There has never been a better moment to sell giftware, as the individualized gift industry is projected to reach over $43 billion by 2027 and billions more are spent annually on general gifts.

The giftware market is vast because it caters to a wide variety of interests and tastes.

The top 20 distributors of giftware from the United Kingdom, the United States, and China are listed below.

Jackson’s CRS (UK)

Jackson’s CRS is one of the largest and most reputable wholesalers of giftware and seasonal products in the UK, with over 30,000 items and operating for over 40 years. Among the items in this category are tote bags, glassware, stuffed animals, keychains, and mugs.

Party supplies and greeting cards from well-known UK companies including Kingfisher Cards, Regal Publishing, and Hallmark are also available at Jackson’s CRS.

Jackson’s is a reputable supplier with a Sheffield showroom and warehouse measuring 40,000 square feet, making it ideal for internet retailers, gift shops, and convenience stores.

30 000 of the most popular items, such as toys, cards, and other presents
Successful wholesaler in the UK for over 40 years, winning numerous awards
Showroom and state-of-the-art storage space in Sheffield measuring 40,000 square feet
An ideal vendor for bookstores, boutiques, convenience stores, and more
Orders over £125 are shipped for free within the UK mainland and arrive quickly.

Wholesale Mart (US)

If you’re looking for a reliable source for wholesale gifts, general stuff, or promotional items in the United States, look no farther than Wholesale Mart.

Wholesale Mart carries an extensive selection of giftware, including but not limited to furnishings, cookware, collectibles, seasonal items, and garden accessories.

The company has only a $50 minimum per order and offers up to 15% off for large orders. So, if you run an online business, sell on sites like eBay and Amazon, or deal at swap meets and flea markets, Wholesale Mart is your go-to source for inventory.

Thousands of low-cost, straight-from-the-manufacturer gift ideas and furnishings
There is only a $50 minimum, and you can save even more by buying in bulk.
With distribution centers all around the United States, we can guarantee prompt delivery.
Appropriate for market vendors, eBay sellers, and internet shopkeepers
The best product photos and descriptions for online retailers

Worldwide Brands (UK/US)

Worldwide Brands, which has been around since 1999, is the most comprehensive online database of legitimate wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

You can find a wide variety of presents and giftware at Worldwide Brands, as the company has access to over 16 million products from thousands of vendors. The directory can be rapidly searched to locate reliable vendors offering the best wholesale pricing.

Once you’ve located a reliable wholesaler, you may begin conducting business with them immediately. Through Worldwide Brands, establishing communication with manufacturers and suppliers and finalizing business arrangements is a breeze.

The largest and most comprehensive database of verified distributors and manufacturers
Countless reliable business-to-business resources, such as distributors of novelty items
Great for any kind of store, as its simplicity makes it ideal for novice users.
Company has been in business for over 20 years and has BBB accreditation.
Genuine wholesalers offering competitive pricing and excellent customer review

PapaChina (China)

PapaChina is a top-tier Chinese producer and supplier of promotional products, with 15 years of expertise and 50,000+ fulfilled orders to their name.

PapaChina is a wholesale supplier of gifts and novelty items for corporations, organizations, and individuals all around the world.

PapaChina offers a wide variety of customizable products, from keychains to bottle openers, pens, mugs, toys, and t-shirts, and works with a who’s who of well-known companies like PayPal, Intel, Oxford University, and Coca-Cola.

Largest producer of promotional goods in China.
Keychains, bottle openers, and pens, to name a few of the thousands of customizable items available.
In business for over 15 years and having fulfilled over 50,000 special orders with 100% satisfaction
Remarkable clientele roster, which includes PayPal, Intel, Zoom, and Pepsi
Ideal for businesses, shops, boutiques, and e-commerce sites

SaleHoo (US/UK)

SaleHoo is yet another well-known and trustworthy online wholesale directory that links businesses to legitimate wholesalers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe.

With thousands of five-star evaluations across several platforms, including TrustPilot, SaleHoo has established itself as the web’s most popular wholesale directory. Several major publications, including Inc. Magazine, have written about SaleHoo.

The list is a great resource for finding trustworthy wholesale providers of all kinds of products, including presents and presentware. Doing a quick search is all that’s required.

