Since Amazon attracts millions of customers from all over the world but has a fraction of the number of sellers that eBay does, it is one of the best places to launch an online store.

Finding a reliable wholesale supplier who offers high-quality goods at reasonable wholesale prices is essential to establishing a successful Amazon business.

The top 18+ Amazon wholesale suppliers from the United States, the United Kingdom, and China are listed here. You can trust any of the following businesses to assist you in your Amazon FBA or FBM sales.

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Pound Wholesale (UK)

Home goods, toys, electronics, tools, pet supplies, and more can all be purchased at deep discounts from Pound Wholesale, the largest importer and wholesaler of such products in the United Kingdom.

Pound Wholesale is the ideal wholesale Amazon supplier for UK-based sellers because there is no minimum order value, shipping is quick across the UK, and most products can be purchased in small cases of 12-24 pieces.


Products such as: poundlines, clearance items, branded goods, general merchandise, homeware, kitchenware, kids’ toys, electronics, do-it-yourself tools, pet supplies, stationery, party supplies, garden accessories, and electronic gadgets.


First in imports and wholesale in the UK
Offerings numbering in the thousands across a wide range of categories
With no order minimum and lightning-fast shipping, the UK is your best bet.
The minimum order quantity is 12 units.

DollarDays (US)

For over 20 years, thousands of businesses across the United States have relied on DollarDays as a reliable wholesale supplier, including brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce sites like Amazon, and market vendors.

Whether you’re looking for wholesale clothing, electronics, home goods, pet supplies, toys, and more, DollarDays has you covered. Most items can be purchased in as few as two small cases, and shipping is swift no matter how much you order.


Apparel, bags, footwear, gadgets, phone accoutrements, housewares, cooking utensils, textiles, hardware, instruments, pet supplies, kids’ playthings, writing implements, sanitary aids, and health aids are all available.


USA-based online wholesaler with years of experience
Products numbering in the thousands across all major categories
Minimal order size for single purchases
Located in the US, with quick shipping options within the country

SaleHoo (US/UK/EU)

One of the best places to start your search for reliable Amazon wholesale suppliers is SaleHoo. SaleHoo is a wholesale marketplace that links legitimate distributors with online retailers like Amazon sellers around the world.

With SaleHoo’s database of over 8,000 suppliers across the US, UK, and Europe, you can find reliable wholesale partners for your Amazon business.


Products such as cookware, tableware, garden ornaments, electronics, clothing, fashion accessories, footwear, handbags, cosmetics, tools, children’s playthings, stationery, gifts, and pet supplies are all available.


Global wholesale directory with over 8000 pre-screened companies from the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe.
Many five-star ratings on popular review platforms like TrustPilot.
published on prestigious websites such as Forbes

Alibaba (China)

Alibaba, founded in 1999, is the best place to find wholesale and factory-direct deals on products made in China.

The number of B2B buyers and sellers on Alibaba is staggering, clocking in at over 200 million and 8 million respectively. A quick online search will reveal a sizable and reliable Chinese wholesale and manufacturing community supplying any product you might need.


Clothing, footwear, homeware, furniture, garden accessories, toys, games, tools, baby accessories, health and beauty products, as well as electronics, phone accessories, tech gadgets, and more.


The largest Chinese wholesale online marketplace
Used by over 200 million customers around the world
Millions of products at the lowest possible wholesale prices
Customer-friendly website with a solid guarantee of satisfaction guaranteed

Worldwide Brands (US/UK)

In addition to the aforementioned, Worldwide Brands is a leading online directory of approved wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors, with the majority of its listings located in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

The user-friendly directory makes it simple for anyone to find actual wholesale vendors fast. Over 16 million products from tens of thousands of wholesale suppliers are available on Worldwide Brands, making it ideal for Amazon sellers.


Products such as pet supplies, games, hobbies, stationery, school supplies, jewelry, watches, clothes, accessories, cosmetics, housewares, gardening implements, electronics, presents, and tools.


Established in 1999, it is now widely considered the best online wholesale directory
Over 16 million items from tens of thousands of vendors
Hundreds of satisfied customers, A+ rating from the BBB
It’s ideal for locating legitimate Amazon wholesalers

Wholesale Clearance (UK)

Wholesale Clearance is a reputable online wholesaler that specializes in exclusive or one-of-a-kind job lots of liquidation, bankrupt, and clearance stock.

