Shoes have always been a good thing to sell both online and in person. By selling shoes online, many business owners make a lot of money.

Today, we’re going to look at the business of selling shoes online from every angle. This complete guide goes over everything you need to know to get started.

So, do you want to open a new shoe business online? With so many online shops selling the same things, it can be hard to choose. Still, you should be careful about where you put your money.

Use the guide below to find the answers to all your questions.

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Why Buy Wholesale Shoes from China?

When most people think of wholesale, China is the first place that comes to mind. This is because of the low prices that come from having a workforce with low wages.

China has a big wholesale shoe market with a wide range of shoes.

People all over the world choose to buy shoes in bulk from China. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to buy shoes from China.

Very Affordable Prices

China’s wholesale market offers the lowest prices and the best quality on all of its manufactured footwear. China is a manufacturing powerhouse because of its inexpensive labor and abundant supply of raw materials.

Shoes are sold at low prices because of the abundance of cheap labor and materials. Therefore, if you want to buy shoes in bulk, China is where you should look.

From mass-market sneakers to luxury brands, China has you covered when it comes to footwear. So, depending on the quality you’re after, shoes can be purchased here for very little money.

Bulk Buying

It’s worthwhile to buy wholesale shoes from China when you want many pieces.

Chinese factories produce shoes quicker and in large quantities. That’s because of high-skilled labor in the factories that can make bulky and fast productions.

Variety of Fashion

Several Chinese shoe brands produce trendy styles every season. Those shoes are one of a kind and in high demand all over the world. You can find a wide selection of shoe styles from various Chinese wholesalers.

In response to this demand, shoe manufacturers have produced thousands of styles and materials from which to choose. It’s possible to use the footwear as either an adult or a child. It’s also possible to find formal and casual shoe styles in China.

Quality Shoes

You’ll have a lot more success in the shoe business if you stick to selling only high-quality footwear. If you’re looking for high-quality shoes to satisfy your customers, look no further than China’s factories.

However, there are a lot of fake shoes out there, so be wary.

Learning how to spot authentic from fake footwear will help you avoid becoming a victim. However, there is a wide variety of shoe quality available, from the very best to the very worst.

Customized Shoes

The majority of shoe factories in China will gladly make shoes to your specifications. In other words, you can put in an order with customized specifications, such as a specific name.

However, this requires substantial funding. This chance might not be available to smaller buyers. That’s because, to maximize profits, shoe factories mass-produce shoes rather than making individual pairs.

How Big Is China’s Shoes Wholesale Market?

The wholesale market for shoes in China is huge, making it one of the world’s largest. In China, you can find a wide selection of shoes to fit any taste or budget. China’s shoe markets are huge and versatile, so they can meet the needs of a wide variety of consumers.

Among the world’s leading manufacturers of footwear, China is increasingly important. In 2022, the Chinese footwear market is forecasted to be worth about $33.8 billion.

That’s proof positive that China’s shoe market is enormous. In China, the market for shoes is growing rapidly.

Also, the Chinese market offers a wide variety of footwear and accessories. Shoes of every style and price point can be found in China.

For this reason, many international shoe stores must rely on Chinese suppliers.

What Kind of Shoes Can You Import from China?

When shopping for shoes, you can find a wide selection of styles, materials, and sizes to choose from in China. Chinese shoe factories produce a wide variety of styles from a number of different designers.

Depending on your target market, you can import almost any type of shoe from China. There are shoes for kids, men, and women. To avoid embarrassing yourself in front of your intended clientele, invest in some high-quality and on-trend footwear.

Wholesale shoe retailers in China also deal in the latest Western styles. There is a wide range of styles for both sexes and all ages. Some of the footwear offered by Chinese vendors is detailed below.

Sandals Dress shoes and business shoes
Genuine leather footwear
Boots for the workplace
Shoes that you tie up a laces
A pair of sneakers
Adhesive-soled, squishy footwear
Women’s Flats
Footwear suitable for hiking
Dress footwear
Cotton-made soled shoes
Infant footwear
Infant footwear

How to Spot Fake Shoes in the China Market?

If you have been a shoe seller for an extended period, it’s easy to spot fake ones. However, if you’re just starting out in the industry, you’ll need some pointers on how to tell a fake from the real deal.


