Yoga can change your life in many ways. It has been shown to help relieve pain, improve mental health, and make people healthier overall. It’s easy to see why so many people now do it.

This ancient practice, on the other hand, needs special gear and accessories to make sessions more comfortable and helpful. Unfortunately, it can be hard or too expensive for most people to get this kind of equipment from exclusive stores.

In this article, we look at the best yoga dropshipping suppliers you can work with to fill the market’s supply gap.

Let’s get started, huh?

Sunbear Sport 

Sunbear Sport makes and sells yoga products and is based in China. The business has:

Yoga mats
Bands of resistance
Yoga blocks
Yoga wheels
Yoga attire
You can choose from a variety of yoga product designs, or you can order items that are made just for you. So, if you want to start private labeling in the future, this would be a great place to get your products.

Sunbear Sport
Sunbear Sport offers dropshipping for both single orders and large orders. The sign-up process is simple, and the company promises fast delivery and high-quality control.

For custom orders, you can show the company your own artwork or ask the art department for help. You’ll get a sample in one to two days, and once you approve it, production will start.

Pravacana Mats

The headquarters of Pravacana Mats are in North Carolina, USA. The company is proud of the unique yoga mats it makes, which have beautiful prints and designs. All Pravacana mats are made of things that are good for the environment.

Pravacana also sells yoga blocks, yoga tees, healing beads, yoga socks, and a lot of other things.

Pravacana Mats
If you work with this supplier, you can choose to sell items from their catalog or make your own. They also have fun deals like yoga mats that go with yoga clothes.

Even though the dropshipping program isn’t well-known, the company does offer it. Set up a vendor account and contact the company to ask about a dropshipping arrangement.

Pravacana Mats has a minimum order size that each order has to meet. On the plus side, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is low, and the company’s prices are very low.

Jade Yoga

If you want to buy yoga supplies from a company that cares about the environment, Jade Yoga is a great choice. Its yoga mats are made from rubber trees, which grow back every year. They don’t have any plastic or harmful materials in them.

Also, Jade Yoga has added a yoga mat wash liquid, a yoga block, and yoga rugs to its list of products. All of these items are made with the same care for the environment as the Jade Yoga mats.

Jade Yoga
Set up a retail or wholesale account to become a Jade Yoga reseller or dropshipper. This will depend on how much you expect to sell through dropshipping.

After that, you can sell Jade Yoga to other people. But the warranty only covers items that were bought from authorized Jade Yoga sellers. Because of this, you should try to get permission if you can.

Jade Yoga has an impressively large network of distributors all over the world. They also ship locally in the United States and around the world. So, you can count on the company to fulfill orders all over the world.


Gravotonics covers a unique yoga niche. This Indonesian company is known for making yoga swings that can be used at home or in a studio. They are a good choice for:

Getting rid of stress and body tension
Making the body stronger
Getting more flexible and straightening up
Getting more out of one’s yoga practice
Gravotonics has a program for wholesalers that includes dropshipping. You wouldn’t have to buy a lot of swings, though. You could buy just one. Still, if you order more than 4 swings, you’ll get a 20% discount.

To set up a dropshipping partnership, you would need to create an account and get in touch with the company. If you meet the requirements, you can start giving them orders to fill.

Gravotonics can deliver anywhere in the world, including the UK and Spain. It uses courier services that can be tracked, like FedEx and DHL, depending on where the package is going.

Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga is one of the best places to buy yoga clothes. Vogue and many other users have said great things about its products. People love them because they are comfortable and come in a variety of sizes that fit just right.

Besides yoga
Beyond Yoga sells a wide range of products, such as:

Crop tank tops, yoga pants, and yoga clothes for pregnant women.
This supplier is happy to work with dropshippers. But you will have to fill out a form with information about your online store. Your application will be looked at, and if you meet the company’s requirements, it will be accepted.

Beyond Yoga ships orders anywhere in the United States, including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska. If you want to take care of international orders, you can also do that through a third-party shipping company.