Wholesale Clearance is the best Amazon wholesale supplier for UK-based sellers, with a wide selection of products across many of Amazon’s top categories. Signing up is free, and once inside you can immediately begin sourcing high-quality goods at prices up to 85% off MSRP.


Merchandise such as electronics, home furnishings, jewelry, toys, party supplies, gifts, and electronics are all included in this category.


Veteran stock liquidator Sell items at 85% off or more the suggested retail price
Including special deals that aren’t available anywhere else
There are no registration costs or minimum order amounts.

Kole Imports (US)

Kole Imports is one of the largest direct importers of general merchandise in the United States, with over 35 years of experience and access to thousands of products across hundreds of categories.

Kole Imports is a one-stop shop for any business in need of wholesale apparel, pet supplies, toys, or cosmetics. In addition, there is no minimum order size and you can buy as little as one unit.


Product categories include: groceries, hardware, pet supplies, electronics, kitchenware, homeware, toys, games, and general merchandise.


General merchandise is America’s largest import category
Hundreds of categories, thousands of products
With more than three decades of experience,
A US-based wholesaler who excels at supplying Amazon

Sunsky Online (China/US/UK)

Sunsky Online has been one of China’s leading online wholesale suppliers for over 15 years.

Sunsky Online offers over 200 thousand products at wholesale prices. All of our products come with fast global shipping from multiple warehouses in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and China, and we offer additional savings for larger orders.


Various types of consumer goods such as consumer electronics, phone accessories, tech gadgets, smart accessories, car accessories, laptop accessories, clothing, toys, homeware, pet supplies, tools, cosmetics, and beauty products.


China-based online wholesaler
Cheap, bulk quantities of thousands of items
Bulk purchases qualify for price breaks.
There are several storage facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

Aulola (UK)

Aulola, headquartered in the United Kingdom, is a reliable online wholesale supplier with a huge product catalog and a large customer base of over thirty thousand.

Accessories for mobile phones and other electronics are Aulola’s forte. The company, however, also sells a huge selection of other products, including those for the home, garden, tools, toys, cosmetics, and more. Discounts of up to 95% off MSRP are available on the majority of the inventory.


Toys, hardware, toys, beauty products, tools, electronics, mobile phone accessories, smart gadgets, tech accessories, homeware, bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories, etc.


Authorized wholesaler
Dedicated to the development of innovative mobile phone accessories
Wide variety of supplementary goods
Wholesale pricing and quick delivery in the UK

HJ Closeouts (US)

One of the largest suppliers of liquidated and closeout merchandise in the United States, HJ Closeouts is a wholesale business run by a family.

HJ Closeouts sells a wide variety of products in limited quantities, from jewelry and accessories to home decor, pet supplies, and electronics. HJ Closeouts is the best Amazon wholesale supplier because they ship directly to Amazon FBA storage facilities.


Discounts, sales, liquidation, dollar items, closeouts, overstocks, closeouts, closeouts, closeouts, closeouts, closeouts, closeouts, closeouts, closeouts, closeouts, close


The largest US distributor of surplus goods
Save a lot of money by buying in bulk (cases)
Delivery straight to Amazon’s FBA distribution centers
Including special wholesale quantities and pricing.

DHgate (China)

Since its founding in 2004, DHgate has become an internationally recognized online wholesale marketplace connecting buyers from around the world with leading wholesalers and manufacturers in China.

More than 30 million customers shop on DHgate every month. In addition, with over 20 million active listings, you can find products in virtually any market, from consumer electronics to fashion to accessories for your home and pets to hardware.

Since its founding in 2004, DHgate has become an internationally recognized online wholesale marketplace connecting buyers from around the world with leading wholesalers and manufacturers in China.

More than 30 million customers shop on DHgate every month. In addition, with over 20 million active listings, you can find products in virtually any market, from consumer electronics to fashion to accessories for your home and pets to hardware.


Accessories for mobile devices, electronics, smart gadgets, apparel, footwear, handbags, health and beauty products, cosmetics, home and garden accoutrements, children’s and adult games and toys, presents, tools, and pet supplies.

Marketplace for international online wholesale purchases
There are more than two million reliable Chinese vendors.
You can find products in almost any market segment.
Find below our wholesale prices and bulk discounts.

