So, you’re about to launch an online store as a way to try out e-commerce.

That’s wonderful! If you sell things online, you can quit your 9-to-5 job, be your own boss, and make enough money to be financially free.

If you use dropshipping to fulfill orders, you don’t even have to worry about stock.

You’ll only have to add products to your store, and when someone places an order, your supplier will ship the item directly from their location to your customer’s front door.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone who starts a dropshipping business will go on to have their own success story.

In fact, ShipMonk’s Media Relations Director Augustin-Kennady says that dropshipping is successful for maybe 20% of people who are new to ecommerce.

The Most Popular Dropshipping Items To Sell Online In 2023
The Most Popular Dropshipping Items To Sell Online In 2023

Why do people fail so often?

One of the hardest things for them to do is find dropshipping products that are popular and can add value to their store.

If you ask me, the success of an online store depends on how much demand there is for the products it sells.

If there isn’t enough demand, you could spend all your money on marketing and they still wouldn’t sell.

It doesn’t have to be hard to find dropshipping products that are likely to sell well.

Using Google Trends, you can find out which dropshipping products are selling well right now.

Top Dropshipping Products on the Rise

To get you moving, I did my own research and came up with the following list of the most popular dropshipping products to sell in 2022.

Whether you just opened a new store or are making changes to an old one, these suggestions should help you make money FAST.

Crystal Bottle of Water

Fruit-flavored water is no longer all anyone talks about. These days, Instagram users are more likely to drink water with healing crystals in it.

For people who believe in crystal healing, this isn’t very exciting. But crystal water bottles that already have gemstones in them are making spirituality cool and easy to do.

Google Trends shows that people will want these bottles a lot more after September 2022.

People who are interested in new-age wellness and Feng Shui like to use these kinds of bottles a lot.

People believe that crystals can heal, so if you sell a water bottle with a crystal on it, you can market it with that idea.

The best way to market health products is to be good at describing them.

Instead of saying that this water bottle will heal your body, say something like “crystals are said to improve mental focus.”

People who want to improve their Instagram health game would be interested in this kind of marketing.


When it comes to clothes, fashion trends change all the time. But athleisure wear is one fashion trend that keeps growing in popularity.

A survey of 6,166 adults in the US over the age of 18 found that athleisure makes up almost 25% of all clothing sales, and its market share is expected to keep growing in 2019 and beyond.

Google Trends data also shows that the demand for athleisure is on the rise.

Athleisure is a term for fashionable workout clothes that can also be worn out in public.

In this niche, you can dropship a wide range of items, from yoga pants and sports bras to sneakers and headbands.

Most of the time, athleisure is aimed at young women. Using hashtags like #workoutfashion on Instagram is an easy way to find them.

You can grow your brand by working with a fitness influencer. Influencers can use your product as a prop and promote your store in exchange for a cut of the sales or a free sample.

Posture Corrector

Since new studies about how sitting all day is bad for your back come out almost every month, there’s no better time than now to add posture correctors to your store.

They are especially popular in places where people are getting older, like Japan.

Office workers all over the world are becoming more interested in mobility-improving products because it is known that a better posture makes people happier and more productive.

Google Trends also shows that people are looking for posture correctors more and more.

As the name suggests, posture correctors support the spine, which relieves stress and pressure on the back when you’re moving around.

People who have pain in their neck, shoulders, or back can get a lot of help from them.

The best way to sell this product might be to market it to certain groups of people.

You can make personas of the most common buyers, like older people, people who work in an office, or people who stay at home.

Then, you can run ads that tell each group about the specific benefits of having a posture corrector.

Hair Oil

This hot grooming product helps men with beards keep their hair in check.

At the same time, companies like BeardBrand are rushing to come out with new products that promise to turn those scraggly beards into shiny, good-looking ones.

Part of the beard oil trend is due to the fact that women’s feelings about men’s facial hair are changing. More than 60% of women say that men with facial hair are attractive.

In the last five years, there have been more searches on Google Trends for “beard oil.”

Most beard oil products have vitamins and essential oils that are good for your skin and hair.

Bearded men can fix the imbalance of hair proteins by putting a few drops on their dry facial hair. This helps get rid of the unpleasant signs of ugly growth.

Instagram is a great place to promote beard oil products. With #beardgame and #alphamale being very popular.

You just have to find an influencer who will use your product and post a caption or an Instagram story about it.

The good news is that you can find a lot of micro-influencers who are eager to try out products from brands and give free shout-outs.

