The popularity of camping has skyrocketed in recent years. As reported by the North American Camping Report, over 8.3 million people tried camping for the first time that year.

As a result, the trend is expected to accelerate now that many nations have removed their pandemic-related restrictions.

However, before venturing into the wild, it is still crucial to ensure that you have the proper equipment. Because of this, we can expect to see a surge in the number of businesses offering drop shipping services for tactical equipment.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 12 distributors of survival gear in 2022 to give you a leg up if you’re looking for an advantage.

Okay, let’s not waste any time and get right down to business.

Campco Inc.

Brands like Swiss Tritium, Uzi, Smith & Wesson, etc. are just some of the names you’ll find at Campco Inc.

They sell a wide variety of gear, from vests to military watches to jackets to binoculars and beyond.

The dropshipping program is a great feature of their online shop. They can also supply you with content and images for your online shop.

When you buy in bulk, you can take advantage of their free shipping and easy return policy in case of defective goods.


Brunton is one of the longest-running brands in survival equipment. D.W. Brunton, a Canadian geologist, also invented the first pocket compass.

One of the most useful tools a camper can bring on an outdoor adventure is a pocket compass.

A compass is just one of the many items available from this company. They also sell transits, portable weather stations, monoculars, and other instruments and accessories.

Even better, they offer a Pro plan tailored specifically to dropshippers. In addition, all orders over $99 ship for free.

You can trust them because they have been around for a while. Distributors from all over the world have joined forces with them.

L&Q Tactical

Outdoor and tactical equipment maker L&Q Tactical is a major player in the American market.

You probably guessed correctly that their products are aimed at people who like to party outside, but they also sell to the police and the military.

As one might expect from a company whose wares find widespread use in the business world, they devote considerable resources to perfecting those wares.

The company sells a wide variety of military gear, such as bags and holsters for concealed carry.

In addition, you can probably submit a request to their R&D team if you can’t find a product on their site.

Keep in mind that L&Q Technical, with their high-spending clientele, may give preference to more seasoned dropshippers.

The good news is that they offer private label services if you can work out a deal with them.

Wholesale Blades

Similarly, there is another shop that provides all the tactical and outdoor supplies you could ever need.

Knives of all shapes and sizes are available from this company, making Wholesale Blades an apt name.

Airsoft firearms, crossbows, and tomahawk axes are also at their disposal. However, due to the realistic appearance of the products sold at this store, we cannot endorse the practice of dropshipping airsoft guns to international customers.

They also bring a wide variety of survival tools and weapons, including tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads, as well as pepper spray, brass knuckles, and extendable batons.

Happily, in addition to selling products at wholesale prices, they also have a dropshipping program in which they do not charge any shipping fee, though they do require a minimum order of $25.

Last but not least, save 20% when you buy 6 of the same item!

Nexis Emergency Solutions

Nexis Emergency Solutions’ main goal is to make sure their customers have the resources they need to stay alive in the event of an emergency.

True, but that’s also why people use tactical equipment. You can never be too careful, but especially when out in the woods.

Large corporations are among their regular customers, and they offer over a hundred thousand different emergency products. They’re one of the industry’s heavy hitters because they’ve supplied equipment to Fortune 500 companies.

Tents, camping equipment, signaling devices, and other dropshipping products are all available on their website or through direct contact with them.

Although, like Brunton, you would have to prove your worth to them in order to secure a dropshipping agreement due to their massive customer base.

ICAN Cycling

It is a Chinese bicycle manufacturer that has been setting the standard for carbon fiber bicycles, frames, and wheelsets.

They have a warehouse in California, making them a good option if you want to start a cycle dropshipping store in the United States.

They’ve recently begun working with rival carbon bike manufacturer TRIAERO to improve quality and produce even more critically acclaimed designer bicycles.

Start your own dropshipping business with the help of their affiliate program.

You may be wondering what role cycles play in tactical and survival equipment, and the answer is simple: a reliable cycle can be a literal lifesaver if you ever find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere.

In addition, cycles are a high-priced dropshipping product, allowing you to retain a larger profit margin per sale.

RSR Group

As we discussed before, RSR Group is primarily a distributor of firearms and ammunition, which is why we do not recommend dropshipping this particular product.

If you ever go this route, you’ll still need to provide them with a copy of your FFL and some other proof of business legitimacy.