Shoe prices can be used as a reliable indicator of the authenticity of a pair of shoes. If you get to see branded shoes with abnormally low prices, you will likely receive fake shoes.


Most counterfeit footwear, however, will not be packaged in the same way as authentic footwear. Some might use very similar packaging, but you need to watch out closely as there is always a difference.

Close Similarity With the Brand Name

Some knockoff brands choose names that are phonetically close to the genuine article. In this case, NIKE will be spelled as MIKE. So, it’s easy to fall into that trap if you aren’t careful.


It is also possible to tell counterfeit from authentic footwear by comparing the color tones. Most fake brands differ in the shades of colors they use on their shoes. You’ll have to be an observer of the highest caliber to notice the close proximity of the shades.


Counterfeit footwear also has a different feel in the weight department. So it’s important to always check the weight of your shoe pair. Fake shoes weigh a bit more than the originals. Lightweight materials are used in the construction of authentic shoe brands.

What Challenges Can You Face While Importing from China Shoes Market?

There are risks inherent to doing business. In business, there are no easy days. The following are some of the more significant difficulties you may encounter when importing wholesale shoes from China.

Selecting the Right Supplier

Make sure you have all the facts before beginning the process of importing goods. So, look into the market to find the most dependable shoe suppliers.

Possibly the best deals are being offered by the majority of suppliers. On the other hand, you may come to see that it is a trap in the long run. The highest quality shoes may only be on display, but the reality is often quite different.

However, you shouldn’t fret; assistance is at hand in the form of services like product sourcing.

Identifying Fake From the Original

You may have difficulty distinguishing genuine images from those that have been digitally altered. After finding a potential vendor on the web, it can be difficult to tell if they stock authentic footwear.

Online marketers focus more on attracting clients by using attractive pictures. But some of them sell fake ones.

Late Delivery

Always be aware of delays that may happen right from the order confirmation to the delivery.

To import shoes in bulk takes a lot of time. Initially, the shoes must be purchased from the designers. The next steps are loading the cargo onto the ship, passing through customs, and finally delivering the goods to their final destination. So, it is a lengthy process.

The procedure may be plagued by many setbacks. The factory may delay delivery; the vessel may also not sail per the schedule. Another delay may occur because of the customs holding your cargo.

All these are challenges that can delay your shoes during the importation process.

A Rise in the Number of Scammers

The massive China shoe market is a possible target for con artists from all over the world. That’s why it’s not uncommon to run into one in the wild.

Therefore, it is wise to verify a supplier’s legitimacy before doing business with them. Doing your homework is the key to avoiding con artists.

Products Getting Out of Stock

Some popular shoe labels are rarely in stock. As a result, you’ll have to place an advance order, which could lead to waiting times.

In the business world, delays are always a bad sign. The reason for this is that they fall short of the expectations of your customers and cause you to lose their trust.

Language Barrier

You can count on encountering a language barrier if you are not fluent in Chinese or a native speaker. Knowing the Chinese language is very crucial as most Chinese suppliers don’t know English.

When hiring sales agents, most manufacturers prioritize those with fluent English skills. Spending beyond your means on a translator may be a real possibility.

What Are the Top China Wholesale Shoe Suppliers?

The Chinese market has a plethora of wholesale shoe vendors to choose from. However, before deciding on a service provider, it is important to do some research to ensure you are getting the best services possible.

Both of the most popular marketplaces feature Chinese companies that sell shoes in bulk. In addition, you can do some digging to find some of the best shoe suppliers around.


Alibaba, founded in 1999, is a pioneering online marketplace. In the realm of online wholesale markets for footwear, it ranks among the best.

What’s more, Alibaba offers its online services to many sellers globally. It’s a one-of-a-kind resource for importing wholesale footwear and other Chinese goods.


Aliexpress gathers wholesale shoe suppliers on its platform. It’s convenient because you can compare prices and styles from different stores in one convenient location.

On top of having a remarkable buyer protection plan, Aliexpress also has great deals to offer. They have an all-inclusive, handy app you can download on your smartphone and use at any time for convenience.

What follows is a compilation of some of the best places to buy shoes online.

