW Dropship has been a reliable and trustworthy dropshipping partner for numerous online stores and marketplace vendors. AW Dropship offers over 500 different product lines that can be resold, including holiday decorations, home accents, figurines, cookware, and candles.

The UK’s Most Reliable Wholesaler and Dropshipper
The selection features over 5,000 items, many of which are home goods.
Thousands of customers since its 2011 founding
Appropriate for listing on your online shop.

Petra Industries (US)

For more than a decade, Petra Industries has been a trusted wholesaler and dropshipping supplier, stocking more than 15,000.

While Petra Industries is best known for their extensive selection of name-brand electronics and tech gadgets, they also stock a wide variety of other categories, including home decor, kitchenware, tools, beauty aids, and even pet supplies.

Top-tier dropshipper and wholesaler
15,000 items from over 800 well-known manufacturers
Utilized by tens of thousands of web-based stores
stockroom in the United States measuring 500,000 square feet

Chinavasion (China/US/EU)

Chinavasion was founded in 2004, making it one of the earliest dropshipping suppliers of electronic goods and mobile phone parts in China.

With no minimum order requirements and multiple distribution centers in the United States and Europe, Chinavasion is among the best Wix dropshipping suppliers. Chinavasion is the undisputed leader in dropship international e-commerce.

The first dropshipping company, based in China
focuses on cutting-edge technology and electronics
In addition to Lenovo and Xiaomi, there are many other top brands.
Stockrooms all over the United States and Europe.

ek Wholesale (UK)

ek Wholesale is a great place to start if you want to dropship clothing and accessories in the UK or Europe.

T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, pants, shorts, and shoes are just some of the many items available at ek Wholesale for men, women, and children. There is no cost to become a member of the dropshipping program, and there is also no minimum order requirement.

The largest clothing wholesaler operating in the United Kingdom online
No-obligation, free dropshipping service
Clothing for both sexes
Quick delivery with minimal red tape

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The frequently asked questions (FAQs) below will provide quick answers to any questions or concerns you may have about finding Wix dropshipping suppliers. If you’re interested in learning more about dropshipping and online retail, be sure to peruse the many helpful articles we’ve posted on our blog.

What is dropshipping?

In the world of e-commerce, “dropshipping” refers to the practice of sourcing inventory directly from a wholesaler or manufacturer rather than keeping any inventory in stock. This method is rapidly replacing others as the top choice for people new to online shopping.

Products are sourced on a per-order basis rather than being purchased in bulk and kept in stock. This eliminates the need for an initial stockpile of products and the funding of a distribution center. You can get your online store up and running with minimal initial outlay of time and money.

Finding a reliable supplier is the first step in launching a successful dropshipping business. You can then sell those items in your own online shop, as well as on sites like eBay and Amazon. At the point at which a sale is made, you send the order on to the vendor.

Does Wix allow dropshipping?

It is possible to use Wix for dropshipping. In reality, all Wix is for is creating online stores. Both wholesale and dropshipping are viable business models; it’s up to you to decide which one is best for you.

The practice of dropshipping is also entirely legitimate and legal. In the vast majority of nations, you are free to engage in drop shipping without running afoul of any regulations. Products can be dropshipped to customers who place orders on popular marketplaces like eBay.

Why start dropshipping using Wix?

Wix is a great choice for starting a dropshipping business because of how simple and inexpensive it is to use. You can create a high-quality dropshipping store without prior knowledge of web design or coding by using Wix.

Wix makes it possible for anyone to easily create a professional online store. Everything from a domain name and hosting space to payment processor integration and pre-designed templates for your website is included.

Wix dropshipping apps and tools are also becoming increasingly popular, as they facilitate the process of sourcing and listing dropshipping products on your Wix store and fully automating inventory management and repricing.

Can I make money with Wix dropshipping?

There is no doubt that dropshipping from a Wix storefront can be profitable. There are thousands of Wix users who rely on dropshipping as their primary source of income. And that doesn’t even account for the thousands more who do dropshipping on other platforms like Shopify and make even more mind-boggling sums of money.

Wix dropshipping can potentially be profitable, but success is not assured. It takes time and effort to start making money in any business. In addition, your marketing and advertising strategy and the products you’re selling will play major roles.

What are some Wix dropshipping alternatives?

Wix-powered dropshipping stores have some serious competition from platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. When it comes to creating a reliable dropshipping website, BigCommerce and Ecwid are also very well-liked.

There are, however, other low-cost store builders available that can be used to set up a dropshipping business. Please refer to our detailed guide on the best ecommerce platforms and online store builders for additional information.

How do I find more Wix dropshippers?

Browse our dropshipping suppliers category if you need more wholesalers for your Wix online store. The best dropshipping vendors from the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and elsewhere are all listed in detail in dozens of articles available on our site. In no time at all, you’ll be able to locate reliable vendors for any service or product you require.

In addition to using forums dedicated to dropshipping and wholesale, you can conduct a Google search using specific keywords. Find reliable Wix dropshipping suppliers and businesses by searching blogs and question and answer websites like Quora.

Final Word

Whether you’re looking to stock up on apparel, pet supplies, or electronics, the companies highlighted above are top-tier Wix dropshippers in their respective fields.

Always remember to check out a business thoroughly before deciding to work with them as a dropshipper. Checking review sites like TrustPilot and social media platforms like Facebook, in addition to the supplier’s terms and conditions, is an important part of the review process.

When you find the right fit, you can begin selling the items on your Wix store and seeing your profits increase.