This article goes into great detail on a topic that’s been on the minds of both seasoned and aspiring dropshippers recently: alternatives to DHgate.

All the information and analysis a dropshipper needs is included in this article, including a list of DHgate alternatives.

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Anyone who is familiar with dropshipping, whether as a student or practitioner, will likely agree that Alibaba is the best alternative to DHgate.

When it first opened its virtual doors in 1999, Alibaba quickly established itself as China’s go-to hub for B2B trade.

Here are some of Alibaba’s most distinctive features.

For Original Equipment Manufacturers, a special p.
Possibility to check in on fresh arrivals.
Examine the products here that have a minimum order quantity of just one.
Take out anything that sounds like it could be sold under a different label.
Look at what customers are buying online to get a sense of what’s popular and where you can sell it.
Highlighting the products that include videos.
So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive dropshipping platform where you can buy products in bulk, look no further than Alibaba.

Multiple payment methods are accepted, but international customers should use credit or debit cards.

Dropshipping is a great way to start a business, and if you’re interested in white label dropshipping or private label dropshipping, or if you just want to sell one-of-a-kind items that were made specifically for you, Alibaba is the best online marketplace to join.

Pros of Alibaba

The best business-to-business platform, designed specifically for wholesalers.
In order to stock your dropshipping stores, you have access to millions of products.
Greater than ever before production from China.
Customizing your product, even slightly, gives you a leg up on the competition.
Alibaba itself labels its verified sellers as such.
Products are organized into 36 primary categories for simple browsing and selection.
An excellent and straightforward mobile program.
Possibilities to have manufacturers create a unique product just for you and your company.
Excellent summary of the selling environment.
Many wholesalers are willing to work with customers by providing free samples.
Alibaba provides access to all the major fast and reliable shipping options.

Cons of Alibaba

Definitely not the place to host your rigorous business-to-consumer operations.
There was no way to arrange the outcomes based on the quantity of orders.
Only a small fraction of vendors will sell to you with a low minimum order.
Some of the vendors you encounter might not be professionals.
Some counterfeit goods are also likely to make their way to stores.

Top Alternatives to Dropshipping Powerhouse DHgate


AliExpress is a natural fit for the dropshipping model. In fact, some would-be dropshippers view AliExpress as their only or primary resource.

Similar Marketplaces to DHgate and AliExpress
As a division of Alibaba Group, it focuses on business-to-consumer transactions. For many reasons, including the fact that most dropshippers begin with a business to consumer model, AliExpress is the go-to marketplace for this type of business.

Even though your online shopping experience on AliExpress and DHgate will be very similar overall, there are a few key differences worth noting when using AliExpress for dropshipping.

Pros of AliExpress Dropshipping

There are over 100 million products available, and more are being added every day.
Having multiple sellers of the same product on AliExpress boosts internal competition, which is good for shoppers.
There are 13 primary categories and numerous sub-categories for the products, making it simple to find what you’re looking for.
For research purposes prior to making a purchase, visit the dropshipping center, a specially designed section of the website.
Provides cheap and fast shipping options to over 200 countries worldwide.
Apps designed specifically for Shopify and Woocommerce integration, which can be used to kick off the process of automated dropshipping.
In general, wholesalers offer price cuts for larger orders.
Superior shopper security and payment confidentiality are assured.

Cons of AliExpress Dropshipping

Possible delays in shipping times.
Unfortunately, some of your suppliers may have trouble communicating with you.
Also, with some vendors, you can count on the price to change frequently.
Products can quickly run out of stock.
The items you receive may occasionally differ slightly from their descriptions.
Considering all of AliExpress’s enticing features, it’s easy to see why it’s widely regarded as ground zero and a veritable paradise for dropshipping product sourcing.


A further addition to the list of sites like DHgate is 1688. Similarly to Alibaba, it is a business-to-business company.

You might wonder why 1688 was developed when Alibaba is developing a similar platform under its own brand. You can easily solve this problem by thinking this way.

When it comes to business-to-business (B2B) online transactions, Alibaba is designed for a global audience, while 1688 caters to Chinese companies operating within China itself. Due to the aforementioned, this website is only available in Chinese.

Did you inquire as to the site’s utility for a foreign dropshipper who lacks Chinese language skills? Wow, that’s a really good question.

