The idea of a jacket has been around for hundreds of years, even though it hasn’t always looked the same or been made in the same way. In the Stone Age, it was made of fur. In the Roman and Greek civilizations, it was just a piece of wool wrapped around the body. Over time, it changed into the modern piece of clothing we all know today. But an Italian magazine called Corriere delle dame didn’t make jackets a fashion item until the middle of the 19th century. After that, their popularity took off.

These are the Best Wholesale Designer Jacket Vendors in 2023.
These are the Best Wholesale Designer Jacket Vendors in 2023.

Still, jackets aren’t just a fashion statement; they’re also a way to protect ourselves from bad weather that could easily hurt our skin or, in the worst case, kill us. So, this piece of women’s wholesale clothing became something that every man had to have in his closet. Taking into account how important jackets are, fashion stores have been advertising them around the clock and stocking their shelves with an amazing variety of jackets. You can choose your ideal style from denim, leather, gilet, puffer, blazer, cape jacket, and so on. The best way for shops to make sure they have enough of this type of clothing is to work with wholesalers. But before we get into how to find a great wholesale designer jackets supplier, let’s look at how much this part of the clothing market sells to see why jackets are so popular.

How many jackets are sold on the clothing market

Most places in the world have weather and temperatures that change every three months. To adapt to these changes, people have been buying jackets on a regular basis, making sure they have at least one jacket for each season. As time has gone on, the number of jackets sold each year has only gone up, making them an important piece of clothing for people of all ages and genders. For example, a report done by Statista says that the jacket segment of the clothing market will bring in more than $100 million USD worldwide in 2023. If we break these numbers down into categories, we can see that selling children’s jackets brings in about 14 million USD, selling men’s jackets brings in about 50 million USD, and selling women’s jackets brings in just over 50,5 million USD.

Now that you know about the jacket part of the $1.55 trillion USD clothing market, it’s time to look for a supplier who can help you add to those numbers and make a profit that’s worth the time you put into it. Even though it’s easy to put fashion items in your store windows, it can be very hard to find reliable suppliers from whom you can buy those clothes. The most important thing to do when looking into possible wholesalers is to ask as many questions as possible about anything that might affect your business relationship with that supplier. But if things don’t go as planned, we have a backup plan for you by giving you a list of real wholesale clothing suppliers from which you can choose.

Fire Label 

The list goes on with Fire Label, a UK wholesaler that opened in the town of Pershore in 2009 and has been in business since then. The company’s categories include shirts, polos, pants, sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets, among other types of clothing.

Main points:

  • This wholesaler sells jackets for all ages of men, women, and children;
  • There are waterproof, padded, and softshell jackets for sale, among other kinds.
  • All of the warehouses are in the UK;
  • Depending on where the customer lives, shipping can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days;
  • After the payment is made, an email or text message with a tracking number will be sent;
  • If a customer wants to return an item, they must contact the company’s customer service team within 48 hours of receiving the order so that the company can look into the request and give the customer the right amount of compensation.
  • It takes about 5 days to process a refund.

Steal Deal Inc.

Location: USA

Another company that sells jackets in bulk is Steal Deal Inc. The company was started by Michael and Ebby Davood, who are brothers. It is based in sunny Los Angeles and has been doing wholesale business since late 2002.

Main points:

  • Men’s and women’s denim, varsity, track, and windbreaker jackets with or without hoodies;
  • Every piece of clothing is sent out from warehouses in Los Angeles;
  • FedEx Ground is the main shipping service this company uses;
  • Customers on the East Coast may have to wait 4-5 days for their packages to arrive, while those on the West Coast may only have to wait 3-4 days.
  • All items come pre-packaged in packages with at least six pieces of each size available for that product;
  • Their return policy says that customers will be charged a 25% restocking fee if the item they want to return is not in its original packaging.

Manuela Conti
Location: Italy

Manuela Conti is an Italian wholesaler of designer jackets for women. She only sells jackets for women. The company was started in the small Italian city of Martina Franca, which is in the province of Taranto. Its clothes are designed and made by Italian manufacturers.

