Think for a moment about how it feels to see a dress or shirt that you love at first sight. Now think about how it feels when a salesperson or an online bot tells you that it’s not available in your size and none of the clothes on the rack are either. Disappointing, isn’t it?

This is something that a lot of people who are plus-size have trouble with. By dropshipping plus-size clothing, you would be filling a very important niche.

We’ve put together a list of the 12 best plus-size dropshipping suppliers from around the world to make things even easier for you.

Here’s what they have to offer from the inside.

New Temptations

The UK-based company New Temptations sells lingerie, loungewear, swimwear, and costumes for women. It mostly sells items made by Dreamgirl and Mapale Lingerie.

All of the clothes that this store sells come in both standard sizes and plus sizes. On the other hand, the New Temptations website has a plus-size p that makes it easy to find any item.

On its platform, New Temptations has a link for dropshippers to sign up. Once you’ve been approved as a dropshipping partner, you’ll be able to:

You can easily import and update inventory from the New Temptations website if you have a hard copy or a soft copy CSV or XML catalog.
New Temptations has tens of thousands of items of plus-size clothing for you to choose from. It sends packages all over the UK and to Northern Ireland. Shipping costs depend on the size of the order and where it is going. All packages are unmarked and don’t have any brands on them.


Missyakiplus is both a wholesaler and an online store that sells clothes for plus-size women. It is based in Malaysia and sells clothes from the United States, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan.

The Missyakiplus catalog has a lot of products, such as:

Dress clothes
Casual clothes, like T-shirts and jeans
Undergarments; hosiery, stockings, underwear
To become a dropshipper, you need to create an account and wait for it to be approved. If your online store meets Missyakiplus’s standards, you’ll be able to buy products at special prices and add them to your store.

This seller has a lot of ways to pay and ships clothes all over the world. Depending on where the package needs to go, you will have 6 different courier options to choose from.

Muslimah Fashion

Malaysia is the home of Muslimah Fashion, a company that sells clothes. This company wants to make fashionable clothes for women that are modest and follow the rules of Islam. It sells the Jemima and Aryssa brands.

Part of the Jemima line of clothes is made up of tunics for people with bigger bodies. Aryssa also has XXL sizes of plus-size skirts and palazzo pants.

Drop shippers in Malaysia are the only ones who can use the Muslimah Fashion drops program. Signing up is free, but your store will need to be checked out before it is accepted.

As a dropshipper, you can sell on any legal online platform and get a 20% discount. In 3–7 days, orders are processed and sent out.

Snow Fashion Shop

Snow Fashion Shop is also in Malaysia, and it has every kind of fashion item you could want. On its list of products, there are shoes, bags, and clothes for both men and women.

This company stands out from others because both men and women can buy plus-size clothes from them. Even better, it has a detailed size guide for each piece of clothing.

Snow Fashion Shop is willing to work with dropshippers from any country. Here’s how the sign-up process works:

Create an account for a membership
Fill out the application form for dropshipping and send it in.
Send an email to Snow Fashion Shop.
In 24 hours, you should get a confirmation email.
You can choose from 4 membership plans for dropshipping. They cost anywhere from RM0 to RM4000. With each paid membership, you get access to more dropshipping support services and bigger discounts.

Different couriers take care of both local and international dropshipping orders. Customer service will help you figure out which one is best for your delivery. Once an order has been sent, you will get an email with tracking information.


Kiyonna is a brand that only makes clothes for women who are plus-size. It makes tops, dresses, wedding dresses, skirts, and pants that look good on plus-size bodies. All designs by Kiyonna are made in the United States.

For the Kiyonna dropshipping program to work for your dropshipping store, it needs to already have a web presence. Your application will be looked at after you sign up, and the team will send you a confirmation email.

Dropshippers for Kiyonna can get:

Use pictures of the items when you list them online.
You can buy at wholesale prices with no minimum order.
Orders for dropshipping are filled and sent out within 24 hours. Every order you place will cost you $5 to handle. Through your store, your customers can also return items.


Mode She would be a great plus-size supplier for your dropshipping business if your customers are 18–35-year-old women, who are your target market. It sells fashionable plus-size:

Dresses, swimwear, and tops like T-shirts, tunics, blouses, and shirts
Bottoms; pants, leggings, skirts, jeans
The Way
Dropshippers from all over the world can apply to be part of her program. All applications, however, will be checked out. After you’ve been checked, you’ll be able to:

Choose the plus-size products you want to sell in your dropshipping store.
Sync your listings with Mode
If you have a Shopify dropshipping store, she lists for you automatically.
Get access to special prices for drop shipping
Tell Mode about your orders
She wanted to be happy.
She fills dropship orders from all over the world and in the United States. Order processing takes about three days, but shipping times vary depending on where the package is going.