Phone Holder for Car

Tech products continue to make our lives convenient.

  • Ten years ago, you had to stop and ask people where you should go. Today, you can just ask Siri or another voice assistant app to open a virtual map or show you how to get to your destination.
  • How do you use your phone when you’re driving? There, car holders really stand out.
  • Even though this popular dropshipping product has been on the market for a few years, a demand analysis shows that merchants can still make money by selling it through their stores.
  • Car phone holders are useful tools that keep your phone safe in more than one way.
  • Most people use them to drive without having to hold anything.
  • They also help people keep their eyes on the road, which is important since 9 people die every day in car accidents caused by drivers who were distracted.
  • So, whether you have a Shopify store focused on cars or a general ecommerce store, adding car phone holders to it should get you more orders.
  • Products like these can be sold with the help of “unboxing” and “educational” videos that show how the product looks, how it works, and what it’s like.

Vape Cartridge

Vaping has come a long way since it was just average. Now, it’s the reason for a billion-dollar business.

Vaping is becoming more popular around the world as a healthier alternative to smoking.

Vape cartridges are the newest thing in the world of vaping. They can be used as either a regular vaporizer or as an eVape pen.

Google Trends shows that vape cartridges are being searched for all over the world.

You might want to add this item to your store to make more money.

Vaping cartridges have a chamber, a mouthpiece, and a heating element that turns on when the cartridge touches a vape battery.

Its chamber is full of distillate or oil, which usually has a lot of terpenes and cannabis cannabinoids in a concentrated form.

Some liquids that can be vaporized are also used to fill vape cartridges before they are used.

You probably won’t be able to market vape cartridges on Facebook because they don’t allow ads for these kinds of products.

But since there are almost 8 million posts on Instagram with the hashtag #vaping, you’d be able to find dozens of influencers who would be happy to promote and shout out your business.

Instagram is a great way to get free traffic to your online dropshipping store.

More popular drop-shipping items that are worth selling

Enamel Pins

Enamel pins had to be on the list of the best products to sell through dropshipping in 2019.

  • You can show your love for anything you want with these tiny pins. Also, they make great presents.
  • From the Google Trends forecast, you can see that the demand for enamel pins has risen sharply in the past few years.
  • So, 2019 is a great time to start selling these cool things through your online store.
  • People can show their liking for everything from cartoon characters to official flags with enamel pins.
  • You can sell them to people who want to show how much they care about something.
  • For example, people who like Spiderman, Iron Man, and other characters from the Marvel Universe can buy enamel pins with those characters on them.
  • It’s easier to sell enamel pins than it is to sell other popular dropshipping items.
  • You can run ads on Facebook and reach people based on what they like.
  • For example, if you want to sell enamel pins with car themes, you can go after people who are interested in auto, cars, super cars, etc.
  • Some Instagram posts won’t hurt either.

Dog Bowls

There may be a lot of disagreement in the world, but there is one thing that everyone agrees on.

Our dogs need all the love and care we can give them. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that bowls are one of the best-selling items online.

Dog bowls are becoming more popular as more people around the world care about their dogs’ health and diet.

Of course, dog bowls come in different shapes and sizes so that they can last on a trip, keep bugs away, be easy to use, and so on.

But no matter what kind of bowl it is, all dog bowls serve the same purpose, which is to hold food and water.

You can sell a model that folds up or a bowl that keeps ants away.

The most important thing is that you choose a good bowl and find a unique way to market it.

If you decide to sell stainless steel dog bowls, “durability” is something you can count on.

Some of these have a non-skid rim at the bottom to keep things from spilling.

Talk about the bowls you sell and what they can do in your ads and marketing copy to get people to pay attention.

Stretchy Socks

Compression products are becoming more popular because more diabetics and older people with vein problems are using them.

According to Persistence Market Research, the global market for compression products will be worth $3.23 billion in 2020.

The compression sock is one of the most-used compression therapy items.

Google Trends shows that the number of people wanting compression socks is going up around the world.

Compression socks are stockings and socks that are made in a special way to help the blood flow in a person’s lower legs.

They deal with things like aching legs and problems with the walls of their veins that can cause pain and swelling.

Women who want to avoid or already have these conditions love these socks because they are good for their health, so they are always in demand.

YouTubers can help you sell compression socks.

Send a fitness influencer or a physical therapist one or two samples of your product and ask them to make a video about the benefits of using it.

Instagram is another great place to find people with a lot of followers who would be willing to talk about compression socks.

