DHgate is one of the most well-known B2B marketplaces on the web, with over 10 million buyers and 1.2 million sellers.

With more than 40 million products and many offering no minimum order requirements, DHgate is also becoming a popular platform for dropshipping.

For those interested in selling their wares on WooCommerce, Shopify, and other platforms, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best DHgate dropshipping plugins and apps.


Dropified is one of the most widely used automation solutions for dropshipping on WooCommerce, Shopify, or BigCommerce, and it has been used by over 200,000 happy customers.

Dropified is an e-commerce platform that allows you to easily import products from more than 50 compatible suppliers, including DHgate, and automates a variety of back-end processes, such as inventory management, repricing, order processing, and sales tracking.

Dropified is the best all-in-one solution for setting up an automated dropshipping business, regardless of whether you’re an experienced online seller or just starting out.


There are just three easy pricing tiers to choose from with Dropified. The effective Chrome extension for discovering profitable dropshipping products is available to you at no cost with the free plan. Complete inventory management and order processing are just two of the premium features included in the low monthly rate of $26.

If you’re interested in trying out Dropified’s premium plans, you can do so for free for 14 days with full access to all features.


Solution for drop shipping that is both potent and fully automated
Accepted by more than 50 retailers, including e-commerce giant DHgate
Add best-sellers to your web store quickly.
Synchronize stock levels and order fulfillment
Plan prices are low on a monthly basis, and there are substantial savings for paying yearly.


Dropshipping products from multiple suppliers, including DHgate, can be imported to eBay with the help of KalDrop, an effective non-API eBay listing tool.

The convenient Chrome add-on makes it easy to import an unlimited number of items from DHgate to eBay in a matter of seconds. KalDrop’s semi-automated order fulfillment makes it simple to fulfill DHgate and eBay orders.

One of the most widely used dropshipping listing tools, KalDrop has over 2000 users who have sold over $29 million from over 1.5 million listings.


With KalDrop, you can do unlimited importing and selling and semi-automated order fulfillment for just $19.99 per month. For just one dollar, you can test out the tool for an entire week. Instead, if you pay annually, you’ll receive a 40% discount.


The most well-known non-API dropshipping listing tool on eBay
DHgate is one of six suppliers that are compatible.
Simple, one-click product import to eBay.
cheap and with no limits on sales or imports


More than 500 suppliers, such as DHgate, AliExpress, and SaleYee, are compatible with SkuGrid, making it a comprehensive dropshipping automation solution.

SkuGrid makes it easy to list DHgate items on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and WooCommerce, among many others.

In addition to its primary function as an automated inventory management system, SkuGrid also serves as a stock monitoring and repricing tool, with customizable pricing formulas and email alerts. As a result, you can expand your drop-shipping enterprise without ever worrying about having too much inventory.


When compared to other dropshipping automation solutions, SkuGrid is among the cheapest. The basic plan costs just $14.95 per month and provides access to the robust listing creation tool in addition to monitoring for 200 listings and unlimited orders and hosting for WooCommerce.

More products and features are available in the more expensive tiers. SkuGrid’s full suite of features can be tried risk-free for seven days.


Automation tool for the entire drop shipping process
There are over 500 vendors, and DHgate is just one of them.
Utilize our 7-day free trial and affordable paid plans to start selling on any e-commerce platform today!

Compare and Contrast Consignment Wholesale and Dropshipping


In addition to DHgate, Importify is also a widely-used dropshipping import tool that works with over 30 other industry leaders.

You can begin importing products from DHgate immediately after connecting your online store with the WooCommerce plugin or the Shopify app. All of your product information, such as images and descriptions, will be imported effortlessly.

You can quickly and easily research products to find best-sellers and process orders from customers with the Chrome extension.


There are 2 openly priced tiers on Importify. For only $14.95 a month, you can get unlimited importing and ordering on the basic plan. In addition to granting access to premium suppliers like AliExpress, the more expensive plan permits unlimited product imports.


Tool for cheaply importing goods for dropshipping
Able to work with 30 different retailers, including e-commerce powerhouse DHgate
Use any of a number of popular e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and more.
The Chrome add-on makes it simple to use.


DSTitan, which was released in 2018, is a cutting-edge eBay listing tool that enables you to import products from multiple dropshipping suppliers, including DHgate, with a single click.

After adding the extension to your Chrome browser, you can list items from any of the 6 supported vendors directly to eBay. All of your products’ details, including pictures, descriptions, and prices, will be imported into DSTitan automatically.

Try DSTitan risk-free because there are no membership fees for importing up to 50 products. To put it simply, it’s the best dropshipping app for beginners and those on a tight budget.


DSTitan’s free tier allows for the import of up to 50 products, plus the creation of Variations, the filtering of ePackets, and the implementation of Flexible Pricing Strategies. Upgraded plans start at just $9.99 per month and provide extras like expanded product imports and an image editor.


An affordable and widely used dropshipping app for eBay
The likes of DHgate, AliExpress, and more are supported.
Speedy product import with a Chrome add-on
50 listings and unlimited orders are included in the free plan.


In addition to DHgate, Banggood, and CJ Dropshipping, Dropeex is a formidable non-API eBay dropshipping app that enables you to import products from a wide variety of top suppliers.

Dropeex is a Chrome and Firefox add-on that enables you to list an unlimited number of products on eBay without using the eBay API, making it ideal for eBay dropshippers. Dropeex also includes a stock and price tracker for your convenience.