FashionTIY is a dropshipping company that sells clothes and other fashion items in bulk. It has a wide range of the newest yoga clothes, like T-shirts, crop tops, and leggings. It would be a good choice for a supplier in a market that cares about fashion.

As a dropshipper, you can sign up for an account and use it to fill the orders you get in your store. Remember to put the customer’s address as the delivery address and yours as the billing address.

FashionTIY ships to every part of the world. Once your order has been sent, you will get a confirmation and information on how to track it. Sign up for a VIP membership account to get guaranteed blind dropshipping services and other perks like discount coupons.

LovEarth Yoga Mats

LovEarth Yoga Mats is an eco-friendly company, as you might guess from its name. This company, which is based in Australia, cares about you and the environment by:

Getting your old yoga mat and putting it to good use
All of its mats are made from 100% natural and eco-friendly materials.
Making yoga mats that are 100% biodegradable and can’t end up as dangerous waste
As a LovEarth dropshipper, you could also sell LovEarth bags in addition to yoga mats.

LovEarth has a well-established dropshipping program that you can join by filling out the dropshippers’ form on their website. Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll get special login information and free access to:

Product Photos and Logos
A review or recommendation from LovEarth
With all of this information, it will be easy to add items to your store.

You can log in to the LovEarth dropshippers’ platform and process orders as they come in. Every order you make will get a 17% discount.

Omni Gym

Omni Gym designs and manufactures yoga swings for aerial yoga.

It works with physical therapists and yoga experts to make its most popular products. Some, like the PRO Swings, work well inside, while others, like the HEX Stands, work well outside.

Unlike other yoga swings, Omni Gym yoga swings are made with health (pain relief and physiotherapy) and wellness in mind. By putting these items in your store, you might be able to get more customers.

The best way to join the Omni Gym dropshipping program is to call the company or send them an email. Once you agree on how you will work together, you can start taking orders through them.

All of the parts that make up an Omni Gym are covered by a one-year warranty. The company ships both inside and outside of the United States. On the other hand, it can take up to 10 days to process an order.

Barefoot Yoga

Barefoot Yoga has yoga mats that don’t slip and are good for the environment. It also makes yoga practice straps, bolsters, and rugs for yoga practice. It also has a lot of yoga clothes in its OMgirl line.

Barefoot Yoga doesn’t have a clear program for dropshipping. It does, however, suggest that possible wholesalers, resellers, and dropshippers get in touch with them to set up a partnership.

Yoga in bare feet
When you’re taking care of orders, you’ll need to use the customer’s address as the shipping address. On the Barefoot Yoga website, there is a Shipping Estimator that gives you an idea of how much shipping will cost based on the size of the package and where it is going.

Barefoot Yoga ships both internationally and within the United States. Local orders are sent out in 1–3 business days, while international orders are sent out in 6–10 business days.

Wai Lana

Wai Lana yoga products cover every aspect of the yoga way of life. Most companies sell yoga props and clothes, but this company goes above and beyond by also selling:

Healthy yoga lifestyle chips
Yoga music CDs
Full yoga workout kits
Kits for kids to do yoga are available.
Yoga mats and yoga mat bags
Wai Lana
The main benefit of working with this company is that its products let you sell to a wider range of dropshipping niches. This could bring in more customers and lead to more sales.

The Wai Lana dropshipping program is also very easy to understand. Here’s how it works:

Create an account on Wai Lana.
Wait for your account to be approved.
Add products from Wai Lana to your online dropshipping store.
Listen for orders
Send orders to Wai Lana by email
The Wai Lana warehouse is where each client’s order is filled and sent.
In one business day, orders are filled. Wai Lana ships all over the United States and even to other countries. Once your order has been sent out, you will get tracking information.


Gaiam has been making yoga gear for more than 25 years. Over time, the company has improved its products and added a lot to its catalog. Some of its most popular items are:

Balance chair with a yoga ball
Oh Mesh Capri yoga pants
Yoga foam roller
Gaiam pillows and the Yoga Essentials block
The Gaiam website has a list of products that makes it easy to find yoga items that will work for your online store. They are put into groups that make it easier to choose from the many different kinds.