Harrisons Direct (UK)

Harrisons Direct, headquartered in Lancashire, is a multi-award winning wholesaler stocking thousands of products from top manufacturers like JVC, Marvel, Disney, Nivea, and Panasonic.

When looking for a reliable Amazon wholesale supplier, look no further than Harrisons direct, who offer speedy delivery nationwide and have over a thousand five-star reviews on Feefo.


Products for the home and kitchen; textiles; games; toys; stationery; office equipment; party ware; pharmaceuticals; toiletries; candies; and so on.


Award-winning wholesale supplier in the UK
There are thousands of products available, many of which are name-brand.
Multiple hundred five-star reviews from satisfied customers on the website Feefo
Suitable for selling on Amazon marketplace

Best Wholesale Suppliers for Amazon Sellers
Best Wholesale Suppliers for Amazon Sellers

Blue Star Empire (US)

Located in the United States, Blue Star Empire serves as a wholesaler for e-commerce businesses like shops on Amazon and marketplace vendors like you.

The products sold by Blue Star Empire cover a wide variety of categories, such as apparel, electronics, homewares, toys, stationery, and more, and can be purchased in as few as one case with no minimum order quantity required. When purchasing in bulk, you can receive additional discounts of up to 15% or more.


Clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, bags, electronics, phone accessories, home goods, cleaning supplies, furniture, jewelry, stationery, office supplies, toys, and more can all be found here.


Amazon’s Bulk Warehouse: A US-Based Wholesaler
Order in quantities of 24 or more
Browse offerings in a wide variety of popular product types
Wholesale orders are eligible for a 15% price cut.

TVC Mall (China)

TVC Mall is a Chinese online wholesale giant, with over $30 million in annual sales and over 1.5 million customers.

More than 200,000 items, including phone accessories and electronic gadgets, are available at TVC Mall’s factory direct prices. In addition to a wide selection of products, TVC Mall also offers customization services, such as logo branding for Amazon FBA.


Accessories for mobile devices, consumer electronics, smart home gadgets, kitchen and home furnishings, hand and power tools, sports equipment, veterinary supplies, automotive accessories, and children’s toys.


Super-sized Chinese online wholesalers offering factory-direct pricing on tens of thousands of items
Capabilities for custom labels and labeling with your logo are offered.
Express worldwide shipping through trusted messenger services

Clearance King (UK)

Clearance King is the largest poundline supplier in the North West of England and the best online discount wholesaler in the United Kingdom.

Many online merchants, including those who operate on Amazon and other marketplaces, choose Clearance King as their go-to supplier. All products can be ordered in as few as one case, and the low minimum order size ensures you’ll make the most money possible when reselling.


Products sold by the pound, discounted electronics, phone parts, homewares, cooking utensils, pet supplies, cosmetics, vape pens, tools, and fabrics.


Wholesaler of the highest quality for
Comprehensive selection across all primary product types
Make the most of your money by buying in bulk.
Safe and quick UK order processing and delivery

Bargain Wholesale (US)

Bargain Wholesale is a major importer and wholesaler with multiple warehouses in the USA, and they have been serving more than 10,000 retailers since 1976.

Bargain Wholesale is best for larger Amazon sellers, as the minimum order for delivery is $2500. On the other hand, Bargain Wholesale offers some of the lowest prices available and allows you to combine items to reach the required minimum purchase.


Products that cost one dollar or less, general merchandise, food, drinks, candies, cleaning supplies, kitchenware, stationery, electronics, pet supplies, tools, and hardware.


Important importer and wholesaler in the United States
A history in the business dating back more than three decades
With over ten thousand repeat buyers dating back to 1975,
Good enough to be sold on the Amazon marketplace.

Yakkyofy (China)

With its dedicated service for sourcing high-profit products from China and direct shipping to Amazon warehouses, Yakkyofy is the best Amazon FBA wholesale supplier available today.

Sign up for nothing and access our database of over a thousand best-sellers. Instead, you can submit a quote request to find and import any product currently sold on sites like Amazon or AliExpress.


Toys, games, jewelry, watches, kitchen utensils, electronics, phone accessories, sports equipment, beauty aids, pet supplies, apparel, home decor, electronics, and more.


