Promoting your dropshipping products with video ads is an excellent strategy for drawing in more visitors and making more sales. It’s also a powerful strategy for setting yourself apart from rivals and establishing your brand as reliable in the minds of your target audience.

In fact, studies have shown that video ads can boost conversion rates by as much as 80%. After watching a product demonstration video, online shoppers are 1.8 times more likely to make a purchase.

This article features a list of the top 11 companies offering effective dropshipping video advertisements. These are the most sought-after services at reasonable rates.


BandsOffAds is a top provider of distinctive and high-quality dropshipping video ads, with hundreds of satisfied customers attesting to this.

After filling out a brief questionnaire about your product, BandsOffAds will take care of everything else, from scriptwriting to production to final editing. The video can then be used to advertise your dropshipping product on Facebook or any other platform at your disposal.

You can see examples of BandsOffAds’ viral video advertisements that have been shown to increase conversions and sales on their website.


One video advertisement, including thumbnail and ad copy, can be produced for $55 and delivered in 1–3 days. Most videos are only 30-60 seconds long and feature your own logo and watermark. You can also pay $65 for a split-testing package that includes three different iterations.


Best source for high-quality dropshipping video commercials
Multiple hundreds of raving reviews from real buyers.
Your video will be completed and sent to you in as little as three days.
Ads are cheap and come with a thumbnail and professional copy, making them ideal for Facebook and Instagram.


LaunchAds is the leading provider of highly engaging, optimised, and stand out dropshipping video ads created by professional video editors and script writers, and it comes highly recommended by a number of top influencers and dropshipping experts.

In fact, LaunchAds has been highlighted in a number of videos uploaded to YouTube by thriving dropshippers who use the business model to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

The videos come in a variety of sizes to accommodate social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. They also feature custom branding, royalty-free music, and unlimited rounds of revisions. Delivery is assured in just 1-3 days with LaunchAds, or your video is free.


LaunchAds offers a variety of plans for different types of advertisements, including standard, vertical, and user-generated content advertisements. Various sizes, company branding, and custom script writing are all included in the low starting price of $40 for a traditional video advertisement. Split-testing campaigns with variations can be purchased, and substantial savings can be locked in for the purchase of three or more videos.


Premium video ad production service specializing in drop shipping
Highly suggested by prominent figures and popular YouTubers
Sizes start at $40 for traditional ads that run between 30 and 50 seconds and include music and a logo.


DropshipMedia is another popular site where you can get pre-made video ads to promote your dropshipping business on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more.

DropshipMedia’s video ads, delivered in 1-3 business days, come with free thumbnails, professional ad copy and logo branding, and unlimited revision requests, all of which are necessary to begin promoting your products and increasing sales.

DropshipMedia produces custom videos from scratch, from concept to finished product. This includes writing the script, researching and locating relevant content, editing footage, and putting it all together.


DropshipMedia offers single video ads for $55 with free thumbnail image, professional ad copy and logo branding, unlimited revision requests, and lightning-fast turnaround times of just 1-3 days. Split testing packages from DropshipMedia start at $65 (for 3 variations).


The go-to platform for purchasing dropship video commercials
Used by the industry’s leading online merchants and drop shippers
As little as $55 for a 30-second video ad
Featuring professional-grade thumbnail and captivating text
Fast turnaround of 1-3 days with no limits on revisions

Ad Jedi

Ad Jedi, one of the most reasonably priced and expert video ad creation services, starts at just $20, making it ideal for international dropshipping vendors of all sizes.

As a matter of fact, Ad Jedi offers premium dropshipping video ads with no restrictions on revisions and quick turnaround times (typically under 24 hours). The full service from start to finish consists of brainstorming, outlining, writing, producing, and editing.

All of the videos have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and extras like royalty-free music and thumbnails. Use them right away to advertise your dropshipping business and products on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.


Video advertisement packages start at just $20, with unlimited revisions, free thumbnails, and quick turnaround (typically 24 hours or less) included. Split testing bundles with three iterations are available for $29. Another option is to purchase the discounted bulk package of 3 separate video ads for only $55.


