home decor dropship
home decor dropship

If you are curious about fruitful dropshipping niches in 2021, home interior design will be among them. Therein the article, you will be able to learn how to dropship home interior decoration merchandise and the best home decor dropshipping organizations.

Home is a phrase attached to warm and soft. People have a warm desire to make it homely. The impulsion is slightly a nature planting in the individual’s brain. Hence, the home decor commercialize has been a hot day in and day out.

What are home accessories?

Finally, decided on a unique niche for your online dropshipping shop? Yet whenever you’re all the same battling with choosing then “Home Decor” is an extraordinary pick whenever you want to dropship home interior decoration accessories. Let’s learn the answers to some worries:

Home decor or accessories are merchandise related to furnishings in your home specified curtains, table fabrics, softens, wall stickers, lightings, creative LED lights, vases, points of interest, metallic trays, baskets, objets d’art, etc. The list is inexhaustible and there has perpetually more to check into. As a dropshipper, there has a chance for you to make the best of this market.

How come dropshippers offer home decor?

The profits from the furnishings and homeware commercialize is promised to hit the approximately U.S. $700 billion by 2020. In the U.S.A. it is expected to grow in the forthcoming days and growth by 4.3% by 2024. Because that reason, starting a home decor or home furnishings store can be a booming company try in the future time. Based upon stats, this is a chance that should become as soon as possible. In the last couple of years, progression in the property market has in reality extended the scope of the home decor market which is helped by globalization. Ecommerce web site* such as AliExpress has actually made the agenda and ease of access of these particulars easier.

Dropshippers who wish to make big sales while branching out their network and profits need to think of checking over the home decor-specific niche. A developing sort of people is deciding environmentally friendly items. These items have very little temptation on the environment which step-ups market growth. This hints, presently, drop shippers have a bigger public arena promptly available for engaging customers and help bionomical sustainability.

Are home decor shops profitable?

The first thing that folks lookup for as buying home decor is the furnishings and subsequently, that comes to the decorative merchandise. Furnishings is the most important part of a house. A home appears deficient without good quality furnishings specified sofas, beds, chairs, cabinets; in the cooking area, living space, and sleeping room. The decorative products consist of vases, wall clocks, wall artistic creation, pictures, rugs, curtains, and so forth

According to the data provided on Statista, the value of the home decor market in the U.S.A. has actually been profit-maximizing for the past number of years. You can check the chart listed below which shows a rise in 2017, the projection is awaited to be the U.S. $232 billion.

Home decor market value U.S. 2024 Statista www.statista.com
Home decor market value U.S. 2024 Statista www.statista.com

Because that reason, we can conclude that your home decor dropshipping formation has a minimum chance of stopping putting to work. You will be able to deliver the goods with your business if the right selling strategies with social networks marketing, consumer care abilities and attention-getting user experience style is carried through.

What is moving customers to acquire?

Ecommerce has in reality revised the way people shop online. Today, purchasers decide to go buying on online retail platforms where they can speedily find out what they’re looking for to find with only a click of a button or a tap of a finger, gives thanks to the growth of infotech. Pointed advertisements and social networks marketing has actually made it workable for vendors to reach a bigger audience. Easily without delay available stocks with discounts and other selling bargains mold consumers to buy online and get the products delivered directly to their doorstep. This keeps up a substantial value of time for purchasers failing on that however working to invest the extra time beautifying their houses rather than passing over the genuine market.

Is 2021 a good year for dropshipping home decor?

The stats inform us that the gross revenue produced from the home decor market in the U.S. will step up in 2021. This hike up will follow through in the forthcoming years too. What is more, the non-reusable net income of people in the U.S. is alike hoped-for to step up by the end of this year. The way of people has actually increased and we have actually come across more people moving to urban center locations to find out much better task opportunities and more outstanding living essentials. Sequentially, the migration has a friendly influence on the variety of house proprietors and rental owners which increased well. These household owners and rental owners require furnishings and decorative merchandise for home sweetening. For that reason, drop shippers must not wish to miss this opportunity and set their ships prepared for cruising.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Home Decor Business?

It depends upon the business model you prefer to get going a home interior decoration business. The cost of getting going a home decor business will be dissimilar for different business models.

Whenever you would like to dropship home decor products, you will have to bear very low costs.

