Black Friday is a familiar and highly anticipated “holiday” for online buyers and sellers. It’s not an exaggeration to say that sales of a particularly good product can skyrocket on Black Friday.

black friday sale
black friday sale

The sales force is getting ready for the fight and is excited about it. It’s also the best-selling season of the year for dropshipping sellers. In this article, I want to share with you some of the hottest products for 2023, as well as the most popular products and recommendations, especially for your dropshipping stores.

Black Friday kicks off the best selling season, holiday season, or simply Q4 for online retailers who rely on dropshipping to fulfil orders. It provides a great opportunity for AliExpress merchants to set up shop online in time for Black Friday and sell their wares at low prices.

Here Are the Top Things You Can Dropship

Here are seven items you should consider dropshipping this Black Friday.

1. mobile phones, tablets, and electronic readers

When it comes to Black Friday sales, smartphones are by far the most popular item. Mobile phones and accessories from well-known manufacturers will be discounted by as much as 20%. A surprising number of consumers hold off until Black Friday sales to upgrade their smartphones.


Digital System Users
The price of smartphones rose by 25.3% in 2022 compared to 2021. This is a long-term, steadily rising trend. People’s lives have been upended by the pandemic, and during their quarantine and isolation, having a smartphone is more important than ever. If you dropship electronics for resale but don’t currently offer Smartphones, you may want to add them to your list of must-haves for Black Friday.

Online education is becoming increasingly popular, and students from all over the world are taking advantage of it. Because of this, sales of tablets and e-readers have skyrocketed. Accessories for mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and e-readers will also be in high demand, so be sure to offer them both separately and as upsells.

2 Electronic wristwatch

Wearable electronics have rapidly become commonplace in recent years. The smartwatch is one of the best known examples of this. The wearable device can be used to monitor health and fitness through the use of built-in fitness trackers, entertainment features, and application software.

The demand for the wearable gadget is expected to increase rapidly in the coming years as tech giants continue to innovate, providing numerous opportunities for sellers to profit in this market.

Wearable computing device – Nintendo Dropship corporation
The average cost of a smartwatch will clear up any questions about whether or not dropshipping this product can be profitable. In a market where prices fluctuate frequently, even slightly, the range of $216 to $306 represents a sizeable profit margin.

While it’s true that selling expensive items can be challenging, this Black Friday, suppliers on AliExpress are offering some of the most competitive discounts of the year, giving you greater control over your profits.

3.Fitness equipments

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need fitness equipment.
In other words, this market is here to stay. Have you encountered people who are particularly concerned with their health during times of pandemic and who are actively seeking out the best methods for doing so? This is what gives the market its enormous size. The market’s attractiveness also stems from the fact that there’s a wide variety of tools available for dropshipping.

Now is a great time to ship fitness equipment to your customers at a good price, as more and more people are getting home gyms. People are saving up to buy new fitness equipment on Black Friday.

yoga maats
yoga mats

Dropship corporation Yoga Mat
Dropshipping running shoes is a good idea because the category is broad and can help you sell to more people. Many people are more likely to take exercise seriously now than in the past. If you’re making a Black Friday shopping list, be sure to include high-quality yoga mats, a foldable treadmill, and a circular trampoline.

4. Deck the Halls

You can put up Christmas decorations anywhere you like. This broad market segment requires subdivision into smaller submarkets. After that, you’ll begin the hunt for particular ornaments. For the holiday season, I’ve compiled a list of necessary ornaments. Don’t forget to shop around and employ several suppliers if you really want to pad your bottom line.

  • Holiday Light Emitting Diode Strings
  • The LED strings shine brightly, adding a festive touch to the Christmas party. There is a wide range of shapes and sizes available for lights, so it’s important to shop around.
  • In the spirit of the holiday, here is “Jingle Bells.”
  • The jingle bell has played an important role in both religious and secular celebrations of Christmas and other holidays throughout history.
  • Carol of the Bells – Dropship corporation
    Various bells have been rung throughout history on this particular holiday, each with its own unique significance and background. One way to boost revenue is to stock a variety of bells to appeal to different buyers.

5. Advent Calendar

On Christmas Eve, children hang out a sock or sock-shaped bag by their beds for Santa to fill with treats and goodies.

Dropship corporation Holiday Sweater
These are the children’s fairy tales. In reality, Santa Claus has nothing to do with the delivery of presents to children; this tradition is started and continued by their parents. Therefore, it is still vital for parents to purchase Christmas stockings in which to place gifts for their children.

Customized Outfits for the Holidays

Black Friday is a great time to sell personalised t-shirts. To increase sales, try embellishing your shirts with Christmas and holiday-themed images and text.

You can make custom t-shirts using one of the many print-on-demand services, like Printful. For an additional fee, we can ship the printed goods to your clients.

Toys Kids enjoy playing with all sorts of toys, so toy stores rarely stock Christmas-themed items. Since they now have to fill the stocking, many parents will be shopping for toys for their kids as Christmas presents.