In case you missed it, we have a comprehensive article on 1688 dropshipping, but below we will go over the various methods by which you can gain access to this website.

Google Translate allows you to read the entire site in another language.
On sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, among others, you can find qualified Chinese speakers and translators for hire.
The year 1688 is when you can start sourcing products from China with the help of an agent.
However, the real question is why a global dropshipper would go through the trouble of sourcing products from 1688 when they could simply use one of the many Chinese sites available to them, such as DHgate or Alibaba.

Since the prices at 1688 are significantly lower than those at competing online retailers, the obvious answer is to increase your profit margins.

The following are a few of 1688’s advantages and disadvantages:

Pros of 1688 Dropshipping

Products are offered at the lowest possible price of 1688 because they are aimed at local businesses in China.
Better product selection than DHgate.
The upside of interacting with the producers themselves.
Gets rid of the reliance on brokers and middlemen.
Some items at 1688 are also not yet for sale at marketplaces like DHgate and AliExpress.
At 1688, you can combine the shipping of multiple items into a single box. Neither DHgate nor AliExpress offer this selection.

Cons of 1688 Dropshipping

Still, the primary obstacle for international dropshippers to use 1688 is the language barrier.
In some cases, Google Translate fails to provide an accurate translation of the text.
Using a representative will result in added expenses.
There aren’t many ways to pay when you’re at 1688.
There is no official app for mobile devices.
There is a lack of integrations with Shopify and Woocommerce.
Therefore, 1688 is a viable option for sourcing inexpensive products; however, you must be prudent and perform all the necessary calculations before beginning to work with 1688 to ensure the continued success of your dropshipping business.


Considering that we are investigating Alibaba’s affiliates, it is only fair that we include Taobao. The final business in the Alibaba Group, it follows a business-to-consumer business model and is the company’s final foray into e-commerce.

The site is run in Chinese and functions similarly to AliExpress in China. In the business-to-consumer sector, Taobao offers many of the same advantages as 1688.

The good and bad points of Taobao have been compiled here for your perusal.

Pros of Taobao Dropshipping

When it comes to online shopping destinations, Taobao is among the top 10.
Better product selection than DHgate.
Almost all of the Chinese vendors who sell on DHgate also have shops on Taobao.
Products are priced incredibly low. In order to get a clearer picture, you can check the prices of identical items on DHgate and Taobao.
A fantastic app for your mobile device.
The website offers a humongous selection of products.

Cons of Taobao Dropshipping

The Google translator does a poor job of translating certain sections of the website.
It’s important to note that not all retailers allow for international orders.
Both Shopify and Woocommerce have limited third-party app support.


Now more than ever, eWorldTrade stands out as a premier online marketplace where sellers and buyers can connect to take advantage of the best deals. This massive eCommerce platform offers vendors a standardized, secure environment in which to conduct business.

Since its inception, this platform has seen continuous growth in terms of the accumulated skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to convince every manufacturer to go digital. In addition, eWorldTrade is first-rate for finding new business opportunities.

There are numerous eWorldTrade success stories available online that attest to the benefits of using the platform for your business. Here are a few of its most striking characteristics:

In addition to advertising photography services, you can sell photographic accessories on this site.
eWorldTrade also provides assistance in marketing. You have complete freedom in selecting an advertising agency from the pool presented here.
For innovative company owners, eWorldTrade also offers the services of expert software developers.

Pros of eWorldTrade

Cosmetics, clothing, home appliances, automobiles, graphic design, photography, and a plethora of other services are all possible products and services to sell online.
Both retail and wholesale channels are available for making sales of your wares.
Suitable for promoting and promoting sales of products and services.
There is a comprehensive catalog that divides products into sections based on your preferences.
The search rates and parameters allow for a more streamlined search process.

Cons of eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade’s website falls short because it lacks dedicated sub-sections for photographic services.
Using no more than two languages
Inexpensive by today’s standards, the premium package is a


Another Chinese website specializing in business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce is DealExtreme, or Dx for short. Dx, which began as a website selling gadgets in 2005, has expanded to offer items from virtually every market.

Dx’s exclusive buyer protection facility stands out from the crowd among the many impressive features it provides.

