If you run an online store and want to sell products from AliExpress, AliShark is one of the best research tools you can use.

However, not everyone, especially those on a tight budget, will find AliShark to be the best option due to its starting price of $20/month and the lack of a free trial or version.

If you’re looking for an alternative to AliShark, this article lists the 7 top free options for researching products on AliExpress. The following resources either don’t charge anything to use (completely free) or offer a free version (free trial) that can help you find successful products (free).

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AliInsider (Free Version)

AliInsider is one of the best free AliShark alternatives for discovering profitable AliExpress dropshipping products, and it is trusted by thousands of users around the world, including some of the top dropshippers.

After adding the free Chrome extension, you can instantly begin analyzing any product listed on AliExpress without ever leaving the site. In addition to supplying links, AliInsider also includes a wealth of information on sales, revenue, growth rate, and top countries.

More than 30,000 of the most popular items on AliExpress are cataloged in AliInsider’s database. But you can only search the database if you pay for a premium membership.

The most effective AliExpress product research tool that isn’t AliShark and that’s free to use
Examine information like total sales, revenue, and more
Cost-free and no-obligation trial version

FindNiche (Free Access)

FindNiche, launched in 2018, has more than 200,000 users and has analyzed more than 100 million products for potential dropshipping.

In order to help you find successful dropshipping products, FindNiche provides a number of useful resources, such as a curated database of top-selling AliExpress products and a database of top Shopify stores and products.

FindNiche is a paid service, but you can still use it to research dropshipping opportunities with some of the basic features unlocked at no cost. The databases on AliExpress and Shopify can be accessed without signing up for an account.

Most popular drop shipping product search engine
Including information from AliExpress and Shopify
From 2018 onward, it has amassed more than 200k users around the world.
Access to select products is provided at no cost.

Dropship Spy (Free Plan)

In addition to AliShark, Dropship Spy is another excellent free option for researching products to dropship.

In fact, Dropship Spy has accumulated over 2000 of the most popular selling products across social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, making it one of the largest and fastest-growing databases of successful dropshipping products.

The PRO version includes advanced sales and performance data, as well as exclusive features like the ability to import products to your Shopify store, while the free version includes unlimited access to the massive database of winning products.

An extremely well-liked drop shipping investigation instrument
Winners in the drop shipping industry compiled in a database
Featured best-sellers from popular social media platforms
Subscription that’s completely free and includes all available features

Thieve.co (Free)

Thieve is a free, regularly updated database of over 4000 top-selling AliExpress dropshipping products curated by industry professionals.

Visit the site and sign up for an account; it’s free. After logging in to AliExpress, one can immediately begin perusing the best-selling items to get ideas for their own stores. You can refine your search based on price, popularity, or date released.

In addition to the free database of award winners, Thieve also offers a premium version with access to additional features like sales data, links to reliable suppliers, and high-quality images of the products.

Online Database for Finding Dropshipping Products
Tens of thousands of the most popular items available on AliExpress
Sort the outcomes by recent, popular, and cost.
Upgrade to the Pro Edition for access to additional options.

Niche Scraper (Free Access)

Some of the most successful dropshippers in the industry rely on Niche Scraper, a powerful piece of dropshipping research software and spy tool developed by dropshippers.

Niche Scraper is a suite of powerful tools that includes a product scraper, store analyzer, and handpicked database of winning AliExpress items, as well as a video ad maker, for finding profitable dropshipping products for your store.

Signing up and browsing the hand-picked collection of AliExpress products that have proven to be the most popular is entirely free. You can narrow down the search results by selecting a specific category.

Information gathering and monitoring app for dropshipping
Dropshipping’s Big Dogs Rely on Us
Access to the database of award-winning products is provided at no cost and comes with multiple research tools.

DropshipMe (Free Plan)

When it comes to discovering and importing successful AliExpress products to your WooCommerce store, DropshipMe is the most widely used WordPress plugin.

If you’re looking for a free AliShark alternative and want to sell dropship products on WooCommerce, you should look no further than DropshipMe. You can start importing products from a hand-picked list of over 50,000 best-sellers on AliExpress immediately after installing the plugin.

With the free plan, you can add 50 products to your store without paying a dime. More imports are included in the additional plans for an additional fee.

Product Mafia (Free)

The last of the free options here is Product Mafia, which is an alternate to AliShark. Product Mafia is one of the best options for finding successful dropshipping products, and it’s free to use, despite being newer than the other research tools mentioned above.

Once you’ve signed up for a free AliExpress account, you’ll have instantaneous access to the site’s rapidly expanding database of more than a thousand of the site’s best sellers. In addition to standard details like selling price and cost price, you will also have access to in-depth details like links to reliable suppliers.

The vast majority of offerings and information are available without cost to users. The PRO version, on the other hand, grants access to extra functions, such as the importation of products.

A rapidly expanding database for studying drop shipping
More than a thousand of AliExpress’ most popular items
Most product and sales information is freely available.
The optional Pro version adds on functionality.