Coffee with a twist

Specialty coffee is by far the most exciting and popular type of coffee in the modern world. People drink a lot of drinks, but it turns out that more and more people care about how good their morning coffee is.

The number of coffee drinkers and artisan roasters has grown at the same rate as the specialty coffee scene.

They like the new micro-lot and single-origin coffees that are roasted in small batches for the best taste.

Google Trends’ predictions of demand seem to back up these claims, which is not a big surprise.

Commercial coffee is made and sold under a brand name that is known all over the country. Specialty coffee, on the other hand, is roasted in small facilities with the best coffee beans.

You can find specialty coffee based on how it was roasted, how it was mixed to give it a certain taste, or where the beans came from.

It’s one of the most popular dropshipping items, which will bring a lot of coffee lovers to your store.

Posts on Instagram are the best way to get the word out about specialty coffee.

Use hashtags like #coffeebreak and #espresso to reach your target audience, and look for influencers who can post a few stories about your product on their Instagram account.


Samsung Galaxy Gear and Apple Watch are becoming more and more popular, and this is driving up demand for wearables and smartwatches from other companies. This trend isn’t likely to stop any time soon.

Since these watches are now smarter, more stylish, and more useful than some smartphones, they are likely to become everyday tools for a large number of people around the world.

This idea fits in with how these devices are becoming more and more popular.

Dozens of companies, from big names like Fossil and Tag Heuer to smaller ones, are making smartwatches that let you get emails, apps, notifications, and more right on your wrist.

Even though they come in different sizes and shapes and have different features, smartwatches can help you keep a better eye on your health, answer calls, listen to music, and do many other things that you would normally do on your phone.

Most other dropshipping items are harder to sell than smartwatches.

You can work with YouTube influencers to make “unboxing” videos or ask Instagram users to share high-quality photos of your device on their accounts.

You can even reach out to businessmen on LinkedIn by taking a unique approach. For example, you could say that smartwatches are a great way to keep track of work emails.

Brush made of bamboo

Minimalism is becoming a popular way of life for many families, which is driving up the demand for eco-friendly alternatives to the things they use every day.

This has made people aware of things like toothbrushes made of bamboo.

Google Trends shows that people all over the world are becoming more interested in sustainable products. For aspiring merchants, this means that getting in on the sustainable products opportunity early can be a game changer.

Because it is made of bamboo, the bamboo toothbrush helps get rid of one of the biggest sources of pollution in the ocean.

The bamboo used to make these brushes grows without any chemicals or pesticides.

It is also covered in natural wax to keep it smooth and dry.

Lifestyle influencers and people who care about the environment can be used to market bamboo toothbrushes.

With hashtags like #minimalist and #ecolifestyle, you should reach the right people. You can even try out Snapchat if you have a good number of followers there.

A Microfiber Towel

Microfiber is a synthetic material that is used to clean in many homes. Because it works so well, it is becoming more and more popular.

  • Microfiber is now cheap enough to be made into different shapes, like towels, thanks to advances in technology.
  • People who use microfiber towels don’t have to use chemicals because the material sticks to liquids without soaking them up completely.
  • Google Trends shows that the number of searches for “microfiber towels” has gone up in the last few months.
  • Microfiber towels are pieces of cloth that soak up water and dirt. This makes it easy to clean windows, doors, and other things around the house.
  • The polyamide in a microfiber towel makes it soft, and the polyester in it makes it durable.
  • Overall, microfiber towels are cheap, light, and absorb water in a very interesting way.
  • You can get people to look at your product by running ads on Facebook that target people who own their own homes or live with their families.
  • You could also work with a YouTuber who is an expert on cleaning products.
  • Influencers on YouTube can talk about the benefits of microfiber towels and show how to use them properly for the best cleaning results.

Here are the best products that won!

So, there you go!

2019’s hottest dropshipping items to start selling.

Use these products in your new or existing online business, or use them as ideas for things you can make yourself that will get people excited.

Before you add products to your Shopify store, make sure you have a good theme.

I think these are the best products to sell in 2019 after looking at all the trends in them.

  • Crystal Water Bottle is very popular right now because it looks cool.
  • Smart Watches because this is a growing trend.
  • Microfiber Towel because it works well in video ads and makes it easy to make ads.
  • Compression Socks, since this is another trend that is growing very quickly.
  • Phone Holder For Cars because they sell quickly and make a lot of money.

I hope you’ve had as much fun with our guide as I did writing it.