And yet, you’ll find their names here, so what gives? Well, the catalog also features other products, such as knives, outdoor clothing, and tools for camping.

Even though they don’t explain dropshipping in detail on their website, you could try emailing them to talk about your specific needs.

Survival Frog

When it comes to outdoor adventures, Survival Frog is all about the long-lasting, pre-packaged food. Even if you don’t think of food as “equipment” for survival, it’s a given that you’ll need to have plenty of it when camping.

Also, don’t worry; the site offers a wide variety of tactical gear in addition to its specialty camping supplies.

All the gear you could possibly need for an extended stay in the wilderness, from fire starters and tents to tools and radios to first aid kits, can be purchased from this company.

In the United States, orders over $75 qualify for free shipping, and returns are uncharged. together with the Buyers Club affiliate program.

By joining, you gain access to many additional benefits, such as a 10% discount on all products and access to expert telephone support for the resolution of disputes and questions.


Another wholesaler that works with businesses, government agencies, and regular people is Rothco.

Outdoor clothing for men, women, and children is the main focus of their product line.

It’s common knowledge that the clothing industry is a gold mine for dropshippers. If you pair it with survival equipment, you’ll have a store that’s sure to do well in the long run.

Rothco has worked with over ten thousand different companies, so you can rest easy knowing they are dependable.

Plus, they promise to ship all orders within 24 hours, which is a big selling point, and their customer service is very quick to respond to any inquiries.

Use the “Become a Rothco Dealer” link on their website to apply to work with them.

Wholesale Survival Kits

In the event of a natural disaster, you can also purchase a survival kit from Wholesale Survival Kits.

However, they offer much more than that, including a wide selection of camping equipment. Tents, tools, and radios are just some of the products they offer.

They also sell food storage options, so you can stock up on meat, produce, and other staples for the long haul.

The good news is that in addition to bulk-ship fulfillment and private label services, they also offer a specialized dropshipping program.


Kroll, an LLC based in the United States, is a trusted marketplace for dropshipping survival and outdoor equipment.

There are over 170 suppliers they work with, and they stock about 45,000 SKUs for resellers. Not ideal if you’re selling cheap trinkets, but great for big-ticket items thanks to their free shipping on orders over $500.

Their speedy shipping, which typically occurs the same day they receive the order, sets them apart. Your store’s success will determine whether or not you are invited to become an official Kroll partner and take advantage of their resources.

Quality Bicycle Products

Rather than being a single retailer, QBP is more like a giant warehouse full of bikes. It’s safe to say that this market is among the largest of its kind anywhere in the world.

Most well-known bicycle manufacturers are represented among the over 40,000 available items. Additionally, the site features a directory of suppliers who specialize in selling replacement components.

Due to their extensive distribution network, most customers receive their orders within 24 to 36 hours. If you’re interested in dropshipping bikes, QBP is a fantastic place to begin your search for a trustworthy provider.

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FAQs about Tactical Gear Dropshippers

What Is a Tactical Gear? 

Knives, tasers, torches, binoculars, and other items with a military feel are all considered tactical gear. Nonetheless, it encompasses far more than just those, including specialized items like tents, hiking poles, hammocks, and a lot more besides.

Is Tactical Gear Dropshipping Worth It? 

In a word, yes, the rising number of campers justifies the dropshipping of tactical equipment. Furthermore, there is a lack of establishments providing premium services, so competition is low. In other words, you’ve picked the right time to jump in and give it a go.

Which Survival Gear Should I Dropship?

The potential for restrictions is the only reason why some are hesitant to dropship survival gear. In the same way that firearms are considered “survival gear,” they cannot be dropshipped.

Similarly, imports of hunting knives and other types of non-kitchen blades are prohibited in some nations. However, there are still a great deal of items available for dropshipping, some of which are listed below.

Outdoor footwear
Tools like binoculars, flashlights, and stun guns.
If you have any questions about whether or not a product is legal in a given country, it is your responsibility to find out the details. Unless you’re actually peddling firearms, you probably won’t run into any trouble.

Is Dropshipping Survival Gear Safe? 

As long as your survival gear is in compliance with local regulations, selling it via dropshipping is risk-free. The use of firearms is prohibited, and in some countries even hunting knives are illegal.