Production of high-quality videos for commercials at low cost
For as little as $20, you can get a fully optimized video with unlimited revisions and music licensed without any additional costs.
Professional video production in under a day, guaranteed satisfaction, and around-the-clock help


Adsellr, founded in 2018, is a pioneer and leading provider of effective video advertisements for online retailers and dropshippers. Adsellr has made over 5,000 high-quality Facebook video advertisements for vendors of all stripes all over the world.

Adsellr will create a high-quality video ad for your dropshipping product in as little as one to four business days for a one-time fee. The in-house design team can make a special video for any kind of product, whether it’s for Facebook or Instagram.

The HD thumbnails, branded logos, and persuasive ad copy are all included in the package. Adsellr will take care of everything after you describe your vision for the video.


High-converting ad copy, HD thumbnails, and branded logos add $59 to the price of a single video. The production and distribution time for a standard video is 1–4 business days, and its duration is 15–30 seconds. Split testing bundles featuring three distinct versions of the commercial video are also for sale.


Authentic Dropshipping Video Ads Service
Since 2018, our team has produced over 5,000 unique Facebook video ads.
More than 500 international online retailers rely on us.
Videos come with ad copy, HD thumbnails, and branding and can be delivered in as little as four days.


Adsmate is an industry-leading dropshipping video ad creation service that offers affordable packages beginning at just $39.

Adsmate’s video ads are made by skilled designers and video editors who have extensive experience in the dropshipping industry and can be used to promote your product on any ecommerce or social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

When you answer a few questions about your product, Adsmate will produce and send you a finished video advertisement within two days. A high-quality video ad of 30-60 seconds in length, plus a free thumbnail and three rounds of edits, will be provided.


Pricing for a premium video ad starts at only $39 and includes a high-quality thumbnail and delivery in 48 hours or less. Alternatively, you can buy a package of 5 video ads for only $165 or 10 videos for $300. Packages for split testing with 3 variations of your video ad cost $45.


Expertise in the Production of Drop-Shipment Video Commercials
Professional videos made by skilled artists.
Perfect for Facebook or Instagram dropshipping! All videos created and delivered in 48 hours! Prices start at $39 and discounts are available!

Winning Ads

Winning Ads Media is a reliable, low-cost source of highly engaging dropshipping video ads, trusted by some of the world’s most successful dropshippers.

Winning Ads Media has the know-how to make engaging and effective video ads for any kind of dropshipping product thanks to their years of experience in the field. You can expect to receive your video from Winning Ads Media three to five days after placing an order.

The professional-quality video ads, which can be anywhere from 30 to 45 seconds long, will help you promote your dropshipping business and drive sales on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more.


Winning Ads Media offers a number of different pricing tiers to suit your needs. One video ad is included in the $29 base plan. A higher package, which includes more distinct video ads for various products, is available at a discount of 25% or more.


Quality video ad production for drop shipping businesses
Professionalism in the field of online retail and dropshipping Prices starting at just $29 for a high-quality video
Get your order in 3-5 days, and you can even choose to include thumbnails if you like!
In order to receive discounts of 25% or more, it is necessary to purchase multiple videos.

Dropship Vids

When it comes to selling dropshipping products on social media and e-commerce sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon, Dropship Vids is your best bet for affordable and engaging video ads.

The videos are 100% original, delivered in 1-3 business days, and come with unlimited revisions for the first 24 hours. The team behind them has years of experience in the ecommerce and dropshipping industries.

Dropship Vids’ videos are widely regarded as the best in the industry because the company takes the time to thoroughly investigate each product and craft original scripts for each one. In addition, you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible video for your advertising budget thanks to our policy of providing unlimited revisions.


Multiple pricing tiers are available for Dropship Vids. For only $28, you can get a professional video advertisement complete with three preview images, unlimited alterations, company branding, and royalty-free music. Extra videos are available at reduced prices in the more expensive plans.