The most well-known and widely-used database of legitimate wholesalers operating online
There are over 8,000 of the best vendors out there, and most of them are located in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe.
There are millions of high-quality items available at true wholesale costs, including novelty items.
Multiple websites, including TrustPilot, have thousands of glowing evaluations.
published in prestigious publications like Forbes and Huffington Post

Puckator Wholesale (UK)

Puckator Wholesale is the largest and most reliable wholesaler of presents and giftware in the United Kingdom.

Puckator, founded in 1990 by Mark Howard to supply UK gift shops with imported arts and crafts, has expanded to become a significant international wholesaler.

Puckator employs over 50 people, has satellite offices in several locations, and operates a state-of-the-art distribution center in Cornwall. The website also has a virtual tour of the company’s Sheffield showroom.

There are almost 5,000 high-quality items in the gift shop, such as toys, home goods, and decorative accessories.
We accept bulk orders of any size with only a £100 minimum.
Priority shipping (same day) with free shipping for purchases above £300.
Thousands of business clients in the UK, EU, and 30 other countries
Our drop shipping service is exclusive, and there is no minimum order size.

CTW Home Collection (US)

CTW Home Collection has been an industry pioneer in the design, importing, and distribution of wholesale home decor and giftware for almost four decades.

The company started out as a maker of handcrafted tin work products, but due to popular demand, they branched out into other sectors and now proudly stock over a thousand different things over a wide range of categories and specialties.

All sorts of one-of-a-kind seasonal ornaments, seasonal homewares, kitchen knickknacks, textiles, and furnishings are available.

In business for over 40 years, we are the leading wholesaler of gifts and home furnishings.
Thousands of one-of-a-kind, stylish goods throughout many different niches.
A plethora of posh, elegant, and retro furnishings and ornaments
Only a $100 minimum is required, and shipping is free in the US.
Drop shipping is available as an add-on service, and there is no minimum order size.

CWSGift (China)

With more than 15 years in the industry and thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, CWSGift, also known as China Wholesale Gift, is a leading provider of bespoke wholesale gifts and promotional items for businesses of all sizes.

There is a wide variety of high-quality giftware products available at CWSGift, including but not limited to stationery, drinkware, toys, wallets, bags, and watches.

CWSGift is your one-stop shop for all your promotional product needs, including but not limited to seasonal, corporate, trade show, and advertising campaign needs.

Proven market leader in the distribution of personalized promotional products
Tens of thousands of items perfect for parties, gifts, and other celebrations.
Services for professional personalization, such as printing a corporate logo or name
Super-quick turnaround, free samples, and international shipping!
Guaranteed good quality with a minimum order of $1000

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Something Different (UK)

Something Different, which has been in business since 1999, is a major importer and wholesaler of premium British giftware and seasonal goods.

The company’s current CEO, Jane Wallace, got her start selling goods at car boot sales before expanding into import and wholesale and opening a modest cash and carry for local consumers.

Something Different is already an established wholesaler with over 25,000 customers and 3000 items in stock. Among the many things available are decorative clocks, wall art, keychains, notecards, and candles.

Proven track record of over 20 years in the giftware importing industry
More than three thousand one-of-a-kind decorations, wall hangings, and other giftware products
More than 25,000 international wholesalers and gift shop owners rely on us every year.
Super-quick and always dependable (same-day) sending out with free shipping for purchases over £50
Low order quantities (6-12 cartons) are offered without a minimum order requirement.

Alibaba (China)

Alibaba is the best place to start your search for wholesale giftware and gifts made in China. Actually, Alibaba’s primary purpose is to facilitate business between overseas purchasers and China’s largest wholesalers and producers.

Simply enter a product name or browse to the giftware section, and you’ll find thousands of things available in bulk at the lowest possible wholesale pricing. Decorations, figurines, home furnishings, artwork, accessories, and personalized presents are all in this category.

Millions of consumers, including some of the largest online retailers, use Alibaba. The site is rapidly becoming the go-to for importing wholesale quantities of goods from China.

The best place to find Chinese wholesale products
Over a hundred million items available from tens of thousands of merchants, including presents
Optimal for any retailer, especially online shops
A great choice for buying personalized or private label presents
Customers do not need to pay any sort of membership fee to use any of the available options.

Sullivans Wholesale (US)

Sullivans Wholesale has been supplying online and local businesses in the United States with bulk merchandise for over a decade.

