How can you save yourself from the mounting workload required to keep your company afloat?

Is there a particular system that would be best for automating your shop?

Traditional order fulfillment methods entail extensive physical labor, including package assembly, label printing, and other processes.

Dropshippers, on the other hand, can complete orders without ever touching the goods themselves.

This article will explain how dropshippers use a third-party provider to handle order fulfillment on their behalf. And the most effective medium for working together with your company.

Let’s jump right in without any preamble.


You can pick from a variety of instruments.

Instances like Spocket, Oberlo, and CJDropshippig. Order automation services are provided by all of them.

Set up an account on the service of your choice. Orders from your store should be synchronized, and from there, the tools vary. In any case, the underlying mechanism is the same across environments.

Each of these mediums is broken down and labeled as such below:

The Economic and Marketing Value of Price Automation
Help with Shipping Products


Membership on Spocket is free of charge. It won’t, however, grant you instantaneous access to processing orders. There is a wide range of coverage and benefits between the plans. However, by signing up for the $24/month basic plan, you’ll have access to the automated ordering option.

On the other hand, Oberlo has pricing tiers starting at zero dollars. You could think it’s great, but it has a big drawback.

The free version of Oberlo limits you to 500 product imports each day. Which works out to around a daily order rate of a couple.

The lower plan is not viable after reaching 50 total orders in your store.

CJDropshipping, the third competitor, will not cost you anything. For the time being, using their services is completely free. There will be no monthly order cap, either.


All three of the most popular drop shipping automation platforms, Spocket, Oberlo, and CJDropshipping, provide essentially the same features.

We have a deadlock here.

Branding and Viability

These systems ensure that your consumers will not receive any promotional materials, bills, or flyers from their providers.

A check will be made at each storage facility to prevent this from happening.

You may differentiate your company in a crowded market by providing exceptional customer service.

When it comes to branding, CJDropshipping provides what they call white labels. To put it simply, that means you can put the logo on the merchandise. Easy to use, just explain your needs and they’ll make it happen.

A minimum order quantity is necessary to obtain such a service.

You have your pick of dozens of different bundles, and you can even create your own custom packaging. This is a premium service, and there is a minimum order quantity (MOQ) associated with ordering these bundles.

Spocket not only provides neutral, generic packaging, but also has suppliers affix your store’s invoice to the box, complete with your store’s name, contact details, logo, and a personal remark to the consumer.

Oberlo has its own Slogan Generator tool, and it provides secure packaging, however it falls short when it comes to promoting your own brand.

Comparing Dropship Order Managers Spocket Oberlo and CJDropshipping
Comparing Dropship Order Managers Spocket Oberlo and CJDropshipping

Product Deliveries

Shipping options are flexible with CJDropshipping. In addition to their two facilities in California and New Jersey, they also maintain a third warehouse in China.

It normally takes between ten and fifteen days to ship from China to the United States. The European Union takes an additional two to three weeks. Shipping times of one to four days from a U.S. distribution center to U.S. consumers are considered to be quite rapid.

The most common criticism with Oberlo is the terrible shipping experience.

This is a natural consequence of importing from other countries. However, in this day and age, instantaneous delivery is no more a luxury but a need.

The estimated time of delivery using their normal shipping method for all countries is between 18 and 34 days. Shipping via USPS can take anywhere from four to thirteen days within the United States. Clarification on shipping choices is offered in its own support center.

The speed of a socketed delivery is typically greater. Spocket may not have as many things as Oberlo, but their shipping times are shorter and their inventory is harder to find.

Since the majority of their suppliers are located in the United States and Europe. On average, it takes two to three days to get a shipment out the door.

Best Dropshipping Apps Comparison

While all three mentioned systems have prominent placements in the Shopify app store, CJ and Spocket have wasted little time filling the void left by Oberlo, allowing merchants to focus on growing their businesses in a sustainable manner.

However, Oberlo is a fantastic tool in its own right. It’s simple to use, comes with a free plan, and offers a wide variety of options for both vendors and goods.

I think you’ll discover what you need if you give the free plan a try.

Spocket and CJ have fixed all the problems that merchants had with Shopify’s dropshipping features and replaced them with a simple interface.

CJDrpshipping is an all-in-one platform with many features and integrations.