Affordable video ad drop shipping service
Professional design team specializing in e-commerce
Available with no extra charge for thumbnails and unlimited alterations
Commercial videos written by experts and created from scratch
Premium quality with lightning-fast shipping (in just 1-3 days)

EcomX Ads

Founded by a 7-figure Shopify dropshipping expert, EcomX Ads is a complete ecommerce marketing company that specialises in a variety of services including dropshipping video ads, copywriting, image creatives, product research and description writing.

For the largest dropshippers, EcomX Ads has produced hundreds of high-quality video advertisements. With a team of in-house video editing and copywriting experts, EcomX Ads will create a highly engaging video showing off your product using a proven editing style.

Delivered in 2 days or less, each video is 30-45 seconds long and comes with free stock music, custom branding, and unlimited revisions.


Get a high-quality, expert-made video ad for your dropshipping product for only $30. Sound design, logo branding, unlimited revisions, and quick turnaround time of two to four business days are all part of the service. Split testing packages with multiple iterations can be purchased for $40.


Professional Internet Advertising Agency
Dropshipping video ad production service that was founded by a seven-figure Shopify seller
30-45 seconds long, with no restrictions on retakes
Featuring a branded watermark and musical underscore.


Dropideos is another popular platform where you can buy high-quality, eye-catching video advertisements for dropshipping at a reasonable price.

Dropideos has expert videographers and writers on staff, so they can make captivating videos for any dropshipping product. In order to have Dropideos take care of everything for you, all you have to do is place an order and specify what you need.

Videos range in length from 30 to 50 seconds and all feature high-quality thumbnails, memorable music, and distinctive branding.


Dropideo provides a number of different pricing tiers. One high-quality video with a thumbnail, branded music, and a branded logo are all part of the base package. Split testing bundles and bulk discounts for purchasing three or more videos are also available for purchase.


Progressive service provider of dropshipping video commercials
High-quality graphics and carefully crafted text
Short, between 30 and 50 seconds in length, with a memorable tune
Consists of a high-definition preview image and your company’s
Prices start at just $50, making it a very accessible option.


When using WooCommerce as your e-commerce platform, AliDropship is your best bet for dropshipping from AliExpress. AliDropship offers a wide variety of e-commerce solutions, including dropshipping video ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

AliDropship will create a professional-grade dropshipping video ad for your product, complete with compelling copy, targeting suggestions, and conversion optimization advice, all for just $39. These entertaining videos were created with Facebook and other social media sites in mind.

In addition, if you order 3 or more videos together, you can save a ton of money and get them in as little as 5-10 business days.


Different tiers of AliDropship’s video ad production service come at different prices. The entry-level plan costs just $39 and includes one video ad with professional-quality ad copy and suggested demographics. When you buy 3 or more videos, you can save money.


The industry standard in drop shipping tools and services
Professional video dropshipping ads in 5-10 days.
Comprises expert recommendations on both wording and audience
Single dropship video ads start at just $39.
If you buy 3 or more videos, you can save money.

Best Services
Best Services

More Dropship Video Ad Services

If you want to buy professional quality, ready-to-go dropshipping video ads, your best bet is to go with one of the aforementioned services. Video advertisements can be purchased in a number of ways, including through traditional advertising channels and online freelancer markets. Here is a quick rundown of a few alternate approaches.


Fiverr is one of the largest online marketplaces for purchasing freelance services, serving over 3 million buyers and grossing over $150 million annually. By visiting their site and conducting a search for “dropshipping video ads,” you will quickly find hundreds of relevant results.


Upwork, which launched in 2015, is yet another well-known platform for hiring independent contractors. As of this writing, a search for “dropshipping video ads” on Upwork returns more than 400 results. Plenty of alternatives are available for between $30 and $50.


AdStrike is another reliable source of dropshipping video ads for use on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, with dozens of positive reviews. Having an AdStrike premium video ad made for your dropshipping product is as easy as placing an order.