Apparently, you will not hold inventory just in case of a dropshipping business. You’ll just have to spend money on hosting your site, buying a domain name that preferably reflects home decor, and some additional dollars to market your online shop.

If your skills related to item research and selling are ideal, you will be able to start your home decor business for as low as $250.

Trending items in the home decor category:

Wall Clocks

A wall clock not only informs us of time, all the same but also enhances the standard atmosphere of the area around it. There are several artistically crafted and decorative wall clocks offered up on AliExpress that you will be able to sell to your consumers.

LED Lamps

Lightings and night lights substantially ameliorate the feel of a place when integrated with designs and colorings of furnishings. You will be able to find out led desk lights, wise touch-sensitive quantum lightings, mini nighttime lights, sensor-controlled lightings, and much more on the AliExpress website.

Wall Stickers

move sticker labels quickly stay with a surround and are printed with innovative and beautiful styles. Find out many varieties of 3-D or 2D wall sticker tags or decals on AliExpress that you will be able to add to your shop which your consumer wouldn’t wish to miss out on. Wall sticker tags are quick sellers in the dropshipping.

Posters and Calligraphy

Posters or house painting* printed on a premium theme are provided on AliExpress that you will be able to dropship to your consumers. Find out a lot of items under this area with picture posters or other highly innovative printed pictures and calligraphy. Usually, clients will purchase these for their sleeping room or living area.

Statues and sculpts

Sculpt graphics are a fantastical way to reveal feelings, sensations, and graphic symbols. They don’t just meliorate the visuals of space all the same in addition to match the coloring and design of furnishings. One of the most selling products that just about all landowners own is the chuckling buddha. There are a lot of figurines and statues promptly for sale on AliExpress that you will be able to put up to the innovative visual decor classification in your shop.

Unreal Flowers

In the modern world, there has a lack of time to look after all the day-to-day jobs. The absence of time brought man-made blossoms and plants in the market that don’t need any irrigating or caring. Likewise serving in rising the feel and look of a space or a surface area, man-made flowers have lots of favorable uses in decor.

Storage Boxes

Storage boxes that preserve the area and keep utensils or letter paper products arranged can be put up to the home decor as an accessory that the citizenry would love to purchase. You will be able to find out different kinds of boxes to keep shoes, clothing, fashion jewelry, letter paper, clothing, hand towels, fruits, etc. AliExpress has a collection of aesthetically attractive storage boxes that bring up the look of a place.


Crystals and rhinestones are leading vendors of perpetuity. They can be kept on under a sphere glass or in a glass container to match the pattern of furnishings and lightings. Stones are never of all time heading out of way in the home decor market. Customers might in addition to using these for decorating deep spaces of their places.

Candle Holders

The best candlestick put on a table hung on a wall, or some corner of the house can supercharge the appeal of a candle flame and illuminate the area and lighting. These are essential products of home decor that you don’t wish to miss out on contributing to your shop. Candle lights are normally thought about for raising a romanticist taste to a location when integrated with imagination and flowers. You will be able to discover wood, metallic, impressionable candle holders created and crafted artistically on AliExpress that can help raise the frame of mind of anyone looking for beautifying their home.


A vase is a decorative art piece, made from clay or glass, that is used to hold cut flowers. In general, a vase won’t have any deals with. Check into a wide collection of modern 3D vases that are artistically created to improve the appearance of furnishings and used for decorating corner racks and holds over

These are a few of the top-selling products in the home decor-specific niche that you should put up in your shop.

Here is a Success Story in Home Decor Dropshipping.

These two men are Jackie and Albert. They started out their home decor shop as experimentation. Kind of a case study to help them acquire more buyers for their marketing skilled work. Advantageously, what experimentation ended up being.

They have actually turned over $700,000 in profits, and they are set to go on the far side a million dollars in less than a year.

How did they market their online store?

In the beginning, Jackie and Albert checked into many home decor items with Facebook ads. They finally came on one that spent for its own ad campaign along with the projects of additional particulars that they had actually checked before.

And so they took that item over to Instagram. What was secret was that they might use superior images of their items which were shot by a skilled photographer. These pictures were as a matter of fact part of the items noting as they imported it to their shop.

They did not have actually the images taken themselves, all the same, that shouldn’t stop you from investing a bit in item picture taking in any case as we will see that it make all the differentiation with a home decor shop.