You can provide excellent services to your dropshipping clients by providing warranties of up to 150 days on repairs and replacements and up to 5 days on electronics.

Pros of Dx Dropshipping

There are tens of thousands of products, and they’ve all been thoughtfully placed in 24 main categories. You can narrow down your product search with the help of the many subcategories.
Excellent selection of filters to narrow your search by criteria such as price, number of orders, average rating, etc.
Website design that is both straightforward and intuitive.
Dx is a great place to find all the most sought-after dropshipping items.
Multiple payment options including Mastercard and Visa card.
Suppliers are optimistic and ready to scale their business by working with international clients.
Dx is highly regarded as a top alternative to DHgate that accepts PayPal.

Cons of Dx Dropshipping

The quantity of orders is not specified for each product.
Customer support is not offered 24/7 at Dx. A representative from customer service will get in touch with you at the appointed time.
Customers frequently complain about delivery delays.
More specialized in the field of gadgets.


Despite the fact that its name suggests otherwise, GearBest is now a general merchandise store selling everything from clothing to accessories in addition to the electronic devices and gadgets for which it is best known.

It is true that this platform is comparable to Dx in terms of gear, gadget, and electronic fashion.

Pros of GearBest Dropshipping

GearBest places a premium on the reliability of the products it sells online.
To facilitate easier searching, products are organized into 13 primary groups.
The best place to sell your electronic gadgets, phone parts, etc.
Unlikely that you’ll receive counterfeit goods.
PayPal is among several available secure payment options.
With global warehouses in the United States, Spain, England, and Poland, we can ship your order more quickly.

Cons of GearBest Dropshipping

Fewer options and less diversity than would be ideal.
There is no way to arrange the results based on how many purchases were made.
Products are more expensive than those offered on other Chinese business-to-consumer online marketplaces.
This platform is not suited for business-to-business online transactions.


Made-in- Buying Chinese goods online is dominated by the allure of the country itself, China. It went into business in 1998 with the intention of connecting foreign buyers with Chinese manufacturers.

Though the name might lead one to believe that it only features goods from Chinese vendors, the company actually features goods from a number of international vendors as well.

Made-in-China is a business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform that caters exclusively to wholesale and institutional buyers, such as factories and offices, rather than to the general public.

Compressor machines and other industrial supplies can be found in the metallurgy and minerals sections, as can many other items that are hard to come by on more mainstream B2C marketplaces like DHgate and AliExpress.

Pros of Made-in-China Dropshipping

Every day, millions of people use this website to shop for goods.
Great opportunity to enter the market with competitive prices and dependable goods.
Despite the site’s focus on business-to-business transactions, it also features products with a minimum order quantity of one.
Served the global community by functioning in 10 language options.
Useful product-access mobile app for busy people on the go.
Particular emphasis on these products’ popularity and price reductions on the websites’ homepages.
chance to collaborate directly with production facilities.
For more customized sourcing needs, you can also post a request for quotes from the Chinese manufacturers.

Cons of Made-in-China Dropshipping

There are not many options to narrow your search.
Certain items’ descriptions could use some work.
Some Chinese manufacturers can be difficult to communicate with on Made-in-China issues.
There is currently no integration-specific app for popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.


The website ChinaBrands promotes the dropshipping business extensively. This is why there is a bold “start dropshipping” button prominently displayed on the homepage.

Despite being a relatively new dropshipping platform, this is the one that appears to have the most ambitious goals in terms of collaborating with dropshippers.

It’s been around since 2007, serving the online community as a business-to-consumer platform.

Pros of ChinaBrands Dropshipping

There are just under a million monthly unique visitors to this online dropshipping platform.
Clearly takes extra steps to guarantee that the delivered goods match the advertised specifications.
There are no minimum order requirements for the wholesale prices.
When using Shopify, you can automate your dropshipping with the help of a specialized app.
If you register as a VIP, you’ll gain access to special offers for 14 days at no cost.
To help you figure out your margins on the products you’ve chosen, it provides suggested retail prices and costs.
Likewise, we recommend goods for dropshipping via marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and others.
Pay with ease using options like PayPal and Payoneer.

Cons of ChinaBrands Dropshipping

There’s only so many products available. It also has a severe lack of product diversity.
The number of orders is not displayed next to the products, despite the fact that the option to sort results by order is available.
There is currently no way to automatically import products into your Shopify store.


