A reliable China wholesale website is exactly what you need if you’re a dropshipper hoping to expand your business.

Dropshippers who are looking for factories and manufacturers to work with can find the process of locating the best wholesalers in China to be arduous and time consuming.

So, how can we find the best China wholesale suppliers? As for your dropshipping company, you can benefit greatly from purchasing wholesale products.

Okay, let’s check it out!

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Why China Wholesale Suppliers?

If you run a dropshipping business, finding reliable product sources is essential to success.

What they can do for your dropshipping company is outlined below:

Having more room to bargain for cheaper product prices means better profit margins, fewer stock-outs, less hassle, and more time for you.
Improved accessibility to inventory; Steady product quality;
Accelerated shipping times;
A better level of service and support for existing customers;
As you can see, working with Chinese wholesale suppliers can be extremely helpful to your dropshipping enterprise.

Best China Wholesale Websites

We’ve compiled a list of the best China wholesale websites so that you can keep it bookmarked and ready to go whenever you need it.

The eCommerce platform you use for your dropshipping stores is irrelevant to the usefulness of these Wholesale websites.

Take a look at this list of the top 20 China wholesalers.


Dropshippers use Alibaba, the largest China wholesale B2B marketplace, to buy a wide variety of products in large quantities. Alibaba dropshipping, when executed properly, can be a lucrative business model for seasoned dropshippers.

Although it began as a platform for business-to-business (B2B) trade only, Alibaba has since branched out to include drop shipping and made-to-order wares. Therefore, it may work for dropshippers using a variety of business models.

Due to this, various minimum order quantities (MOQs) are available for products today. Alibaba allows customers to place orders for a single item.

Generally speaking goods are Alibaba’s specialty.
The minimum order quantity varies from product to product and supplier to supplier.
Credit cards, Western Union, T/T, and Pay Later (all safe payment options covered by Trade Assurance), as well as PayPal (not covered by Trade Assurance) are all acceptable methods of payment.
Transportation and delivery via courier, air freight, and sea transport
Types of Suppliers: Distributors and Makers
TradeManager (an instant messaging platform) or the “Contact” tab (email)
It is possible to customize products from some manufacturers.
Reviews, Trade Assurance, and a Refund Policy to Assure Customers’ Satisfaction


Is it true that you heard that 1688 is the Chinese arm of the multinational Alibaba? Then why not just use Alibaba?

Worldwide eCommerce business owners can benefit from 1688’s dropshipping opportunities because of the company’s no-MOQ policy and prices that are lower than Alibaba’s.

On the other hand, there is a catch! Considering that 1688.com is written entirely in Chinese, a dropshipping agent in China will likely be necessary to ensure that you receive your goods. With the limited options for making purchases in 1688, an agent can be of great assistance.

You should check that your agent has a global fulfillment center and US warehouses before ordering from 1688. Doing so will decrease delivery times by placing products in closer proximity to buyers.

Specific market for general-purpose goods
Low Minimum Order Quantities Are Obtainable
Alipay (requires a Chinese bank account), Western Union, and online bank transfers are all acceptable methods of payment.
Delivery time: 2–4 days within China, international delivery terms as agreed upon
Types of Suppliers: Distributors and Manufacturers
Aliwangwang, WeChat, and Standard Chinese are the main means of communication.
Personalized Orders: Available on Select Items
Badges indicating sellers who have been verified can help protect consumers.


The Alibaba group, of which Taobao is a part, also includes 1688 and AliExpress.

Over 288 million distinct products are available on Taobao, each with their own minimum order quantity. However, like 1688, the Taobao user interface is only available in Chinese because the site caters primarily to Chinese customers.

However, most sellers on Taobao are unfamiliar with international purchases and delivery, despite the fact that the Chinese business-to-consumer website offers attractive prices for both small and bulk orders.

If you want to buy from Taobao, it’s best to work with a Chinese product sourcing agent who can mediate between you and the various vendors.

The General Goods Market is a Specialty Section on Taobao.
MOQ: no
Credit cards, Western Union, Wire Transfer, and AliPay are all accepted methods of payment.
Delivery options include air and sea freight unless otherwise specified by the supplier.
Manufacturers and wholesalers are two types of suppliers.
Exchange of ideas: a command of the Chinese language and the services of a Chinese speaker or dropshipper
The answer is no, customization is not available.
Protecting the interests of purchasers


AliExpress is a must-mention on any list of Chinese wholesale websites. AliExpress has a lot to offer in terms of wholesale, despite the fact that it is dropship-friendly and most items are sold in single units.