Gaiam If you partner with Gaiam, you can get support for resellers, suggestions for products, and information about new products. Just sign up for an account on the Gaiam website.

If you want blind dropshipping services, you may have to call or send an email to ask for them. Enter the address of your customer as the shipping address.

Gaiam has a policy called the minimum advertising price (MAP) that all resellers must follow. At the moment, it only ships within the US and Canada. Orders that are in stock are processed and sent out within two to three business days.

Yoga Accessories

Yoga Accessories sells yoga products from a number of well-known brands. Some of these brands are Manduka, prAna, Thera-Band, and toeSOX.

This is a great choice if you want to list a variety of products without involving more than one brand at a time. This company also takes orders for yoga mats, blocks, props, bolsters, and more that are made just for the customer.

Equipment for yoga
To process orders through Yoga Accessories, you would need an account that you have signed up for. Even though the company works with resellers, it is best to contact the company and ask for blind dropshipping.


CJ Dropshipping is a dropshipping company that sells items from a number of different suppliers. The products are listed in a way that makes it easy to find what you need with just a quick search.

There are a lot of different yoga products on the CJ Dropshipping platform. It includes clothes, mats, props, and more. You can also ask for services like “print-on-demand” and “product sourcing.”

Dropshipping by CJ
After you create an account, you can choose yoga products to sell and sync your store’s listings with CJ Dropshipping’s.

This company, fortunately, has dropshipping automation that lets you:

Bring products into your online store automatically
Send orders to CJ Dropshipping automatically so they can be filled.
Get regular updates on the stock
CJ Dropshipping is able to fulfill orders all over the world quickly because it has warehouses all over the world. The way the order is shipped will depend on where it’s going and how big it is.

Signing up for CJ Dropshipping is free, but you may have to pay for the following:

Taking care of orders
Services for private labels
White-label services
Labels made to order
Putting things away and taking stock


DHgate is a platform for B2B eCommerce. It sells products from a huge number of different brands and suppliers. It’s a great option if you want to offer your customers a wide range of unique yoga products.

DHGate is less stressful to use than other B2B platforms like Alibaba. Set up an account, search for and choose the yoga products you want to sell, and add them to your store.

Here’s how the dropshipping process works:

Your store will take orders.
Send them to DHGate and pay on the payment method they give you.
DHGate tells the seller to take care of your order.
Your order is being worked on and sent out.
You get a message from DHGate.
If a supplier doesn’t process or fulfill an order, DHGate will give you your money back. You will also never have to talk to suppliers because DHGate handles all questions and complaints.

FAQs about Yoga Dropshipping and Yoga Dropshipping Services

Is Yoga Attire Only Available For Women?

Men and women both practice yoga. Most brands use female models to market their products, but you will find that they have yoga gear for both men and women.

Because of this difference, it’s hard for most men to find yoga clothes that fit. So, it might be a good idea to sell yoga products for both men and women to fill this market gap.

Are All Yoga Mats Made the Same Size?

A yoga mat is usually about 68 inches by 24 inches. Not all mats, though, are this size.

This is because people are not all the same height and size around. So, manufacturers make yoga mats in different sizes to meet the needs of different people.

Do I Require a Special License to Sell Yoga Products?

No. Yoga attire and props do not require a special license.

So, if you sell yoga-related medicines, you should check with the local authorities to make sure you aren’t breaking any laws in your country.

Is Selling Custom Yoga Merchandise Worth It?

Yoga is a practice that is both deeply personal and spiritual. Because of this, it’s likely that most customers will like being able to customize their yoga items.

Offering both custom and standard yoga products would be a good way to meet the needs of all customers.

Final Word

A lot of people all over the world now do yoga as a way of life. Most of them would love to be able to quickly and easily find unique, high-quality yoga accessories online.