6. Gamers Toys

Toys are always in demand, and parents are always looking for new ways to keep their kids entertained, so dropshipping toys is a safe bet.

There is a lot of money to be made in the fashion industry if you can spot a new trend early. Though the toy industry is saturated with well-known brands, dropshipping allows you to test the waters and establish your own name in the industry.

Components for Common Video Games, Number Six
You can cash in on the popularity of games like PUBG and Fornite by selling merchandise based on them. You can find PUBG-themed keychains on AliExpress, which are sure to be a hit with any dedicated gamer. The weapon and iconic helmet from the game are replicated in this keychain.

Players Unknown Battlegrounds on Nintendo DS
Hundreds, if not thousands, of people will buy this. They can be had for between $1.30 and $3.50, making them a very affordable option. You can make a substantial profit by selling them for three to ten times the original price. Promote your wares on social media platforms where gamers congregate, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Marketing with Instagram “influencers” is another option for generating business on the platform. Due to the nearly infinite variety of products available, there is no upper bound on sales of these goods.

7. Gloves that Work with Touchscreens

It’s cold outside because it’s the winter holidays! Good dropshipping items require a bit of novelty, which is why people don’t dropship very common types of gloves even though they are needed in the winter. Because of this need, touchscreen gloves have become popular.

Touchscreen Gloves
These ultra-plush gloves will keep your customers’ hands toasty and won’t get in the way of them using their touchscreen smartphones and tablets.

Customers will adore these gloves because of their comfort, durability, and versatility. Not only that, but you can boost your earnings by selling them in tandem with other cold-weather accessories like hats, scarves, and sweaters.

How to Increase Sales


1. Timer for a countdown

Among all the Black Friday tips we have, this one works well during hourly sales. With some easy-to-use software, you can also use this method to get people to buy on the spot.

One good thing about the countdown timer is that it makes people feel like they need to act quickly. When urgency and scarcity are used together, sales go up. With all the deals on Black Friday, adding a timer to your product page should help you out.

2. Offer of the Day

Deals that only last for a short time are a good idea for Black Friday ads. The time customers have to buy at a good price and the haggling that follows should be enough to get them to go to your site and buy something.

There is a set of deals that change every hour during the sales period. Also, keep in mind the deals you already have during the Black Friday sales that apply to you. So, if the quote has a 40% discount, the hourly transaction should have a 50% discount.

Set up a home page banner for each hourly deal you want to advertise. It’s also helpful to have a timer that counts down. Customers need to know how long they have to take advantage of promotions. Also, prepare posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that talk about these deals. Since this is going to be busier than usual, please schedule these posts ahead of time.

3. Improving a product

Remember to search for Black Friday keywords before setting up SEO for your product in preparation for Black Friday sales. Do a keyword search on Google to find out which ones can be sold.

But you might also want to put your brand name in a prominent place, especially if it is a well-known brand. This should make your site more trustworthy, raise its natural ranking, and even get people to come back.

Also, in the product description, you should mention Black Friday by name. This makes the product more useful for shoppers. Also, make sure the product description makes the buyer feel like they need to buy it right away.

You can also think about putting labels on your product images. A product’s label is an important part of how it is sold. Labeling is important because it helps a customer notice what you’re selling, whether you’re selling it online or in person.

4. Gift Guide

Holiday gift guides should tell people what to buy when things are on sale. It also lets them find you when the holidays come around. These can be done in two ways: make a list of things that might sell well and write an article about it.

Before you can make a product family, you have to make a product label for that family. Then, go to the page for that product and add that tag to it. This should have all of the things in the collection.

As for writing articles, you can use your guide to make blog posts or web pages. When you write an article and make a gift guide, you have to put in more work. Think about using it as a list to get more people to read your guides, and put the list on your home page.

Put the guide in other parts of the site to help people find it. You can also send this gift guide by email, which you can do through the email list. You can also share gift guides on your social media pages.

Ship with the Dropship corporation

One very important thing to do for all of the best dropshipping products listed above is to find multiple suppliers for different kinds of goods. But it takes time to look on AliExpress for reliable suppliers when there are so many other things to do to get ready for Black Friday. So it’s more helpful to use dropshipping tools that are easy to use and work well.

dropship corporation 9
dropship corporation

In your online dropshipping business, it is always important to get the best products and make the most money. With Dropship corporation. you can find new sellers of the same product who have better reviews and lower prices. With an AliExpress link and a few clicks, you can also find suppliers other than the ones you have now.

Last Word

Black Friday is a big event that both shoppers and people who own online stores look forward to all year. It was a record for the fourth quarter, which is our favourite time for sales. Your business will grow more than it did the year before, and it will continue to grow every year as long as you sell popular products and follow other helpful tips.

Now is a great time to start if you haven’t already. Your shop will start with ascension, and the climb will start easier than at any other time of year.

Have a good Black Friday! Have fun with growth, sales, and money!