Do you need a garden supply dropshipper? The garden supplies market is worth more than $80 billion worldwide and is expected to keep expanding.

Here is a list of the top 15+ garden product dropshippers serving the United States, the United Kingdom, and China. Below are some reliable sources for purchasing gardening equipment, ornaments, and other decorative items.

Something Different (UK)

For the retail and online trade market in the United Kingdom, Something Different is the go-to wholesaler for giftware, homeware, and garden products.

Moreover, the firm provides a dropshipping service without charge and with no minimum order size, all while providing speedy delivery in the UK. The ‘garden supplies’ category includes more than 200 items, all of which can be dropshipped to your clients.

Market leader in the distribution of garden and holiday goods
Dropshipping service in the UK for free, no orders required.
The ‘garden products’ section features over 200 distinct items, all of which are appropriate for use in one’s garden.

VIP Home & Garden (US)

Having been in business since 1989, VIP Home & Garden is a trusted distributor of premium quality ornaments, decor, furniture, and planters for the home and garden.

For those interested in dropshipping, VIP Home & Garden provides a reliable service with access to over 800 products. Additionally, the company offers high-resolution product images and data feeds to facilitate streamlined stock management.

Known home and garden wholesaler Dropshipping platform with access to inventory feeds
Extensive selection of garden planters, decorations, and ornaments
High-quality pictures and detailed descriptions of each product

SaleHoo (US/UK)

SaleHoo is the most popular online trade directory of verified wholesalers, manufacturers, and dropshipping suppliers, and it is trusted by more than 100,000 online sellers.

Use SaleHoo to quickly find the best vendors for anything you need, like gardening tools and supplies. Supply comes from over 8,000 different vendors across the US, UK, EU, and China. Those looking for reliable dropshipping partners at affordable wholesale prices should look no further.

The most well-liked online resource for finding reputable dropshippers
Here you can search for verified drop shipping businesses offering wholesale pricing.
Useful to over 100,000 online retailers
TrustPilot says it’s “excellent” based on more than 400 ratings and reviews.

Banggood (China/US/UK)

Banggood, which was founded in 2006, is a major China-based e-commerce company with over 200,000 products and multiple warehouses in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Numerous ornaments, decorations, and pieces of furniture are among the thousands available in this vast selection.

Fast and reliable local shipping makes Banggood the go-to destination for dropshipping cheap Chinese goods. In fact, there is no cost to sign up for the dropshipping program, and members receive access to beneficial resources such as bulk order discounts, personalized shipping invoices, and more.

An enormous Chinese online retailer
More than 200,000 items, including fertilizer and garden tools
Multiple regional distribution centers in the Americas, Europe, and the UK
Packaged discounts for bulk orders in a dropshipping program

Wholesale2b (US)

With Wholesale2b, a cutting-edge all-in-one dropshipping solution, you can find products from more than 90 dropshipping suppliers in one place.

A large portion of the suppliers are either headquartered in the United States or maintain distribution centers here. More than a million items, including tens of thousands of gardening supplies, are available to you, all with speedy shipping. In addition to being compatible with major online marketplaces like Shopify, Amazon, and eBay, Wholesale2b is also integrated with the lesser-known but no less important marketplaces.

Dropshipping automation software and catalog in one
Obtain goods from a pool of over 90 dropshippers.
Numerous thousands of garden and house related products
Works with numerous popular e-commerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, and more.

Go Dropship (UK)

Go Dropship is an established dropshipping vendor offering a wide variety of products, including rare gardening tools and equipment.

Products are shipped without any paperwork or identifying marks from a warehouse in the United Kingdom. Everything you need to start selling on sites like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and WooCommerce is available for instant download.

Reputable UK-based dropshipping company with stock in the country’s warehouse
There are hundreds of one-of-a-kind items, like gardening tools, available.
No initiation or other fees required to join.
Simple click-and-download access to all product info and visuals

Worldwide Brands (US/UK)

When it comes to verified wholesalers, manufacturers, and dropshipping suppliers, Worldwide Brands is one of the oldest and largest online directories.

Since 1991, the company has been successfully linking you with the world’s most reliable trade suppliers on behalf of B2B buyers like yourself. If you do a quick directory search for “garden supplies,” you will find hundreds of reputable businesses that are willing to provide dropshipping services.