A well-known business-to-consumer (B2C) marketplace, AliExpress welcomes dropshippers who only need to buy a few items at a time. On the other hand, it has a large number of wholesale suppliers in China that offer white label and private label products.

Do not neglect AliExpress in your search for a wholesale supplier if you are an established dropshipper.

General goods are AliExpress’ specialty.
MOQ: no
Credit/debit cards, PayPal (with some vendors), bank transfers, Western Union (not recommended), e-wallets, and Alipay are all acceptable methods of payment.
Package and mail delivery services provided by UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, EMS, China Post Ordinary, Registered, and Air Mail
Multiple types of suppliers are available, including original equipment manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.
A Method of Making Contact
Modifications: Varies by vendor
Security for the purchaser is ensured by means such as a money-back guarantee and customer reviews.


As one of the best Chinese wholesale websites, DHgate is a massive B2B and B2C marketplace in China.

In the same vein as AliExpress and Alibaba, DHgate is merely a marketplace wherein buyers and sellers can meet and transact business online. When it comes to this specific need, DHgate is a website that can be trusted without question.

However, you probably already know that the vast majority of DHgate’s offerings are knockoffs and fakes. If you’re going to use DHgate for dropshipping, stay away from replicas and stick with generics so you don’t run into trouble with customs.

DHgate’s specialty is apparel and clothing of all kinds.
Quantity Minimum: None; Discounts for Larger Orders
You can pay with a variety of different methods, including Apple Pay, a bank transfer, a credit card, or a Skrill e-wallet (in some countries)
FedEx, DHL, ePacket, UPS, China Post Air, etc., can all be used for shipping and delivery.
Manufacturers and wholesalers are two types of suppliers.
Send in a Request to Purchase
Some vendors allow for customization.
Protecting the interests of our customers by fostering an environment wherein they can confidently make purchases


Made-In-China is yet another China-based wholesale platform with an emphasis on business-to-business (B2B) trade and large-scale product procurement. On the site, you can connect with Chinese wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers who are familiar with international dropshipping.

When it comes to the security and well-being of their customers, Made-In-China proudly displays certifications earned by their suppliers. An audited supplier symbol and a verified business license symbol are commonplace.

While Made-In-China is typically reserved for large orders, small businesses can find suppliers who require as few as two or ten of an item. That’s why it’s great for dropshippers just getting their feet wet or for those on a tighter budget.

Specific market for general-purpose goods
There are sources with low minimum order quantities (MOQs).
Online debit/credit card payments or wire transfers are accepted.
Delivery is via UPS, 4PX, or as otherwise arranged with the supplier.
Types of Suppliers: Distributors and Manufacturers
Talk to Seller, Click Here to Send a Message (email)
We offer customization options for a few of our items.
Customer reassurance through auditing and license verification


Over 500,000 different wholesale products are available on Chinabrands, all at low prices and with no minimum order requirements. As a dropshipping platform, it caters to both small-order customers and large-volume purchasers by providing price breaks for both types of orders.

Chinabrands is a popular platform for dropshippers to source electronic goods and apparel.

Like Amazon, Chinabrands features both platform-owned and third-party-sold items.

Chinabrands’ Polish and American warehouses and integration with Shopify contributed to their inclusion on this list of the best China wholesale suppliers.

Focus of Chinabrands: Everyday Items
Minimum Order Quantity: None; Discounts Offered For Larger Purchases
We accept the following payment options:
Delivery options: ePacket, Priority Line, DHL, EMS, and Surface Mail (Air Mail).
Chinabrands uses both in-house and external (or non-Chinese) suppliers.
Email Request for Wholesale Pricing Quotes Form, Real-Time Message Board
The answer is no, customization is not available.
Depending on the product, customers have the option to return their purchase within 15 or 30 days.


Our next stop will be Chinavasion, a wholesale marketplace that doesn’t require a minimum order size but does offer deep discounts for buying in bulk.

