In 2022, global eCommerce sales will reach a mind-boggling $5.2 trillion.

In any case, this proves what everyone already knows: online shopping is a huge hit.

However, this also means that there is a growing number of online stores, making competition even fiercer.

If you’re just getting started with online retail, you may be at a loss as to what to offer.

One approach is to research the most popular online purchases.

How did you come to that conclusion? We’ve gone ahead and done the research, so you don’t have to worry.

Based on the information provided by Google Trends, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular items purchased online.

Let’s get right down to business.


The list kicks off with the ever-fashionable indoor plant.

It’s not surprising, really, because there are many positive aspects to life in a carefully maintained garden.

It has the potential to alleviate stress, enhance concentration, better the environment, and more.

While some may argue that this product is difficult to sell online, we stand firm in our conviction that it can be done.

However, what if we told you that selling houseplants was not your only option?

Seeds and horticultural supplies like planters, fertilizer, and misters could be included.

Imagine this as the equivalent of opening a website catering to gardeners.

Houseplant is only one of many products available.


The huge payoff from marketing makes it a breeze.
Those interested in cultivating plants indoors will always have a market.
Possible to easily upsell or cross-sell to other items.


A nuisance to package and transport.


The desire for comfortable, well-made shoes at affordable prices is universal. The spikes in this graph indicate that internet users are actively seeking footwear.

Because of this, there are a lot of Instagram accounts dedicated to selling shoes right now.

Finding a reliable supplier is essential before opening a shoe store.

Copyright violations may occur when some vendors sell knockoffs of well-known brands.

Working directly with a manufacturer who turns out high-quality shoes without a name brand is the best option.

You could try your hand at starting your own private label shoe line if things go well.


Interacts favorably with audiences of all ages.
It comes in a variety of colors and designs.
There are many types of shoes available for purchase.


There are too many dishonest vendors offering knockoffs of popular brands of shoes.

Printed Clothes 

The global clothing market will be worth an estimated $2 trillion by 2026, making it one of the largest industries in the world.

It’s no secret that people will shell out serious cash for a chance to show off their sense of fashion.

But wouldn’t it be even better if they could get low-cost, personalized garments?

The rise in popularity of printed garments explains this trend.

POD shops have seen a rise in popularity as more people seek out printed apparel.

The one and only drawback to selling this item is that customers will judge the quality of your shop based on the standard of the prints they purchase.

That’s why it’s important to work with a dependable supplier; if you’re looking for suggestions, we’ve compiled a selection of the industry’s finest POD service providers.


Modularity in manufacturing over rigidity in design.
It’s simple to sell and ship.
Infinite demand exists for stylish garments.


marginal gains in profit.
A poor print job can have a devastating effect on a company.

Pet Food

The sale of pet supplies is a relatively secure eCommerce niche.

When it comes to their pets, most people are willing to spend a pretty penny on premium food.

Additionally, this chart illustrates why most shoppers favor buying pet food online:

If you go this route, you needn’t limit yourself to pet food, of course.

There is a lot of room to maneuver in this market, and you can’t go wrong by offering accessories like leashes and toys.


Having the potential to maintain a high profit margin.
There’s been a consistent uptick in the pet market.
There are a wide variety of additional items to offer in the market for pets.


Obtaining high-quality pet food from a reliable source can be difficult.

Wireless Chargers

The market for technological goods is already quite saturated.

Thus, we will not ask you to sell USB cables, headphones, or anything else of a similar generic nature. In contrast, wireless chargers don’t fall into that category. Recently, however, their popularity has begun to rise.

By 2027, the wireless charging market is expected to be worth $40 billion.

We think now is a great time to break into the market for wireless charging stations because there aren’t a lot of established vendors offering competitive prices and features.

It’s a natural progression from wired chargers, and the world is increasingly adopting wireless technologies, so the market for wireless chargers is expected to grow.


Wireless products are increasingly popular among consumers.
Superior to standard chargers in efficiency and portability.