The most comprehensive database of legitimate B2B suppliers on the web
Features thousands of the best dropshipping businesses
Where to quickly source wholesale gardening supplies
Hundreds of satisfied customers have given TrustPilot’s top rating.

DropshippingXL (US/EU/AU)

More than 90,000 products are available from DropshippingXL’s multiple warehouses in the United States, the European Union, and Australia. Quality garden supplies, such as ornaments, decor, and furniture, are among the many options.

DropshippingXL is more than just a supplier; it has all the tools you need to launch an e-commerce business, such as real-time data feeds, high-quality product images, and speedy delivery to 32 countries. DropshippingXL can be used in tandem with WooCommerce.

Expert and trustworthy drop shipping vendor
There are more than 90,000 items, including gardening supplies.
Many storage facilities in the United States, Europe, and Australia
Updated stock levels via live data feeds

Eprolo (China)

Eprolo is a rapidly growing dropshipping platform with over 300,000 members and thousands of best-selling products across multiple categories, including over 200 items in the ‘garden supplies’ niche.

Eprolo is a free service that allows you to easily import any of their products into your online store or marketplace by connecting your selling channel. The prices listed here include direct shipping from China and individualized shipping invoices for all products. Eprolo also offers high-quality print on demand and private labeling services.

Growing Chinese dropshipping company
We have hundreds of the best-selling items in the garden section.
B2B buyers can join for free and there are no recurring fees.
Compatibility with online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and more

Spocket (US/EU)

If you run an online shop and are looking for dropshipping products to sell, Spocket is the best place to look. It’s essentially a shopping mall stocked with thousands of products from the best dropshipping companies in the United States and Europe.

All of the most popular e-commerce platforms (WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Ecwid) are seamlessly compatible with the system. Spocket is a marketplace where you can bulk import products to sell on your dropshipping store.

The best place to discover new, high-profit dropshipping items
All sorts of garden accessories, from pots to statues, by the thousands
Compatible with a wide range of e-commerce platforms
The United States and Europe are the primary sources of imports.

CWI Gifts (US)

CWI Gifts is another well-established wholesaler of home and garden products in the USA, with a 200,000 square foot warehouse and more than 100 employees.

With no minimum order size, CWI Gifts also offers a dropshipping service. We’ll give you everything you need to get going, from high-resolution images to carefully crafted summaries by editors. The “garden supplies” section includes more than 150 different options.

Veteran merchant specialising in online wholesale of garden and homewares
Unlimited-quantity drop shipping service
View high-resolution photos and read detailed descriptions written by experts.
There are more than 150 items listed under “garden supplies.”

Syncee (US/UK)

Connecting B2B directly with hundreds of top suppliers across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe, Syncee is a robust online dropshipping marketplace and automation solution.

There are more than 30,000 items in Syncee’s ‘gardening’ category alone, including ornaments and planters as well as furniture, tools, and storage solutions. Your online store can be linked in a matter of minutes, and products imported with a single mouse click, while stock management can be fully automated.

Superior dropshipping platform with integrated automation tool
Hundreds of American and British manufacturers and thousands of products
Incorporates over 30,00 items specifically geared toward the ‘gardening’ market
Import products to your shop with a few clicks.

Best Dropshipping Suppliers of Garden Products
Best Dropshipping Suppliers of Garden Products

Geko Products (UK)

When it comes to giftware, home accessories, garden supplies, and furniture, Geko Products is another top dropshipping supplier based in the UK.

Geko Products is a wholesaler that sells to businesses at low, wholesale prices. Their products include garden statues, planters, shed add-ons, and even furniture. Quick shipping, real-time inventory updates, the ability to buy in bulk, and downloadable product photos are just some of the benefits of the dropshipping program.

UK-based, dependable dropshipping suppliers
Retailer and wholesaler supplies
Including a wide variety of garden ornaments and supplies.
Quick turnaround and the ability to place multiple orders at once

SaleYee (China/US/UK)

More than 30,000 products are available on SaleYee, a global dropshipping and wholesale sourcing platform that ships from local warehouses in the US, UK, and EU.

More than 800 garden-related items, including tools, furniture, decor, accessories, and planters, are available. You can quickly expand your online store with the click of a button by downloading the data for any product you see in the marketplace.

