When it comes to dropshipping, AliExpress is a popular option. Truth be told, thousands of Shopify shops make six figures a year by dropshipping from AliExpress.

In this article, we will go over the top 8 AliExpress dropshipping apps for Shopify. You can use these apps to automate inventory monitoring, repricing, and order fulfillment once you’ve imported products from AliExpress to your Shopify store

Hustle Got Real

Dropshipping on Shopify from more than 50 suppliers, including AliExpress, is made easy with Hustle Got Real, one of the most trusted and well-liked automation solutions for dropshipping.

Utilizing either a Chrome extension or a catalog of winning products, Hustle Got Real makes it easy to import dropshipping products from AliExpress to Shopify. Another option is to create an import list with the AliExpress product URLs and import the products in bulk.

As if that weren’t enough, Hustle Got Real also includes a cutting-edge title builder and variations lister, as well as fully automated price and stock updating to prevent overselling.


Using Hustle Got Real, you can import up to ten products from AliExpress to your Shopify store at no cost. In addition to automating your stock levels, the free plan includes this service as well. More listing space can be purchased for as little as $25 per month. If you pay for a year in advance, you can save as much as 40%.


A robust Shopify drop shipping automation system
Suits more than 50 retailers, including AliExpress.
Simply and quickly add products from AliExpress to Shopify.
Real-time stock tracking and intelligent re-pricing that is completely automated
Free 10 product import and monitoring from AliExpress


Dropified, a cutting-edge dropshipping automation solution with a cutting-edge Shopify app for importing products from a growing network of trusted dropshipping suppliers including AliExpress, has been featured on Entrepreneur and Huffington Post.

Dropified has all the cutting-edge features you need to set up a fully functional AliExpress to Shopify dropshipping business, including a Chrome extension for importing products from AliExpress and automated order fulfillment and inventory management.

You can find profitable AliExpress dropshipping products in any niche with AliExtractor, another powerful dropshipping research tool that is available at no additional cost to Dropified users.


To help you find profitable AliExpress dropshipping products quickly and easily, Dropified offers a free research plan. Automated product import, inventory management, and order processing are just some of the premium features available with plans starting at $26 per month.

AliExtractor, a one-of-a-kind tool for discovering profitable dropshipping products on AliExpress, is included at no additional cost with the premium plans. If you pay for a year in advance, you’ll save money on every plan.


Complete automation and re-pricing system for drop shipping
Easy to set up and use with the Shopify app for your online store
Easily import products from AliExpress with this Chrome extension.
Completely hands-off stock management and ordering, with a free 14-day trial and annual membership discounts


AutoDS is another well-liked and reliable AliExpress dropshipping app for Shopify, boasting a 4.9-star rating from over 150 users. In fact, AutoDS works with over 25 of the industry’s most popular dropshipping marketplaces like AliExpress, Banggood, and Alibaba.

Once you’ve linked AutoDS to your Shopify store, you can begin importing products from AliExpress by simply pasting the URL into AutoDS or by using the Chrome extension to upload products directly from the AliExpress website with a single click.

Besides constantly checking prices and inventory, AutoDS also offers features like robotic order fulfillment for AliExpress and the uploading of tracking information.


AutoDS provides a selection of price points. Shopify’s base plan, which allows you to import and track up to 100 products, costs just $24 per month. Premium accounts get extra imports and unique tools like AutoDS’s Shopify dropshipping training.

One can save up to $97 by prepaying for the year, and a 7-day trial can be had for only $1. As a result, you won’t have to commit to anything until you’ve tried out all of the available features and tools.


Integrated system for drop shipping automation and product import
Automated inventory and price tracking for dropshipping on Shopify from AliExpress
Tracking and processing orders are now fully automated.
Get started for just $1 for 7 days, and then save hundreds a year on your membership.


To import 3000 products and process orders in bulk with just a few clicks, DSers is one of the most inexpensive AliExpress dropshipping apps for Shopify.

It’s easy to get started importing products from AliExpress into your Shopify store with the help of DSers, a cutting-edge browser extension. All of the information about a product, including images and descriptions, will be imported automatically by DSers.

Additional features available in the more expensive DSers plans include automated inventory updates with repricing, as well as advanced pricing rules and variants mapping.


There is a free version of DSers that allows you to import up to three thousand products from AliExpress. Notifications of changes in stock and pricing are also included in the free version. Pricing for the more robust plans begins at just $19.90 per month and includes comprehensive inventory management.

High-speed bulk order processing, customizable price structures, and support for multiple stores are just some of the premium features available to subscribers. There is a 14-day trial period available for all membership tiers on DSers, so you can test it out risk-free.