Some consumers may be put off by the phone’s functionality constraints.

Air Fryer

It’s a shared goal amongst us to eat well without spending a fortune on groceries or slaving away in the kitchen.

For this reason, air fryers have become extremely popular as a means of cooking food that is both healthy and delicious.

The use of an air fryer can help people save time in the kitchen while also allowing them to prepare and eat healthier meals.

If you use an air fryer, you won’t have to eat out as often, which will save you money.

Another perk is that they are simple to clean.

And this may come as a shock, but air fryers only recently entered the mainstream.

People generally were unaware of their existence prior to the year 2016. However, as can be seen in the above graph, there is a significant demand for them at the present time.

In addition, because of the value it adds to people’s lives, word-of-mouth advertising can help boost sales.


Countless variants and makes available.
It’s simple to dropship this product.
Just recently introduced to consumers.


It’s always a gamble to ship electronics.


That more than 400 million cups of coffee are consumed daily in the United States is a staggering statistic.

Moreover, the chart demonstrates that despite coffee’s long history, it is as popular as ever.

Some may argue that the coffee market is oversaturated with too many companies competing for customers.

However, because of the high demand, there is always a place for new business owners to enter the market.

As an added bonus, consumers are always on the lookout for affordable substitutes to high-priced brands.

One of the best things about the coffee industry is that private labeling is a breeze. You can find a wide variety of vendors who are open to working with you to create unique packaging.

However, this is also a disadvantage because, without a well-established brand, you can’t expect to attract many customers.

Nobody is to blame; it makes sense to stock up on trusted names in consumer goods.

But don’t worry; starting a successful coffee shop is simple with some advertising and high-quality beans.


It’s simple to start your own coffee company using a private label.
There should be a steady stream of customers, as coffee is the most popular beverage in the world.
Having a wide selection of coffees to sell is a plus.


The introduction of a brand is critical for gaining patronage.

Sports Supplements 

More and more people are buying multiple sports supplements at once, thanks to the rising popularity of fitness. Nutritional supplements designed specifically for athletes.

People who don’t have time to prepare their own meals are increasingly likely to turn to supplements. When you have a full-time job and other commitments, cooking can feel like an extra burden.

Micro and macronutrient deficiencies can be addressed with the help of sports supplements.

Plus, they can help people do better in the gym and on the field. There are many places to buy sports supplements online today.

As a result of people’s willingness to pay a pretty penny to get any boost they can to achieve their ideal physique, it’s safe to say that the industry has become lucrative

According to the data presented above, the best time to sell supplements is right after the New Year, when people are motivated to make positive lifestyle changes as part of their “Best of” lists.

But don’t fret; supplements can still rake in respectable revenue at any time of year.

Sports supplements are a natural addition to this group because of the prevalence of online stack orders.


There is a lot of room for gain in the market of sports supplements.
Launching a successful fitness brand is a breeze for private labels.
Extremely well-liked by the younger generation.


Consumables need to be sold with extra caution. 

What Do People Buy the Most Online
What Do People Buy the Most Online

Eyelash Extensions

Maybe eye extensions aren’t what you had in mind when you came here, but sometimes the unexpected goods end up being the most successful.

The chart below further demonstrates that the popularity of eye extensions is only growing.

We understand if you have doubts about offering eyelash extensions on their own.

For this reason, they are often sold in conjunction with other hair-related items such as wigs and extensions.

You won’t find anything quite like these conventional cosmetics anywhere else.

Furthermore, most business owners have yet to recognize the potential of this market, so competition is low.

Eyelash extensions, as evidenced by current fashions, are in high demand.


The product is not as competitive as others in the same market.
It’s simple to box up and send.
Extensions to the eyes only last for a short time.


Sometimes it’s hard to find reliable sources for eyelash extensions.

Grooming Products

Selling grooming products is a smart business move because everyone values their appearance.

While the chart may not show it, we all know that there are certain personal care items that simply can’t be done without.