Jinjiang Hobibear Shoes

It is one of the most reputed, bestseller shoe vendors in China. This company can export all types of shoes, especially sports shoes. With over 500 employees working in 2 production lines, this company can finish bulk production orders in less time.

Dashu Shoes

This Guangdong company has an impressive shoe inventory. If you want to trade in casual, professional, or high-heel shoes, you can reach this supplier.

Wangdu Yuxing

The vast majority of consumers would rather buy footwear straight from the maker. If you’re looking to buy shoes in bulk from China, this factory is your best bet.

Zhenlong Shoes

Have you thought about buying sandals in bulk from China? Shoes from Zhenlong can be ordered and completed in a timely manner. You can peruse their catalog to learn about the latest shoe trends.

They stock a wide variety of unusual shoes, including everything from slippers to sandals.

Jinqiu Shoes

Those looking to import sports shoes should work with this trading company. Furthermore, the company sells casual shoes for both adults and children.

Jinyin Footwear

Various high-quality footwear is on sale here, straight from the factory. This business deals in a wide variety of women’s footwear. The company consistently produces best-sellers and elegant designs, so it comes highly recommended by customers.

Taizhou Ougang Shoes

A long-standing manufacturer of footwear, the company has a wide range of offerings. A separate group of skilled designers at the company is responsible for coming up with original styles for the company’s footwear.

Quanzhou Suntop

There are three high-tech assembly lines at this firm. It can mass-produce footwear to meet specific demands.

Henan Huaying Shoes

This business excels at producing first-rate results for any type of footwear. Shoes can be found here for prices that are either low or competitive. In addition, many customers have praised the vendor’s punctuality in delivering their orders.

Adit Shoes

Are you interested in purchasing shoes at wholesale cost? Adit footwear is within your grasp. This firm’s global sales network is among the best in the industry. This business will also make shoes to order if you provide the necessary details.

Do Wholesale Shoe Vendors in China Have MOQ Restrictions?

The vast majority of them do, in fact, have minimum order quantities. A supplier’s minimum order quantity for shoes is the fewest pair(s) that can be purchased from them. In order to guarantee the smooth flow of mass production into their factory, many Chinese wholesale suppliers of shoes maintain a minimum quantity policy.

Minimum quantities could be anywhere from a thousand pairs up to two thousand. However, this figure may change from one vendor to the next.

Branded shoes can have a higher minimum order quantity. Between two thousand and three thousand pairs is possible.

The desired color(s) and model(s) have a minimum order quantity(MOQ) attached to them. There is a 500-1000 minimum order quantity for each colorway of shoes.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) also applies to the purchase of mixed shoe sizes and the quantity of pairs in each size. Minimum order quantity for shoes is between 250 and 500 pairs.

Because of the lower minimum order quantities (MOQ) offered by traders, many small businesses prefer to work with them. Low-volume orders can be problematic because they may prevent you from getting customized footwear.

How to Negotiate Prices in the China Shoes Market?

Your bargaining skills will be put to the test as you attempt to negotiate a lower price with your shoe supplier.

To better prepare for negotiations, you should first determine how many potential suppliers are open to price reductions. Do your homework and maybe even try to get in touch with them so you can narrow it down to just one or two.

Here are a few techniques you can use to bargain for better terms and lower prices.

Do Not Compromise on Communication

Building trust with your supplier is an ongoing process, so make sure you get the ball rolling and keep in regular contact. Pay close attention and have clear goals. Keep your cool, make a good impression right off the bat, and never be rude, regardless of how strongly you might disagree.

Effective communication is a byproduct of thorough planning and study.

Research the Actual Costs of the Shoes

The ultimate guide to buying wholesale shoes from China 5

The original price of the shoes you want to buy is something you should try to find out. You’ll feel more prepared and know exactly what to ask for when you have that first conversation.

In a similar vein, it shows you roughly how much wiggle room there is for bargaining.

Quote Other Supplier Prices

After comparing costs across multiple vendors, settle on a select few. You can find the most affordable shoemakers by comparing their prices.

For the supplier’s sake, it’s a smart move that shows you’ve done your homework. Your preferred vendor will likely comply if they value keeping you as a customer.