Viral Ecom Adz

AdStrike is another reliable source of dropshipping video ads for use on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, with dozens of positive reviews. Having an AdStrike premium video ad made for your dropshipping product is as easy as placing an order.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following frequently asked questions (and their answers) should prove useful if you have any inquiries pertaining to dropshipping video advertisements. Alternatively, you can check out the other dropshipping and advertising-related content we regularly publish on our blog and in our guides.

What are dropshipping video ads?

You can promote your dropshipped goods on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube with the help of short ecommerce promotional videos called “dropshipping video ads.”

If you run an online store or sell on a marketplace like Amazon, using dropshipping video ads is a great way to increase conversion rates and sales. It has been shown that using video advertisements on your ecommerce site can increase conversion rates by as much as 80%.

Why use dropshipping video ads?

Promoting your dropshipping products with video ads will increase clicks, views, and sales significantly. More than 90% of businesses use videos in their marketing efforts, and one-quarter of consumers say they look up information about a product they’re thinking about buying on YouTube.

In addition, if you use dropshipping video ads, you’ll be able to differentiate your brand from the competition. To your advantage, you won’t have to compete with thousands of other sellers who are all using the same video ad or ad copy.

How do dropshipping video ad services work?

Dropshipping video advertisement services usually require you to fill out a brief questionnaire or supply information about the product you wish to advertise. The service provider will take care of the rest, from coming up with an idea for the video to editing, compiling, and sharing it with the world.

The video production method will be unique to each service provider. Typically, the service provider will scrounge together images, reviews, and demonstrations of the product from various online sources and edit the footage together with new narration to create a new, original compilation.

You should be able to view finished examples of video advertisements on the provider’s website. The good news is that neither you nor the provider will need to buy or ship anything. You won’t have to spend any time on scriptwriting or editing, either.

Where can I use dropshipping video ads?

Dropshipping video ads can be used across all channels. The vast majority of purchasers employ them for marketing purposes on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, you can also use them on product description pages on your store or marketplaces such as Amazon.

You could also upload the commercials to YouTube in order to attract more customers to your store. Video advertisements are increasingly being used to drive traffic and sales on popular websites like Snapchat and Dailymotion. It’s all up to your own creativity, as the options are practically limitless.

How long does it take to make dropshipping video ads?

Providers have different turnaround times for making video advertisements. In any case, the vast majority of the options presented here have lightning-fast shipping times of 1-5 business days. Services like Adsmate and Ad Jedi, for example, typically have a 48-hour turnaround time or less.

Keep in mind that making video advertisements is a labor-intensive process. There are many steps to making a video, including coming up with an idea, researching relevant material, writing the script, editing the footage, and finally sharing it with the world. Giving the service provider plenty of time to produce a video that meets your specifications will ensure your satisfaction.

Do I need to send the product?

Most of the companies featured in this guide don’t require physical access to the product in order to create high-quality promotional videos for dropshipping services. The supplier will instead make use of previously shot footage or still images taken from product reviews, demos, or tutorials found on the internet.

You may be able to send your own video or provide a link to one that may be used in the video advertisement in some cases. Next, the service provider will edit the raw footage into a finished compilation video with a polished script and exciting score.

Do I need to provide the script or content?

Dropshipping video ad production companies typically do not create original content; rather, they source and modify material from elsewhere online. The provider will typically follow your lead if you provide your own script or content for the video.

Of course, most service providers have a staff of professional video designers and editors who are accustomed to crafting captivating ecommerce video ads for dropshipping. Therefore, you should only use your own script or content if you are confident that it will improve performance.

How long should dropshipping video ads be?

Videos advertising drop shipping should be between 30 and 60 seconds long. Avoid making the videos too long, as this may discourage the viewer from taking the desired next step of visiting your website or making a purchase.

Because of this, your dropshipping video ads should be succinct and to the point. Most dropshipping video ad producers wisely limit their ads to between 30 and 60 seconds, which gives them plenty of time to show off the product’s best features and benefits.