Consider the success of companies like Dollar Shave Club.

This business model proves that you don’t always need groundbreaking concepts to be successful in direct-to-consumer sales.

Delivered in convenient monthly packages, they streamline the process of buying razors. The success of Dollar Shave Club is inspiring, but it is not necessary to follow in their footsteps.

There are many other products in this category, such as beard oil, electric shavers, and hair gels, because this is such a large subset of the overall market.


Personal care items are used frequently.
Multiple options available for purchase.
It’s simple to incite impulsive purchases.


The marketplace is already highly competitive.

Board Games

Board games are a fun and easy way to spend quality time with loved ones.

As you can see, the popularity of board games skyrockets in the last few months of the year.

That’s because the fourth quarter is when the majority of American holidays occur.

But the search volume is still stable even after that. In addition, remember that this is the kind of product that most people buy on the spur of the moment.

We recommend making your own board game if you consider yourself to be creative enough to do so.

Spending a lot of time and money on it isn’t feasible, but the payoff could be substantial.


At the end of the year, sales tend to skyrocket.
The ideal item to trigger spontaneous purchases.


Private labeling requires a substantial investment of both time and money.

Punching Bag

Occasionally, we all need a way to release pent-up frustration, and a punching bag is ideal for this purpose.

In addition to helping you let out some steam, a punching bag workout is great cardiovascular exercise.

Boxing bags, like board games, see a surge in demand in the final months of the year.

That’s probably because January is when people traditionally resolve to start exercising more.

It’s true that punching bags are useful in the gym, but they’re not exactly a staple item. This makes them ideal for selling online.

Inconveniently, you’ll need to visit a sporting goods store to acquire one.


Excellent numbers of transactions in the last quarter of the year.
It’s less likely to get broken while in transit.


More narrow in its focus.

Jigsaw Puzzles

If you haven’t noticed already, jigsaw puzzles are a big deal on the internet.

It’s a way to spend free time that’s “relaxed but challenging,” providing just the right amount of mental exercise to prevent mental decline.

As time has gone on, jigsaw puzzles have become increasingly popular, especially among kids.

Parents purchase them in the hopes that their offspring will use their spare time in a constructive manner, thereby enhancing their cognitive abilities.

This item is also perfect for giving as a present or making an impulse buy.


Excellent for helping children focus and solve problems.
Various varieties are easily accessible.


The entire set can be ruined by even one broken piece.

Smart Lamps

Smart lamps are a welcome addition to our quest for a simpler existence.

While the sales graph for this product isn’t quite as consistent, it has found widespread success on video sharing sites like TikTok. Even more so if the smart lamps have a variety of stylish illumination alternatives.

These lights can be programmed to respond to your voice, and you can even use WiFi to switch them on and off remotely.

Not only that, but there are numerous varieties of smart lamps available, from mood lights to decorative lamps to even reading lamps.


Various varieties are easily accessible.
Simple to market on social media sites like TikTok.


When shipping fragile items, extra care must be taken.

Power Tools

Considering the increasing popularity of do-it-yourself tasks, it’s only right that power tools be included here.

Some examples of power tools are the grinder, the drill, the electric saw, and so on.

Since power tools are so difficult to come by, most shoppers opt to acquire them via the internet.

Since power tools are expensive, anyone can sell them and make a tidy profit.

Power tools are also in high demand among professionals in industries like construction and plumbing.


in vogue among do-it-yourselfers.
Particularly high need in the business sector.


Might be expensive to source. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Type of Products Is Most Sold Online?

Products that are either uncommon in brick-and-mortar stores or that can be bought on the spur of the moment are the ones that do best in online marketplaces.

What Is the Most Profitable Niche on the Internet?

As far as online markets go, these are the most lucrative ones:

Wellness and Exercise
Cosmetics and the Art of Keeping Yourself Beautiful
Equipped with Pet Stuff
But new fads appear every day, and if you want to look for one yourself, then you should consult our guide to discovering fruitful dropshipping niches.