The world’s largest wholesale marketplace and sourcing platform, featuring 30,000 products in stock and ready to ship from regional distribution centers.
Simple one-click access to downloadable product info and pictures
good enough to sell on sites like eBay and Amazon

Dandy’s Landscape Supplies (UK)

Dandy’s Landscape Supplies is a long-standing UK-based supplier of premium compost, bark, grass seeds, sand, cement, and chippings, among other landscaping necessities.

In addition to supplying a sizable number of garden centers, builders’ merchants, and online merchants, the company provides this service at no cost to them. All of the UK can benefit from the service’s speedy delivery, high-resolution images, and wholesale prices.

Proven, long-standing source for gardening and landscaping needs
Free and quick UK dropshipping service.
Compatible with home and outdoor stores
Customized shipping label wholesale pricing

Sundale Outdoor (US)

Chairs, tables, hammocks, stools, and storage containers are just some of the items that Sundale Outdoor expertly manufactures and dropships for your outdoor space.

The company’s free dropshipping service aids online garden retailers and furniture stores in quickly increasing sales. It’s easy to get started selling high-end garden furniture on your online store because you won’t have to keep stock or ship orders.

Crafter and wholesaler of high-end outdoor furnishings
Seating, tables, and containers for outdoor use are all included.
Merchandise for Internet-based Home Improvement and Gardening Stores
Excellent buy-low, sell-high potential

DHgate (China)

Millions of people around the world use DHgate, an online wholesale marketplace, including many of the biggest online retailers and ecommerce stores.

Since DHgate offers millions of products with no minimum order value, it is becoming increasingly popular as a place to begin dropshipping. Using DHgate for dropshipping allows you to take advantage of their cheap wholesale prices, quick shipping, and vast selection.

A major platform for business-to-business trade in China.
Shop for a wide variety of items, from furniture to gardening accessories, from a variety of vendors, all on one convenient website.
The availability of dropshippable goods is expanding.

Bobs Garden and Wood Stuff (UK)

In Staffordshire, you’ll find Bobs Garden and Wood Stuff, a family-run business that makes and drop-ships all sorts of wooden garden furniture and accessories like planters, window boxes, bird feeders, and storage benches.

The dropshipping program provides its members with wholesale pricing, quick deliveries, and access to high-quality product images, all without charging a membership fee. Bobs Garden and Wood Stuff is the best business partner to begin dropshipping specialized garden products.

Producer of high-quality, handcrafted outdoor furnishings and accents
Drop shipping service for wholesalers and retailers at no cost
A wide variety of one-of-a-kind planters, bird feeders, and window boxes
Website that is simple to navigate and provides safe payment and purchase options

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why dropship garden products or supplies?

If you want to start a business but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on inventory, dropshipping garden supplies is a great option. If you can locate a reliable dropshipping vendor, you can start selling garden supplies on your e-commerce platform right away without having to keep any inventory on hand.

Getting a piece of the over $80 billion garden supplies market is a realistic goal. Actually, every year millions of people buy gardening supplies. Items such as outdoor decor, patio sets, and gardening equipment are included.

Where is the best place to dropship garden supplies?

Where you should focus your initial dropshipping efforts for gardening supplies will be determined by your resources and level of expertise. If you’re just starting out in online commerce or have a limited budget, you might want to consider dropshipping garden supplies on sites like eBay or Amazon.

However, if you have even rudimentary knowledge of e-commerce or web design, dropshipping garden supplies through your very own online shop is the way to go. Because without selling fees, you can concentrate on developing your own brand while keeping costs low.

Dropshipping garden supplies on social media sites like Facebook is another viable option. In reality, there are numerous excellent venues in which to sell dropshipping products and access a vast audience.

How do I find more dropshippers of garden products?

Be sure to check out our other posts and guides for more information on where to find dropshipping suppliers of gardening supplies. The best dropshipping suppliers from the United Kingdom, the United States, China, and Europe are regularly featured in our articles.

Dropshipping suppliers for any product or service are easy to find with the help of search engines like Google. Long-tail keywords, such as “garden supplies dropshippers in the UK” or “dropshipping suppliers of garden accessories in the USA,” are essential.

Final Word

If you can find a reliable supplier, dropshipping can be a highly profitable business strategy. Make sure the company you’re doing business with is legitimate and that the products it sells are of high quality.

Hopefully, you’ve found some good options among the best garden product dropshippers on this list. In order to find a trustworthy business associate with whom you can form a lasting relationship, it is important to investigate potential partners and familiarize yourself with their policies.