Do I need video ads for dropshipping?

Video ads aren’t required to begin dropshipping, but they will help you attract more customers and increase your store’s chances of a successful sale. Video advertisements are much more effective than standard text advertisements or written product descriptions, which is true whether you’re trying to boost sales through social media advertising or through improving your product descriptions.

You can improve your organic search results and get more people to visit your store at no cost by using video ads. If you know what you’re doing, optimizing your videos for search can increase traffic dramatically and bring in qualified leads at no additional cost.

Not to mention the substantial edge you’ll have over rivals once you start using personalized dropshipping video ads. As a matter of fact, you could increase the price of your products while seeing the same level of success from the increased engagement and click-throughs.

How much do dropshipping ads cost?

The cost of purchasing personalized dropshipping video advertisements will change depending on who you choose to work with. To get a single video ad with branding, music, and quick turnaround, you can expect to pay between $30 and $50. Writing, editing, and publishing scripts are also part of the package.

In addition, the majority of the companies detailed in this guide offer pricier packages with a wider range of features, such as the ability to create multiple variations of a video for use in split-testing. When purchasing 3 or more video ads, you can usually lock in significant discounts.

Can I make my own dropshipping video ads?

Using video editing software like Animoto or Visme, you can create your own dropshipping video advertisements. Dropshipping video advertisements are effective, but it takes a lot of time and energy to edit and produce them unless you have experience with video production.

Most free video creators are extremely simplistic and lack the essential features to create a high-quality video, so you can expect to pay a monthly or annual fee to use the editing software. In addition, you’ll have to come up with the story and source material.

Time is money, and you can save a ton of it by purchasing pre-cut video ads for dropshipping from a service. To top it all off, you won’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a single video with the majority of the services detailed here.

You can quickly and affordably increase sales, brand awareness, and traffic to your store by contracting a service to create dropshipping video ads for your products.

How do I find winning dropshipping products?

Using a dropshipping research tool or software is highly recommended when trying to find successful products for dropshipping. You can find profitable dropshipping products that are already selling well with the help of research tools.

The AliExpress Dropship Center is just one of many available paid and free resources for finding profitable dropship products. Most of them feature in-depth information on things like total sales, social engagements, and ratings, and even provide direct links to popular advertisements. For more info, read our article about the top dropshipping research tools.

Can video ads be made for any dropship product?

Video advertisements for almost any dropshipping product can be made by the companies recommended in this guide. Whether you’re selling a dog bed or a portable speaker, they are masters at making high-quality video advertisements.

Remember, before you place an order, you can ask the company if they can make a video ad for the product you want to dropship. Just show them some pictures and they’ll be able to verify it in no time.

Can I use dropshipping video ads in descriptions?

It all comes down to the marketplace. If you run an online shop, you should incorporate dropshipping video ads into your product descriptions. However, you cannot embed videos into product descriptions on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

There is good news for e-commerce sites: including promotional videos in product descriptions can significantly boost conversion rates. In fact, you can anticipate a sizeable uptick in sales—especially in the event that the video ads are of high quality and feature the product in action.

How do I find more providers of dropshipping ads?

Freelance marketplaces like PeoplePerHour and Kenzap can help you find more dependable dropshipping ad providers. Here you can shop for professional dropshipping video ads among hundreds of other services provided by top freelancers.

Long-tail keywords and phrases can also be used in Google searches. The best way to find a service that fits your needs and budget is to compare prices from multiple vendors. It’s also a good idea to check out what people are saying about a business on review sites like TrustPilot and Facebook.

Final Word

It is recommended that you use video ads on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites to promote your dropshipping products.

Furthermore, you can differentiate yourself from other sellers by using dropshipping video ads to spread the word about your business.

When it comes to purchasing high-quality video advertisements tailored to dropshipping, the companies recommended here are your best bet. If you want to advertise on YouTube, Facebook, or any other platform, you can get high-quality videos for cheap.