Are you thinking about opening a business that sells things online in Germany? Or, do you want to sell to people in Germany? No matter what, you’ll need to start by finding trustworthy dropshipping suppliers for Germany.

For dropshipping to Germany, it shouldn’t really matter if the supplier company is in Germany, has warehouses there, or just offers cheap and quick shipping to Germany. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as your customers are happy.

We’ve put together a list of the twenty best dropshipping suppliers for Germany to help you get your business off the ground.

Let’s check them out!

Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Germany

If most of the people who visit your online store are from Germany, you should find dropshipping suppliers who are in Germany or have warehouses in the EU. This means that shipping times for your customers will be cut down.

We’ll list the top twenty dropshipping suppliers for Germany below. These companies have warehouses or distribution centers in Germany or a nearby EU country.

VidaXL Dropshipping

VidaXL Dropshipping sells a wide range of home, garden, and furniture products. By signing up to be a reseller (also called a “dropshipper”), you can sell more than 20,000 products that VidaXL will ship directly to your customers.

German dropshipping suppliers – aXL Dropshipping
To use VidaXL as a dropshipping supplier, you have to pay a flat monthly fee of 30 euros. This gives you access to their products and pays for their dropshipping service fee.

If you dropship to Germany, you can offer free shipping to your customers. VidaXL ships to most European countries for free.


CJDropshipping is a well-known dropshipping company that has warehouses in Germany and all over the world.

On their website, you can see what products are in stock in their German warehouse. This means that customers in your area can get their orders quickly.

CJDropshipping offers a full dropshipping and fulfillment service, as well as branded packaging, print on demand, and a lot more.

Germany dropshipping suppliers | CJDropshipping
CJDropshipping is also great because it works well with many different eCommerce store solutions, like Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Shopee, ShipStation, and Lazada.

And now, the part you all want to know about: how much it will cost. Well, if you buy products directly from their warehouse in Germany, you won’t have to pay any service or handling fees. All you’ll have to pay is the price of the product plus shipping.

We think this is a great chance for any German dropshipper who wants to sell locally to German customers, since you get a full dropshipping service for free and you don’t have to pay anything up front.

Germany eCommerce The Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Germany


Spocket is probably the most well-known US and EU supplier network.

Since more than 80% of their suppliers are in Europe or the US, your German customers will get their goods quickly.

Spocket works with eCommerce store builders like Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and BigCommerce.

If you want to try out Spocket by looking through their catalog of products, you can do so for free. But you will need a paid plan to start importing and selling.

Their “Starter” plan costs $24 per month and lets you import and sell up to 25 different Spocket products.


You probably already know that Alibaba is the biggest B2B marketplace, and that its prices are known for being low. As a result, Alibaba is not a supplier. Instead, it is a list of many different sellers.

You might not know that, despite what most people think, not all Alibaba products come from China.

Even if the company that sells on Alibaba is from China, they often have warehouses and fulfillment centers in Europe. This way, you can still dropship to Germany, but it will take less time.

But make sure you always ask your supplier if they are willing to dropship to begin with. Alibaba is a place to buy in large quantities at wholesale prices. But that’s why it’s the best place for private labeling.


AliExpress is similar to Alibaba in that it is not a seller but rather a marketplace where different sellers sell different products.

The main difference between Alibaba and AliExpress is that AliExpress is a B2C marketplace, which means you are much more likely to find suppliers who are willing to dropship.

The good news is that, like Alibaba, many AliExpress sellers also have warehouses in Germany or at least in Europe.

You can find out how much it costs to ship to Germany by setting your delivery address and then looking at the options. Most AliExpress items will ship to Germany for free if the customer isn’t in a hurry.

You can choose AliExpress Standard Shipping, DHL, or FedEx if you want faster options.


Banggood is a great dropshipping supplier for Germany because it has more than 200,000 products in 14 or more categories.

