As any dropshipper can attest, locating and coordinating with reliable dropshipping suppliers can be a monumental challenge. Product sourcing is practically the first step in dropshipping, making it even more difficult to skip.

Are you having a hard time finding reliable dropshipping vendors, too? Or, do you find that you are unable to effectively collaborate with them over time? Alternatively, perhaps you have located reliable vendors, but you are disappointed by the quality of their goods.

In this comprehensive FAQ guide, we’ll address all of these concerns and more.

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What Are Dropshipping Suppliers?

Dropshipping suppliers are, as the name implies, suppliers or sellers who are willing to drop ship for you, sending the product directly to the customer.

Every vendor you find should be willing to dropship for you if you’re running an online store with a dropshipping model (no product handling on your part). Thus, you can safely ignore any suppliers who are unwilling to engage in dropshipping.

You will find that some vendors are original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), while others are wholesalers or dropshippers like yourself.

Ideally, you would like to buy from a vendor who is also the manufacturer. Most of the time, the best deals can be found in this way.

Having a supplier who’s the product manufacturer is especially useful if you plan to have a one-product store selling a branded product. Products can only be private labeled by their manufacturers (or their drop shippers).

How to Ask a Supplier to Dropship for You?

The Definitive FAQ on Securing Dropshipping Suppliers 4

The first step in dropshipping is contacting the seller or supplier to see if they are willing to do so for you. Can you explain what this means?

To make sure the supplier has no trouble dropshipping for you, you could ask him things like:

I run an online shop, and I’m interested in importing your product for resale. Would you be willing to ship directly to my customers as a dropshipper?
Please remove your invoice and branding from the package and replace them with mine.
How do you plan on sending the packages?
When calculating expected delivery time, how much of your inventory is stored in the United States as opposed to just China?
If I were a long-term customer (and you only sold one thing, for instance) would you be willing to negotiate a lower price?
How about I get a sample before I fully commit to buying?
Suppliers that drop ship goods
Additionally, depending on your requirements, you may want to inquire with your supplier about the possibility of white-labelling or private-labeling a product.

The Definitive FAQ on Securing Dropshipping Suppliers 3

The best way to determine which questions to ask a dropshipping provider is to talk to them directly. That is something that can only be answered after considering your business, the product in question, and the needs you have for the dropshipper.

Decide what aspects of your online store you will manage and what you will need your supplier to handle. In this way, you can determine the most pertinent inquiries to make regarding your company.

What Is a Dropshipping Supplier Directory?

You can find thousands of dropshipping suppliers in a dropshipping supplier directory.

Internet marketplaces like AliExpress, 1688, Taobao, CJDropshipping, DHgate, etc., are excellent examples of dropshipping supplier directories. You can find hundreds of dropshipping suppliers in different industries on these sites.

How to Find and Work with Dropshipping Suppliers?

When looking for and collaborating with dropshipping suppliers, you have three choices:

Go to physical wholesale markets in China; Use a supplier directory to find dropshipping companies to work with.
Partner with a Chinese dropshipping agent who can facilitate your dealings with multiple dropshipping manufacturers;
Those websites, along with others like AliExpress, Taobao, DHgate, 1688, etc., are online supplier directories you can use to find dropshipping suppliers.

Suppliers that drop ship goods
When you find a product that you think would be good for your dropshipping store, make sure you read the user reviews and feedback on the website first.

If the ratings and comments are positive, the next step is to see if the supplier will dropship for you. That they will, at the very least, ship to your customer’s address and remove any necessary tags or invoices is implied.

Then, it’s best to get a taste of the product and supplier in question by ordering a small quantity in the beginning. That way, you can verify not only the service and speed with which you receive your order, but also the quality of the product itself.

Last but not least, be sure to inquire about everything that is of interest to you, including shipping options, delivery timelines, white labeling alternatives, etc.

Working with a dropshipping agent in China is a third option for serious dropshippers looking to expand their businesses.