Which products are available on Chinavasion? The platform offers a wide selection of goods, but electronic gadgets and their peripherals take up most of the space.

You can shop with confidence on Chinavasion because they accept PayPal payments. You also have the option of making a payment online using a credit card or debit card.

Market Segment (Specialization) at Chinavasion: General, with Emphasis on Electronics and Tech
Minimum Order Quantity: 0
PayPal and major credit cards accepted.
UPS, FedEx, DHL, Air Mail, Sea Freight, and Other Delivery Options
Manufacturers: Chinavasion is the supplier
Online messaging services like Facebook’s Messenger and Skype are used for communication.
The answer is no, customization is not available.
Protection for buyers through audits, warranties (typically 3 months) on electronics, and user feedback

Global Sources

You can find a wide variety of consumer and industrial goods, from electronics to auto parts to clothing and accessories to smart home devices and more on the Chinese B2B marketplace Global Sources.

Products across this broad spectrum are offered at incredibly reasonable rates. As Global Sources primarily serves large orders, the majority of their listings will require a minimum order quantity of 500.

Some uncommon items, depending on their category, may only be available for purchase in ten-unit increments (typically, high-ticket products like motorcycles and similar).

Overall, Global Sources might not be the best option for small orders. However, Global Sources can help you scale quickly if you are an experienced dropshipper with consistent product demand.

Origins on a Worldwide Scale
Market segmentation: Generalist (general) niche
Minimal Order Quantity: 500
Credit Cards & Bank Wire Transfers Accepted.
Distribution: as per supplier contracts
Manufacturers and wholesalers are examples of suppliers.
To get in touch, you can use the “Ask a Question” button, a phone number, an email address (optional), or the ” (if online)
Some vendors allow for customization.
To ensure buyer satisfaction, we verify all suppliers and manufacturers, and we display companies based on their verified business type, customer reviews, and response rate.


Like Amazon, Banggood is a marketplace where customers can buy products from the company itself.

Apart from the Mainland China, South Sudan, Yemen, Crimea, and Syria, Banggood’s bulk orders can be shipped for free.

Keywords: general market, online shopping, and Banggood.
Minimal Order Quantity: 500
Methods of payment include BGpay, PayPal, eBanking, bank transfers, Dragonpay, and others.
We use the following carriers and services for shipping and delivery: Air Mail; express carriers (DHL, EMS, UPS, GLS, DPD); and Banggood Express.
Types of Vendors: The manufacturer is Banggood.
Communication: Ask a Question, Customer Service
The answer is no, customization is not available.
There is no risk to the buyer because of the following: reviews, guarantees (including money back if the product is defective), and a guarantee (in
Assuring the Quality of Products Sold


With a wide variety of products available from numerous Yiwu markets, Chinagoods is among the best China wholesale websites.

Jewelry, fashion, motherhood and infant care, household essentials, cosmetics, automobiles, pets, sports and outdoors, and just about anything else you can think of can all be found on Chinagoods.

Market Segmentation of China-Made Products: Comprehensive (general) niche
Minimum Order Quantity Varies by Item
method of payment: as discussed and agreed upon with the supplier following the initial inquiry.
Freight options include air and sea transport.
Manufacturers and wholesalers are two types of suppliers.
Access to Live Help and Email/Fax/Phone Inquiries
Some items do allow for customization (for bulk orders)
To ensure the security of our customers, we only work with reputable, pre-screened vendors who have an SOE guarantee.


One more place to look for goods offered by various vendors and suppliers in the Yiwu market is the online marketplace YiwuGo.

Using the YiwuGo platform, you can look for what you need by entering keywords, searching by product or supplier, or even browsing by district or category.

The costs are low, but you might need a dropshipping agent or a local who can help you communicate.

YiwuGo’s minimum order quantity (MOQ) is product-specific. They typically have a higher price at a lower minimum order quantity and vice versa.

The General YiwuGo Market (general) niche
Minimum Order Quantity Varies by Item
method of payment: as discussed and agreed upon with the supplier following the initial inquiry.
Sending and receiving: per the terms established with the provider
Manufacturers and wholesalers are two types of suppliers.
The “Contact Supplier” button, WhatsApp, WeChat, phone (optional), and email are all ways to get in touch.
When it comes to customization, it all depends on the provider.
Supplier to supplier, buyer protection varies


SHEIN is the upcoming great China website for bulk buys of products with no MOQs.