China’s top wholesaler for Amazon’s FBA program
Discreet, expedited shipping to
There are no initiation or monthly fees, and the prices are substantially reduced at the wholesale level.
Get an estimate for any item on AliExpress

MX Wholesale (UK)

MX Wholesale, also based in the UK, has been in business for over 20 years and is a major player in the industry.

MX Wholesale offers the largest selection of products at the best wholesale prices, including furniture, electronics, and more. There is no minimum order size at MX Wholesale, and they have a large selection of poundlines and discount items.


Things like homeware, cleaning supplies, garden accessories, tools, stationery, toys, pet supplies, beauty, health, and party supplies are all on sale for a buck or less.


Veteran wholesaler offering a wide variety of products at below-market prices
There is no minimum order size, and shipping to the UK is quick.
The ideal wholesaler for Amazon sellers

All Time Trading (US)

If you run an online business in the United States, including one that sells on marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, you can trust that the products you sell come from a reliable source: All Time Trading.

All Time Trading is a one-stop shop for all of your shopping needs, whether they be for clothing, toys, games, accessories, or furnishings. Products can be purchased in bulk quantities (typically 24 units or more) and shipped quickly and reliably anywhere in the United States.


Merchandise such as apparel, footwear, hosiery, children’s games, hair accessories, cosmetics, toiletries, decorative items for the house, cookware, garden accessories, hardware, and party favors.


Provider of Valid Wholesale Products with Valid Certificate
eCommerce and Amazon seller supplies
Buy in quantities of 24 or more
Website is user-friendly and has a safe payment option.

Global Sources (China)

If you’re looking for reliable Chinese wholesale suppliers and manufacturers to work with on Amazon, look no further than Global Sources.

In a nutshell, Global Sources is an online marketplace where you can quickly and easily shop for products in almost any market segment at wholesale prices. If you want to sell your own brand of products through Amazon FBA, Global Sources also has access to a huge selection of suppliers who offer unique customization services.

Products such as electronics, mobile phone accessories, clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, home and kitchen goods, textiles, pet supplies, tools and hardware, cosmetics, presents, children’s toys, and office supplies.

The top Chinese online wholesale market.
There are thousands of reliable manufacturers in China.
Find the most affordable products by going straight to the source.
Amazon FBA can take advantage of a logo printing service.

Bonningtons (UK)

The thousands of garden centers, online retailers, high street stores, and Amazon sellers in the United Kingdom all buy from Bonningtons, an importer and wholesaler that is open only to the trade.

Products like planters, soil, and fertilizers are also available, but the main focus is on garden accoutrements. On the other hand, Bonningtons also carries a wide variety of home goods, including cleaning materials, organizational tools, and hardware.


Products for the garden, the home, and the great outdoors; barbecues, camping gear, household goods, cleaning utensils, storage solutions, and tools for the avid do-it-yourselfer.


Wholesaler and importer serving the UK commercial sector only
Offers a wide variety of popular garden ornaments
Wider selection of everyday items
Quick delivery in the UK with no minimum order size

More Amazon Wholesalers

We highly recommend the aforementioned wholesale vendors to Amazon. However, you can choose from a wide variety of suppliers for the purposes of reselling on Amazon. Here is a quick rundown of a few Amazon wholesalers who specialize in specific product categories.

NDA Toys (UK)

NDA Toys is an established online distributor of licensed children’s products from companies like Disney, Marvel, and DC Comics, among others. NDA Toys offers no-minimum orders and serves a wide variety of businesses, including those on Amazon. Read more at the linked website.

Boulevard Apparel (US)

Wholesale prices at Boulevard Apparel range from 40 to 80 percent off retail, making it one of the best online clothing retailers. Dresses, rompers, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and coats for both sexes can be found at Boulevard Apparel. Read more at the linked website.

PapaChina (China)

Mugs, bags, keychains, bottle openers, and wallets are just some of the custom promotional products and unusual giftware that can be found at PapaChina, a one-stop wholesaler and manufacturer. As a supplier, PapaChina serves global giants like PayPal and Apple. Read more at the linked website.

HAZ Beauty (UK)

HAZ Beauty has been a reliable distributor of cosmetics, fragrances, soaps, and sprays for the hair and body since 1994. Most items are sold in quantities of 12 or more for no additional cost, and membership is open to anyone. Read more at the linked website.