You can expect a reliable dropshipping agent to offer a wide range of support services, from product sourcing and order fulfillment to warehousing, branding, white labeling, and private labeling.

What Are the Best Dropshipping Suppliers ?

In 2022, the following platforms/directories will be great resources for finding reliable dropshipping suppliers for your online store:

AliExpress \sCJDropshipping \sDHgate \sSale

Hoo \sSyncee \sChinabrands
Banggood \sDoba \
Taobao \sModalyst
Connected Oberlo Stock Source Socket
In the Morning, Wholesale Prices on Brand Name Products from Around the World at Wholesale2b
In 2022, the aforementioned dropshipping supplier directories and platforms will likely still be widely used. But they aren’t the only ones doing it.

Buying from a business-to-business website like Alibaba, for instance, could be more cost-effective if you’re planning on making a lot of purchases.

You can also get in touch with a dropshipping agent who will help you source, warehouse, pack, and ship your products if you plan to make bulk purchases.

How to Find Wholesale Dropship Suppliers?

You may be wondering why dropshippers have such a high demand for bulk purchases. After establishing a steady stream of daily orders and feeling secure in their ability to make a profit, many drop shippers make the decision to begin purchasing their inventory in bulk.

Dropshippers can save money by stocking up in bulk because of the higher minimum order quantities, avoid stock-outs, process orders the same day, and so on.

Suppliers that drop ship goods
There are, of course, drawbacks to wholesale purchasing, such as the potential for higher initial outlays, the possibility of underestimating demand, higher warehousing and inventory storage expenses, and so on.

Now that you know all this, here are some ways to locate dropship wholesalers:

One option is to use a dropshipping service, while others recommend visiting wholesale B2B supplier directories or visiting Chinese trade markets in person.
B2B marketplaces like Alibaba, Wholesale Central, Wholesale2B, GlobalSources, Chinabrands, Lightinthebox, Made-in-China, etc. are frequently utilized by dropshippers.

Be aware that not all wholesalers will accept dropshipping of a single order. Inquire first before bringing the items into your store.

You can work with a dropshipping agent if you are unable to locate a wholesale supplier who is willing to dropship. An agent in China can help you save time and money by finding and purchasing products at a discount, storing them in a warehouse until you’re ready to ship them, and handling all of the necessary paperwork.

What to Ask Dropshipping Suppliers?

There are a number of important questions you should ask yourself before settling on a dropshipping provider:

The Definitive FAQ on Securing Dropshipping Suppliers 2

Can I use you as a drop shipper, and are you willing to send orders without including an invoice to my clients?
How do we get in touch? Can I send an email at any point, or do I have to keep calling you?
I was wondering if you charged a fee for packing and shipping individual orders to my customers via dropshipping.
Do I have to pay a fee every month forever? (Be wary of suppliers who demand this upfront payment; they’re likely to be shady operations.) Will I incur any other fees as a result of our working together?
Is there a minimum order quantity, and if so, how does that affect the cost of the product?
Can I get my brand on the packaging or do you do white labeling?
Can I get something made with my own label through you?
I was wondering if this item is currently in stock, and if not, when I might be able to expect it back.
How do I find out how long it will take to get my order to my target market overseas and what shipping options you have?
I’d like to place a larger order, but first I’d like to try some of the product.
Can the price be lowered in exchange for a larger order, or is it set in stone?
Do you provide any means of tracking?
Do you guarantee purchases or provide ways for customers to get their money back?
Where do you fulfill orders, China or the United States? (The expected delivery time is crucial information.)
Suppliers that drop ship goods
These are just a few examples of the kinds of inquiries you should make of your dropshipper. You should feel free to modify the list of questions to fit the specifics of your eCommerce business and its products.

Should I Work with One or Multiple Dropshipping Suppliers?

The nature of your eCommerce business and the nature of your product will determine whether you work with a single dropshipping supplier or several.