On SHEIN, you can find products like women’s clothing, plus-size women, men’s clothes, kids, and beauty and makeup. Nonetheless, it is best recognized for its line of clothing for women.

When compared to the low prices, SHEIN has fantastic product quality.

Clothes, accessories, and cosmetics—the that’s Shein specialty.
Cost per unit: 0
Accepted methods of payment include: iDeal, iDebit, and PayPal.
Delivery Options: Air and Sea Freight Manufacturer and Supplier Name: SHEIN
Customer Service and Communication
The answer is no, customization is not available.
Protection for the Buyer: Guaranteed Quality, a Month to Request a Refund if Not Satisfied


LightInTheBox is another excellent marketplace, suitable for both initial small orders and subsequent bulk purchases.

All types of dropshippers will find the platform’s lack of minimum order quantities (MOQs) and abundance of volume discounts to be appealing.

There is a wide variety of goods available on the LightInTheBox marketplace, but clothing, especially dresses and wedding gowns, are the most popular items for dropshipping.

Despite not having the lowest prices, LightInTheBox appears to have earned the trust of many of its customers. The Google Play Store reviews for their LightInTheBox Online Shopping app are overwhelmingly positive.

The LightintheBox Niche is a broad market that specializes in formal wear and bridesmaids’ gowns.
Minimum Order Quantity: 0
PayPal, major credit cards, Klarna, etc. accepted.
We use a variety of shipping and delivery services including the United States Postal Service, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, and TNT Europe.
Products from LightInTheBox are examples of suppliers.
Send in a support ticket for instant messaging
Dresses for weddings are the only items that can be customized.
For the protection of consumers, reviews are provided for various products.


When it comes to clothing and accessories for both men and women, Zaful is a go-to online retailer.

Dresses, tops, swimwear, accessories, plus size clothing, and even Marvel merch can all be found on Zaful.

Additionally, they offer a fantastic app that can make your shopping experience much more streamlined.

Apparel and accessories are Zaful’s specialty.
Minimum Order Quantity: 0
PayPal, credit/debit cards, Wire Transfer, and Western Union are all acceptable methods of payment.
Express, as well as regular, shipping options are available.
Products from Zaful, a type of vendor.
Connect with Us Via Phone, Live Chat, or Facebook Messenger
The answer is no, customization is not available.
Protecting the consumer with a 30-day return policy and customer feedback


As can be seen in the Shopify App Store, the CJDropshipping app has a high user rating and many positive reviews. As a reliable dropshipping fulfillment supplier, they stock a wide variety of products for you to sell.

Every major online marketplace, including eBay and Etsy, can be used in tandem with CJDropshipping. That means you can immediately begin adding products from CJDropshipping to your store.

You can place both small and large orders with CJDropshipping because there is no minimum order quantity requirement. The best part is that they have multiple distribution centers all over the world, so you can stock up on products near your customers.

Market Focus: Universal CJ Dropshipping (general) niche
Minimum Order Quantity: 0
Accepted methods of payment include (but are not limited to) PayPal, Bank Transfer, credit cards, Payoneer, etc.
There are many different options for shipping and delivery, including the United States Postal Service, DHL, ePacket, and others.
CJDropshipping is the type of supplier that handles product sales.
Send in a support ticket for instant messaging
Possibility of Individualization via PoD (print-on-demand services)
Consumer protection through evaluation and testing of goods


TBdress is a website selling dresses for women of all shapes and sizes, including wedding gowns, as the name would imply.

Although dresses are the store’s main focus, TBdress also sells other types of women’s and men’s apparel, shoes, accessories, etc.

When it comes to dropshipping, TBdress is accommodating to single-item orders, and when it comes to wholesale orders over $2000, the company provides discounts.

In addition, TBdress has a fantastic mobile app. Overall, they’re worth a shot if you’re in the women’s clothing and accessories market.

