Dropshipping is quickly becoming the beating heart of e-commerce. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t cost much, which makes it appealing to entrepreneurs who want a business that’s easy to run and makes money.

But because of this growth, there is now a lot of competition in the market. So how do you get started with drop shipping and make your business stand out? Simple. Dropshipping ads that are short and grab your attention.

Would you like to know how to make a video ad that makes money? Don’t fret. Here are some tips that will help you make dropshipping videos.

What Is the Importance of Video Ads For Dropshipping?

Well-made video Ads for dropshipping are made to get people interested in a certain product. They also tell people to check out your site or buy from you.

This brings people to your online dropshipping store, which is likely to lead to more sales.

Video ads for dropshipping make people stay on your site longer. The good thing about this is that the longer people stay on your site, the higher it will rank in Google searches.

High SEO rankings are good for a dropshipping site because they make your store more visible to customers who are looking for products or dropshippers to buy from.

Examples of Dropshipping Videos

Dropshipping video ads are put into groups based on what they are about and what they are meant to do. Some of the most common dropshipping video ads are:

Explainer Videos

Explainer video Dropshipping ads help people find out more about a product. It lists things like the product’s ingredients, gives an overview of what the product does, and says who it’s best for.

In an explainer video about a moisturizer, for example, ingredients like shea butter or hyaluronic acid might be mentioned. It would explain why these ingredients are important and what they do to the skin.

Lastly, it would tell certain customers, like those with certain skin types, to use the moisturizer.

How-to Video Ads

This type of dropshipping video ad works well for products that need to be shown. Some of these things are make-up, gadgets, and cleaning supplies.

The goal is to show people how the product works and what it can do for them. Also, how-to video ads take the mystery out of products and get people’s attention. It tells them what they’d miss out on if they didn’t buy the product.

This helps make more money.

Educational Video Ads

Educational dropshipping video ads tell people about new things. They are a chance to learn.

Let’s say, for example, that you sell vitamin supplements that you dropship. In an educational video ad, you would talk about how taking a certain supplement is good for your health and how your product fills that need.

Most customers like this type of dropshipping video ad because they learn something new from it. It also helps you see what the product can do for you. Because of this, they are more likely to buy it or suggest it to someone they think would like it.

How to Find Video Ads for Dropshipping

There are three main ways to find dropshipping video ads. Among them are:

Hiring Professional Help

You could hire a videographer or work with an advertising agency to do this.

If you hire a videographer, you can direct the Ad while it is being filmed by a professional. A videographer may also be better at editing the video than you are because they have done it more often.

You could also hire a company that does advertising or marketing. The company would make the ad and take care of all the details that come with it. This is also an easy way out, but it can cost a lot.

Making Your Own Video Ads

You can save money by making your own dropshipping video ads, which is a good idea if you are on a tight budget. It also gives you full control over the process of making ads and lets you make content that your audience can relate to.

It can still be hard if you haven’t done it before and take a long time if you don’t have any help.

Using Competitors’ Videos

This means you have to look for video ads for the kind of product you want to sell. Then, you would download the video and put it on the sites where you want to post your ads.

Even though it’s quick, cheap, and easy, this isn’t always the best way to find dropshipping video Ads. First, people may not find it original or interesting. This might not be enough to get them to buy.

Also, if you use content from your competitors, they might not like it. Some video ads have copyrights that make it illegal to use them without permission from the owner.

Can I Use AliExpress Videos for Dropshipping?

In short, yes, AliExpress videos can be used for dropshipping. But you should ask the dropshipping supplier whose video you plan to use if you want to use it.

You could also give them credit for the video. Both of these things would keep you from getting in trouble with the law for things like breaking copyright laws.

Factors to Consider in Dropshipping Video Ads

How well your video ads do will depend on what kind of content you use in them. As you make dropshipping video ads, think about the following:

Your Target Audience

What kind of person are you hoping to reach with your dropshipping videos?

The answer to this question will help you make a video that the people you want to reach can relate to.

This is important because ads that are too broad or too general can sometimes not be relevant. This kind of content would not attract customers or get you the results you want.

You can find out who visits your site and what they like by using tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and customer surveys. This will help you figure out who you want to reach with your video.

Where You Will Post the Dropshipping Videos

There are different rules for what kinds of video ads you can post on each social media site. Some have limits on how long a video can be, and others will only take videos in certain formats and resolutions.