Top Dropshipping Plus Size Suppliers from Around the World

Daring Diva

Daring Diva is a brand of clothes made in Australia. It has sizes 14 to 28 of plus-size clothes for women. It also sells shoes, bags, and jewelry, among other things. All of these items come from well-known brands in the UK and the US.

To join the Daring Diva dropshipping program, you would need to:

Have an online store that is already up and running.
Be sure to follow Australian trade laws and list these rules on your site.
Have clothing from well-known brands already listed on your dropshipping store.
If you meet these requirements, you can send in your application so that it can be checked. Then, you’ll get confirmation and your membership information. You will get 15% of every order, and the inventory will be updated every day in CSV.

Gold Garment

Gold Garment is a company in Vietnam that makes clothes. It makes and sells t-shirts, dresses, activewear, and streetwear for everyday use. Most of its designs for plus-size clothing, though, are for women.

To become a Gold Garment dropshipping partner, you don’t have to go through a lot of complicated steps. Just call the company and tell them what kinds of plus-size items you want to ship.

After you agree on something, you can ask for samples of the products you want. If they meet your requirements, you can start giving the company orders to fill.

Gold Garment does not have a shipping guide with a lot of information. You would have to talk to a representative of the company to find out if your area is covered.

Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel is based in the United States and has a huge selection of clothes for women. They have everything you need, whether you want tops, bottoms, evening dresses, loungewear, or swimwear.

The Tasha Apparel catalog has a special section for plus-size clothing that is well-organized and has a wide range of options. This is helpful because it makes it easy and quick to add listings for plus-size items to your style.

If you want to become a Tasha Apparel dropshipping partner and import product listings, you will need to sign up for an account. The process is easy, and you can start dropshipping as soon as you get the email that confirms your account.

Tasha Apparel takes orders from both the US and other countries. It can choose a courier for you if you don’t tell it who to use.

Hexin Fashion

Hexin Fashion is best known for its intimate wear, body-shaping underwear for women, yoga wear, and sportswear. It makes and sells its own original products in both regular and plus sizes.

To start taking orders through Hexin Fashion, look through the website and find plus-size items you’d like to sell. Import them and put them on your website.

Send orders to Hexin Fashion when you get them, and they will be sent to your buyers. They will not say anything about the Hexin company. The company can handle drop shipping orders for one item or for a large number of items.

Hexin lets online dropshipping stores on Shopify, eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, and social media platforms connect to each other automatically.

CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping is a Chinese dropshipping company. It’s a unique marketplace where people can compare different products.

In this case, you would go to the platform and search for “plus-size clothing.” You’d get a long list of options from the search results, and you could choose what to sell in your dropshipping store.

Dropshippers from anywhere in the world can join the CJ Dropshipping program for free. You don’t have to pay anything to sign up, and you can use as many products as you need.

Because CJ Dropshipping has more than one warehouse, it can fill orders quickly. All orders are checked before they are packed and sent out. If you have any problems, the company offers multilingual customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You may also be able to use services like:

Product sourcing services for automated dropshipping
When you add products to your dropshipping store, you can get free access to product images and other media content.

FAQs on Plus Size Dropshipping and Dropshipping Suppliers

What Clothing Sizes Qualify as Plus-size?

This is often a point of contention because there isn’t a clear rule for everyone to follow. But most designers and manufacturers of clothes think that size 14 and up is plus-size.

Still, it’s up to you to decide what kinds of plus-sizes you want to carry. Instead of trying to be politically correct, it is better to listen to what your target market wants.

What Qualities Should I Look For in a Plus-size Dropship Supplier?

One of the things that plus-size shoppers often complain about is the lack of style and variety. To avoid this, look for plus-size dropship suppliers that:

All kinds of stylish clothes, like tops, bottoms, shapewear, etc.
Fabrics of good quality with interesting prints that look good on different body types.
Fit-to-figure designs

Are Some Plus-size Niches More Profitable Than Others?

This will depend a lot on what your target market wants and how they usually buy things. For example, during the summer, plus-size swimwear may be your best seller. Plus-size leggings may be all the rage in the winter.

The key might be to keep an open mind and try to change with the market. To do this, it would be helpful to have a dropship supplier that has a variety of plus-size pieces. So, you can keep your listings up to date as the seasons and demand change.

How Do I Make My Plus-Size Dropship Store Exceptional?

A simple way to make your store stand out is to give customers something extra. What can you give them that none of your competitors have? Here are some things to think about:

An elaborate plus-size chart
Size information for each piece of clothing.
Recommend items that go well together, like certain dresses and the shapewear that goes with them.
Sell things and give them away.
Ask customers for their opinions.


A great way to run a business is to sell clothes that make your customers feel confident and attractive. The more satisfied customers are with their purchases, the more likely they are to come back and tell their friends about your store. The dropshipping suppliers for plus-size clothes on this list are all great options to look into.