Banggood has a free dropshipping program that lets you connect your Shopify or eBay store and start importing products to sell. You don’t have to pay anything to start using Banggood. You only pay when you get your first order.

Banggood is dropship-ready in every way when it comes to branded packaging. They won’t have any trouble taking out their bill and putting yours in its place.

Also, as a dropshipper, you get a 5–20% discount on the prices of the products you sell. This lets you make more money and have a bigger profit margin.

Banggood offers different ways to ship to Germany for dropshipping. Once you’ve picked a product and a country to ship it to, you’ll be able to see all of the shipping options for that country.

If you want to offer free shipping to your German customers, you can always add the cost of shipping to the price of the product itself. So, you’ll cover your shipping costs and still be able to offer free shipping, which is a big plus.


On Chinabrands, you can find more than 100,000 different products from more than 5,000 different suppliers. Chinabrands has products for any kind of niche store, from tech gadgets to sports, bags, shoes, consumer electronics, and more.

Germany is not a place where Chinabrands has a warehouse. But they have two warehouses in the UK and one in France, from which they ship to all European countries, including Germany.

You can sell through Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Wish, and many other channels if Chinabrands is one of your suppliers.


Nedis could be a good option for you if you’re a German eCommerce expert who wants to sell quality private label products in your own country.

Nedis sells consumer electronics like computers, games, home and living, audio, and other things in bulk. You may be wondering why a wholesaler is on this list.

Nedis offers private label dropshipping services to businesses in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, which is why they are on this list.

Nedis is a dropshipping company in Germany that lets you sell products under their brand name or with your own brand name.

Big Buy

Big Buy is also a great dropshipping company for Germany. Big Buy is a full-service dropshipping provider and is known as the largest dropshipping wholesaler in Europe.

Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Magento can all be linked to Big Buy, and Wix and BigCommerce will be able to do so soon. You can also sell on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Cdiscount, etc. when you use Big Buy.

Big Buy
Big Buy can drop ship for you all over Europe, whether it’s to Germany or another nearby country.

And last but not least, Big Buy can also help you white-label your dropshipping products so that customers always get their orders from your name and brand.


SaleHoo is known as one of the biggest directories of dropshipping suppliers. It has verified AliExpress suppliers, so you can be sure that the products you ship are always of good quality.

Even though SaleHoo isn’t just for Germany or even Europe, we had to include it on this list because over 80% of their verified suppliers dropship all over the world.

SaleHoo is proud to be a one-stop shop for dropshippers because it offers three different services:

SaleHoo Directory gives you access to 8000+ reliable suppliers and costs $67 per year or $127 for life;
SaleHoo Dropship lets you add high-profit AliExpress items to your store. Their Basic plan costs $27 per month, and their Premium plan costs $97 per month.
SaleHoo Educate: dropshipping courses for $47 for life;
SaleHoo doesn’t have a free plan, which is too bad. So, if you want to dropship but don’t have any money, let’s look at what else you can do.


Next in line is HyperSKU, a dropshipping supplier for Germany that doesn’t charge anything. HyperSKU is worth looking into if you own a Shopify or WooCommerce store and want to find a cost-effective drop shipping solution for your German customers.

You can import both products from HyperSKU’s own catalog and products from AliExpress. With its smart search feature, you can enter a link to an AliExpress product you want to buy and get a sourcing quote for the same product.

Since DHL is used as a shipping method, HyperSKU for dropshipping in Germany will cut down on the time it takes for your customers to get their packages.

Worldwide Brands

Even though Worldwide Brands is based in the US, it has a large network of reliable, WBI-certified suppliers that ship internationally.

Worldwide Brands is not a dropshipping company itself. Instead, it is a directory of wholesalers and dropshippers that have been checked out and can be trusted.

Global Brands
Suppliers on Worldwide Brands are much more reliable than, say, AliExpress suppliers who haven’t been checked out.