Shopify app that makes it easy to dropship from AliExpress at a low price
It’s free to import up to 3,000 items from AliExpress.
Full inventory and pricing automation, included in premium plans
Add-on for the Chrome web browser that facilitates bulk order processing and includes a free 14-day trial of the software’s premium tier


Innovative dropshipping tool Importify lets you import unlimited products from AliExpress to Shopify and more than 50 other dropshipping suppliers like DHgate, Alibaba, AliExpress, Banggood, and CJ Dropshipping.

When you have the Shopify app installed on your store and the Chrome extension enabled, you can quickly import products from the AliExpress website by clicking the “Add” button on the top of any product description page.

Data such as titles, descriptions, and images of products can be automatically extracted by Importify. The product’s name and description can be tweaked before going live on your Shopify store.


There are just 3 straightforward pricing tiers to choose from with Importify. For $14.99 a month, you can import an unlimited quantity of products from multiple dropshipping suppliers like Banggood. Importing goods from AliExpress, however, calls for a premium membership that costs $29.95 per month.

For an additional $37.95 per month, Gold members gain access to semi-automated order fulfillment in addition to all the benefits of Basic and Premium memberships. If you’re interested in trying Importify before committing to a paid membership, you can do so with a free trial for a full day.


You can integrate your web store with the Shopify app for drop shipping, which is both cheap and powerful.
Purchase as many items as you like from AliExpress and have them shipped directly to your home.
Prior to press, revise titles, summaries, and pricing.
Free for the first day, then $14.95/mo.



ApiDrop is another well-liked AliExpress dropshipping app for Shopify, relied on by over 2000 customers. ApiDrop works with several of the industry’s most popular dropshipping platforms, including AliExpress, Banggood, and BigBuy.

ApiDrop allows you to find and import products from multiple suppliers directly through their platform, as opposed to having to jump from website to website, as is the case with most dropshipping apps that typically use a Chrome Browser extension.

In fact, ApiDrop has millions of low-priced items in almost any category you can think of. The products database can be sorted by type, cost, destination, and manufacturer.


ApiDrop’s base monthly price is $29. This price covers 1000 imports, semi-automated order processing, and automatic repricing. More imports and features like priority sourcing and access to exclusive suppliers are included in the more expensive plans.

For no cost, you can become a member of ApiDrop and access the site’s extensive catalog of top-selling dropshipping items sourced from reliable companies all over the world. If you want to import products to your store and use other features, like semi-automated ordering, you’ll need to activate a paid membership.


Superior Sourcing Platform for Dropshipping Businesses
Supported by Shopify’s cutting-edge app
Load up on top-selling items from a centralized catalog.
Collect items from a wide variety of vendors, including AliExpress.
Access to the entire catalog of goods is included in the membership fee, which is otherwise zero.


Modalyst is one of the largest and most popular Shopify apps for dropshipping products from AliExpress, with thousands of users and more than 50 million in sold products. Actually, Modalyst has been used to incorporate more than 10 million AliExpress items into online shops.

Modalyst is another low-cost dropshipping app that lets you import up to 25 products into your store with no payment information required. Unlimited monthly orders, live product updates, and automatic pricing are all features of the free version.

Therefore, Modalyst is the best option if you want to dropship with Shopify and don’t want to spend a fortune doing it.


Up to 25 AliExpress products can be imported to your Shopify store for free using Modalyst. A monthly limitless number of orders and instantaneous product updates are included in the free version. The cheapest premium plan costs only $35 per month and has increased import allowances.


The most popular dropshipping app connecting AliExpress and Shopify.
To include items from AliExpress’ online store, all it takes is a single click.
The site has thousands of users and has sold over fifty million items.
Limitless storage and 25 imports are free with the basic plan.
Extra imports and functionality in the deluxe edition


SkuGrid is the most adaptable and inexpensive dropshipping automation solution available, with compatibility with over 500 suppliers.

SkuGrid is a comprehensive dropshipping management platform with automated inventory monitoring, flexible repricing formulas, and stock/price email notifications, allowing you to import products from AliExpress to Shopify or Banggood to eBay.

Shopify allows you to import products from AliExpress in a number of different ways, such as through the Quick Lister web app or through bulk CSV feeds.


SkuGrid’s monthly fee starts at $14.99 for tracking and resetting prices for up to 300 products. Additional listings and features are included in the more expensive plans. All of our plans come with a free 7-day trial so you can test it out before committing to anything.


Dropshipping management system with the most options and 500+ supported vendors, including AliExpress
Superior selection from the industry’s leading manufacturers
Listings can be made singly or in bulk using feeds.
You can get a 7-day free trial and a price tag of just $14.99 right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below you’ll find answers to all of your questions about dropshipping from AliExpress to Shopify by way of an app or software. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our helpful guides and blog posts, where you’ll find even more information on top-tier AliExpress dropshipping resources.

Why dropship from AliExpress?

Thanks to its large selection of high-quality goods offered by thousands of reliable vendors, AliExpress is a top dropshipping platform. Fast local shipping to customers is possible thanks to the increasing number of AliExpress sellers who have warehouses in the United States, the United Kingdom, or the European Union.

