This is a detailed guide to AliExpress alternatives, which is one of the most interesting ideas to professional dropshippers.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best alternatives to AliExpress and what’s good and bad about each one. For your convenience, we will also talk about the top 3 frequently asked questions (FAQs) for each alternative to AliExpress.

As we get closer to the best alternative, the list of these websites is shown in order from least recommended to most recommended. But you can put yourself first if that’s what you want and what you need.

Let’s get going right now.

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Dropshipping and gadgets go hand in hand. The most recent trend in e-commerce was a rise in the number of people wanting to buy different gadgets. Geekbuying says that it is an expert in selling different kinds of electronic gadgets for different uses.

Like AliExpress, Geekbuying is a platform based in China that only sells electronic items like cell phones, laptops, wearables, drones, and so on.

Unlike AliExpress, it is a smaller platform that sells electronic goods. However, it still has thousands of products at prices that are competitive.

Pros of Geekbuying

Good app for browsing products on your phone.
Prices are comparable.
There are many ways to pay, including PayPal and Visa.
For faster shipping, there are warehouses in different parts of the world.

Cons of Geekbuying

Compared to AliExpress, there aren’t as many products here.
Designed to go in the electronic section.
Dropshipping platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, etc., don’t have apps that can be used directly with the platform.

FAQs about Geekbuying

Can You Trust Geekbuying?

Yes. Geekbuying is a legit website. You can feel safe giving your credit card number and other personal information to this website.

How Long Does Geekbuying Take to Ship?

There are different options for shipping times on Geekbuying, just like there are on other sites like AliExpress. Orders at Geekbuying usually take between 24 and 48 hours to ship, but it could take longer depending on where the product comes from.

How Do I Track My Order at Geekbuying?

There are two ways to keep track of an order at Geekbuying. The “Order Status” option on this website is one of them, and the “Personal Center” option is only available with PayPal Express Checkout.


Banggood is another great site that can be used instead of AliExpress. This website is also based in China, and it has a lot of products that most drop shippers would want to sell.

This website has almost everything, from clothes and accessories to tools and fashion.

With Banggood’s website filters, you can easily sort your search results by most reviews, popularity, price, etc., so you can dropship your favorite items.

One of the best things about Banggood is that it sometimes has prices for the same products that are even lower than what AliExpress charges.

Since price is the most important factor in making more money, you should check to see if the product is available at Banggood and compare its prices to those on AliExpress.

Pros of Banggood

Design of the website is neat and clean.
The same quality for less money.
Compared to AliExpress, some products can be sent out faster.
There are many categories to help you find the products you want.
Apps that will help your Shopify store.
There are many ways to pay, including PayPal and Visa.
There are many warehouses all over the world to make shipping as easy as possible.

Cons of Banggood

AliExpress has a lot more products to choose from.
There aren’t enough suppliers.

FAQs about Banggood Dropshipping

Is Banggood Website Trustworthy?

Yes. In 2006, opened for business. Since then, it’s been getting more and more popular, and every year, thousands of items are sold. So, you can trust everything on this website, just like you can on other e-commerce sites.

Which Is Better: AliExpress or Banggood?

It would depend on what you want from both sites. All you have to do is look at both sites and find the product that has the best price and good quality.

Does Banggood Sell Fake Products?

No. Banggood doesn’t sell things that aren’t real. If you aren’t happy with their product, you can feel good about the fact that you can get your money back in full within 30 days of receiving it.


Dealextreme, also known as DX, is another great option on the list of the best alternatives to AliExpress. AliExpress and DX have almost identical lists of categories and subcategories.

Because this platform is also based in China and works with trusted suppliers, you can trust the prices of the products it sells.

One of the best things about DX for dropshippers is that it lets them filter out products with videos. Isn’t it incredible? These product videos can help you sell those products on your website.

Pros of DX

The front page and layout of the site are almost identical to those of AliExpress.
It’s easy to find the best sellers and things that cost $0.99.
There are many ways to pay, like PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, and Visa.
With a mobile app, it’s easy to get to.