You have to pay to join Worldwide Brands and use their directory, which is a shame. Even though there are no monthly or yearly fees, the Worldwide Brands supplier directory will cost you $224 for life.


eSources is a directory of UK suppliers that lists both wholesalers and dropshipping businesses.

We put eSources on this list because it is a helpful tool for finding dropshipping suppliers in Germany. But don’t expect too much from it because it’s just a “yellow book” for suppliers and nothing else.

eSources: As a buyer, you can use eSources for free to connect with premium suppliers, or you can choose to upgrade your profile to a Premium Buyer, which will give you access to all suppliers.

Tuscany Leather

It sounds too good to be true: original Italian leather bags and briefcases that can be shipped quickly all over Europe with your own label. Well, this is a real chance with Tuscany Leather.

This leather goods supplier promotes a dropshipping model and lets you add your brand and logo to most of their products with the help of their laser engraving process.

Leather from Tuscany
Also, they handle sourcing, logistics, shipping, and all other parts of the order fulfillment process.

If you sign up to be a dropshipper for Tuscany Leather, you’ll get products at lower prices and a personal account manager who will help you sell more and get ahead faster.

Overall, if you like clothes and leather goods, you should check out Tuscany Leather.


Printsome is a UK company that makes T-shirts and hoodies with your name on them. Their print-on-demand service makes them one of the best dropshipping suppliers for Germany, which is why we list them here.

With Printsome’s Print on Demand service, you can sign up for free and get a full solution for dropshipping and fulfillment.

Even though Printsome is based in the UK, it ships quickly to all European countries, including Germany. The T-shirts that your customers ordered and had printed on them will come in 8 to 12 days.

Printsome works with all Shopify stores and allows T-shirts, hoodies, and vest tops to be printed on demand (POD).


Printful is another company in Germany that offers dropshipping for POD. Even though they don’t have a warehouse in Germany, they do have one in Spain and one in Latvia. From these two warehouses, they ship all over Europe.

You can send your products to customers with your own slip or packaging design when you use Printful.

Signing up for Printful’s dropshipping service does not cost anything. Printful also works with almost all eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Wix, Amazon, eBay, PrestaShop, Wish, Weebly, BigCommerce, and many more.

Vimando AG

The German company Vimando AG is a dropshipping supplier that specializes in wallpapers and canvas photos.

Vimando is in Germany, but they offer dropshipping services all over Europe.

Vimando AG
Shipping costs for Vimando are different in each country, but in Germany, shipping costs 4.20 EUR.

Vimando works with Shopify, eBay, and Amazon stores as a dropshipping provider. If you don’t already have an online store, you can rent a Shopify store from Vimando AG and start dropshipping right away.

Global Sources

One of the most well-known B2B marketplaces with Asian suppliers is called Global Sources. But most of these suppliers ship to Germany and most of the other big countries in Western Europe.

World-Wide Sources
If you want to buy products from Global Sources, you should know that it is mostly a place for businesses to buy and sell in bulk. When you buy in bulk, you should always have a plan for storing or warehousing your items.

Having a dropshipping agent in China can be very helpful for people who want to order in large quantities or in bulk. Also, try to find an agent who can ship all over the world and has a warehouse in Europe.

Dropshipping to Germany will be easier and much more manageable after this.


Griffati is something new and different on this list because it is for dropshippers who want to sell fashion and branded products.

Griffati is a well-known B2B marketplace where wholesale fashion brands can be bought and sold.

You’ll need a Shopify, WooCommerce, or PrestaShop store to start using Griffati. Next, you just add products from Griffati’s catalog to your store and start getting customers and making sales.

When someone buys something from your store, Griffati will get the order right away. Griffati gets the product ready, packs it, and sends it out with your name or brand on it once they get the order.

Griffati is amazing because it has a huge collection of over 20,000 items from high-fashion Italian and international designers. So, if that’s your thing, there will be a lot of options.

With Griffati, you can ship to your German customers and even give them a German product catalog.