Jackie and Albert established a carousel on Instagram. It was absolutely nothing glorious; a well-to-do carousel advertisement like one that appears in the Instagram newsfeed. Jackie and Albert’s clients might scroll through with the different colorways of their item before clicking through with to purchase. The item stayed on to offer, and from there they scaled up into the six-figure company they are today.

Here is a list to save your work. Companies below include wholesale home decor drop shippers. You can view the info and see if they are what you’re looking for.

CompanyMain ProductsCountry
EPROLOGeneral, textile, organization, lighting, painting, storageChina
EtsyWall decor, pillow, candle, clock, rug, bedding, lightingUnited States
WayfairFurniture, rug, curtain, art, candle, lighting, organizationUnited States
Koehler Home DecorFurniture, bookend, candle, lantern, bath accessoryPortland
Sagebrook HomeBookend, bowl, frame, figurine, candle, furniture, lightingUnited States
DII Design ImportsAprons, doormats, towel, rug, candle holderUnited States
Creative Co-OpCandleholder, clock, bowl, ornament, storage, lightingUnited States
AlrugPersian rug, handmade rugUnited States
Ancient WisdomAromatherapy, soap, home fragrance, candleUnited Kingdom
Wholesale Accessory MarketSign, frame, figurine, pillow cover, tabletop decorUnited States
HomespiceBraided rugs, stair treadUnited States
Urban Country DecorFloral, basket, bucket, bell, ornament, lightingUnited States
Eternal DesignBed frame, pillow, dining set, sofa, chairAustralia
Primitives by KathySign, wall decor, clocks, towel, tray, pillow, rugUnited States
IndiaMARTGeneral, furniture, candle, box, handicraft, plateIndia


EPROLO is a dropshipping company offering sourcing and fulfillment services for online stores. There are 9 subcategories of house betterment in EPROLO. They include home textile, home storage and organization, fixtures, lights, paintings, and others.

Also its merchandise, the platform is easy to source from other sites. It can be utilized as a China sourcing agent. People just require to import shop orders and click Submit Sourcing. Later on payment, EPROLO will take on the rest of the fulfillment functions. The common shipping time is around seven to 15 days.

For custom-make home decors, storekeepers can use EPROLO Print on Demand app. There is an extended range of home decor Print on-demand merchandise on the platform. And those are supplied by manufacturing plants from the United States of America, Australia, and China. People can utilize the app to design item-by-item and import them to the shop. No minimum order number is necessary.

  1. Etsy

Etsy is an online market. At that place are 15 categories related to home decor on the internet site. E.g., You will be able to find out kitchen & dining, living room decor, bedding, lighting, and so on. It has launched a page of the drop ship, which displays over 600 outcomes. If you would like to contact a shop, you will be able to find out the customer service on the item page. There is a message button in the bottom right. Vendors on Esty decide transportation ways themselves. Hence, choices and delivery times are dissimilar. People can view details on the vendor shipping profile and policy.

  1. Wayfair

Wayfair is among home decor dropshipping providers. It centers on furniture, lighting, cookware, artificial flowers, and more. At that place are more than 10 categories on the website. For instance, furniture, carpets, bedding, organization, lighting, pet, etc… In its interior decoration collection, you will be able to find out merchandises to sell, from home accessories, window treatments to artworks. Wayfair uses transportation formulas to support merchandise sizing. For instance, small particulars will be delivered by UPS or FedEx. The site and its 4 additional brands offer twenty-two million products to customers. The many items make shop owners dropship from it.

  1. Koehler Home Decor

Koehler Home Decor is among home decor dropshipping companies. It assorts home decors into 24 varieties, including furniture, bathroom accessories, ornamental bookends, candlestick, cabin decor, and others. The site doesn’t necessitate a minimal order which is adverted on its dropshipping guide. Whenever you place a dropship order, you need to put up the billing info, client’s shipping info, and shop name. And the tracking number will be e-mailed in 1-2 business days. Further, you will be able to use FBA to fulfill orders. Koehler Home Decor is available to ship to Amazon storage warehouse.

  1. Sagebrook Home

Sagebrook Home is among the wholesale home decor dropshippers with 7 product collections and over 40 subcategories. Merchandises include ornamental accessories, vases, lanterns, standard candles, wall interior decoration, lightings, and others. The company puts together some rules for the dropshipping business sector. For instance, shop owners require to submit an eCommerce application for services. While for shipping, Sagebrook Home offers UPS and FedEx. The website ships orders within 3 to 5 days on average.