More than 5,000 high-end products are available at Sullivans Wholesale, including everything from wall decor and mirrors to vases, baskets, planters, clocks, candle holders, and figurines, as well as seasonal goods for key holidays like Christmas and Easter.

Sullivans Wholesale is great for new businesses because they have a low minimum order size and promise to beat any competitors’ prices in the trade.

Accessorize your home or shop for presents among thousands of high-quality items
Optimal for both online and brick-and-mortar shops
Quick delivery across the United States and no minimum purchase size
With over 50 years in the wholesale distribution industry, we can guarantee our trade prices and never charge for membership or setup.

China Wholesale Town (China)

China Wholesale Town, established in 2003, is an established online wholesaler of personalized giftware and promotional products.

China Wholesale Town is a trusted supplier for thousands of B2B buyers across the world due to its wide selection of high-quality items at factory-direct prices and a wide range of customization options, such as logo printing, laser printing, embroidery, and heat transfer.

Their customers come from a wide variety of industries and sectors, from small businesses to multinational conglomerates, from charities to philanthropic organizations, and from e-commerce websites to department shops.

Experienced online distributor of personalized gifts and novelties
Over 1500 premium items and 15 years of experience
If you find a lower deal elsewhere, we’ll pay the difference.
Professional logo printing and customization services, with no setup fees and a flexible minimum order size, plus free samples.

Sparks Gift Wholesale (UK)

Sparks Gift Wholesale has been a major UK-based giftware distributor for over 25 years, offering a wide variety of oil burners, jewellery boxes, ornaments, lamps, and photo frames at reasonable trade prices.

Brand names like Bambino, Leonardo, Busy Bee Melts, Rex International, and Little Fingy are just some of the 99 cent brands available at Sparks Gift Wholesale.

Start with as little as £50 and resell on sites like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

Thousands of retail clients in the UK and over 25 years of expertise
More than three thousand high-end gift items suitable for every event.
Brands like Bambino, Busy Bee Melts, and many more are included in this store’s extensive product selection.
When you spend over £200, shipping is on the house, and the minimum order is just £50.00.
If you place an order before 1pm on the UK mainland, you can get it the following working day.

Custom Sticker (US)

The personalized stickers, labels, buttons, magnets, and wall decals offered by Custom Sticker are all of the highest quality and are produced and sent directly by the company.

You can make your own one-of-a-kind designs in a matter of minutes with Custom Sticker and its cutting-edge online editing system. Within 2 business days of receiving an order, Custom Sticker will print and ship the items to any location in the United States.

You won’t have to pay any customs or import taxes if you produce here domestically. The lowest factory-direct costs may be found at Custom Sticker, and there is no minimum order size required. In addition, hundreds of satisfied customers have vouched for Custom Sticker, making it a trustworthy and dependable business.

Authentic sticker manufacturer and distributor
Using this new, online editor, you can make truly original artwork in a matter of minutes.
Fastest shipping in the US, with 2-day delivery guaranteed.
Discounted, factory-direct pricing with no minimum order quantity
Labels, buttons, and magnets can all be personalized.

Qihai Gifts (China)

For promotional items and seasonal goods including caps, bags, cups, flags, and beach accessories, go no farther than Qihai Gifts, a leading Chinese manufacturer and distributor.

Qihia Gifts’ ever-expanding selection of umbrellas, stationery, toys, and sports gear is perfect for mom-and-pop shops and nonprofit organizations.

Qihai Gifts is ideal for firms wishing to employ promotional products in a marketing campaign or for e-commerce businesses looking to develop a private label giftware brand thanks to the company’s skilled customisation capabilities, which include expert logo printing.

China’s largest promotional giftware producer and distributor
There are thousands of items available, such as totes, caps, flags, and beach gear.
Services for printing personalized logos and other personalizations
Countless well-known companies among their clientele, such as Digicel, Hennessy, and Levi’s.
Quick production and shipping times, international distribution, and inexpensive minimums

Elgate Products (UK)

Elgate Products, with headquarters in Kent, is a wholesaler of souvenirs, novelties, presents, and even toys and home decor.

Elgate has risen from its humble beginnings as a supplier of postcards to retail stores and gift shops on the East Coast of England to become the premier distributor of giftware in the United Kingdom.