BrandsDistribution offers the service of BDroppy. As a dropshipping supplier, BDroppy lets you choose from more than 100 fashion brands and add them to your Shopify, WooCommerce, or PrestaShop store.

Since these branded products are shipped from Italy, it makes sense that Germany is one of the countries where they operate.

You can sell brands like Adidas, Armani, Calvin Klein, Guess, Gucci, Vans, Fendi, and many more with the help of BDroppy as a dropshipping supplier for Germany.

Dropshipping Suppliers Germany FAQs

And finally, let’s look at some of the most common questions about dropshipping suppliers in Germany.

What Are the Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Germany?

As we’ve already said, Germany has a lot of good dropshipping suppliers that can meet many different needs.

So, if we had to choose, CJDropshipping, HyperSKU, VidaXL Dropshipping, and Spocket would probably be some of the best dropshipping suppliers for Germany.

Is Dropshipping Legal in Germany?

Absolutely yes! Dropshipping is not a way to make a lot of money quickly. You aren’t keeping anything from anyone or hurting them. It’s a well-thought-out business plan like any other.

Don’t forget that you have to pay taxes on any money you make as a dropshipper in Germany, whether you sell locally or internationally.

Taxes are different in each country. So, make sure you talk to a professional and learn about the tax laws in your area.

Having said that, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t dropship certain things, like anything offensive, weapons, brand replicas, cosmetics, edibles, and drinks without a certificate, etc.

And finally, make sure that the country where your customers live doesn’t charge import taxes on the items you’re selling. If they are, let your customers know ahead of time.

What’s the Tax for Dropshipping in Germany?

You should charge the right amount of VAT when you sell physical goods to people in EU countries. The VAT rate in the European Union is 19%, except in France, where it is 20%.

Digital goods and some other types of goods have lower VAT rates, so find out about this before you set up your store.

Is Dropshipping in Germany Profitable?

As a business model that requires almost no money up front, there are almost no risks involved.

Even though there aren’t as few dropshippers as there used to be, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a piece of that cake. It just means that there are more people who want to do what you want to do, so you need to get better and stand out.

In conclusion, dropshipping is still profitable in Germany (and anywhere else in the world) as long as you choose a highly targeted niche and give your customers a great experience.

Lastly, you should know that Germany has a lot of power and potential when it comes to eCommerce. People there are active online shoppers, so from this point of view, you should be good to go.

What Are Some Trending Products for Dropshipping in Germany?

We did a lot of research and came up with a list of some of the most popular dropshipping items in Germany in 2022. Here it goes:

Shelves and bookends; Storage bins and organizers;
Drones and parts for drones;
Trackers and watches for working out;
Resistance bands, yoga mats, yoga leggings;
Men’s grooming and beard oils;
headphones with Bluetooth and speakers with Bluetooth;
Fix-it-yourself kits and tools;
Face masks and anti-aging creams; wireless chargers and docking stations;
Cleaners and humidifiers for the air;
Scooters with batteries;
Materials that are natural and good for the environment;

What Are the Best Private Label Dropshipping Suppliers for Germany?

For a private label business in Germany, CJDropshipping, Tuscany Leather, Alibaba, and Nedis are the best dropshipping suppliers.

All of these dropshipping suppliers for German customers will let you add your own branding and logo to their products.

So, if you want a one-product shop with a brand name, check out one of the above suppliers.

I Have an eCommerce Shop in Germany. Am I Allowed to Only Sell to German buyers?

No! If your supplier network lets you, you can drop ship all over Europe or even to the United States. As long as your dropshipping suppliers ship to the countries where your customers live, you’re good to go.

To Sum Up

Overall, eCommerce is alive and well in Germany. Germany is one of the countries in Europe where people buy the most because eCommerce is a part of their daily lives. So, it can be smart to dropship to Germany.

We hope that our list of the best dropshipping suppliers for Germany will help you start a dropshipping store or grow an existing one.