Cons of DX

The number of orders for each product that is not shown on the main page of DX.
Not enough orders for you to know if the product is a winner for you.
You can only use a limited number of keywords to find the things you want.
There aren’t many apps that can be used with platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce.

FAQs about DX Dropshipping

Is DX the Same Like AliExpress?

There are many ways in which Dx and AliExpress are the same. Both use business-to-consumer (B2C) models and offer consumers and dropshippers online platforms.

Is DX a Legit Website?

Yes. The website dx is real. It has been running since 1997, and even after so many years, it is still important. You can order products from this website safely for your own use or for dropshipping.

What Tracking and Shipping Methods Does DX Offer?

Depending on the value of the order, Dx can help with shipping and tracking. It has well-known shipping options, such as Registered Air Mail, Normal Air Mail, China Post, EMS, etc.


AliExpress is about to be replaced by Lightinthebox, which is also based in China and has a lot of great features and benefits.

One of the main ways Lightinthebox is different from AliExpress is that its website is easy to use and doesn’t make it hard for buyers to figure out what the products are.

Fun fact: If you search for the terms on this site, you can find different and unique pictures of your winners’ products. But you should compare the details of the products to make sure they are not too similar.

You can easily find the best-selling items on Lightinthebox so that you can dropship them right away.

There are clear groups of products to choose from on the website, and compared to AliExpress, there are bigger discounts here.

Pros of Lightinthebox

Pictures of the items for sale that are clean and easy to see.
Multiple warehouses make shipping quick.
There are many easy ways to pay, like PayPal, Visa, Western Union, etc.
With a mobile app, it’s easy to get to.

Cons of Lightinthebox

Orders are not shown next to the products in a clear way like they are on other websites.
There is no clear way to sort out the seller ratings.
A little bit misleading when they show stock of their products to get people to buy right away.
Platforms like Shopify don’t have a lot of apps that directly work with Lightinthebox.
Some pictures of products have tags with the name of the site. So you can’t put them on your site.

FAQs about Lightinthebox Dropshipping

Is Light In The Box a Trustworthy Website?

Lightinthebox set up its online store in 2007, and since then it has been serving its customers. Even though some customers may have problems with how their orders were handled, that doesn’t mean that Lightinthebox is a fake website.

Who Does Light in the Box Ship with?

Products are sent out by Lightinthebox using standard shipping methods. It uses well-known shipping services like DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc. so that it can be tracked and delivered quickly.

How Do I Track My Order from Light in the Box?

After you check out from this website, you will get an order tracking number. You can track your orders with this number or a link that will be sent to the email address you used to sign up.


Gearbest has been in the e-commerce business for a long time. Its name might make you think it’s for gear or gadgets, but it’s not just for one niche or category.

It has a great feature called “popular searches,” which shows you what people have been looking for recently so you can see what’s popular.

Gearbest is a good alternative to AliExpress for dropshipping because it has so many cool features and customizable products.

Pros of Gearbest

Prices that are fair.
There are a lot of products to choose from.
It’s easy to talk to suppliers.
Gearbest accepts most ways to pay, such as: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, etc.
With a mobile app, it’s easy to get to.

Cons of Gearbest

Most product videos have a Gearbest logo on them. So, other drop shippers can’t use them without making changes.
There is no mention of the number of orders on the homepage or in the search results.
There is no clear way to group or rate sellers.
Gearbest doesn’t have its own apps for Shopify or Woocommerce.

FAQs about Gearbest Dropshipping

What Is Gearbest Famous for?

Gearbest is well-known for many things, such as gadgets, wearables, and accessories. It sells almost all of the things that a dropshipping platform sells.

Is Gearbest a Legit Website?

Gearbest is a legitimate website, and its customers are protected by its clear return policy. You can trust Gearbest with your personal information as well as with the products and prices.

What is Gearbest Return Policy?

Gearbest’s website has a form to fill out if you want to get a refund for a certain reason. You will be given a complaint ticket, which will be used to handle your return case in due time.


This is the first alternative to AliExpress that is more than just a place to look for products. You can think of Oberlo as a go-between for dropshippers and AliExpress.