Shepher Distributors (US)

Established in 1945, Shepher Distributors has grown to become one of the leading wholesalers of closeout children’s toys in the Northeastern United States. From stuffed animals to video games, Shepher Distributors has it all. Read more at the linked website.

Nihao Jewelry (US)

High-quality fashion jewelry, as well as women’s clothing, hair accessories, and shoes, are all sold in bulk by Nihao Jewelry, a reputable wholesaler based in China. Nihao Jewelry stocks over a hundred thousand items and offers expedited shipping all over the world. Read more at the linked website.

Rashmian Wholesale (UK)

Rashmian Wholesale, with headquarters in England, is a top-tier distributor of name-brand electronics and accessories. Rashmian Wholesale has been a supplier to the retail industry for over 30 years. Read more at the linked website.

Furdela Wholesale (China)

Dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, bottoms, and leggings are just some of the items available in bulk from Furdela Wholesale. Private labeling options are available and Furdela Wholesale is another excellent Amazon FBA wholesaler…. Read more at the linked website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You’ll find answers to all your questions about working with Amazon wholesale suppliers in the following Q&A. You can find a lot more information and articles on our blog if you have any other concerns or questions.

What is an Amazon wholesaler?

A wholesaler who works with Amazon to supply its sellers is called an Amazon wholesaler. Keep in mind that not all wholesalers will work with vendors on online marketplaces like Amazon.

Your best bet is to locate a wholesaler that either supports or specializes in serving Amazon sellers. Some products can be prepared and shipped directly from Amazon wholesalers to Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) warehouses.

What should I look for in an Amazon wholesaler?

When selecting a wholesaler to work with on Amazon, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Because of Amazon’s stringent seller performance standards, it’s crucial that you work with a dependable and trustworthy supplier. For starters, make sure you check for these major red flags:

Product excellence. If you want few returns and complaints from customers, you need high-quality products from your wholesaler.
Values in commerce. Finding the best wholesale prices for your inventory is crucial if you want to maximize your profits from reselling.
Quick delivery. It’s crucial that your supplier provides prompt and dependable shipping when it comes to replenishing fast-moving items.
Accurate compensation. You should make sure you can send the items back for a full refund if they arrive broken or flawed.
Illustrations of the goods. Unless you plan to take your own photos, having access to product images for use on Amazon is essential.
Private and safe online space. Make sure the vendor you’re ordering from offers a safe checkout via the https protocol.

How do I research Amazon wholesalers?

Prior to placing an order with any Amazon wholesale supplier, it is strongly advised that you conduct adequate research. Reading online reviews and checking social media pages are two of the most efficient ways to learn more about a potential vendor.

Learn from what others have said. Before making a purchase from a wholesaler, you should always check their rating on review sites like TrustPilot and Feefo.
Study the rules of your company. You should familiarize yourself with your wholesaler’s return and refund policies.
Do a search on the web. Most well-known wholesalers will have a presence on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
Take a look at the discussion boards. Unbiased customer reviews from real people can be found in online forums or question and answer sites like Quora.
You should get in touch with the service team. Get in touch with a wholesaler’s customer service department before placing an order with them to see how quickly and effectively they answer inquiries.

Can anyone buy from an Amazon wholesaler?

Only Amazon sellers or retail businesses can buy inventory from Amazon wholesalers. You may be asked to verify your Amazon seller account or retail business by providing details like a website or company name.

This is due to the fact that Amazon’s wholesalers do not interact with the general public. Indeed, the vast majority of wholesalers serve the business community exclusively. That’s why most stores require you to spend a certain amount before buying stock.

How do I find more Amazon wholesalers?

If you are looking for additional wholesalers who sell on Amazon, then check out our wholesale suppliers section. A wealth of information on the top wholesalers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China can be found here. Our guides include numerous businesses that do business with individual vendors on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

You can also use search engines like Google or Bing, or question and answer sites like Quora. Finding wholesalers for Amazon is also facilitated by contacting brand owners and requesting a list of distributors.

Final Word

Amazon has made it possible for even those with little to no experience in online retail to establish a thriving enterprise.

As a matter of fact, when you sell on Amazon, you can immediately access a massive customer base and begin making money right away.

With any luck, the Amazon wholesale suppliers highlighted here will have helped you in your search for a trustworthy vendor.