Prepare Your Negotiation Data

It’s a great tactic for sealing the deal in any kind of negotiation. After gathering information, compile a list of alternate vendors. Write down the names of the vendors and the prices of their comparable footwear.

Preparing your data in this way allows you to select a trustworthy provider without sacrificing quality. The negotiation process will also shift to favor you.

Present Yourself as a Big Buyer of Their Dream

The ultimate guide to buying wholesale shoes from China 4

Don’t bargain with your suppliers in a low state of mind. Never be afraid to dream big and to carry yourself with pride. With a low opening offer, you risk having your suppliers lose interest and you miss out on better deals.

Although lying in general is wrong, there are times when telling a white lie can be acceptable. Once vendors realize you are not a major player, they are likely to stop working with you.

Show the Least Interest in the Product

Most vendors are eager to demonstrate the superiority of their wares. Plus, they won’t let you leave, no matter how little interest you show, regardless of how much money you’ve already spent.

They’re vying for your approval by demonstrating the quality of their products, and you can benefit from this.

Getting too enthusiastic in your pursuit of the supplier will raise eyebrows. Therefore, the vendor will be able to take advantage of you.

Be Firm and Persistent With Your Negotiations

To be firm does not equate to being harsh, rude, or disrespectful. It shows that you are firm in your beliefs and know exactly what you want.

You shouldn’t be bashful about letting a client know why they should continue working with you. Having done so, your supplier of footwear will begin to trust you more. Showing such assurance in one’s abilities is admirable.

Be Ready to Walk Away

Disinterest can be seen in the form of a willingness to walk away from the negotiations. It has the potential to make forgiveness possible in return. The vendor will likely try to win you back because they do not want to risk losing a large catch. Enjoy the lowest price possible at this time.

If you make it clear to the vendor that you need to buy from them immediately, they will have a better chance of closing the deal. Keep away!

How to Make the Payment of Shoe Vendors in China?

The vast majority of shoe retailers now operate solely in the digital realm. Orders are given to them, and negotiations are held, via the internet. That means you’ll have to pay for the shoes and shipping costs online.

When dealing with shoe suppliers, it is best to pay them in installments at predetermined times. Here are some options for making payment on your order of Chinese wholesale shoes.

Paying With Cash

For cash transactions, your presence at the provider’s location is required. This is one of the most convenient but underutilized payment options. The need for extra precautions becomes especially apparent when dealing with very large sums of money.

Wise Mode of Payment

If you frequently make payments to vendors, Wise is an option to consider. The exchanges are simple and quick. After signing up, you can pay with the currency of your choice. The payment to the supplier will be made in the local currency.

International Wire Transfer

When it comes to international payment methods, Chinese vendors prefer and typically accept wire transfers. The exchange rate fees are your responsibility, just like when you pay with cash. Even if this is the most typical method of payment, it will still cost you more money.


The use of a neutral third party in an escrow arrangement increases security. Supplier payment is required prior to shipment of goods. However, the vendor does not receive the full amount of the payment.

After you have received and approved the goods, the funds are released to the vendor by a third party.

You and the supplier can both benefit from the third-party idea, as it will lessen the likelihood of financial loss. Alipay Escrow is a payment option that you have at your disposal on Alibaba. With escrow, even minor deals can be handled easily.

Debit and Credit Cards

Some suppliers with cutting-edge equipment do accept credit card payments. Even though the risk is low, the suppliers may decide to pass the expense along to you. Some fraudsters take advantage of the high cost of card payments.

As a result, fraudsters can easily use this payment method to defraud vendors. As a result, many manufacturers may not use this technique.

The ultimate guide to buying wholesale shoes from China 3


However, due to its high fees, PayPal is not often preferred by vendors. Since most vendors cannot afford the high transaction fees charged by PayPal, it is not widely accepted.

Western Union

Although Western Union could be acceptable to some vendors, it is not a particularly secure payment option. That’s because fraudsters can easily take advantage of its simplicity.

It can be time-consuming and fruitless to try and track a Western Union payment. Maintain it as a viable choice, but don’t put too much stock in it.

Letter of Credit

When making sizable payments to Chinese vendors, a letter of credit is recommended. With a letter of credit, both you and the shoe supplier are protected from financial loss.