The Definitive FAQ on Securing Dropshipping Suppliers

Suppliers that drop ship goods
One-item, private-label, brand-name retailers, for instance, might work with just a single dropshipper. This particular dropshipper is also the manufacturer, making the branded item for this particular store.

However, it is important to have backup suppliers if your online store sells a wide variety of products in different categories.

Having multiple vendors gives you more options to find the best one based on price, quality of service, and other factors.

How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers for the United States?

Domestic suppliers are preferred by many dropshippers for a variety of reasons, including economic benefits to the home country, shorter transit times for goods, closer proximity to end users, and so on.

In order to narrow your search for dropshipping suppliers to those that ship from the United States, you can use AliExpress’s advanced search filters.

Searching on marketplaces like Oberlo and Spocket can also help you locate US-based suppliers.

SaleHoo, Doba, MOY Fashion, iFunCity, Teledynamics, FootwearUS, FragranceNet, Whitney Brothers, Fuschia Odysseus, US Direct, Wholesale2b, Suppliersdata, Sunrise Wholesale, etc. are just some of the other places you can look for US suppliers.

How to Find Private Label Dropshipping Suppliers?

You probably already know that a supplier company makes a private label product for another business. Because of this, not all manufacturers can provide private labeling.

B2B marketplaces and directories like Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Thomasnet, Global Sources, Chinabrands, and SaleHoo can be used to locate private label drop shipping suppliers.

You can see what comes up when you combine the product’s name with “private label” by conducting a simple internet search.

Working with a dropshipping agent in China who can source a manufacturer, inspect products, and even conduct a factory audit if necessary is another great option for private label retailers.

To top it all off, a reliable dropshipper should assist you with things like branded packaging, product photography and videography, stock management, and international order dispatching.

Should I Look for Domestic or Overseas Dropshipping Suppliers?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? is essentially the same question. Since dropshippers can’t seem to settle on a single answer, we can only conclude that it depends on the circumstances.

You can get various advantages for your company from both local and international dropshipping suppliers. The similarities and differences between the two are as follows:

Benefits of Domestic Dropshipping Suppliers

For your online store, here are some benefits of using domestic dropshippers:

shortened transit times (resulting in happier customers);
Less time spent waiting for a refund or returning an item;
There will be no need to clear customs or pay any import taxes;
enhancements to service to customers;
Potentially better end results;

Benefits of Overseas Dropshipping Suppliers

There are many benefits to working with international dropshipping suppliers rather than domestic ones. As evidence, consider the prevalence of Chinese products among online retailers.

So, let’s examine the benefits of sourcing from abroad:

Reduced initial cost; typically cheaper transport costs;
There is a greater variety of products to choose from; the possibility of private labeling or white labeling an item is increased;
cheaper wholesale or bulk prices;
You can see that there are advantages and disadvantages to both domestic and international vendors.

Suppliers that drop ship goods
As of 2022, however, drop shippers have access to a third, supplementary strategy that streamlines the process. You can get the best of both worlds because many Chinese manufacturers now also keep inventory in American warehouses.

What Are the Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Shopify Stores?

These are the best-known dropshipping vendors who will integrate smoothly with your Shopify store:

CJDropshipping \sOberlo \sModalyst \sSpocket \sImportify \sShopify
With the help of any one of a hundred different apps, both free and paid, you can import listings from AliExpress or any other marketplace into your Shopify store. Choose wisely according to your company’s specific requirements.

Assuming you’ve settled on a dropshipping agent to handle product sourcing for you, you still need to make sure they offer an app that works with your Shopify store. With such a system in place, orders, listings, and tracking can all be automated for seamless operation and constant vigilance.

In Review

When done properly, the process of locating and collaborating with dropshipping suppliers is relatively simple.

Keep in mind that these recommendations are just that, suggestions, and that there are no hard and fast rules regarding what is good or bad for your eCommerce business. It’s your responsibility to try out different approaches and settle on the optimal one for your specific kind of online shop.

In the end, we hope that our detailed FAQ guide on how to find dropshipping suppliers and work with them will help you find both the right product and the right supplier.