  1. DII Design Imports

DII Design Imports is a wholesale company and has been established for over 25 years. The site primarily trades kitchen textiles, table linens, gifts, and decorative accessories. Merchandises like carpets, doormats, candlesticks, wreaths, and others are classified in its Home heading. DII sets up a drop ship program for online shops. Home decor store owners can view dropshipping items via the page. And there has no order minimum necessity. The site offers 2 shipping options – FedEx and UPS Ground. And packets normally take 5 to 10 days to deliver.

  1. Creative Co-Op

Creative Co-Op principally trades candles, jewelry, fashion accessories, and many more. You will be able to find across 20 product categories in its home decor collection. And the site has launched a DropShip plan for online shop owners. For folks who prefer to drop ship products from Creative Co-Op, they ask to get through a retail merchant near around. The default shipment way of the site is UPS Ground.

  1. Alrug

Alrug is a site centering on handmade carpets and rugs. At that place are more than fifteen thousand carpeting products on the website. Well-nigh of its items are factory-made and shipped from India, Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey. Whenever you have particular demands about sizings, the site is enabled to do it. Alrug charges zero transport fee for U.S. and worldwide shipping, which is a big positive. It uses DHL, FedEx, and UPS to deliver. And orders will be shipped within 4 to 6 business days.

  1. Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom is a United Kingdom wholesaler with more than 10 product categories. Aromatherapy items like essential oils are the main. The site has over 5 thousand product lines available to dropship. And it charges low minimum order and transporting prices. Whenever you are going to use Ancient Wisdom, you need to pay attention to the transporting nation. You will not be able to place European orders on the United Kingdom site. The site advises placing orders from a different European distribution center.

  1. Wholesale Accessory Market

Wholesale Accessory Market is among the best wholesale home decor dropshippers. There are over 20 collections in its Home & Kitchen Decor collection. People can find out 1000s of items such as towels, dishes, jars, holders, and others. If you go wrong to find the product you need, you will be able to place a specific order. The team will assist with it but expects a minimum order of 50. Wholesale Accessory Market offers 2 transportation choices, which are FedEx and USPS. It takes nearly 1 to 5 days to deliver packets. As for the transportation cost, it goes to $8.95. Orders over $300 won’t be charged for shipment. Even so, free transportation is only valid for U.S.A. orders.

  1. Homespice

Rugs are the primary item of Homespice. You will be able to find out different materials decorated rugs on the site, specified jute, cotton, and wool. Dropshipping is available on Homespice. For dropship orders, you require to send the information to a specified e-mail address. For order tracking, you need to enter the order number and e-mail address on the Track Order page. The site in addition to offers a stock list report. People can check inventory numbers prior to placing an order.

  1. Urban Country Decor

Urban Country Decor sells home decor products, including containers, crafts, garden items, fragrance, lighting, bedding, and so on. Items are generally transported from Ontario, or dropshipped from its manufacturing business straightaway. Urban Country Decor only uses Canada Post and UPS to deliver items. It charges a $13.95 shipping cost generally. And the delivery time is close to 7 to14 days.

  1. Eternal Design

Eternal Design is an Aussie company. It sells furniture of bedding, dining, home office, living room, lounge. The company offers wholesale and drop shipping helps. As for shipping, the site uses Australia Post, Fastway, and Allied Express to deliver items and only ships inside Australia. The delivery time is from 3 to 10 days.

  1. Primitives by Kathy

Primitives by Kathy includes 7 main item collections: wall decor, dining, textiles, home accents, accessories, and so on. And there are more than 60 kinds of items thereon. The site demands a minimal order of $30 for retail clients. As for shipping time, it is close to 7 to 10 days and ships to the U.S. only.

  1. IndiaMART

IndiaMART is an online business-to-business market with more than 6 million suppliers. At that place are 3 primary home decor categories on the site. Handcrafts & Decoratives, Kitchen Utensils & Appliances, and Home Textile & Furnishing. For dropshipping services, you will be able to lookup in the search box. The suppliers’ information and contact method will be displayed in the results. And then you will be able to contact the customer service by putting in messages.