Sneakers are very popular with shoppers, so you can’t leave them out of your store’s stock. When there are so many wholesale suppliers on the market, it’s common for stores to feel like they can’t keep up. Even though it’s important for your business to find the right match if you want your fashion store to do well. Because of this, this article will show you where to find the best wholesale luxury brand sneakers and help you keep up with all the latest luxury fashion trends. But first, let’s look at the sneaker market and why you should get a piece of it.

top distributor of wholesale of shoes
top distributor of wholesale of shoes

The sneaker market and what makes it unique

Since a couple of years ago, sneakers have been very popular. This is because athleisure wear is becoming more popular. The good news is that this trend is here to stay and will only get bigger in the years to come. If we look at the shoe market as a whole, we can get a good idea of how important it is. It’s a part of fashion where the global market is expected to be worth US$178.00bn by 2025.

What makes people buy sneakers?

Several things have led to this. One of these is that people are becoming more health conscious. These people are looking for shoes that are good for a variety of occasions and activities. Most of them have different shoes for errands, jogging, and hiking in the woods. They also usually have more than one pair to match different outfits. The other is that athleisure is trendy because people want to look a certain way. People buy sneakers to make themselves look sporty and active, whether they are or not.

Finding a good wholesaler of sneakers is important for your business, so we did some research for you. Now, let’s look at the best places you could buy wholesale high-end sneakers from.


OrangeShine is another company that sells wholesale shoes. It gives its wholesale partners a full package of services. This includes not only branded, fashion-driven stock, but also help with sourcing and other things. So, you can get started in the booming online business world with little cost and work.

One of the extra services is an online showroom that lets you choose the best items for your customers. On the website, you can also easily track and manage your wholesale orders and see professional pictures of the products. Lastly, OrangeShine doesn’t accept returns because you changed your mind. Products can only be sent back if they are broken.

Luxury Market

Luxury Market is another place you might want to look for wholesale sneakers. It is in New York’s historic Garment District and gives you access to high-end fashion brands that are popular and in style right now. It puts retail buyers in touch with more than 100 suppliers who sell more than 100 brands.

DNC Wholesale

DNC Wholesale is another wholesaler that sells a lot of brand-name sneakers. You can buy a stocklot that has styles from different brands, or you can buy lots that are split up by brand. Some of these come in many different styles, and in some cases, you can choose which styles you want to buy.

DNC Wholesale sells styles from their overstock inventory that have never been sold anywhere else. You can also find closeouts and shelf pulls that have been for sale in store showrooms or online but have never been bought.


Marmedia is a store in Munich, Germany, that sells clothes, accessories, and shoes from more than 90 different brands. It sells sneakers in bulk to high-end multi-brand stores, boutiques, and eCommerce sites. Marmedia has a lot of high-end luxury brands that you can choose from for your stock. You can pre-order new collections for the next season or re-order collections from the current season.

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As this article pointed out, there are many places on the market where you can buy wholesale sneakers. But we can’t say enough about how important it is that you find the right fit for your business. It is best to use the data and statistics listed above to choose a wholesale supplier who can give you the best deal.

Getting into the sneaker market has both good and bad things about it. But if you find the right supplier who can give you the products that your customers want, you’ll be able to do well in the fashion business.