Main points:

  • Products include cabans, wool and trench coats, double-breasted, cotton-denim, and viscose jackets. This supplier needs 1-2 days to process the order and another 24-72 hours to get it to the customer.
  • MBE, a courier company based in Italy, sends the packages;
  • Payments can be made through PayPal or a credit card. The company’s email address and phone number can be found on their website, where clients can also find more information or file a complaint.

27 August Apparel Inc.
Location: USA

17 August Apparel Inc., based in Los Angeles, is another wholesaler of jackets that has been selling to stores since 2011.

Main points:

  • On the company’s website, you can’t buy anything until you fill out a registration form;
  • DHL Worldwide Express, a shipping company, can make deliveries both inside and outside of the US;
  • Still, international orders can take up to three months to get to the customer in some cases;
  • Another big problem is that the pictures of the items might be wrong about their size, colour, or other important details;
  • Before getting a refund for a faulty product, customers are expected to send a photo of the item to the supplier;
  • This wholesaler only gives store credit as a form of payment.

One Direction Clothing Limited
Location: UK and USA

There are offices for One Direction Clothing Ltd in both Los Angeles and East London. They sell jackets from brands that specialise in a few different styles, like pin-up and retro styles from the 1920s and 1970s, as well as more daring styles like Goth and Punk.

Main points:

  • This wholesaler sells jackets for men, women, and both sexes, as well as other clothing items;
  • Customers can only look at the catalogues if they sign up for an online account;
  • Orders placed before 1 p.m. will be filled the same day;
  • Shipping within the UK is done through UKmail or DPD, and shipping to the rest of the world is done through DHL;
  • For an extra fee, products can also be delivered on Saturdays in some cases;
  • The company lets people send back products that are broken;
  • On the other hand, they only sell two clothing brands, so customers don’t have much to choose from.

Location: USA

Alanic is a wholesale clothing company with its roots in Beverly Hills, California. It sells a wide range of clothing for men, women, and children, including jackets.

Main points:

  • There are leather, printed, quilted, faux fur, softshell, and ski jackets that you can buy.
  • The company also makes clothes to order;
  • The Australia Post E-parcel is used to deliver the goods;
  • DHL Express or Express Courier International are used to ship orders to other countries;
  • Between 5 and 10 business days are needed for delivery;
  • Clients can choose to pay more for faster delivery service;
  • Except for discounted and custom-made clothes, you can return any product within 14 days of receiving the package.

Whispering Smith
Location: UK

Last but not least is Whispering Smith, a wholesaler that was started in 1967 and has its main office in Manchester, England.

Main points:

  • Customers can buy fake fur, fake wool, funnel neck, parka, padded, and sherpa jackets.
  • Orders in the UK are delivered the next working day, while orders from other countries can take up to 5 days;
  • The fact that they don’t deliver to all European countries is a bad thing about this company.
  • If a customer thinks a product is broken, they must take photos as proof and send the product back in its original packaging;
  • After the supplier has approved the return, domestic packages need to be sent back within 7 days, while international orders need to be sent back within 10 days.
  • Once the items are back at the warehouse, it takes at least two weeks to process any return.
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As jackets became an important piece of clothing and one of the most-bought items of clothing, business owners everywhere said that they had to have this product in their stores. Shop owners have turned to wholesalers so they can offer customers the chance to buy a jacket every time they walk into their stores. If you also need a lot of jackets, you’ll probably have to start talking to them as well. During your search, you will find thousands of wholesale designer jacket suppliers, but not all of them will meet your needs. But because the success of your store is at stake, you’ll need to know what to look for and how to avoid making common mistakes when buying in bulk. It’s important to stay away from suppliers you can’t trust and learn how to find reputable wholesalers. Because of this, it’s important to be honest with any company that offers wholesale services. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and if you don’t understand something, clear it up right away. You can also take our carefully chosen suggestions into account and start making money right away.