In addition, AliExpress features a Dropshipping Center where you can locate the most popular items and the best dropshipping vendors. Dropshipping on AliExpress is easy and cost-free thanks to the dropshipping hub.

AliExpress offers exclusive discounts of up to 6% on dropship orders, in addition to a wide variety of dropshipping tools and a vast inventory. You can keep tabs on your entire order history, including purchases from different retailers, and handle returns and refunds from a central location.

Is dropshipping from AliExpress allowed?

The answer is a resounding yes to the idea of dropshipping from AliExpress. In fact, AliExpress offers a dedicated dropshipping program, complete with special discounts and entry to the Dropship Center, an excellent tool for locating the most in-demand items on the site.

Keep in mind that dropshipping is just one type of online retail business model. As a result, it is acceptable on many sites, including marketplaces run by third parties like eBay. AliExpress does not have any regulations or rules that prevent dropshipping.

Is dropshipping on Shopify allowed?

Shopify allows drop shipping, yes. In fact, due to its low price, ease of use, and friendliness toward newcomers, Shopify has become one of the most popular dropshipping platforms. Thousands of Shopify shops, including some of the biggest names in online retail, operate under the dropshipping model.

Dropshipping is becoming increasingly popular, so much so that Shopify bought a dropshipping app in 2015. Consequently, you can rest assured that Shopify is an excellent dropshipping platform.

How do I join the AliExpress dropshipping program?

To enroll in the AliExpress dropshipping program, visit the AliExpress dropshipping center and sign in with your existing account information or register for a new one. As soon as you sign in (or create an account), you’ll be asked to agree to the program’s terms and conditions before you can begin dropshipping.

In case you’re interested in dropshipping from AliExpress, you can do so after reviewing and accepting the terms. AliExpress provides a number of resources to help you find successful dropshipping products, such as a database of top-selling items and a cutting-edge scraper that can be used to analyze the sales data of any product on the AliExpress marketplace.

Don’t forget that when you join the AliExpress dropshipping program, you’ll be placed in the beginner’s tier automatically. There are no price reductions for the beginner tier. On the other hand, if you spend more than $1,000, your account will be upgraded to level 1 and you’ll be eligible for a 2% discount on all future purchases. When you buy more, you save more at AliExpress, with discounts of up to 6% available.

What is the best free AliExpress dropshipping app for Shopify?

With a free version that allows you to import up to 3000 products and unlimited monthly orders, DSers is the best free AliExpress dropshipping app for Shopify. Similarly, Modalyst is a fantastic free AliExpress dropshipping app, with a plan that allows you to import up to 25 items from AliExpress to Shopify.

A large number of the recommended tools in this article, however, are available for free at least initially. In contrast to Dropified’s limited 14-day free trial, Hustle Got Real’s free plan includes 10 listings and full inventory automation.

How do I find winning AliExpress products for dropshipping?

It is recommended that you use an AliExpress research tool or software that is not affiliated with AliExpress to find successful dropshipping products to sell on your Shopify store. You can find products that are already generating sales and profits with the help of a research tool.

To find the best-selling items on AliExpress, you can use one of the many effective and free dropshipping research tools available. Actually, AliExpress’ Dropshipping Center is a free resource for discovering what’s hot and what’s selling on the marketplace.

What are some alternatives to AliExpress dropshipping?

With its massive selection of inexpensive goods, AliExpress makes for an excellent dropshipping platform. Since most orders are fulfilled in China, shipping times can be lengthy. Fortunately, there are numerous AliExpress alternatives, such as Banggood, Sunsky Online, and CJ Dropshipping, that provide extremely rapid shipping from regional warehouses.

You can offer your customers faster shipping and boost your sales by switching to a local AliExpress alternative with a warehouse in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Europe. For an in-depth analysis of the alternatives to AliExpress, check out our detailed guide.

How do I find more AliExpress dropshipping apps?

Be sure to peruse our other tutorials and articles to learn more about AliExpress dropshipping apps for Shopify and other platforms like BigCommerce and Ecwid. Read our in-depth guides on the top AliExpress dropshipping software and tools.

More options, along with user reviews, can be found by searching the Shopify apps store. You can also use Google to locate the most reliable AliExpress dropshipping apps for Shopify. Use specific search terms like “AliExpress dropshipping tools for Shopify” or “Shopify dropshipping apps for the AliExpress marketplace.”

Final Word

Using an app can automate a ton of the tedious work involved in dropshipping from AliExpress to Shopify, such as listing creation and stock management.

An AliExpress dropshipping app for Shopify is crucial if you want to rapidly expand your business with high profit margins and no overselling.

This guide features AliExpress dropshipping apps that are compatible with Shopify and offer convenient features like hands-free inventory management and instant order processing. Do your homework on the various tools’ functions to find the one that best suits your needs.