AliExpress is a general ecommerce platform for online shoppers all over the world. Oberlo, on the other hand, is made to help Shopify-built online stores.

Dropshippers use AliExpress to find items they want to sell in their online shops that aren’t available on AliExpress.

Oberlo makes it easier for dropshippers by suggesting products from AliExpress, helping with product import, suggesting sale prices, and offering automatic order fulfillment, among other things.

Pros of Oberlo

Shopify is easy to work with.
It’s easy to import products with custom information.
In the future, price changes and margin calculations will be done automatically.
Easy ways to pay and orders that can be filled in automatically.

Cons of Oberlo

works with Shopify only.
There are paid plans on Oberlo.

FAQs about Oberlo Dropshipping

Is Oberlo Only for AliExpress?

Yes. Oberlo only works with AliExpress to bring products and information about them into your store. Oberlo only works with AliExpress sellers by selling their products on its own marketplace.

Who Are Oberlo Suppliers?

Oberlo works with AliExpress suppliers to get things done. The same suppliers that are available on AliExpress are also available on Oberlo.

These are high-rated AliExpress sellers who encourage store owners to dropship their items through their stores.

Is Oberlo Better than AliExpress?

Oberlo is a bridge between your online store on Shopify and AliExpress. AliExpress and Oberlo are both good in their own ways.

Because Oberlo’s extra features help dropshippers grow their businesses, we can say that Oberlo is a better way to make dropshipping easier than just using AliExpress.


AliExpress and other early dropshipping platforms are in danger from DHGate. It is also a Chinese-backed e-commerce platform with a huge selection of cheap products.

On DHGate, most of the Chinese wholesalers are there. So, making products with good quality but lower prices.

You can find almost every item on AliExpress here so you can compare prices and find the best deals.

Pros of DHGate

There are around a million products in different categories.
All purchases from DHGate come with a 100% money-back guarantee.
Accepts the most common ways to pay, such as PayPal, Visa, Western Union, etc.
The app for mobile devices is easy to get to.
Dropshipping platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce can be used with this.

Cons of DHGate

Compared to AliExpress, there are more chances of getting fake and copied items.
On this platform, unlike AliExpress, you have to pay attention to the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for some items.

FAQs about DHGate Dropshipping

Is DHGate Better Than AliExpress?

AliExpress is bigger and has been around longer than DHGate.

Even though both platforms are Chinese, AliExpress is better than DHGate because it is backed by Alibaba Group, which is the leader of e-commerce in the modern world.

Does DHGate Work with Shopify?

Yes. DHGate works with Shopify, and Shopify dropshippers can use DHGate as a sourcing platform by installing one of the apps that work with Shopify.

What Delivery Company Does DHGate Use?

Like AliExpress, DHGate uses a variety of ways to send packages, such as China Post Air Mail, ePacket, UPS, FedEx, EMS, etc.


Taobao is another Alibaba company that is mostly used for shopping in China. This platform is a lot like AliExpress, except that it is run in Chinese.

Google’s translation of Taobao into English

The Customer-to-Customer (C2C) model that Taobao uses makes it easier for dropshippers to find products on this website.

The prices of the items on this website are the main reason why it is one of the best AliExpress alternatives.

Since making money is one of the main goals of dropshipping, this platform gives you every chance to reach your dropshipping goals.

Tmall, which is short for Taobao Mall, is another business that the Alibaba group has started. You can also look at this site if you are thinking about using Taobao for dropshipping.

Some of the people who sell on AliExpress are not real manufacturers or wholesalers, which is a fun fact. They buy things from sites like Taobao and then sell them again. You can keep their profits if you contact the original sellers on Taobao directly.

Pros of Taobao

The same products that are sold on AliExpress at the best prices.
On this platform, you can buy a huge number of different things.
The help of a trusted group (Alibaba) that wants to rule the world of online shopping.
There are many traditional ways to pay, like Visa and MasterCard, but not PayPal.

Cons of Taobao

People who don’t speak or understand Chinese face a big language barrier.
It’s hard to process item refunds.
For a full-fledged dropshipping business on Taobao, you need a Chinese translator or agent.
Not all sellers offer shipping to other countries.
There are no direct apps for Shopify or Woocommerce that can help with dropshipping.