More Free AliShark Alternatives

The alternatives to AliShark that we’ve compiled above are the best available and were chosen after careful consideration of the product’s features, popularity, and user ratings. However, there are many other resources available to you to help you find successful dropshipping products.

Dropshipping Center

The Dropshipping Center on AliExpress is a top free alternative to AliShark because it includes a database of best-selling items and a product analyzer for quickly reviewing the sales data of any product on AliExpress.

Commerce Inspector

With the help of Commerce Inspector, a free Chrome extension, you can analyze and spy on competing online stores to find out which products are the most popular sellers.

Keyword Planner

A further helpful free resource for locating best-selling dropshipping items for your store is the Google Keyword Planner. The process by which it operates is straightforward. Simply type in a few keywords, and the tool will immediately return a list of related suggestions.

Turbo Ad Finder

Dropshipping is a great way to make money online, and Turbo Ad Finder is a great free tool to help you find profitable products to sell. It’s a Chrome add-on, unlike the others, and it lets you spy on competitors through Facebook and discover successful ad campaigns.

Asify Chrome Extension

Asify is a free add-on for Google Chrome that allows users to look into products sold on AliExpress. After installing the add-on, reviewing sales data and performance analytics is as simple as visiting AliExpress itself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Listed below are some frequently asked questions and their answers that should help you quickly locate and utilize dropshipping product research tools. Please also check out our blog, which contains a wealth of additional information about dropshipping.

Why find an alternative to AliShark?

Among those interested in dropshipping, AliShark is one of the most trusted and widely used research tools available. However, there is no demo or trial version available. The tool has a $20 membership fee, and you can’t even see the products or some examples before signing up.

Therefore, you will need to find an alternative to AliShark if you are working with a limited budget or if you want to see some product examples before investing in a research tool. Fortunately, the best of the many available free options are summarized here.

Why use a dropship research tool like AliShark?

Finding profitable products is crucial to the development of a prosperous dropshipping enterprise. You can save yourself a lot of time and effort by using a dropshipping research tool to find high-demand products.

You can find links to social media ads, top suppliers, and competitors, and access detailed performance statistics like total sales, monthly orders, and growth rate with the help of most dropshipping research tools.

Some Chrome extensions and direct URL analysis let you quickly examine any item for sale on AliExpress. As a result, you won’t have to devote a lot of time to tedious calculations or fruitless searches for such information.

Simply put, with the help of a dropshipping research tool like AliShark, you can quickly and easily stock your online shop with successful products.

Can I find winning products without a tool?

Without a doubt, you can discover successful dropshipping products without any sort of research tool. It’s largely a matter of trial and error, especially when it comes to advertising on social media or launching marketing campaigns, so expect a significant increase in both the time and energy required.

Using a tool, you can quickly locate dropshipping products that have proven to be highly profitable for other retailers. There will be no need for you to conduct any individual searches or run any A/B tests on your PPC ads on your own.

Should I pay for a dropshipping research tool?

Each of the resources recommended here comes with a no-cost or trial version. As a result, you can search for best-sellers at zero cost. For those on a tighter budget, the no-cost option is the best choice.

However, most of these resources also offer a more expensive “professional” or “premium” version with access to premium data and features like sales analytics and integration with your suppliers, competitors, and social media ads. You can use the tool to potentially import AliExpress items straight into your shop.

Thus, it is entirely up to your own tastes. You can use the free version to find hot items for your store, or you can pay to access advanced features like competitor research and product import.

How do I find more AliShark alternatives?

If you’re looking for an alternative to AliShark, our guide to the top dropshipping product research tools and software has you covered. Here you can find a variety of free and premium options besides AliShark to perform product research on AliExpress.

If you’re looking for alternatives to well-known dropshipping research tools like AliShark, you may want to peruse the content we’ve compiled here on our blog.

What are some other free tools for dropshipping research?

For generating new product concepts, keyword research instruments like WordStream and the Google Keyword Planner are invaluable. You can use the tool to find related keywords and suggestions after entering a few seed keywords like “wireless speaker,” and it will even provide data on monthly search volumes and the level of competition.

Alternatively, you can use ancillary e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay to generate concepts. In fact, top sellers are highlighted on a dedicated page at both Amazon and eBay. Finding a vendor to sell those items is as easy as conducting a search on AliExpress.

How do I manage stock and price changes?

Dropshipping automation software is highly recommended for stock and price management. You can create listings on your selling platform and have the software automatically update stock and prices if you use dropshipping automation software.

As an added bonus, some dropshipping automation solutions let you upload tracking information to your sales channel and set up automatic order placement. For further information, read our detailed guide on the top drop shipping programs available.

Final Word

With no doubt, AliShark is among the most trusted and widely used AliExpress search engines available today. Since there is neither a free trial nor a free version available, the alternatives presented here are your best bet if you want to avoid spending money right away on tools that will help you discover the most popular items on AliExpress.

You can begin dropshipping successfully in no time at all with the help of any of the aforementioned tools and the millions of products available on AliExpress.