Which Documents Will You Need During Wholesale Shoes Import from China?

Importing and exporting shoes requires extensive documentation in all circumstances. The necessary paperwork to import shoes in bulk from China is detailed below.

The ultimate guide to buying wholesale shoes from China 2

An Insurance Certificate

The certificate protects your goods against loss and damage during importation.

An Inspection Certificate

The certificate will be issued by the company that performed the shoe inspection. Having this document demonstrates that your footwear meets all required standards for international trade.

Packing List

The quantity of items being shipped can be seen on a packing list. In addition, measurements, quantities, and sizes are all included.

Certificate of Origin

The shoes’ certificate of origin will list the importer as the manufacturer.

Commercial Invoice

Evidence of a transaction can be found in a commercial invoice. As a result, the shipment’s cost, brand, and size are all listed. It is something that the shoe manufacturer or retailer must issue.

Pro Forma Invoice

A commercial record detailing the goods purchased and their associated prices. A pro form invoice is drawn up and issued by the exporter.

Sales Contract

This contract serves as a record of the terms and conditions between the vendor and the purchaser. In a nutshell, it’s a legally binding contract between your company and the vendor. It maintains a log of all the dealings that have taken place between the purchaser and the vendor.

Bill of Lading

The carrier is responsible for drafting and issuing the bill of lading. There’s a rundown of the shipping procedure laid out there. It’s not just a bill of lading, but also a receipt for the goods shipped.

How to Ship Bulk Shoes from China?

It is possible to have your shoes shipped to you from China in four different ways. Here are the four options:


Airfreight delivery is the way to go if you need your footwear quickly. There will be a price premium for the speed with which you receive your footwear.

Shipping by Sea

This is the least efficient means of transport. However, it’s also the most typical approach. Shipping goods by sea is cheap and practical for moving large quantities.

Shipping by Road

Transport by road is much quicker than by sea. Compared to air shipping, it saves money. However, not all countries find road transport a practical option for receiving Chinese exports.

This method is useful only for countries that already have an established road transport network similar to China’s.

Shipping by Rail

Rail transport can be used as an alternative to ocean transport. Shipping by rail is more efficient than shipping by sea, especially for large or heavy items.

However, only a small number of countries have widespread access to rail travel. Those nations whose rail networks intersect with China’s will reap the rewards.

How Long Does It Take to Get Shoe Delivery From China?

Delivery via air freight typically takes only two to three days. If you choose to ship your items by sea, please allow an extra two to four weeks for delivery.

But there are a variety of other causes that can cause delivery delays. In addition to bad weather, mistakes in the paperwork can put a halt to your shipment. Similarly, most businesses will be closed on public holidays, which could extend the delivery time for your shipment.

Why Do You Need a Dropshipping Agent in the China Shoes Wholesale Market?

The use of a dropshipping agent can reduce the inherent dangers of starting out in this industry. Dropshipping is helpful for those who have a limited budget because the service takes care of everything for you.

The ultimate guide to buying wholesale shoes from China

Simply provide us with a list of the footwear you require, and we will go out and stock your warehouse with them. Shoes will also be shipped out on your behalf.

When time is of the essence or you simply do not wish to go through unnecessary hoops, our services are ideal. It’s helpful because it eliminates the cost of warehousing and packing materials.

Nothing here requires your attention, not even the supplier or the shipping company.

In addition, employing our services will lessen the odds of you falling victim to a scam. That’s because we’ve learned a lot about how to successfully import and export shoes over the years.

As was previously mentioned, communication will proceed smoothly even in the face of a language barrier, which will be especially useful during negotiations.

Getting what you need from the market can be a time-consuming ordeal. We’ll be your guides as you explore the market. That simplifies the process of acquiring all the different kinds of shoes you require.

Final Thoughts!

Historically, the wholesale market in China has been the best place to purchase footwear. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from entering China’s booming shoe market.

For many years, China’s shoe market has been a major source of footwear for consumers around the world.

Before making any purchases or importing any footwear, you should do some serious investigation. Doing your homework is essential to securing the best deals on the market.

In China, you can find a wide variety of shoe manufacturers. Don’t rush through figuring out what you require.