FAQs about Taobao Dropshipping

Is Taobao and AliExpress the Same?

Even though both Taobao and AliExpress are owned by Alibaba Group, they are very different because Taobao is a local e-commerce platform and AliExpress is an international one.

Does Taobao Have an English Version?

No. So far, there is no English version of Taobao. AliExpress is the only part of Alibaba Group that is meant to be in English and other languages. This is so that it can serve the needs of international e-commerce.

With Google translate, you can still use Taobao in English.

Is Taobao Better Than AliExpress?

If we look at how much things cost on Taobao and AliExpress, we will find that Taobao is better. But if we look at things like how easy it is to get to, talk to, and use the website, AliExpress will come out on top.


Real dropshippers know the name Alibaba because it is the parent company of AliExpress. It uses the B2B (Business to Business) model and has been supplying online and offline retailers all over the world with products for years.

When successful dropshippers want to take their online stores to the next level, they switch from AliExpress to Alibaba to find products.

Also, dropshippers who change the name of a product or want to customize it use Alibaba as their source website.

One of the best things about Alibaba is that the prices are the lowest.

Pros of Alibaba

One of the biggest places to buy and sell things online in the world.
The best prices possible for the products that are for sale.
There are a lot of different kinds of products.
Suppliers and wholesalers you can trust.
Samples make it easy to change how a product is made.
There are direct links and chances for long-term relationships with Chinese manufacturers.

Cons of Alibaba

MOQ is the “minimum order quantity” that must be met when ordering from Alibaba. MOQ can be different for each product.
More suitable for long-term businesses and retailers who manage their own stock.
You can only pay for things with a credit card.

FAQs About Alibaba Dropshipping

Which Is Cheaper Alibaba or AliExpress?

AliExpress is more expensive than Alibaba when it comes to the price of the item. Both sites are owned by Alibaba Group, but the way they do business makes a big difference in the prices. AliExpress is B2C, while Alibaba is B2B.

Can You Buy 1 Item from Alibaba?

Yes. You can also buy just one thing on Alibaba, but that only happens when the seller agrees to ship just one thing after talking with the buyer. This also depends on how much each item costs.

Do You Need a Business License to Buy on Alibaba?

No. To buy on Alibaba, you don’t need a business license. Alibaba helps small and medium-sized businesses, which may or may not have registered as businesses.


Go to 1688 if you want crazy deals on Chinese products. It is also a branch of the huge e-commerce company Alibaba, with a focus on the B2B market in China.


Because this platform is only available in Chinese, you can call it the Chinese version of Alibaba.

It is mostly for Chinese customers, but if you talk to the suppliers, you can also buy things from other countries.

1688 also sells things at the lowest prices possible. This is where the products you choose to sell can make you real money.

Fun fact: The language barrier makes it hard for most dropshippers to take advantage of 1688 dropshipping. You can keep the ball rolling toward your dropshipping goals with the help of Google Translate.

Pros of 1688

We offer the cheapest prices for the products we sell without lowering the quality.
A huge number of items.
Using the image search option is a good thing.
The benefit of talking to direct manufacturers and building relationships with them.

Cons of 1688

The only language it comes in is Chinese.
There aren’t many apps that make it easy to connect 1688 to Shopify or Woocommerce.
Not many ways to pay.

FAQs About 1688 Dropshipping

What Products Can Be Purchased from 1688.Com?

1688 has almost every kind of product that can be sold online. You can buy just about anything on, from gadgets to drones and accessories.

How to Dropship from 1688 Via Shopify?

You can dropship from 1688 through Shopify by installing 1688-compatible apps like Importify.

Is 1688 Same as Taobao?

Even though Alibaba Group owns and runs both 1688 and Taobao, there is one big difference between the two. 1688 uses a model called “B2B,” while Taobao uses a model called “C2C.”

Best AliExpress Alternatives to Find Products to Dropship


We’ve tried to think of everything that a good alternative to sourcing sites like AliExpress should have. Based on these factors, the best alternatives to AliExpress are all listed above.