TBDress Specializes in Women’s Apparel and Other Accessories.
Minimum Order Quantity: 0
You can use either PayPal or a credit card to make a payment.
The following companies can be used for shipping and delivery: DHL, UPS, EMS, ePacket, AirSmall, BPost, etc.
Products from TBdress suppliers.
Verbal, electronic, and real-time modes of contact
Personalization: On demand, tailored service is available.
Protection for the Buyer: Quality assured with a 30-day money-back guarantee


Since Tomtop has such a wide variety of electronics, home decor, smart devices, children’s toys, outdoor recreation equipment, and more, we have decided to move on to their wholesale website from China.

TomTop is accommodating no matter the size of your order thanks to their dropshipping and wholesalers’ programs.

TomTop’s Specialty is Everything Else, with an Accent on Cool Stuff for the Home and Cool Stuff for Kids and Teens.
Minimum Order Quantity: 0
All major credit cards, PayPal, Wire Transfer, BOLETO, and QIWI are accepted.
Sending and receiving via air mail, EMS, DHL, UPS, USPS, etc.
Wholesalers and manufacturers both make up Tomtop’s supplier pool, with both types being sold to customers after passing quality checks.
Connect with us via the “Ask a Question” link or by sending an email.
The answer is no, customization is not available.
Shopper Confidence: A Refund Guarantee, Return Policy, and Ratings


Yaaku could be the China wholesale website you’ve been searching for if you’re in the clothing industry and want wholesale prices with no minimum order quantities.

Yaaku does not have a minimum order quantity, but they do offer a wholesale program where orders over $1000 can be requested at a discount.

Considering how cheap Yaaku clothing already is at retail, you can only imagine the kind of profits you’ll make by purchasing in bulk!

Yaaku Specializes in Women’s Clothing and Apparel.
Minimum Order Quantity: 0
Paypal, credit/debit cards, Western Union, MoneyGram, and bank transfers accepted.
We use a variety of shipping and delivery services, including DHL, FedEx, EMS, Post, and others, depending on the country.
Yaaku is the producer and retailer.
Chat, WhatsApp, Skype, and Email as Means of Contact
The answer is no, customization is not available.
Guaranteed buyer protection with a 7-day return policy.

FAQs on China Wholesale Websites

Having provided you with a list of the top China wholesale websites, we will now proceed to address any remaining concerns you may have. C’mon, let’s just jump right in!

What Is a Wholesale Price?

When you buy in bulk, you can save money by taking advantage of what is called wholesale pricing. Dropshippers typically buy in bulk to take advantage of lower wholesale prices.

Buying in bulk will improve your online shop’s bottom line as you expand. Initial investment and operational considerations, such as where to keep stock, will rise.

Favorite Dropshipping Friendly Wholesale China Sites

How Can I Buy Wholesale from China?

Three main channels exist for importing wholesale goods from China:

From a China wholesale website

The first is to use Chinese wholesale websites to acquire products for dropshipping. Several excellent resources for sourcing wholesale items were highlighted above.

Choose from marketplaces like Alibaba, 1688, Chinabrands, Chinavasion, DHgate, AliExpress, and more based on your minimum order quantity and product category.

With the help of a dropshipping agent

Working with a dropshipping agent in China, who acts as the middleman and locates manufacturers or trade companies offering the best wholesale prices, is the second option for acquiring wholesale prices.

Before deciding on a broker, make sure you know everything there is to know about their fulfillment center, warehouses, and inventory storage capacities. Dropshipping companies with access to warehouses in close proximity to your customers’ locations can expedite the delivery of large orders.

By visiting China wholesale markets

A third option for wholesale purchases from China is to travel to the country and shop at one of their many trade markets.

Traveling to China and selling goods there is an option for dropshippers with deeper pockets and more experience.

What Are the Advantages of Buying Wholesale?

Here are some advantages to bulk purchasing:

Price negotiation

It’s possible to haggle down the price of an item significantly when purchasing in bulk as opposed to just one. Dropshippers who plan to expand typically opt to buy in bulk because doing so results in greater savings.

Better profit margins

In addition to keeping more of your hard-earned money thanks to lower costs, your company will also benefit from improved profit margins.

No out-of-stock problems

Having a large quantity of an item on hand allows you to manage your supply like a boss. By doing so, you can avoid stock-outs and get orders out the door the very same day.

Faster delivery

Finally, if you buy in bulk, you can keep your inventory in a warehouse close to your customer base. Consequently, this method will shorten your delivery times and increase your customers’ happiness and loyalty.