Dropeex also has a clever name generator, bulk product import, price optimization, and semi-automated order fulfillment.


Dropeex’s monthly fee of $19.99 grants access to all features, including semi-automated order processing and a bulk product lister, as well as unlimited product imports and monthly orders. For just $1, you get 7 days of Dropeex plus 24/7 support


Apps and programs that facilitate drop shipping on eBay that don’t require an API
Use DHgate for speedy wholesale product imports.
Comprises a stock and price tracker
Spend just $1 for a full week of access, no credit card required.


Edrop is a cheap Chrome extension that enables you to dropship on eBay from more than four reliable suppliers, such as DHgate and AliExpress.

The free version allows you to import up to 20 products from a database of millions of items across hundreds of categories into your eBay store. Orders can be partially automated with the help of this tool, which allows you to quickly copy and paste information like the customer’s name and shipping address.

You can quickly change the title, images, and descriptions of your DHgate listings on eBay by using the Chrome extension.


Edrop is a Chrome extension that allows you to import up to 20 products per month and semi-automate 10 orders at no cost. For as little as $11.99 per month, you can upgrade to a premium plan that gives you access to even more product imports and automated ordering features.


A Dropshipping eBay Add-on for Chrome
Start bringing in goods from DHgate and AliExpress.
Easily change the names of your products and other information
There’s a free tier that lets you import up to 20 items.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this FAQ, we’ll address any concerns you may have about utilizing a plugin or app to dropship products purchased on DHgate to customers via Amazon, eBay, and other online marketplaces. Please get in touch with the service provider if you have any specific questions about the tools described in this manual.

What is the best DHgate dropshipping app for Shopify?

Dropified is the most effective DHgate dropshipping app for Shopify because it streamlines the processes of product discovery, listing creation, and stock management automation. Dropified also has a system that uploads tracking information and completes orders automatically.

However, apart from the DHgate app, Shopify users also have a wide variety of other dropshipping options to choose from. SkuGrid, for instance, works with a wide variety of e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, including Shopify and DHgate, and more than 500 other dropshipping suppliers from around the world.

Dropshipping from DHgate to Shopify has never been easier than with Importify. In fact, for a low monthly fee, Importify enables you to import an unlimited number of products.

What is the best DHgate dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce?

Since both Dropified and SkuGrid automate inventory management, order processing, and stock monitoring, they are the best plugins and apps for transferring products from DHgate to WooCommerce.

However, if you run a WooCommerce-powered store, you’ll find that third-party solutions like Importify make it easy to import products from DHgate drop-shippers. Importify makes it simple to import an entire DHgate catalog into WooCommerce.

What is the best DHgate dropshipping app for eBay?

The best dropshipping apps and software for eBay sellers are Dropified, KalDrop, and SkuGrid, which connect with DHgate. While KalDrop is a popular app for importing products to eBay, Dropified automates the entire process of moving inventory from DHgate to the auction site.

While some of the tools and apps in this guide may not be ideal for dropshipping from DHgate to eBay, many of them are. Two popular non-API eBay dropshipping apps that work with DHgate and other top vendors are DSTitan and Dropeex.

What is the best free DHgate dropshipping app?

Which free DHgate dropshipping app works best for your selling platform is a question only you can answer. DSTitan, for instance, is a robust dropshipping app made specifically for dropshipping from DHgate to eBay, and it offers a free plan that allows you to import up to 50 products without paying any fees.

You can import up to 20 products with the free DHgate dropshipping app Edrop, and it will semi-automatically fulfill 10 sales per month.

Most of the DHgate dropshipping apps presented here, however, offer either a free trial or a fully functional free version. Dropified, for instance, offers a 14-day free trial, while SkuGrid gives you 7 days to try it out risk-free.

Do I need an app or plugin for dropshipping from DHgate?

While dropshipping from DHgate without a plugin or app is possible, rapid expansion requires the use of one. The app or plugin will automate the process of creating listings, freeing you from the tedious task of copying and pasting data about products from DHgate.

Dropified and SkuGrid, two of the many tools recommended here, are particularly useful because they combine the processes of listing and inventory management and order fulfillment into a single interface. As a result, you can automate virtually every aspect of your dropshipping operation and significantly lessen the amount of time spent on mundane tasks.

Using a DHgate dropshipping plugin or app allows you to manage sales, product listings, and customer orders from a central location, in addition to expanding your sales channels and supplier base.

How do I find more DHgate dropshipping apps?

Check out our other in-depth guides and tutorials for more information on DHgate dropshipping apps and plugins. You may also want to take a look at our breakdown of the top dropshipping automation tools for the most popular e-commerce platforms.

Another option is to use a search engine or a question and answer website like Quora to find relevant results. Dropshipping apps for DHgate, CJ Dropshipping, and many other popular suppliers are discussed and recommended in numerous online forums and blogs.

Final Word

DHgate’s millions of sellers and thousands of products have made it the go-to site for many dropshippers.

If you want to start selling DHgate products on Shopify, WooCommerce, or eBay, the apps recommended here are your best bet.

Since DHgate dropshipping is becoming increasingly common, more dropshipping apps will likely be made compatible with the marketplace. So, as new or improved tools become compatible with the DHgate platform, we will make sure to update this guide accordingly.