Chinavasion, like many other Chinese e-commerce sites, has been live and offering a wide selection of goods for online purchase for some time now.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about dropshipping, this is the platform for you because it has a whole section devoted to the topic. Since its founding in 2004, this business has been serving customers from all over the world in the business-to-consumer sector.

Pros of Chinavasion Dropshipping

We make it easy to integrate your online stores with Chinavasion by providing an API.
Wide selection of goods falling under a single umbrella term.
Dropshipping-specific p.
Several sellers flood the market with low-priced variants of the same products in an effort to undercut the competition.
Provide drop shippers with accurate product descriptions.
Chinavasion has a plethora of great payment options, such as PayPal, Credit Card, MasterCard, etc.

Cons of Chinavasion Dropshipping

There is no way to arrange the results based on how many purchases were made.
Not great for the B2B market because you rarely get quantity discounts.
There isn’t a Shopify or WooCommerce-specific app.
There is no app for Android or iOS devices.


Finally, Banggood makes the list of DHgate alternatives, but it is not the least recommended. It’s a business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce site that’s ideal for dropshipping operations.

With a fantastic 30-day “no reason exchange/return policy” and 180-day “quality guarantee” on most items sold on their platform, customers can shop with confidence.

Don’t be fooled by Banggood’s freebies, by the way. Most likely, the shipping fee itself (the “free” part of the “free + shipping” model) covers the cost of the item and their profit margin.

Because of this, you should never expect to receive a free product with free shipping.

Pros of Banggood Dropshipping

There are eighteen distinct product categories available to simplify your shopping experience.
Dropshipping and wholesale programs have their own ps.
If you offer quick shipping to your dropshipping customers, you can use their special p of “1-week delivery” to rake in a little extra profit.
There are 37 overseas warehouses for storing products before they are shipped out.
More detailed and varied product images.
An official Shopify app designed to make drop shipping and synchronization processes easier.
The products are made more accessible by a top-notch and expertly designed mobile app.
In addition to PayPal, there are about twenty-seven other options available.

Cons of Banggood Dropshipping

There is no way to reorder results based on customer orders. The only available filter is rating.
There are no quantity discounts available.
Definitely not a business-to-business platform’s worth.

Top FAQs about DHgate

The company DHgate has been making headlines for quite some time. When questions are raised, it usually means that a topic is starting to receive more attention. So, we figured we’d answer the most frequently asked questions people have about DHgate that pertain to the subject of this article.

Here’s a video overview of DHgate before we dive into the questions:

What Is Better than DHgate?

Based on the nature of your business and your own preferences, you may find a different dropshipping platform more suitable than DHgate.

Most dropshippers agree that AliExpress is the best place to find products for dropshipping due to its low prices, wide selection, and reliable customer service.

Is DHgate a Legit Site?

Yes. DHgate is a reliable marketplace that takes its customers’ privacy and security very seriously.

Since DHgate acts as a go-between for customers and sellers, you can shop there with complete peace of mind.

Does DHgate Sell Fake Products?

While we understand that some sellers on DHgate may offer counterfeit goods, we do not sell or encourage the sale of such goods. Fake goods are sold by suppliers on DHgate and other online marketplaces. Top-rated vendors on DHgate rarely engage in this.

The sale of fake goods on Chinese e-commerce sites is nothing new. Therefore, it is likely that you will find some counterfeit goods on these sites.

On the other hand, you should complain to the support team if the sellers assured you that the products were real and authentic but you received something else entirely.


When it comes to everything that matters to a dropshipper, we have compared the top 11 alternatives to DHgate. There is no favoritism toward any particular website in this analysis.

If you aren’t already using DHgate to source your dropshipping products, this article will still be useful because it recommends the top 11 dropshipping platforms.

Although MiniintheBox, GeekBuying, and Lightinthebox Holding DHgate are suitable alternatives, we have not included them on our list because of their inability to meet the extremely broad requirements of dropshipping.

Please refer to the comment ps or get in touch with us if you have any questions or suggestions, especially those related to dropshipping or wholesale platforms like DHgate.

We take great pleasure in answering the questions of our readers with cutting-edge data and concise explanations.