What Are the Best China Wholesale Websites?

Numerous excellent Chinese wholesalers are listed above for your convenience.

Some examples include Alibaba, AliExpress, Chinabrands, Zaful, 1688, Made-in-China, DHgate, and others like them. Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can easily access it whenever you need ideas for vendors.

What’s the Best China Wholesale Website for Beginners?

If you’re just getting started with dropshipping and haven’t found your killer product yet, look for a site that doesn’t require bulk purchases (or at least low MOQ).

That way, you can reduce your risk of losing a lot of money if you are unable to sell the entire order, and the initial investment will be smaller.

AliExpress, Chinabrands, Made-In-China, Zaful, CJDropshipping, etc. are just some of the online marketplaces you could look into.

What Are the Best Products to Buy Wholesale from China?

It’s safe to say that anything a dropshipper sells has originated in China. In this regard, China is the best place to go because of the low prices everywhere you look.

Your winning product is, therefore, the best wholesale product to purchase from China.

As a first step, we suggest placing sample orders of a variety of products to see which ones generate the highest sales and profit levels before making any large purchases.

Finding Chinese wholesale suppliers with the best price/quality ratio is the next step after identifying a successful product.

The following are examples of perennial Chinese exports:

Clothes \sAccessories
Electronic and mechanical devices
Mobile device and computer add-ons
Cosmetics and such
Goods that are gentler on the environment
Gifts for the Health-Conscious
Products for the Home Office
Internet-connected gadgets
You should exercise caution when placing bulk orders for products from the most competitive dropshipping niches.

Is Alibaba Cheaper than 1688?

Both services offer reasonable pricing, particularly for larger orders. 1688, on the other hand, caters to locals and thus offers slightly more affordable prices.

The 1688 user interface is entirely in Chinese, so if you want to do any dropshipping with them, you should contact a local product sourcing agent to help you out.

Here is our comprehensive comparison of Alibaba and 1688 if you’re interested in finding out more.

Can I Buy One Item from Alibaba?

Minimum order quantities (MOQs) are typically included in listings on Alibaba. A listing with a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 3, 5, or 10 units is possible. It’s highly improbable, however, that you’ll be able to purchase even a single item.

In any case, you can always contact Alibaba suppliers and bargain for a sample at a reduced price if you need one before placing a larger order.

Is Alibaba or AliExpress Better for Wholesale?

Comparatively, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) on AliExpress is 0 while on Alibaba it is 100. (or low).

Alibaba is the superior option for bulk purchases in this regard.

In contrast, it is not unusual to come across AliExpress listings that only sell in bulk and Alibaba listings with low MOQs.

While Alibaba is the better option for wholesale, you shouldn’t completely write off AliExpress. We have compared Alibaba to AliExpress in great detail, so read on if you’re interested in learning more.

Is Alibaba Legit?

Yes. When it comes to business-to-business (B2B) marketplaces, Alibaba is among the most well-known and established options for buyers from all over the world.

It’s important to remember that Alibaba is merely the platform and does not act as the actual vendors. Contrarily, millions of small vendors offer everything from novelty items to industrial machinery at a wide range of prices and minimum order quantities.

Because of this, while Alibaba is legit, the quality of the products and the timeliness of their delivery will often vary depending on the seller.

Checking reviews of both the product and the supplier, as well as looking for the Trade Assurance badge, is a good idea.

Are There Some Wholesale China Websites with Free Shipping?

Shipping fees are typically calculated based on the destination country. However, one attractive feature of some wholesale websites is that they don’t charge for shipping.

Sites like AliExpress, Banggood, Zaful, etc. offer free shipping and are among the many wholesale China websites. But even there, you have to spend a certain amount before you qualify for free shipping. Be aware that the final outcome is contingent on the supplier, the size of your order, and the amount you pay.

What Are the Best Chinese Clothing Wholesale Websites?

Alibaba, Chinabrands, AliExpress, Zaful, DHgate, LightInTheBox, SHEIN, CJDropshipping, and so on are just some of the best China wholesale suppliers for clothing and apparel.

Are There China Suppliers with No Minimum Order?

Absolutely! Most AliExpress and Chinabrands vendors in China have no minimum order quantity requirements, so you can use them as a dropshipper to send individual items to your customers.