Elgate’s 126,000 square foot warehouse is home to over 3,000 products, the vast majority of which were created by UK designers. Such items are garden ornaments, souvenirs, keepsakes, keychains, refrigerator magnets, money boxes, and other such items.

British wholesaler of gifts imported from and shipped to Europe, run by a family
Hundreds of thousands of unique, high-quality UK-made items
Kent-based warehousing and distribution hub measuring in at 126,000 square feet
The minimum order is only £150, and shipping is free on orders over $500.
Seller at retail to consumers all across the world

Dollar Item Direct (US)

Having been in business since 2006, Dollar Item Direct is a seasoned importer and discount distributor of over 20,000 top-selling dollar products and general merchandise.

You can find one-of-a-kind presents for holidays like Halloween and Easter among the assortment of specialty items available.

Dollar Item Direct is an excellent vendor for small businesses, boutiques, and e-commerce sites because to its low minimum order requirements and widespread network of distribution centers around the United States.

More than 20,000 unique items, including general stuff and gifts
Importing and distribution expertise spanning over a decade
Minimal order quantity required for case pack purchases
Wide selection of seasonal decorations for holidays like Easter and Halloween
Swift delivery thanks to warehouses located strategically throughout the United States

China Gifts Shop (China)

China Gifts Shop, or Yiwu Sixiang Trade, is a reputable manufacturer and distributor of promotional goods and individualized presents.

China Gifts Shop features over 10,000 products in a wide variety of categories, from printed t-shirts to personalized stationery, backpacks, electronics, and workplace accessories.

As an added bonus, the China Gifts Shop provides expert customization services and provides significant price reductions for orders of 100 or more units. Therefore, China Gifts Shops is worth considering if you want to start selling your own bespoke gifts and accessories.

Prominent firm in the personalised presents design, production, and distribution industries
over ten thousand unique gift items, including t-shirts and other apparel that may be personalized
Huge price cuts of 80% or more on orders of more than a hundred units
Services for personalization, including logo printing and free samples, provided by experts.
Experienced designers available to assist with logo or product customization.

Gainsborough Giftware (UK)

Gainsborough Giftware is the leading wholesaler of presents and giftware in the United Kingdom and Europe, serving thousands of retailers across the continent.

Gift shops, garden centers, internet merchants, and florists, as well as numerous microbusinesses like wedding and party planners, are among their clientele.

Gainsborough Giftware is a frontrunner in the wholesale giftware industry, thanks to its extensive online catalog and spacious shop in Lincolnshire. The company offers speedy shipping and free shipping on orders over £150.

Established in 1977, they have over 40 years of experience in the giftware industry with a current stock of 5,000 stylish and one-of-a-kind gifts from top UK brands.
We have no minimum order requirements and promise to always offer our wholesale customers the best possible prices.
In stock and ready to ship within 24 hours, free UK shipping on orders over £150
New products are introduced every day, and opening a trade account is completely free.

AEWholesale (US)

AEWholesale has been in business for over 15 years and has generated over $5 million in retail sales as an independent, family-owned wholesaler.

AEWholesale is a wholesale retailer that focuses on decorative items for the home. Their inventory includes anything from ornaments to candles to figurines to oil burners to water features to wine holders to picture frames to lamps.

There is no minimum order size at AE Wholesale, and all orders over $50 receive free shipping. That’s why it’s ideal for eCommerce and small enterprises.

Established wholesale business run by the same family for over a decade
Over a thousand different kinds of gifts and decorative items for the house
When you spend $50 or more, you get free ground shipping.
Excellent for shopkeepers, eBay vendors, and online store proprietors
A state-of-the-art storage and distribution facility in sunny California

Rex London Trade (UK)

In 1981, Rex London Trade was founded as a humble market stall, but today it is a renowned designer, distributor, and exporter of high-quality wholesale giftware, home decor, and accessories.

Rex London provides an extensive variety of one-of-a-kind and fashionable giftware goods, including the original jumbo bag and flower print water bottles, all developed and sourced in-house.

As a result of six consecutive years of record foreign sales, Rex London was recognized as a sector leader and awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2019.