Keeping this in mind will help you make sure that your Ad fits the site correctly.

How to Make Video Ads for Dropshipping Dropshipping Videos

How to Make Video Ads for Video Ads for Dropshipping

After you’ve done your research and decided what kind of video you want to make, you can start making it. Here are the main steps to making dropshipping video ads.

Decide on Video Length

You can get an idea of how much you can say in the video by looking at how long it is. For short videos, you will need to be brief and only talk about the product and other relevant information.

Write a Script for Your Video

A script is the written version of the dropshipping video ad you will make. This is an important step because it lets you try out different ideas and see how likely they are to work. The length of the video should match the length of the script.

Create a Storyboard

A storyboard is a picture of the scenes you want to include in the video. Usually, it consists of:

Pictures of the background for the video
If you’re going to shoot the video outside, think about the scenery.
Pictures of the things you will talk about in the video
The pictures on a storyboard should be put in the order they will appear in the movie. This will help you make sure the dropshipping video Ad flows well and makes sense.

Find the Right Equipment

How good your video is Ad will depend on how well the video is shot and what kind of gear you use. You’ll need to:

A camera with a high number of pixels
Setting the stage
Even a mobile phone can be used to make a video ad with the right tools. You would only need a tripod stand to hold the camera and a ring light to light up the area where the video will be made.

You can buy or rent a traditional camera if you want to use one. If you won’t have anyone to help you shoot, you may also need a tripod stand.


The edit is one of the most important parts of a dropshipping video ad. It is done to make the footage flow better and to make sure the information is clear and concise.

First, watch the videos you made to see if you did anything wrong. This will help you figure out what to take out, change, or shoot again.

Here are some of the best online tools for editing videos that you can easily find.

WeVideo is a great app that works with many different devices, such as Android, iOS, Chromebook, and more. It lets you choose between different video formats depending on where you want to post your video. It also has a cheap green screen feature and cloud storage. It’s usually pretty cheap, and you can try it out for free.
Filmora9 is a video editor that works on Windows 7 and later, as well as Mac OSX versions 10.7 and later. It lets you add transitions, filters, and moving parts to your Ads for dropshipping. You can get it at no cost.
Blender is a free program for making 3D graphics on a computer. It has tools for making 3D animations and motion graphics for videos and editing them. It has a lot of tools and could even help with simple videos like ads.

How to Create Viral Dropshipping Video Ads

Videos that get a lot of interest online are called “viral videos.” In the case of dropshipping, a video that goes viral would be good because the more people who visit your site, the more likely you are to make a sale.

So, here are some basic rules for making a dropshipping ad that goes viral:

Start by asking interesting questions to get people’s attention.
Be friendly and easy to understand in the video. Viewers need to feel like you are being honest and real, not just another salesperson trying to make a quick buck.
Be concise. When a video is too wordy or long, it gets boring.
Make sure your video has a high resolution and was shot with the right ratio of width to height. In this case, the aspect ratio should be good for mobile devices.
Make sure to watermark your videos so that they can’t be stolen.

Where to Post Dropshipping Video Ads

Social media is a great place to put up video ads for dropshipping. This is because there are millions of people on social media platforms and it is easy to share video content.

But it would be helpful to put your video ads on the platform that your target audience uses the most. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the most popular ones.

YouTube: Video Ads have been very successful for dropshippers on YouTube. The site’s large number of visitors makes it a great way to reach a wide range of people. It also has extra features, like paying you only after your ad has been seen.
Facebook is a good platform because it is made with features that help with e-commerce, like Facebook Insights. The extra information the site gives to business owners helps them understand the habits and trends of their customers.
Instagram is great because it lets you share pictures. On the platform, it’s also easy to share videos.
Twitter has a small group of users who are interested in social issues, brand image, and what businesses have to offer. The simple “retweet” button makes it easy to share videos.

Final Word

Data from social media shows that more people watch ads in the form of videos on social platforms. So, it’s safe to say that high-quality dropshipping videos are a reliable way to get the word out about what your dropshipping business has to offer.

It might be hard to make the first video ad, that’s true. But the tips and tricks on this page will help you get the hang of it quickly. It is also fine to hire professionals to help you do the job right.

The main point? Make dropshipping videos to promote your business. They are worth spending money on.