Other online marketplaces where you can find low or no MOQs include DHgate, Made-in-China, Zaful, CJDropshipping, and Taobao.

Want to learn more? We’ve compiled a list of reliable dropshipping wholesale suppliers for your perusal.

Can I Buy Directly from Manufacturers?

To launch a private label line, dropshippers typically source products from manufacturers willing to cater to their specifications. White labeling allows some wholesalers and retailers to sell the product without having to deal with the hassle of creating their own brand name.

You are, therefore, focusing your search on industrialists.

In general, wholesalers and manufacturers make up the bulk of users on business-to-business (B2B) marketplaces like Alibaba. You must cut off access to the factories or production facilities.

Manufacturers who have the ability to produce goods under a customer-specified label are easy to spot. Suppliers with higher MOQs but lower prices are typically manufacturers.

An additional option for bypassing the middleman is to have a dropshipping agent source your product at no cost.

How Do I Find Manufacturers on Alibaba?

It can be difficult to tell which Alibaba suppliers are actual factories and which are simply trading companies.

You have the option of conducting your Alibaba search either by product or by supplier. Include terms like “custom,” “personalized,” “white label,” and “private label” in your product search.

If you narrow your search to specific vendors, you can then examine their details and find out if customizations are an option for the products they offer.

In addition, make sure the seller has been vetted and audited by looking for the “verified” and “trade assurance” badges.

How Can I Avoid Scams Buying from a China Wholesale Website?

Here are some safe procedures to follow if you’re concerned about being scammed while making large purchases:

Check product reviews

Always read the customer reviews before making a purchase on a China wholesale website. Don’t waste your money on products that have either no reviews or negative ones.

Check supplier reviews

Many marketplaces, including Alibaba, also feature reviews of the suppliers from which the products in question were purchased. Discover how happy previous customers were with the service provided by the vendor by reading their reviews.

Verification or audit badges

Some marketplaces may use more stringent criteria than others when vetting their vendors. For example, you might want to look for logos or labels that say “verified supplier,” “audited,” “guaranteed,” “vetted,” “trade assurance,” “inspected,” or something similar.

Always Google your supplier

To find a dropshipping agent and supplier in China, for example, start with Google. Enter a search term like “China’s best dropshipping agent.”

The websites that appear in the top few organic search results almost always have the highest authority and the most user interactions.

How to Choose Good Quality Products When Buying Wholesale from China?

Most dropshippers never actually get their hands on the product they’re selling because of how the business model works. It can be difficult to guarantee product quality when ordering from across the ocean.

Methods to ensure accurate orders and successful sales are provided below.

Place a detailed order

Be sure to give your supplier all the information they need to fulfill your order by placing it accurately.

If you want 50 purple T-shirts in size M, for instance, you shouldn’t just tell the manufacturer that color and ask for the size in inches or centimeters. Include a discussion of or requirements for the content.

A return or refund request will not be accepted if the customer places an incorrectly described or insufficiently detailed order. So, make sure your sourcing requests are as specific as possible at all times.

Read the product reviews

After that, take some time to peruse the customer comments. Reviews written by previous customers are a great resource for learning about the shipping speed, item condition upon arrival, any problems with sizing or fit, and similar issues.

Look at user photos

Check out the user-submitted images as you read through the reviews.

The item you receive may look nothing like the photos on the listing. Therefore, user photos can reveal the true, unaltered appearance of the product.

Order a sample

Finally, ordering a sample before placing a bulk order is the safest and most reliable way to guarantee the quality of the dropshipping product you’ll be selling.

Some wholesale and bulk sellers will specify that they are willing to provide samples in their advertisement. They usually agree to send out a free or low-cost sample.

Can a Dropshipping Agent Help Me Buy in Bulk from China?

Yes! Dropshippers who are prepared to make bulk purchases and expand their online shop should consider teaming up with a dropshipping agent in China.

It’s ideal to work with a representative who can do everything from finding products to storing stock, private labeling, white labeling, and fulfillment.

If you want to streamline your ordering and shipping processes, pick a dropshipping agent that works with your e-commerce platform.

In conclusion

At first, the language barrier and distance can make it seem hard to work with Chinese suppliers. But if dropshippers do it right, it can be an interesting way to grow quickly.

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