Designing, importing, and dispersing premium wholesale presents; winner of multiple industry awards.
Ideal for novelty shops, garden centers, pet stores, and e-commerce
More than five thousand stylish items made in the UK by industry leaders in design.
Options for rapid, dependable shipping across the UK and Europe
We have no minimum order requirements and our pack sizes are small (between 6 and 24 units).

PaperCraft (US)

IG Design Group, of which PaperCraft is a part, is a major player in the global market for greeting cards, gift bags, and other paper products.

PaperCraft employs over 3,000 people throughout its numerous global manufacturing and storage facilities, which total over 2,000,000 square feet.

Since IG Design Group has offices in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and Asia, it launched the PaperCraft website in 2010 with the intention of serving the wholesale market in the United States.

owned by a major producer of gift bags and wrapping paper
established in 2010 to cater specifically to the retail sector of the United States
Thousands of high-caliber items, such as presentables, playthings, and more
Midway’s 550,000-square-foot factory and warehouse
Free U.S. shipping and no minimum order size for small quantity packs

Candlelight Products (UK)

Mark Winch established Candlelight Products in 1972 to meet the demand for a beautiful candle in the UK’s many shops and gift shops.

Candlelight Goods has grown into a significant general giftware wholesaler, with a staff of over a hundred, hundreds of products, and a 140,000 square foot warehouse in South Yorkshire. They also have a logistics team in China and a showroom in Hong Kong.

Candlelight provides low-cost bespoke production and private labeling services to stores, allowing them to launch their own giftware brand.

Expertise in designing and producing gift items for over 50 years
Tens of thousands of one-of-a-kind, fashionable items shipped all throughout the country
Production made to order and private labeling services
Low order minimums and free shipping to any address on the UK mainland.
There are more than a hundred people working here, including a group of very skilled designers.

BoxerGifts (US)

BoxerGifts is the best in the business when it comes to creating and selling customized and one-of-a-kind gifts, novelties, and household products including mugs, books, games, toys, and more.

Due to high demand and international success, BoxerGifts, which began life as a UK company in 1982, expanded into the US market by establishing a distribution facility in Texas.

BoxerGifts was able to provide more favorable shipping conditions for US customers thanks to the proximity of their warehouse. Since then, it has risen to prominence as one of the best places for US merchants to stock up on popular presents.

There are hundreds of one-of-a-kind gift products and decorative accessories available for personalization.
We are a 30+ year veteran importer, exporter, and designer who you can trust.
Small (12-24 item) wholesale packs with no minimum order value, shipped out quickly, and free domestic delivery for orders $500+.
It’s ideal for boutiques, specialty shops, and online vendors.

Why sell giftware or seasonal items?

Every year, millions of people spend billions of dollars on gifts for special events like weddings, birthdays, and holidays, driving growth in the giftware sector.

The market for customized presents is expected to reach over $40 billion by 2027. That doesn’t even account for the annual billions spent on other forms of giftware, gift packing, and novelty items like souvenirs.

Since the market is so large, and the trend toward buying personalized or unusual gifts is on the rise, selling giftware may be quite lucrative.

What type of giftware should I sell?

There are countless ways to make money in the giftware industry, from personalized mugs to digital photo frames, garden ornaments, and wall art.

The trick is to zero in on a market segment where there is a high demand but few competitors. Such as focusing on Gothic decorations, Ancient Egyptian figurines, or fantastical dream catchers.

To get your creative juices flowing and discover untapped markets, use a free keyword suggestion tool like WordTracker or the Google Keyword Planner.

How do I find more giftware wholesalers?

Where can I locate additional giftware distributors?
Check out our wholesale suppliers section if you’re looking for further giftware wholesalers. Whether you’re looking for a store in the UK, the US, or China, we’ve got you covered with a plethora of articles on the top giftware wholesalers from across the world.

If you’re looking for reputable wholesalers in a specific market segment, a quick Google search or visit to a specialized internet forum will help you identify them. You might also search online question and answer sites like Quora, where there are likely to be hundreds of inquiries about locating wholesale providers.

Final Word

It’s common knowledge that selling gifts can generate a lot of money, as evidenced by the fact that there are reportedly 9,000 gift shops in the United Kingdom. Every year, millions of people buy presents for special occasions including weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and seasonal holidays.

This guide’s giftware wholesalers should make it easier to stock up on hot-selling items that customers want to buy for their online or brick-and-mortar stores.