Business Insider claims that among adults in the United States, YouTube has the highest usage rate. Even though it’s the most widely used video sharing site and search engine, it’s not the only one out there.

Top Sites Where Video Creators Can Put Their Videos 1

Many YouTube content creators are exploring alternate platforms as a result of rising ad costs, algorithmic changes that hinder uploads, and other factors. There is a wide range of possibilities.

Although creating videos for YouTube is recommended, taking advantage of these alternate platforms for sharing and promoting material can be just as fruitful. If you use services other than YouTube, you can reach the folks who don’t use YouTube.

This fact alone should encourage content makers to look into alternatives to YouTube. You shouldn’t put in too much effort. It’s possible to distribute your videos on many different sites.

Can YouTube Be Stopped?

YouTube is one of the first and longest-running online video platforms. More than 2 billion unique monthly logged-in users from around the world view billions of monthly hours of content on the site.

Top Sites Where Video Creators Can Put Their Videos 1

Therefore, from a market and audience viewpoint, the alternatives on our list are not likely to entirely replace YouTube very soon.

If you don’t already have a sizable subscriber base on YouTube, you might want to look into alternative video promotion methods.

You don’t have to rely solely on YouTube to expand your reach and generate leads for your business.

Justifications for Steering Clear of YouTube

Other than reaching a massive audience that isn’t using YouTube, there are other benefits to sharing and advertising videos on other sites. Many websites exist as viable substitutes to YouTube; these sites vary in their methods of monetization, areas of focus, and audiences reached.

But, you can’t base everything on a spreadsheet. There is a distinct demographic available on each video-sharing service.

Many people who work in cybersecurity and IT avoid YouTube because of the platform’s data collection and usage policies. Some content makers would rather use an alternative to YouTube that places more emphasis on innovative video production methods.

Furthermore, paid networks tend to attract a distinct demographic from their free counterparts. In general, consumers who pay for content have a lower price sensitivity than the general population.

The fact that YouTube is accessible without cost to users explains both its popularity and its widespread use. If your value offer prioritises quality over money, your ideal audience may be more concentrated on alternate platforms.

List of the Top Free Websites Like YouTube


Metacafe was made in 2012 as an alternative to YouTube and Dailymotion. Today, it only shows short entertaining clips, which is a very popular idea in the United States.

Top Sites Where Video Creators Can Put Their Videos 2

Most of the people who are part of the user community like original content like cat videos, juggling tricks, pranks, and videos of cars breaking down. The website says that about 12 million people in the US and 40 million people around the world visit YouTube alternative.

Users can make their own videos, playlists, and photo galleries. The way content is made makes it easy to share, like, and comment on it.

Every day

You can upload videos to Dailymotion and share them with the people who already follow you. It can be used to make a video channel, gain a following, and share advertising revenue to make money.

As a content creator or marketer, you should think about the size of your audience when choosing an alternative to YouTube.

Dailymotion says that 300 million people use its platform. If you look at their most popular channels and videos, the numbers don’t add up to 300 million unique visitors per month.


Since Vimeo was started by filmmakers, it’s no surprise that creative people use it a lot. Vimeo is used by everyone from musicians to ad agencies to people who make videos. If you just want to watch funny cat videos, this platform isn’t for you.

Top Sites Where Video Creators Can Put Their Videos 3

High-quality videos can also help content creators make a little extra money (4K Ultra HD, to be exact). It’s easy to use, and its videos are better than those on YouTube. With Vimeo’s built-in community, users can also follow channels, leave comments, and share videos on social media.

The site groups video channels and categories by what they are about. Have no idea what to watch? The staff picks on Vimeo, which are changed often, can point you in the right direction.


It may be hard to think of Twitch as an alternative to YouTube, but as the place where thousands of people watch tournament game replays and live streams from their favourite Scandinavian gaming icons, Twitch has everything a user could want and much, much more.

Twitch is geared toward gamers, but it also has music, art, and TV content. There’s no better place to spend a lonely Sunday night playing Fortnite (what a world we live in!) or to watch one of your favourite gamers play.


With Vevo, you don’t have to go to YouTube to watch videos. This site is one of the best alternatives to YouTube because you can organise videos by the artist.

You can share, comment on, and follow them on any social media site. This app has music videos and original web shows.


DTube is one of the best video sites that cares about privacy, but it is still similar to YouTube in some ways. On DTube, videos are not uploaded and played from a single server like they are on YouTube.

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A blockchain keeps track of their information. Because of this, hackers find it hard to change video content, your information is less likely to get out, and the platform is run by the community.

DTube also supports free speech (the community looks over the content) and lets you make cryptocurrency money from your videos. Since the interface is similar to YouTube, it won’t be hard for YouTube fans to switch to this platform. Want to upload videos without having to worry about them being changed? The answer is DTube.


Bitchue is a free website for sharing videos that has fewer rules and policies than YouTube. All kinds of content creators are welcome on this platform, which is an alternative to YouTube for free speech.

Bitchue has become a popular place for YouTube creators whose channels have been banned or stopped making money because of the people who use it.

This platform, like all YouTube alternatives, doesn’t have a big audience, which is a downside. But the low level of competition could be a great chance to make a name for yourself.


vPaaS video platform Kaltura is free and open-source. It can be used as a good substitute for YouTube. Use Kaltura to make video solutions for business, lifestyle, and education.

Kaltura makes it possible to communicate, work together, and have fun. The best quality comes from a built-in transcoder and other tools that improve video quality.

Wedding TV

With BridTV, video creators can also offer exclusive video ad solutions through a white-label platform, which is a scalable alternative to YouTube. With their help, you can manage, make money from, and stream your videos on time.

This platform lets filmmakers show off their videos in the best quality possible. Brid TV’s main benefits are that it has built-in encoding and scalable, reliable bitrate streams that can be changed to fit different needs.

Watch it on Facebook

Facebook has put more attention on video over the past few years. With Facebook Watch, you can browse and watch trending videos based on what you like and what you’ve watched in the past.

Top Sites Where Video Creators Can Put Their Videos 5

There is no other option with more users than Facebook, which has almost 3 billion people using it every month. Even though the interface is not at all like YouTube’s, the content and audience are often the same.

Facebook is now one of the most popular places to host and share videos.


YouTube is the king of online video content, but its increasing restrictions and annoying ads make you angry as you wait the 10 seconds it takes to watch your favourite free videos.

A YouTube alternative can give you access to different types of content, new audiences, and new ways to make money from your content, whether you are just starting out or have been making videos for years.

If you can’t deal with all the rules on YouTube, you should try one of these other sites. Choosing the right platform can make or break your ability to make money off of your brand.